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  1. Song - Learning to Fly Album - Wish You Were Here
  2. capo72

    Stimulus Money?

    It is pending in my account today. I have an odd number pending so I did so investigating. My status is married with 1 child at home so the amount would be $2400 + $500= $2900. My pending amount is much less and an odd amount. I went to the IRS website and discovered that if your Adjusted Gross Income from 2018 taxes is over $150,000, then your max amount is reduced by $5 for every $100 you are over $150,000 up to $198,000. If your AGI is over $198,000 then you get $0. I thought I would share, hoping that this info would be helpful if you are confused by the amount you may, or may not receive. Good luck all, and stay safe!
  3. capo72


    I guess I got lucky with the one I bought from him!
  4. capo72


    There is a Xilica XP-3060 on eBay that has been listed for a while @ $799. I bought one from this same seller a while back. I offered him $600 and he took it. It's worth a shot to try that. Good luck
  5. I recognize the coordinate triad and the font on the dimensions from assembly or part environment. I should have said "Modeling in Solid Edge?" as this is obviously not the drafting module. I'm also an SE user, since 2002.
  6. When I said this year, I meant 2019. Heaven Hill has been killing it the last couple of years with the Elijah Craig Barrel Proofs and Henry McKenna BiB. The C919 is no longer the current release as A120 is out now. I haven't acquired it yet but have heard very good things about it. I enjoy these EC barrel proofs much more than the coveted Elijah Craig 18 yr.
  7. The C919 release is fantastic. It's hot, but not as bad as the proof suggests IMO. It's one of the best releases this year, along with the 1792 Full Proof.
  8. capo72

    F20 braces

    Has anyone tried moving the mouth of the horn to the adjacent face? The dimensions would work better for me if the mouth was moved to the panel opposite of the woofer access panel. I have seen some tapped horn subs with options for moving the mouth to different panels (Danley I believe). I have just not seen an F20 folded horn sub configured that way. It looks as though some expansion may be lost so I don't know if it's viable. Been looking at the Lil Wrecker as well.
  9. This is the best release yet IMO. Heaven Hill's wheated bourbon. 100 proof and 12-15 years in the barrel are the sweet spots for me. Good score! I think i paid $160 for mine
  10. Scored another Weller 12 at the grocery store last night for $36!
  11. I currently use Klipsch Refernce One. I can't seem to find specs, I've had them for years. I'm sure they are easy to drive because you can use them with a phone or iPod. I'm planning to upgrade eventually and will probably look for something lower in impedance. Something from Focal or Sennheiser perhaps. I would love a copy of the schematic when it's available. Thank you for all you do here Maynard!
  12. Could this be configured to be used for a headphone amp?
  13. Another vote for MiniDSP. Alot of bang for the buck. They make a balanced version as well if that is what you are after. I would buy the balanced version because you can then wire it single ended if you wish and have the best of both worlds. https://www.minidsp.com/products/minidsp-in-a-box/minidsp-balanced-2x4
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