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  1. I'm retired now and have had all the heritage series except the belles and dont post much anymore. I have owned both forte i &ii and chorus i and ii. Kids left home and we moved back home and downsized my system. The size and shape of what i guess is your listening room .... i see the heresies tells me you would love either the fortes or chorus over the hlll. My room is about the same. 400 for forte 2 in good cond as is 800 for the chorus 2s are fair prices Cond makes the diff but i kept the chorus ii. Mine have the crites diaphragms and updated xovers. Put about 30 watts of good tube power behind them and youll be a happy soul. Im just an old fart who followed the klipsch obsession and realized what id already needed i had years ago. Its a trip id take again in a heartbeat.
  2. klipschorns chorus II cornwall I I've owned most of them and if I had to choose these would be my top 3. You can't go wrong with any of them.
  3. my old roommate from college had a pair of these. These are nice speakers and the price is excellent. They sound very similar, at least to me like altecs. go get um.. for that price you could sell the pieces and still come out ahead.
  4. I spent years over analyzing my gear. It got to the point that I was doing it so much that I wasn't enjoying the music. So I turned it off for about 6 months. The only music i listened to was on my car stereo. I finally came to the conclusion that I was listening to the equipment and not the music. After 6 months I cranked back up the main system and man............. Now we are talking. Compared to the car audio this was some great stuff. Haven't looked back since and now I can enjoy the music. There is nothing like the 'chills' that you can get when the music is right and the setup is proper. It just don't get any better(at least not by much). And I'm satfisfied now with only being 98% there. The heck with the other 2%.. I'm not gonna allow that 2% to stop me from enjoying the music...... not anymore...
  5. win... 21. Anytime you get ready just let me know and we can turn some tunes. If the weather is nice we can move the lascalas outdoors and enjoy the pool. Ever heard lascalas echo across 3 diff mountains. Quite impressive!! Dave
  6. win21. I live in Roanoke, VA about 3 hours from Charlotte. I have klipschorns, cornwalls, lascalas and heresies all running on mac gear. You are more than welcome to come by for a listen. UP 77 to 81 into Roanoke. Up the mountain and its a great trip. Dave
  7. Here's hoping you find an excellent 1980 at a reasonable price. Never settle for less than what you want. I have in the past and just ended up with both the 'settled' item and the one I should have purchased first. Settling for less than I wanted always seems to cost me money in the end. Dave
  8. Yep the 1280 is a heck of a unit. Only thing is I went the tube route and no longer use it. It currently lives under my bed wrapped in a blanket. Nice and warm and hoping somebody wants it to come out and play. Just not the way I'm going at this point so I'd sell it if anybody is interested. If not its not hurting anything where its at. dave
  9. I have a 1280 that I might be interested in selling that is not mint, but easily 9/10. I haven't used it in a couple of years, but it is a very nice unit. I'd let it go for 750 plus shipping. Its not mint because it has a tiny nick on the top front. You have to look to see it. Everything else is as it should be. dave
  10. Has anybody compared the sound of these 2 mac mono's? I own a pair of the 30's and have an opportunity to pick up a pair of earlier model A-116/m150. Thanks Dave
  11. No affiliation. Just happened to see them listed. http://buy.audiogon.com/cgia/cls.pl?ampstube&1206125194 dave
  12. Congrats on the corns OB. I have used a scott 222c on mine in the past with very good results so I have an idea of the sound you are getting. Really nice isn't it? But you do realize your really in trouble now don't you? My crystal ball sees mcintosh in your future.... Maybe an mc225 or a pair of 30's? Dave
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