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  1. Thinking about trying these out...from Monoprice. https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=305&cp_id=30503&cs_id=3050302&p_id=24794&seq=1&format=2
  2. What are you using for your RP-160's? Current listening height is around 36" ear level so I'm thinking 24" stands should do it for this model? Looking to stay under 200$. Links and pics of your setup are appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I believe the crossover has to be tweaked in order to have titanium diaphragms for the mids. The Chorus II's I mentioned in this post apparently have the Crite's tweeters and crossovers as well.
  4. I just picked them up last night so I'm not too worried about that...
  5. You could always get the dust cap replaced. I'm sure it would be inexpensive. I just picked up some Forte II's last night and I'm looking to go from the oak finish to a black finish.
  6. Sounds good. I ordered a fresh pair from Crites. I'll just swap out my Heresy II's diaphragms for now. Did you mess with your Forte II crossovers?
  7. I also emailed Klipsch about Forte II parts. They said the only part the have is the midrange diaphragm. I also asked about a Forte III upgrade kit...
  8. Do people recommend doing the midrange also? I should be able to get both passive's done locally for about $120...
  9. So I just picked up the Fortes. He wasn't able to audition them and everything looked ok except the passive radiator has a couple small cuts in it..and a hole in the foam but I bought them anyways. $300. Along with the holes in the radiator BOTH tweeters are fried! Man, I'm 0-3 now with buying used Klipsch can't catch a break and I can't trust anyone's word. Lame.
  10. It looks like the Forte got wet does it not? With the grill off it looks stained no?
  11. So a pair of Chorus II's and Forte II's have popped up locally. Seller is asking $400 for the Forte II's and the other seller is asking $800 for the Chorus II's w/ Crite's tweeters. I currently have Heresy II's. I've also thought about getting brand new Heresy III's...I can't make up my mind. I'm running a Parasound Halo Integrated and listen to all genres...favoring hip-hop and metal. I will attach some pictures of the speakers for sale and my space as well. Now let me get those opinions! Thanks!
  12. Was told when I purchased these that they were refurbished and caps replaced. Bob Crites says they are original caps. He also mentioned to take all of the insulation out of the box. Has anyone done this?
  13. Here we go guys...used a heat gun and a flat head...there were 2 screws going into the bottom thru the slanted riser.
  14. Really appreciate the in depth reply! So no screwing the panel in anywhere? I'll have to dig into them this weekend and take a look inside. Also, I compared the bass with the panel loose and with it tight (my hand holding it in) very very noticeable difference. More punchy when air is trying to escape. Dare I say the bass sounds better? In my opinion of course and without the rattle of the panel...leads to my next question. Why aren't the Heresy's ported? Maybe that is a stupid question but hey, I'm new to this!
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