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  1. You are asking premium money for what you are selling and looking to put as little effort as possible into your sale. I'm not sure what you are expecting.....
  2. As I was typing my "to stay on topic" post, you quoted my post about being lucky not hearing differences. I felt my post was off topic, so I created another one "on topic" with a recent experience. It was not a response to you. I should have just edited my post, but man I really need to get my post count up. Some people post like 300 times a day!
  3. To stay on topic, I last heard a difference between amps a couple of weeks ago when I swapped in a First Watt J2 for a Dynaco ST-70 on my Lowther / Oris horn combo.
  4. If you can't hear the difference between different types and classes of amps, then consider yourself lucky. You are going to save a lot of money and have a much simpler time building a stereo system that makes you happy.
  5. I'm not sure why my "keep experimenting and don't listen to the fan boys" post got deleted, but anyway, invest in some measuring equipment and DSP and you can make almost anything work. Stay curious!
  6. I've used this headphone amp almost daily for 5-6 years on my desk at work. It has never had any issues. It uses 6J1 tubes and is a hybrid design. It has USB or RCA inputs. It comes with the original tubes and the installed Tung-sol matched pair. Power transformer is included. I'll rate it 7/10 due to age, but it has no cosmetic blemishes. $80 shipped to ConUS. See link for more info. https://hifiman.com/products/detail/59
  7. The Acoustical Cotton Batts you show should work just fine. I don't think the material you choose is as important as making sure that you do the same thing to both speakers.
  8. If these sound as good as they look, I imagine it would be a fantastic experience. I can't seem to find any info about these or Audio Lot. Can you share more? The balanced input is intriguing.
  9. Beautiful amps! I would love to see the "undercarriage" pics if you have any.
  10. Thanks for the link! That is an incredible time suck. Very eye opening!
  11. Let me start by saying all are welcome to this forum, but IMO anyone with your approach to your quest are especially welcome here. I appreciate your candor and approach while providing actual testing and data. This may lead you to what you are looking for and it may lead you somewhere you never expected. That is my favorite part of a scientific approach. As for what I quoted above, I wish it were completely true. You should have been here 10-12 years ago, I think you would have been well embraced by some past members. Unfortunately todays "cancel culture" has crept into this forum too. I wish some people were still around for lively debate, even if their views were perceived as outlandish. I look forward to following along your jouney! Jeremy
  12. First Watt. Just about any First Watt amp will shine with your fully horn loaded speakers.
  13. I miss some of the great old contributors that were in that thread Dean! Some of those posters don't log on anymore and some are no longer with us. I prefer that version of the forum to the current one! Jeremy
  14. Joe, How about a pic with the glass installed? It's a looker as is, but show us some bottles!
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