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  1. A good sub will provide all the low end the average Joe needs. I run a 12" HSU with my Heresy III's and couldn't be more pleased.
  2. My LaScalas were too large. My Heresy III's fit and actually sound better in my living room. In my case, larger wasn't better.
  3. Due to size constraints I recently sold my LaScalas and picked up a new pair of Heresy III's which I run with a HSU sub and Rega amp and pre-amp. In my living room they actually sound better than my LaScalas, I believe because they are easier to push and also maybe due to the front shooting woofers. Anyhoo, I don't feel I've lost anything, and in fact am enjoying them more. Two thumbs up for Heresy III
  4. Whatever. I've run this stuff through my nice Rega cdp too and it's not that different. When I can throw my whole cd collection on my iMac and put whatever I want on my iphone I don't have to dick around with cd's anymore. I don't have the time or inclination to be a true audiophile. I'm just running some newer Lascalas, Rega amp and preamp and a nice tight HSU sub. I'm sure most of you guys have way more killer systems than mine. I'm okay with less than perfection as I'm dividing my time between work, kayaking, climbing/hiking, girlfiend and stereo. I still use my cd player when I feel the need and a Phillips turntable when I want pops and scratches.
  5. try it. for background music it's not half bad.
  6. i figger whatever works for ya
  7. Fast going the way of DVD I just removed my cdp from my system. Just plug in my iPhone for most stuff. I can't hear the difference, so it works for me.
  8. Coldplay sold out a couple of albums ago. Now they're just pop 40. Sad
  9. very cool... thank you guys!
  10. how do i hook my iPod to my Rega preamp? aux jack? i'm clueless.
  11. I run a 12" HSU with my LaScalas. It's very tight and musical. Google it.
  12. I buy albums from iTunes and load onto my iMac. I then burn them to cd. I notice I can burn at 1x, 2x, 3x, 24x or super fast. For best quality to play on my 2 channel stereo, what should I select?
  13. My ex gf had hair like that. looked loopy. she was loopy. chicks give me heartburn alot. carry on
  14. I briefly thought about hooking up my old Phillips table, but my stereo already sounds more or less LP'ish so I bailed on the idea. I can't stand scratches and other sounds on vinyl either. But then, that's my problem of course.
  15. I embrace the music and let it flow through my head. I don't fret about or over-analyze my gear. Am I bad?
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