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  1. Years ago, I lived in Hope, AR and my father was a construction contractor. He once did a remodel for Bob Moers, the president of Klipsch. In the corners, where the Khorns were to be placed, he built a solid 3-4 feet of 2x4s out from the corner for bass reflection. Kind of like your idea, but taken to the max. Not sure how this would play out in terms of transmission THROUGH the lumber to other parts of the house, but I imagine it helped as far as getting the most bass extension from the folded horn.
  2. Hi Kippy, you have a PM. Darrell
  3. Rex Everything, not sure where you're located but there are what appears to be 3- NIB NOS GE 7591As on Craigslist among a collection of "ham radio tubes" in Mercerville, NJ. The whole workman's caddy is listed for $100 so it could be a good deal. There are other stereo-related tubes in the photos. Mind you, you only see the boxes in the photos, but you never know. Good Luck, Darrell
  4. Well, if you're one of the lucky few that haven't ever had chickenpox you might not need the vax. Not sure, I'm not a doctor. All I know is that if you HAVE had chickenpox, the virus is inside you. It can lay dormant for decades (mine did), but when it attacks the nervous system, it is very painful. It's not just about having an itchy rash, it's more about explosive pain. Mine was on the back side of my head, behind my ear.
  5. Dave, you WILL regret getting shingles. Trust me, I've had it. It's not something to fool with. Get vaccinated. D
  6. Flevoman, you could also try a set of stepped attenuators instead of a passive pre. I have a pair made by Scott Endler in the US. They were built 15 years ago, so I'm not sure if he's still in business, but you could do an internet search. I ran them inline between an Apollo CDP (2v output) my Wright 3.5's (2a3 SET) which have an input impedence of 100k. They give you volume control without adding much to the signal path.
  7. Thanks! It was 5 hours round trip, but worth it. I've been looking for a second one to complete my setup. D
  8. Bill was a real gentleman, and has the best HT setup I've ever seen/heard! D
  9. Because my listening room is in the basement, I raised my CIIs about 3 inches for water safety/flooding reasons. I did also experience some improvement in the soundstage. I think it's best to boost them up on a solid foundation (in my case paving bricks and plywood) rather than something with a hollow cavity. Good luck on your journey!
  10. The "hard mount" RCAs and the Sub Out feature are great mods. Wish my old Blueberry Extreme had those. Great sounding preamps. GLWS.
  11. Flevoman, I just looked up your amp and I saw it's an integrated, so no preamp. Also, I see the little signal tubes are something I'm not familiar with so my above post is probably not very helpful to you. Sorry.
  12. Trying a different brand. I'm no expert at this, but I know some amps allow you to roll different types of power tubes, which may require re-biasing or even changing internal circuit values- not something I'm familiar with. I once had VRDs, but never rolled power tubes. Instead, I played with the 12ax7s. If you have a tube preamp without tone controls (as I do), you might try playing with the signal tubes (usually a 12a type or 6dj8) FIRST, before you play with the amplifier. That gives you the most change, IMHO, without breaking the bank. But beware, the tube rabbit hole is deep!
  13. In the late 2000's I bought a pair of WE 300Bs for my Wright Mono7s. They were from the late 90's when Westex reintroduced them. This was before they got "really stupid" in price. I had been listening to Sophia meshplates. My impression was "meh", I thought they sounded smooth but dull. I sold them to a friend (but kept the wood box!). I now run TJ Full Music carbon plates, I think they have the best synergy with the 6sn7 drivers in my system. Flevoman, I think you'll notice the biggest sonic changes from rolling your preamp tubes or your amp's driver tubes, depending on your topology.
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