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  1. Not so good driver: Dash cam driving ban - Motorist banned after van flies over roundabout | Express.co.uk https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1165184/dash-cam-car-driving-ban-roundabout-van
  2. The letter Y in your serial number means they are built in 1983. An approximate value for the cornwalls would be $600-1200 depending on overall condition, location, etc. The heresy II speakers value would be approximately $300-800
  3. Probably kg4s, can't tell if the stacked set is bigger, if so forte
  4. dtr20

    WTB. KG5.2s

    I have a pair in walnut, but I'm in Massachusetts
  5. In my opinion, that's a high price for forte II speakers. Forte I speakers should be between $400-600. At least in the New England area.
  6. My guess is it's the crossover. Get them rebuilt and get back to enjoying!
  7. @Emile when I first tried atmos, I tried to position kg1.5 speakers on top of my klf30s pointed up at the ceiling. I wasn't super impressed. Then I read that the atmos module speakers actually have something on their crossovers from Dolby. So I got a pair of rp140sa atmos speakers. Still wasn't impressed. I then moved them to my sides, put the kg1.5 speakers back on my fronts on an angle and was amazed. I ordered a second pair of rp140sa speakers as soon as I could.
  8. Are you telling me Bill Nye listens to klipsch?
  9. I have actually upgraded my front atmos to the newer RP-500SA speakers. I still have the RP-140SA for my side atmos. I do have immersive surround sound. I couldn't do rear atmos because of my setup, but my denon receiver allows for side atmos module speakers and it works great. I wasn't impressed with just the front atmos speakers, adding the sides really helped with the immersive experience. My rear speakers are up high in the wall, so it kinda helps with this as well.
  10. "Yes honey, I put them up for sale, I swear! Look at the ad"
  11. Congrats on your new speakers! Forte II speakers are awesome, great mid-range. I just wanted to help clarify that your speakers were built in 1992, not 1985. The picture you posted on the serial number tells us this. The first three numbers indicates that it was built in the 24th day of the year, and the 4th and 5th numbers is the year reversed (92). Enjoy!
  12. I was wondering what happened to these. They look amazing
  13. No klf line listed 😔
  14. I just got some L brackets from home depot for mine, not prefect looks wise, but you can't really see them, and it's solid. I just brought one speaker with me to home depot to figure out what I needed. GO BRUINS!
  15. I believe those were manufactured on the 56th day of 1992.
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