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  1. I don't know anything about your amp, but just want to make sure that you are aware of the fact that the Jubilees need to be biamped. Your integrated looks like it has preouts to go to an amp and main inputs to power the internal amp. This would allow you to use the integrated for either the bass bins or your tweeters, but you would need a separate amp to drive the other drivers. Good luck
  2. In my experience, vintage Klipsch heritage speakers (pre 1985 ish) do not do well in home theater. I have experienced this with belles ('79) and khorns ('77). Klipsch speakers in the late 1980s and newer work well. Vintage heritage sound great on a true 2 channel setup. Many people will disagree with this, but I've experienced this several times in my house. I suspect the issue is within the preamp section of the receiver, not the amp, but I don't truly know. There was a forum member a couple of years ago who bought khorns and brought them home and he had no bass like when he demoed them before purchase. It turned out he was using a home theater receiver to drive them. I suggested he borrow or find a cheap stereo receiver to test it out. He went and bought a very nice brand new stereo setup and was blown away by the bass and dynamics out of the khorns that he didn't have before. YMMV
  3. dtr20

    What I Got Today!

    I got them from Cory. He had a customer buy them, then trade them in because they had to downsize their house and these wouldn't fit. If you watched Paducah Home Theater's YouTube video comparing the Underground Jubilees vs the Heritage Jubilees, my Jubilees are the ones in the video.
  4. dtr20

    What I Got Today!

    I finally got my Underground Jubilees! Everything is horribly set up right now including placement and wiring.
  5. I believe Valerie signed most of them and PWK signed a bunch of the early ones, but the later ones were just a ink stamp.
  6. Switch the center channel speaker with either your left or right main speaker and see if it follows the speaker or stays within the output channel of the receiver. This won't fix anything, but it will get you closer to finding the issue.
  7. I'd rather keep them as a pair, if you want to make an offer, PM me
  8. If someone wants to buy them, I'm on the area to pick them up and you can save on shipping! 😁
  9. Bump and price drop. $100 to a forum member
  10. For your consideration is a Klipsch RC7 center channel speaker in maple finish. This speaker sounds great. The grill is in good condition with the exception of the missing badge logo. $150 to a forum member
  11. Bump and price drop. $75 to s forum member
  12. For your consideration is a pair of Klipsch KG3.2 speakers in black. These speakers are in good condition with some scratches on the cabinets. The grills are in great shape. The speakers play even better than they look. Sold elsewhere Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
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