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  1. I'm in Massachusetts. Do you ever go to Audio/Video Therapy in Nashua, NH? They sell klipsch and they usually have an open house twice a year with different brand demos
  2. @bliss53 Fellow New Englander?
  3. I've had some rotel gear that I really liked. I am running Parasound gear now on my khorns. Parasound was recommended to me to match with klipsch because klipsch speakers tend to be bright. Parasound is supposed to be more laid back compared to some other brands.
  4. Hi @NewBedfordWhaler, I'm originally from New Bedford myself and my dad still lives there. I live in Norton now. How old are you? I'm assuming you went to N.B. High, I went to voc-tech
  5. Hahaha this is over two years old
  6. I think @Westcoastdrums has owned both
  7. I'm a little south of you about 40 minutes by 495. My father would probably want to check them out too. He's a forum member as well. We both been lazy on the forum lately though, motorcycle season
  8. They look great, where are you located in case I missed it. I saw something in Maine, I'm in Mass and would love to hear jubes
  9. Not so good driver: Dash cam driving ban - Motorist banned after van flies over roundabout | Express.co.uk https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1165184/dash-cam-car-driving-ban-roundabout-van
  10. The letter Y in your serial number means they are built in 1983. An approximate value for the cornwalls would be $600-1200 depending on overall condition, location, etc. The heresy II speakers value would be approximately $300-800
  11. Probably kg4s, can't tell if the stacked set is bigger, if so forte
  12. dtr20

    WTB. KG5.2s

    I have a pair in walnut, but I'm in Massachusetts
  13. In my opinion, that's a high price for forte II speakers. Forte I speakers should be between $400-600. At least in the New England area.
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