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  1. I have a pair of Forte III's in a 12x20 room with an MC240 (bench tested at 55 watts a channel) and MX110. At half volume, I am at 90-95+ decibels. If I play with tone controls/loudness toggle, I am rattling the windows and converting my entire NYC apartment to a giant sub-woofer where you can feel the vibrations throughout the entire 1000 sq ft space. The MC275 will be more than enough power. I love the tube sound with the Forte's and suspect you will also be very happy. Klipsch and McIntosh make a very lovely pairing.
  2. I thought I would report back in. I am still loving the new speakers. I played with the tone controls and loudness toggle on the MX-110 and I am now rattling the windows (and I presume pissing off the neighbors). Indeed, McIntosh and Klipsch make a very lovely pairing.
  3. Thanks for the offer Joe. Cornwalls probably would have fit and would have been fun. But I am very happy with the Forte's. I am by Brooklyn Museum on the edge of Crown Heights/Prospect Heights. If you are ever interested in stopping by and listening to the new Forte's let me know. Someday I would love to hear the Klipschhorns and Cornwalls.
  4. I pushed the speakers back closer to the wall/corners. Who knew Klipsch speakers would sound good positioned that way? That has resolved the bass issue and has brought other benefits. Namely, it has broadened the sound stage to take up the entire space between the speakers (much larger/wider), and has tamed the intensity of the horns compared to before. This has resulted in a more life like presentation on a larger variety of recordings -- instead of the best of the best. Overall, very pleased. I don't think I have ever heard speakers that can make music, particularly voices and acoustic music, (small classical, jazz, and folk ensembles) sound so present. Indeed, I think the key feature I am enjoying the most in the speakers is the dramatic dynamic range -- I like I already mentioned above, and still can't quite get over. It is thrilling to hear and experience swings in the energy/loudness of the music as a song ebbs and flows -- especially at lower listening volumes. For me, to sum up the past few days listening to Klipsch speakers, what they do better than everyone else, is allowing you to be present with the music, can't ask for much more than that.
  5. These arrived today. I have been enjoying the music -- spinning a lot of vinyl and listening to Tidal. Initial impressions. Both my wife and I experienced some fatigue after listening to them after about an hour. But, I chalk that up to having speakers that can peak at 95-100db and delivers both all the positives and negatives (tired ears) of live music. When listening at normal volumes -- 70-80db, they really show off what they are capable of without the ears feeling it. I really love the dynamics and being able to be immersed and wrapped in the artists performance. I can feel my energy respond to the musicians as their intensity level changes throughout the song. I also think the speakers are voiced very well -- on par with Harbeths I have heard (hl5 plus and c7es3). Acoustic music is very nice. I also can confirm recording quality really matters. That was the case with my Rega's too, but the Forte's go to a whole new level with well sorted and mastered records. I am looking forward to seeing how the bass changes over the next few weeks. It is good, but not earth shattering, about on par with my Rega's (which I find a bit surprising). Overall, I am happy with the purchase and look forward to getting to know my new speakers better in the coming days/weeks.
  6. Hi all, I thought I would share I ordered the Forte III in cherry from Cory at Metropolis Lake Outfitters. I will of course share pictures and impressions when they arrive (probably early next week). Thanks so much again for all the advice and welcoming me to the Klipsch community. I am sure the Forte's might be a bit overkill for my Brooklyn apartment -- but hey, go big or go home? I look forward to entertaining my friends and the neighborhood with my musical selections for years to come. Malcolm
  7. Got it. And I guess that's what is hard for me to determine, I listen to a lot of jazz and indie rock, that while they have bass, 50hz is probably enough most of the time. My current speakers do some bass, but are not out of the park, and that's okay with me.
  8. Hi all, I am overwhelmed by everyone's welcome and great suggestions. I am still torn between whether the Hersey or Forte would work better. As a reference point, my current speakers are 89 db efficient, and I think go down to the mid 40hz range in the bass department. My wife would be happier with the Hersey, I suspect. I am intrigued by the Quartets and KG4 options -- they where not previously on my radar. It appears the Quartets might be a good in between option. It seems I could refresh the Quartets with Crites parts? I am fine spending up to $2k on speakers, but I am also I fan of getting equal or better performance for less. Maybe I should consider taking a trek out to New Jersey this long weekend. It seems some good options for me are: Forte (used or new). Pros: bigger sound stage and more bass. Cons: bigger and likely more expensive. Hersey (used or new). Pros: nice size and sound. Cons: light on bass. Quartets (used). Pros: nice bass and a bit bigger sound? Cons: used, need refreshed? Considering I may not be able to listen to my purchase before I buy, either purchasing new with a good return policy or getting a good value used seems to make the most sense. I guess what I am now trying to understand is the trade-off between value and quality based on my listening preference. For sound quality that match my preferences it seems the options rank as follows: Forte III (or II) Quartets (refreshed?) Heresy III with a sub Heresy III without a sub Heresy I or II How would you rank the above list for value? Thanks again for everyone that has commented and provided very helpful advice. Malcolm
  9. Hi There, I have spent the past few days reading old threads and thought I should start my own. I am interested in purchasing a Klipsch Heritage speaker to match with my recently restored (by Audio Classics) McIntosh MC240 and MX110. The balance of my system includes: Rega P5 turntable with PSU and Linn Adikt Cartridge, Linn Numerik DAC, and Rega R5 speakers. My room is 12x18x9 (or 10). I live in a pre-war apartment building in Brooklyn that is solidly constructed with concrete slab and plaster (I barely hear my neighbors). Not the best photo, but attached is a picture from the seat I listen to my stereo. As you can see, I sit 6-7 feet away from the speakers. Behind the couch (not pictured) that I am sitting on is a mini office space/desk/bookshelf on the rear wall/corner -- so I can't really get further away from the speakers. I have a large vinyl record collection that contains a lot of jazz, indie rock, classic rock, folk, and limited hip-hop/rap and that is typically the type of music I listen too. I love live music and catch live jazz or an indie rock show once or twice a month (and have for years). I also stream music via Sonos/Tidal. I think my setup sounds very good but I am intrigued to hear a different sound. A few months ago, I went to the World of McIntosh in SOHO and heard all of their fabulous offerings, I was not particularly blown away by most of the McIntosh or Sonus Faber speakers -- but I was intrigued by the scale and presence of McIntosh's crazy expensive XRT2.1K speakers that produced a soundscape similar to being at Brooklyn Steel/9:30 Club or another live concert venue. Last year I listened to the newest Rega version of my speaker, the RX5, but thought mine sounded better. I have wanted to listen to Devore speakers, since he lives in my neighborhood and his offerings are also very efficient and work well with tubes, but they are likely out of my price range, $8-10k is just to much for me at this stage in my life. I have heard Harbeth's in the past and liked them. My Dad has Magneplanar 3.7's but I don't love them -- I wish they where more dynamic and rhythmic (what I love best about my speakers). I would not consider myself an audiophile so much as I would a music lover that is seeking a transcendental listening experience. In another life, I would love to have an art space/bar with my current setup and some KHorns where I would just vibrate the neighborhood and write art/poetry all day long. Long term, I would also consider building my own speakers from a kit or plans. I can get space at a wood working shop space in the area. I have not heard Klipsch speakers before and I don't know where I can in New York. However, I think I might like them and I believe they would pair well with my current gear. Could you all provide further insight if you think a Klipsch Heritage speaker would be a good match with my preferences? Lastly, which one should I consider? The Heresy would fit best in my space, I think. Although I think I would love more bass, but I am not sure if my neighbors would. I am concerned the Forte or Cornwall would overwhelm my listening room/get me evicted. I look forward to the conversation. Malcolm
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