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  1. Bump -Price reduction. Now $275 with shipping included.
  2. Almost brand new pair of Crites Type A 4500Hz crossovers. These are the upgraded crossovers offered by Crites that move the mid-high frequency crossover from 6000 Hz to 4500 Hz. They sound excellent. These are $380 new plus shipping. Im letting them go for $300 with shipping included.
  3. Beautiful pair of Klipsch La Scalas. 1985, all original. They sound excellent. These are located in Connecticut. Asking $2500. Thanks for looking!
  4. Here is a second photo of them.
  5. Excellent Condition Pair of Klipsch Forte II Oiled oak speakers. All original and always adult owned. Have recently come out of 20 year storage in a climate controlled non smoking home. Veneer is in stunning condition. They sound awesome. Includes original grilles. Can demo for serious inquiries. Located in CT $1000
  6. I'm also interested in learning more about this. I am in the market for a new set of Cornwall IV's as well. The Walnut veneer on my Heresy IV's have not changed much at all in the past year, however I have heard that the Cherry Veneer changes quite a bit. I was leaning toward Cherry for Cornwall IV if anyone has any pictures of new vs aged veneer on cherry Cornwall IV's that would be awesome.
  7. La Scala's are fairly square, and large. about 2'x2' footprint.
  8. If you saw earlier in this thread I asked that question. The consensus is that it wouldn't work well.
  9. The lacquer finish is very thin, and in my opinion does not protect the wood as well as a properly maintained oil finish does. I would have to work hard to scratch my Cornwall 2's. Keep in mind I have about 6 coats of oil on those speakers. Scratches on Lacquer tend to be very noticeable and pass right through the finish and can easily reach the raw wood.
  10. I I beg to differ.... My Cornwall 3's with a factory Lacquer finish and Heresy 4's with lacquer finish are far more susceptible to scratches than my Cornwall 2's that have a thick tung oil finish. In addition to this, I can add more layers of tung oil for additional protection to my Cornwall 2's. Cant do that with the lacquer finish.
  11. I understand that is the point of Lacquer, however Lacquer finishes are far more susceptible to scratches. Just trying to find a way to protect my finish.
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