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  1. Move on from the JBL tweeter and use Chris A's advice. I think you will be disappointed in the JBL tweeter response on the low end. They are fantastic from 5 kHz and up, but thinking you are going to get good response @ 2.4 kHz is wishful.
  2. What midrange driver do you plan to use? If you plan to use a JBL 2405 tweeter, then I'm assuming this is a 3-way project.
  3. I would look for something "higher end" used. I'm a big fan of VPI tables. There is a pretty robust used market and a lot of bang for the buck. YMMV, good luck!
  4. This is a very good explanation of the simple point I made earlier in this thread, about the relationship between tone arm mass and cartridge compliance. The resulting resonant frequency is critical. Good job with the detailed explanation! Jeremy
  5. Make sure one speaker is not out of phase, which would significantly reduce overall output.
  6. Another thing that is often overlooked and worth noting when choosing a cartridge is matching the compliance (suspension) with your tone arm mass. If you are buying a complete new setup from a manufacturer, then this is already sorted out for you. If you are piecing together your own turntable, then you need to be aware of your tonearm mass and cartridge compliance relationship.
  7. Thanks! I love idler drive turntables. I have a pretty large Plinth, that I made, under my TD-124, but not nearly as large as yours vertically. I really like the scale and visual appeal you have going! Thanks for sharing. Jeremy
  8. I love that massive plinth! Is that a Lenco?
  9. A question I find myself asking every time I see a great set-up like this is; What are your room dimensions? I'm planning to downsize homes in a couple years and I fear I'm going to be relegated to a spare bedroom and I don't think that will be big enough for me. I love seeing these great set-ups and trying to envision what I will be able to do in the future. Nice job!
  10. I played this on my PC with my Klipsch Reference on ear headphones. It helped me figure out 2 things. 1. The tinnitus that I have is in the 3-4 Khz range. (would have guessed higher) 2. At age 47, I can no longer hear above 13Khz.
  11. Song - Learning to Fly Album - Wish You Were Here
  12. capo72

    Stimulus Money?

    It is pending in my account today. I have an odd number pending so I did so investigating. My status is married with 1 child at home so the amount would be $2400 + $500= $2900. My pending amount is much less and an odd amount. I went to the IRS website and discovered that if your Adjusted Gross Income from 2018 taxes is over $150,000, then your max amount is reduced by $5 for every $100 you are over $150,000 up to $198,000. If your AGI is over $198,000 then you get $0. I thought I would share, hoping that this info would be helpful if you are confused by the amount you may, or may not receive. Good luck all, and stay safe!
  13. capo72


    I guess I got lucky with the one I bought from him!
  14. capo72


    There is a Xilica XP-3060 on eBay that has been listed for a while @ $799. I bought one from this same seller a while back. I offered him $600 and he took it. It's worth a shot to try that. Good luck
  15. I recognize the coordinate triad and the font on the dimensions from assembly or part environment. I should have said "Modeling in Solid Edge?" as this is obviously not the drafting module. I'm also an SE user, since 2002.
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