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  1. Thanks. I almost bought these but was turn off by the seller not really disclosing the fact the HF sections are made with mystery / aftermarket components. I already have a set of real Klipsch horns and was hoping to add to the collection.
  2. I have had HF20AT mounted on K510 for about a year with out any additional brackets after finding out that the Crites brackets don’t line up.
  3. Claude, Would you do the port mod for the 3015LF as well?
  4. Can I see the back of your HF boxes? Is it open? Are there terminals / jumper leads or do you wire directly?
  5. Did you buy the alk clone from eBay lasted a few weeks ago?
  6. I read this as we also make drivers for people KLIPSCH but can't uses their name on our site... I didn't read it as we also make parts for china that sell for 1/3 of ours.
  7. That makes sense.... looked at a pair of "factory" KPT904 and seller failed to mention that they were ZXPC horns and LASE drivers. Had to walk away.
  8. Do you have anything to back that up? B&C claim that all of their products are made in Italy.
  9. I saw a listing for KPT904 that had with top hats. They didn’t not have the modern Klipsch sticker / part number or the older B&C sticker with Klipsch model. Sticker says LASE DE75TN and has a small bar code… they look like import version maybe??? Pic of unit in question, pic of B&C, pic of older Klipsch KPT
  10. I am not looking to get on the internet and bad mouth anyone… I did contact builder before posting and at the time I posted I was only give one option to pay and additional $300 to have caps replaced. This is my first go round with passive networks. I have been running DSP for active 48db LR slopes, PEQ and Time alignment. That has made for very very flat speakers but I wanted to se what they would do passive. I can see that these guys are well loved around here and wanted some feedback on how to proceed with out calling builder out directly. I also didn’t want to prejudice anyone by saying it was from a particular builder in order to get some honest feedback on how to proceed. I was legitimately very surprised to see that brand of capacitor from that builder based on his website description. I thought the Daytons were considered low grade / low cost caps and was like what the heck ?!?! Again, I didn’t make Builder send me a BOM listing everything component by part number so I own that but was also led astray by the verbiage on his web saying that they only use brand “x” and in there FAQ page even mention not to use lower cost caps bc of some value. I am not a hard core analog techie and cleatly don’t have a good concept of costs…. I asked builder to see me a set of 2 way CS500 crossovers but he would not do so unless I bought the entire Type D kit. I already had woofers from a member here and K510 Mumps horns and faital driver that ChrisA recommended so I didn’t want to go the route of buying woofers and horns all over again just to get the XO. I asked builder to build a XO that a member here drew out for me but they didn’t accept that as a “safe” design. So, I then contacted Solen design service and they had me send some in room sweeps, near field sweeps, and the manufacturers specs / sweeps. They drew the XO shown in OP and quoted 336 shipped to build a pair on a PC board using all Solen parts. They sent a complete BOM and the drawings above. I sent that same drawing to the builder in question to get a competitive quote. Builder came back with $315 shipped but did not supply a BOM just an invoice. In hindsight I suppose I could have looked up all of the sonicap values but I just looked at builders “kit” prices on his website and it seems in line…. My line of thinking was that if his 2 way was $275 that $300 seemed reasonable. The CS500 listed at $275 and use 2 auto transformer, SonicCaps, inductors plus small parts and labour. I will 100% ask any builder going forward to spec more throughly but honestly never even considered it given website verbiage.
  11. Okay so here us the resolution. Builder has given me two options that I feel like will bring this to a close. I think we both own some of the issue and builder has agreed to make it right. Option 1: Send back the XO and builder will refund my money. Option 2: Send back the units and builder will replace the signal path caps with Sonicaps at his expense to match website description. Option 3: Pay $300 to builder to replace all the caps with Sonic Caps.
  12. Fair enough, I did not spec a brand. Lesson learned. I didn't think that I had to but will do so in the future.
  13. That's where I am going to disagree.... That builder clearly (up until this thread started) claimed to only use Sonicaps. I sent him the drawing and he said, "I will have to order some parts to build these, but it looks like the ones I need are all in stock so should be able to get them in a few days. We can build a pair of these for $300 plus $15 shipping to you. If you want to order, I can send an invoice to your email and we can get the parts ordered as soon as the invoice is paid and get these out to you fairly quickly." He never mentioned a deviation from his supplier only that he was need to order parts. It's more like taking your car to a mechanic that has a big sign that says "We Only Use Genuine BMW parts" to get your brake changed but unknown to you, they decided to use off brand parts.
  14. This is a cornscala using cornwall boxes with Claude J recommended woofers, a k510 horn with the faital driver Chris A recommended.
  15. Solen quoted within $14 dollars of Crites to build the same unit using all Solen caps.
  16. I was reluctant to post the builders name because of the fanboy mentality around Crites. If this was a different builder I would be interested to see if the feed back was any different. For the gentleman suggesting that I reach out to him I’ve already tried that and was quoted an additional $300 to build the units to spec. Maybe they’ll sound the same maybe they’ll sound different but the fact remains it’s a different parts supplier then I suggested on their website. it never occurred to me to even spec the brand ad builder “X” claims to only use brand “Y”.
  17. I didn’t want to mention the builders name by I guess it is on the sticker so it’s out there now. It should not matter who made them in my mind. If builder X says the use a certain brand then that wheat I would expect to be delivered. They said that they would replace caps for an additional $300. I did not spec the brand as the say on their website that they used Sonicaps.
  18. I sent a builder a schematic and asked him to make me a pair or crossovers. After I sent him the drawing and he said, "I will have to order some parts to build these, but it looks like the ones I need are all in stock so should be able to get them in a few days. We can build a pair of these for $300 plus $15 shipping to you. If you want to order, I can send an invoice to your email and we can get the parts ordered as soon as the invoice is paid and get these out to you fairly quickly." On the builders website it says "We use Sonicaps for the signal path capacitors in our crossover kits, our crossover rebuilds and new crossovers." but when they shipped builder sent this picture. He used the low grade Dayton caps on mine, not even the precision caps. When I emailed him he said it would be an additional $300 to rebuild them.
  19. Can you fit a K510 in the horn hole and a Dave A Super Tweeter in the top hole? Where are you located?
  20. Be aware the Crites bracket will NOT work correctly with a official Klipsch Mumps version driver. Technically it will bolt up but horn will be at an odd angle. I emailed before I bought them to ensure they work with K510 and he said they did. When I got them the didn’t work so I asked for a return. Crites will argue with you about it, then tell you to drill out the holes and refuse to issue refund and after 3-4 weeks of eBay email you’ll eventually get your money back. 100% do not recommend
  21. Thanks I missed that completely.
  22. Do these include a passive XO between the drivers?
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