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  1. Jacob Armen, I think the song is heartbeat or heartbeat No. 5 or something like that.
  2. I think the way you are doing the mods on one speaker to compare with stock, is very smart. Measurements of any difference would be great as you stated, but at least you have listening proof and not just placebo or confirmation bias!
  3. Nice job on the documentation of your work!
  4. capo72

    First Watt

    Awesome stack! You could heat a house with those if they were all on at the same time. I'm a J2 owner and would like to try some others (SIT3), but don't want to give up my balanced input.
  5. Every time I 'm almost convinced this whole thing is a scam, they post an update with reasons for delay.
  6. I like adding the volume pot when possible because I mess around with bi-amping a lot and it helps with level matching. It can also be useful on mono blocks in a case where your tubes aren't perfectly matched.
  7. Hopefully adding my opinion won't hurt. I have 4 of these I've used in various configurations. I think this is the best available of these type of products. I currently use them in between the out put of my Xilica DSP and the input of my tube amps in a two way set up. They do not add or amplify any noise into my 105 db Oris horn Lowther top end. Definitely worth a try for $60.
  8. Icon Audio makes beautiful equipment! I would love to try their tube phono stage.
  9. I have been subscribed to the Mr Carlson and xray tony for a while. I just checked out some videos from elam 1894 and I really like how he does it! Very well done videos that make me want to go to the bench and start slinging solder! Your description is spot on!
  10. What drivers are you using in the bass bins?
  11. I agree, there is an obvious trend in the Hi-fi market to simplify and cater to new tech. Lots of all-in-one units combining amps into streaming and storage with nice interface and even phono input in some applications. It makes me feel old that I like separate gear and lots of it. It was nice to see the amount of headphone equipment available. It's great to be able to demo $5K headphones. You can buy a car for what some of the hi end headphone rigs go for. I guess it's all about resources and priorities.
  12. If I am able to attend next year, I already have a game plan to start at the top floor and work my way down via the stairs. Elevators were chaotic!
  13. Klipsch room on the 12th floor was a bit of a let down after last year's impressive showing. This year the hotel sized room featured the new Sevens and Nines along with the Fives. I spent some time listening to the Nines and was very impressed with the sound. These would be a great solution for someone that wants the big Klipsch sound in a simple and affordable package. Plug in a turntable or digital source or Bluetooth device and your done. The sound was big and better than I expected, the looks and feel are very good. I just hope these don't end up having the issues that other Klipsch internally powered products have had. Overall for me the show was not quite as enjoyable as last year due to the crowds. I have gone on Sundays because of my personal issues with large crowds. This year's was defiantly more than last. I just couldn't get into a couple of rooms that I wanted despite multiple tries. I really wanted to hear the Decware 300B amp but couldn't. I also was not patient enough to be able to get in Justin Weber's Ampsandsound room. As always I was impressed with the Avantguard showing. They just sound like what my minds ear thinks music should sound. They are perfect in every configuration I have heard. I also heard some terrific Tannoy in the Up Scale Audio room which were fantastic along with meeting Kat! One of the more disappointing speakers for me were whatever big speakers Focal had on display. I don't remember the model, but they were smaller than the Grand Utopia. They just missed the mark for speakers at that price point IMO. Not a great set up in a big room though. I was also Impressed by big Martin Logan planars in a small room. Thunderous, clear sound. Despite my frustration with the crowd, it is well worth the $30 bucks to spend all day listening to gear that I would otherwise never get a chance to or be able to afford. I am lucky that this show is only about 45 minutes from where I live.
  14. I'll be there on Sunday. I really enjoyed myself last year and was glad to hear the new Jubilees. It was awesome to hear Avantguard Trio and some other serious high end speakers like Focal grand utopia and Wilson Audio. My favorite speaker of Axpona 2022 was Devore Fidelity Super Nines. I've been on a quest ever since to hear more Devore speakers. John Devore is speaking on a panel on Saturday, but unfortunately I can't make it until Sunday.
  15. I occasionally check your website and am always amazed and impressed with your journey. You have a great space and equipment and are one of my favorites to follow along. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the continued evolution! Jeremy
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