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  1. Also not a fan of Jefferson's. The only one I've had I cared for was the Presidential Reserve. That McKenna 10 yr on the other hand is terrific! Hard to get around here. As for E.H. Taylor, I'm trying to find their Amaranth Grain of the Gods version. No luck yet locally and not willing to pay secondary market prices without tasting it 1st.
  2. Did you know that Buffalo Trace and the EH Taylor (along with GTS and others) are all the same mash bIll? All of those are Buffalo Trace mash bill #1. Even the "white dog" is the same. The obvious differences are barrel toasting, warehouse location, and length of time in the barrel. I have yet to try a Buffalo Trace produced product that I don't like. I prefer BT mash bill #2 products- Blanton's, Elmer T Lee, Rockhill Farms. Just for giggles try Benchmark 8 sometime. It is the bottom shelf offering of BT mash bill #1. It's usually around $10. I have that and Ancient Age (bottom shelf mash bill #2) at home just to compare with their big brothers, when I have friends over for tastings. Jeremy
  3. Another vote for Amazon HD. I was a long time user of the standard version. I recently upgraded to the HD and I'm amazed at the difference in sound quality on my headphones through a HiFi Man Headphone amp/DAC. The Ultra HD files (24bit/48kHZ) and up sound amazing. I spend 4-8 hours a day listening at work and I'm very happy.
  4. Because you apparently like rye whiskey and now have a taste for wine barrel finished whiskey, then I would like to recommend you try High West Yippie Kye Aye or High West Mid Winter Nights' Dram. Both are excellent rye finished in wine barrels. The texture is amazing! very syrup like. They are defiantly a couple of my favs!
  5. If you do decide you want to sell any K-31s, hit me up. I live about an hour away.
  6. I've been following along and I enjoy your work. I'm curious as to the size of your room. I'm looking to the future where I will most likely have a smaller space, so I like to use other peoples' work as a point of reference as to what I may or may not be able to do. Thanks for sharing this! Jeremy
  7. I have not done this on my Cornwalls yet, but I plan to. I will most likely use round holes with large radii on edges instead of the windows and doglegs. I plan to calculate the volume of the brace; I don't think it will be as big of a percentage of total cabinet volume as it appears to be in the Heresy photo. I have a plan for that though if the volume change is deemed detrimental. Knowing the volume that the brace consumes, I can shim the rear panel out an appropriate amount to gain internal volume to compensate. If you think about it, the brace would be no more than half the size of the rear panel. If you shimmed the rear panel out half it's thickness (3/8") that would compensate for the brace volume. Now figure the volume gain of the swiss cheese holes in the brace and we are talking maybe a 1/4" shim out of the rear panel. I will do actual calculations when the time comes, but this is my current line of thought. I plan to use pocket screws so this modification would be completely reversible if it is a bust. Feel free to keep shooting down this plan and I will try to keep coming up with solutions. Jeremy
  8. This is the method I plan to use. This picture is obviously a Heresy so you wouldn't need the notch for the K-55 as shown here, but this gives you the idea. I plan to screw to the baffle and sides with pocket screws, then through the rear panel into this brace. This picture was lifted from another member's Heresy resto.
  9. I was pretty happy to score this below retail this past week. I'll probably sit on it for a little while to see what the market does for these. Most of my bottles are open so no need to rush into opening this guy! Jeremy
  10. Me too! I was grabbing the keys to my truck when I read the title, then set them back down after I opened the link. Only an hour away for me, but defiantly don't need. If I could get 7 Belles for $2500 I would not hesitate, then sort it out later!
  11. That must be the Weller Full Proof (blue label). I have not personally seen this in the wild yet and believe me I look hard. I've been working on all of my connections and from what I have seen, doing a barrel pick and bottling it is the only way to guarantee stock. Distribution is very hit and miss. Smaller stores are forced to buy several cases of lower end product in order to get a couple restricted or allocated bottles.
  12. Since @mustang_flht is French and his English is approximate, I interpreted the question as: Are there any DIY mods or tweaks to Klipsch speakers that @Chief bonehead likes. Not as: Does Roy like the changes Roy made.
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