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  1. Scenthorns

    WTB: Cornwalls in Brooklyn, New York area

    Please let me know if you're still interested in Cornwall III.
  2. Scenthorns

    Cornwalls III Speakers

    Cornwall III speakers are still for sale. NJ near NYC. Price: $1500. Pickup only.
  3. Scenthorns

    Cornwalls III Speakers

    Don't have the technology to post pictures online. Could mail some pictures to you.
  4. Scenthorns

    Cornwalls III Speakers

    Am lowering the price to $1500 for the pair. Will eventually move to a smaller apartment. Have had the Klipsch Heresy since the seventies. The I and now the III. The Cornwall III is a terrific speaker. If you have the room , it's a better sounding speaker than the Heresy. Pickup Only.
  5. Scenthorns

    Cornwalls III Speakers

  6. Scenthorns

    Cornwalls III Speakers

    The Cornwalls III will fit in a large apartment as well as a home. Am reducing the price to $1600 or best reasonable offer. Am in NJ area near NYC. PICKUP ONLY
  7. Scenthorns

    Cornwalls III Speakers

    Jweber- If you send an e-mail address , will correspond with you. Will take pictures and mail them to your address. My computer isn't that new.
  8. Scenthorns

    Cornwalls III Speakers

    Yes , am keeping the Heresies. Best speaker for an apartment.
  9. Scenthorns

    Cornwalls III Speakers

    Pictures. Not that tech guy to post pictures. We had a storm here and a window fell on one side of the speaker. Covered the small area. Cover the speaker side as well with a cloth on top. Otherwise, looks like those speakers on the web site. Few scratches. They're used but still look good and play well like new. Hate to give them up but a smaller place isn't for them. Am in NJ. Pickup only.
  10. Scenthorns

    Cornwalls III Speakers

    These two Klipsch Cornwalls III speakers are in excellent playing condition. A few marks are on one side of one speaker. Does not affect in any way its performance. Am moving to a smaller place and there is no place for them. $2300 or best offer that is a reasonable one. Pickup Only. Am in New Jersey area close to New York City
  11. Scenthorns

    Heresy III owners in NYC?

    P.C. Richards can get the Klipsch Heresy III or the Cornwall III and deliver them to you. HIII is an upgrade to the H1. They are both very good speakers. If you want to buy new ones, go with the HIII. Cornwall III is a much bigger speaker. You should go to JJT's and listen to them and decide which speaker fits your budget and room.
  12. Had the original Klipsch Heresy speakers. The new Klipsch Heresy III sound much better. Using a Parasound Amp to power them. Stereo Shoppe of PA were the Klipsch dealer who shipped them to me. Excellent and reliable service.
  13. Scenthorns

    Receiver For New Klipsch Heresy III Speakers

    Am looking at the Yamaha RS-700 Receiver and the Denon DRA-697 C1 receiver. Both are 100 watts per channel. Your suggestions have been very good and helpful. Like the Outlaw receiver too but think the Denon or Yamaha will be better for my system. Any preference between those two receivers?
  14. Scenthorns

    Stereo Rack

    Where can you purchase a completely assembled stereo rack? It's for an amplifier, receiver and CD player. T
  15. Scenthorns

    Receiver For New Klipsch Heresy III Speakers

    $1000 tops for a new 150 watt receiver. Listen to light rock and classical music. Do you know of any new receiver and where to purchase one? Thank you.