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  1. HI Dave, I have a pair of '78 Khorns, and have had them for the last 13 years. I've been thinking of downsizing due to an anticipated move in the not too distant future. What's your time frame (also considering the shelter at home situation we're currently in)? There is also another gentleman I need to consult, as he told me last year that he'd willing to buy when the time came. I live in Oakland, CA. Darrell
  2. That's what I offered guf a couple of weeks ago (see page 2). And the offer still stands. It's always fun to get together with other music enthusiasts, we had a nice small group here about ten years ago. Life gets in the way and people drift apart. Darrell
  3. Hi guf, I live in Oakland, and have stock Belles (similar in size to La Scalas- but with a different mid-horn), and Chorus IIs in a small room, running currently on 300B SET. In a couple of weeks, when construction at my house is completed, you are welcomed to come over for an audition. If you like them, I could be persuaded to sell my Chorus IIs. They might be a good match in your room, but I'm not sure how they would mate with 45 amps. Darrell
  4. Hello David, I fit your bill, and not only do I have Khorns, but also Belles, Chorus IIs and Heresies, in two different rooms and multiple amplification systems (mostly tubes). Don't know quite what your intentions are and what you mean by "payment", but drop me a PM and maybe we can arrange an audition day. Darrell
  5. In one of my systems the configuration is this: Rega Apollo CDP>Wright Mono 7s (300b Monoblocks)> Belles. It is the sweetest, most resolving configuration I've had. Mind you, the room is not large, I sit about 10' from the speakers, and the volume generally peaks at, in my estimation, about 90-95 db. This works especially well with older CDs, those from around the mid 1990's. For newer CDs (post Loudness War), I need to insert a set of stepped attenuators between the CDP and amps, to bring the levels down.
  6. Buy a spray bottle that has a battery powered fan attached to the nozzle. It cools you down fast! D
  7. Zim, do you need to change the network from the stock AA? I'm curious as to why you are selling these, did you ever install them? Thanks, Darrell
  8. Daddy Dee, our family has a 2007 Rav4. Bought it new and just turned over 100k miles. I have never had a more reliable car (knock wood). It's a six cylinder; has plenty of power and is very comfortable. From time to time I load it up for my work and it handles a lot of weight with ease. Once put two Belles in it, no problem! D
  9. how is this venue? considered a few shows there in the past; but, have never made it. It'll be my first time there, looks beautiful in the photos. I'll report back if I remember after the show.
  10. Grateful Dead, 6/27, Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara CA Neko Case, 9/4, Mountain Winery, Saratoga CA
  11. Joe, I'll buy them. I have to go to work now. Will catch up with you tomorrow. D
  12. Hey all, I lit that video! And the one that we shot a year later, "A Day Made of Glass, Two" or something like that, which is also on youtube. I think the first one was done in 2010. Take stock in glass cleaner indeed. And check out the Pepsi commercial that leads in to today's Super Bowl halftime show, if you're not headed to the bathroom or fridge. We shot the girl in the tunnel with the Pepsi machine and the crowd scene stadium shot about three weeks ago, on a cold night at the new Cal Bears stadium in Berkeley. D
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