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  1. This is an excellent point, and one I'm going to use with my wife!
  2. I'm curious how far apart they are and how far back do you sit? Sub is behind you, right?
  3. I am not in the market for these, but looking at the map on the CL listing, I am sitting about a mile away from these as I type this from my desk at work. If anyone needs assistance in facilitating a transaction for these speakers, I would be glad to help. Jeremy
  4. After looking at the pictures of your solder work, I feel there is some real irony in this statement. adjusting the top-most horn position for time-alignment, on music, was detectable by me to about 1/64th of an inch. I just have to call B.S. on this one. If your hearing is as gifted as you imply, you could make tremendous amounts of money consulting with manufacturers to make subjective matter absolute and eliminate needless, expensive measuring equipment.
  5. I don't know! that seems awful science-y
  6. This is the smartest comment I have read in this entire thread!
  7. I ride a Specialized Roubaix with Sram eTap. I have always lusted after Italian builds with Campy grouppo's. I have Fostex drivers in my Oris 200 horns. They are currently not set up. I am looking to upgrade drivers (Tang Band maybe?) I used to run them with a simple passive crossover to my Cornwall's K33. The future plans are to build some Jubilee clone bass bins and run Xilica active crossover.
  8. Nice work! There are lots of things for me to admire here, from a fellow DIY'er, Oris owner, and cyclist. I spy some fine Italian carbon hanging on the wall!
  9. I personally would worry too much about the difference in the DCR in this case, or how much different it is than its rating. There are so many other variables to the end result of reproducing amplified sound. If you are doing any kind of equalizing then it is a moot point. Since you are a tube amp builder you are aware of all of the differences between channels within your amp, like capacitor tolerances, or tube output/ bias difference. My point is, If they are drivers that you want and local, I would go for it. All of the differences in tolerances in the signal chain can be compensated for in one way or another.
  10. I just set up my daughters room with a bunch of these outlets because she got an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas. She has the "smartest" room in my house! @wuzzzer It's working great Mark! Thanks for the good deal. Sorry for not getting back to you. With the holidays and all it was a couple weeks before I could spend time with it.
  11. Wifi outlets from Amazon. They can be turned off and on with your phone manually or via a schedule. They also work with Alexia or google home assist.
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