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  1. I'm about an hour south of Boston
  2. Honestly, I've never compared the 2 models. I have the klf30s in my home theater and haven't done much stereo listening with them.
  3. SOLD I haven't been on here much in awhile. I haven't been using these much and that's not fair to them. These are in great shape. One grill has one scar, that's about it. They sound great. The original spikes and covers have been removed, but I have replaced them with threaded inserts and plastic feet. I will include adjustable feet for the front for tilting. I'm asking $1200 for the pair.
  4. I have not used a horn loaded sub. I've never experienced one. This SB16-Ultra fell in my lap for less than half price new and it's been working/sounding great. Like I said, I needed to change how it was wired and configured because of going to a new preamp. I either need lessons in xconsole or someone to help with the dsp on the SVS.
  5. Oh I completely agree that Xconsole is a very powerful tool, I just don't understand enough of it. I need someone to offer a class or 2, or 100 😕
  6. I don't know enough about crossover settings to actually do it properly.
  7. Yea, he's been awesome, I just haven't heard from him. Hope everything is ok
  8. Yes, I have a umic1 microphone and all the software, I just don't understand the programming. I can take measurements and import setting configs. I've been having Chris A help me but he's been busy. I just started this subwoofer piece last week.
  9. That could work for me, but I don't understand programming the xilica enough to do this.
  10. I'll play with the svs crossover some more. Everything I was reading about setting a sub crossover was to set it around 10hz higher than what the speakers can do. As far as having the xilica handle the sub, I still don't really understand what I'm doing as far as settings, so I have been having someone help me with that.
  11. The sub has been working really well using the sub preout on the Parasound preamp
  12. I'm currently using a Parasound P6 preamp with a subwoofer output with built in crossover. I'm trying to change my setup to use my subwoofers settings to manage bass instead of my preamp. This will make demoing preamps without sub outs easier since we are thinking about upgrading. Jubilee bass bins go down to around 45hz. I currently have my SVS crossover set for 50hz with a slope of 6db. I'm really not certain what I'm doing. I've basically been taking measurements with REW and making changes. I've been trying to keep the frequency chart as flat as possible with trying to let the sub go as deep as possible before roll off. Any advice?
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