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  1. dtr20

    Favorite Christmas Tune

    Favorite Christmas album
  2. dtr20

    Favorite Christmas Tune

    Here is a new one
  3. Could be just that particular YouTube video
  4. dtr20

    RF-83 mid-high distortion

    Bad connections could possibly do this
  5. dtr20

    RF-83 mid-high distortion

    Have you reversed the speakers? Hook up left to right, and right to left. This will help you determine if it's the speaker or not. If the problem follows the speaker, there is the culprit.
  6. dtr20

    LaScala Manufacture date

    Does anyone know how to read these labels for manufacture date?
  7. dtr20

    Best Cornwall....?

    Heritage is meant for home use, pro is for commercial. That being said Pro speakers sound great in home use. Home speakers are designed for sound and aesthetics. They are designed for the all mighty WAF. Pro speakers are not limited by looks. Solid black cabinets and usually heavy duty drivers. I have a pair of kp201 speakers which is a heresy II. However, the woofer in the pro speaker is a heavier duty which is designed for higher power. Although I have not A+B compared the kp201 to the heresy II speakers, I believe from what I read that the kp201 speakers sound a little better due to the woofer.
  8. dtr20

    Quartets near D.C.

    Great deal
  9. dtr20

    Belles near Boston

    He picked these up about a month ago for less than a grand. The funny part was, when this guy posted these, he was asking $1800, then $1750, and now since they didn't sell, he's up to $1999.
  10. dtr20

    WTB-Klipsch KLF-10 Feet

    Klf10 feet are not threaded, but the 20s and 30s are.
  11. dtr20

    Sub connection

    Just don't order that one, I posted too quickly. That one is for 3.5I'm connection. This is better https://www.walmart.com/ip/FosPower-Y-Adapter-8-inch-2-RCA-Male-1-RCA-Female-Stereo-Audio-Y-Adapter-Subwoofer-Cable-24k-Gold-Plated-2-Male-1-Female-Y-Splitter-Connectors-Extens/163052534
  12. dtr20

    Sub connection

  13. dtr20

    Contact At Sweetwater

    I'm assuming this company is more for instruments and those types of cables, not something specific for home audio cables?
  14. dtr20

    Sub connection

    What do you have for the wireless transmitter?