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  1. Klipsch RSW-15 vs SVS SB-16

    Great video, I can't say I'm surprised with your final thoughts. You should try to work your magic with klipsch and get them to send you as pair of r-115sw subs for you to review with the rf7 III and for you to put them up against the rsw15
  2. Any..............................?

    How many?
  3. Cornwall III distressed oak

    I know Cory has had them do custom cabinets. They can probably do it if the $$$$ is right. @MetropolisLakeOutfitters
  4. Khorn, McIntosh, Turntable, the whole shindig

    I'm sorry, did I read gold plated optical cable? Optical cable is fiber optic, therefore no need for gold plated connections. Right?
  5. Cf3 Louisiana

    Decent price for version 1 Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  6. Cf3 Louisiana

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253572293063 Version 1 I believe
  7. RF7 II's vs RP280F vs RF3 ll's

    I believe what he is trying to say is if you can only upgrade the receiver OR the speakers, that upgrading your speakers to rf7 II would be a bigger improvement compared to upgrading your receiver to the denon. I have the denon 6200 which I love, but couldn't justify (at the time) the price difference for the 7200 which had a couple of extra watts. From what I read about the Pioneer, the biggest difference is that it doesn't support dts:x. We are not here to fight, we are here to learn, teach, help, etc. Good luck with your upgradeitis, most of us have the same condition.
  8. KLF 30 or Klipsch RF-7

    I've owned both klf30s and rf7s. I didn't own the rf7s long and I still have my klf30s. The highs were too harsh in the 7s, and you needed a ton of power to bring out the mid-range frequencies. We were listening to the 7s, and we could barely hear the vocals in the song using my vintage Sony integrated amp (40 wpc). I hooked up a vintage Carver amp (300 wpc) to my Sony (used the Sony as a preamp) and then we could hear the vocals. The klf30s have a dedicated mid-range, so they produce an even sound effortlessly.
  9. Moving Klipschorns

    Here are my khorns Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  10. Moving Klipschorns

    Without completely moving them, these are the best pics I can take from the behind the top hats Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  11. Building a New House

    Welcome to the forum. The klipsch speakers at best buy are from the cheaper line. It depends on what you are looking for (5.1, 7.1, Atmos, etc) and what your budget is. I know you referenced 9.1 or 11.1, is this for atmos? Will you be running ceiling speakers?
  12. Moving Klipschorns

    This was both khorns complete (minus side grills) in the back of my tundra with bed cap. Like I said, these 1967 cabinets didn't make it easy to remove the top hats. This was plan b. Lots of moving blankets, flattened cardboard boxes and a ratchet strap. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  13. Moving Klipschorns

    Just a heads up, depending on the age is the khorn cabinets, the top hats don't always come apart easily. My 1967 cabinets do not. After about 15 screws being removed and the top hats all weren't loose, we came up with plan b.
  14. new La Scala's, serial numbers 1 and 2

    Now I'm ashamed, I kind of want one
  15. Free 1975 klipshorns

    They were free klipschorns, keep up Dave!