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  1. dtr20

    Klipshorn Speaker Identification

    Those are klipschorns and they were made in 1984. Beautiful speakers.
  2. I'm using an older d-link 2 bay Nas with 2X 3TB drives mirrored. It works fine and my Bluesound DAC can read mp3 files from it without a problem.
  3. I basically want my McIntosh c28 to have an infrared remote capability. When I'm listening to a variety of music, sometimes the levels change and it gets annoying when I have to get up and adjust the preamps volume every time.
  4. dtr20

    KG1's with Yamaha RX-777

    Hi, welcome to the forum. I have never compared the kg1 to the rb51. Where are you located by the way?
  5. dtr20

    Khorns in Providence RI $1600

  6. dtr20

    Epic CF-3 version 1 walnut in New England

    Had some interest, but still available
  7. dtr20

    Turn Table in Rack?

    Not that I'm an expert, but I would think you would be fine doing this as long as you got very strong high quality drawer slides.
  8. dtr20

    Klipsch AW 650 speakers

    For troubleshooting purposes, can you setup a demo area with the speakers and receiver close by and run new speaker wires? If you had newly cut 2ft. sections of wires and it still happens, you can determine it's not the wires. Sounds like the issue is most likely with the receiver.
  9. dtr20

    Forte III vs Modded Forte II

    They could be too far from a wall. Or entirely different. My father had a similar issue with his chorus II speakers. They had no bass in this particular room no matter how they are placed away from the wall, toed in, etc. Then he sat down to listen to them and the bass was way too much. If he stood up, the bass went away. He still has more to play with.
  10. dtr20

    New to me Klipshorns

    Looks like they were built on the 349th day of 1995. Enjoy the speakers and post pictures! Welcome to the forum.
  11. dtr20

    Outlaw Audio subs

    Thanks for these links. I am familiar with frequency response, but what is in room extension? Frequency Response 16Hz-200Hz +/-3dB In-Room Extension 11Hz-14Hz
  12. dtr20

    Outlaw Audio subs

    Would I be better off running something like this? I'm trying to get into the lower frequencies in my home theater. https://www.parts-express.com/passive-dayton-audio-reference-18-with-dual-passive-radiator-subwoofer-kit--300-7158
  13. dtr20

    Decoding Heresy II serials

    Pair 2 was built on the 293rd day of 1992. Pair 1 is older and I haven't figured out how to read those.