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  1. I was wondering what happened to these. They look amazing
  2. No klf line listed 😔
  3. I just got some L brackets from home depot for mine, not prefect looks wise, but you can't really see them, and it's solid. I just brought one speaker with me to home depot to figure out what I needed. GO BRUINS!
  4. I believe those were manufactured on the 56th day of 1992.
  5. Hey, just a reminder, I'm in Mass if you want to stop by when you're up here.
  6. Great, he just gave credit to the stupid bridges that the crazy over the top audiophiles use to keep their wires off of the floor.
  7. Definitely doesn't look like rf7, looks like a cheaper model
  8. I would love to have these. I can pick these up next week
  9. That's the label we can't seem to figure out how to find the year. Hopefully someone figures it out.
  10. This is why the smurfs can't have nice things
  11. How do you get a bassist off of your front porch? Pay him for the pizza 😁
  12. I had my sub amp repaired. I had the repair done by Henry Koch, htkclk@juno.com
  13. The N in the serial number means 1975. Good score
  14. Do you see any letters/numbers stamped into the wood on the back? If not, take pictures of the crossover, mid-range, and tweeters, the models can help narrow down the age
  15. Can you post a picture? I know the very early versions of the kg2 didn't have a passive radiator.
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