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  1. crossover for klipschorn

    A type AA is usually the recommendation on a stock passive crossover

    I felt like they are similar, but the mid-range on the ones are very in your face compared to the twos.
  3. Frazier 8" drivers

    Looks looks these were sold in 2014
  4. A budding audiophile!

    Pink Floyd freaks my cat out, but most other music and movies, he is cool with.

    I'm my opinion, the twos have a nicer/cleaner mid-range sound because of tractrix mid-range horn compared to the ones. I really want to A+B the twos and threes. The threes mid-range horn with the mumps sounded awesome, but I cannot tell how much of an improvement it is without a true A+B.
  6. Chorus walnut, Frisco TX

    Thank you
  7. Chorus walnut, Frisco TX

    Terminals are an easy fix, replace all four so they look uniform. You can buy them on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G6ED0OQ/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_dr5cAb4S24BBR Crites titanium tweeters are a no brainer anyways, so no real loss in the blown tweeters. Hopefully the crossovers are good.
  8. Just joined. Sayin hi. HI!

    Welcome to the forum! What's your location? We can help you spend some money.
  9. Is this a mis-match

    The rp-450c should be a decent improvement over the rp-440c.
  10. Is this a mis-match

    If you are going with the rp-280f, get the rp-450c center channel. No real thoughts on the on the g speakers, look small, might not give the real surround effects
  11. If you are getting rp-150m for your fronts, you should get the rp-250c center channel to match. The rears are less important matching.
  12. I use brasso on the back to clean. I use that and an old toothbrush.
  13. more RF-7III pics

    Cory, I think you need to A+B forte III vs. RF-7 III!
  14. Chorus walnut, Frisco TX

    Looks sold, who got them? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk