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  1. I would love to see the same history for your vinyl rig / 2-channel as well. I know you have/had the Clear Audio. I followed along closely on the build of the DIY speakers with JBL drivers.You have great taste in equipment and execution! Jeremy
  2. My Costco has a gas station. I'm not sure if all do, but gas is typically $ .40 cents per gallon cheaper than regular gas stations. That alone more than pays for the membership. As with Amazon, there are more benefits then you realize once you drill down.
  3. "Prime citizens.....please return to your Prime homes for a message from your Prime leader"
  4. Here is a Tractrix calculator I have used in the past. It might be able to be applied in this situation. Variables for different set ups are going to be target frequency cut-offs for different bass bins. http://wp.volvotreter.de/dl-section/tools/
  5. Switch the right and left speaker wires at your receiver. See if the problem stays with the speaker or switches sides.
  6. Just working on finishing the dozen or so open bottles that will never get replaced, to make room on the shelves for the good stuff I have acquired. Now that the "hunting" season is over I'm only looking to buy my favorite allocated bottles when I see them near retail. Trying new stuff will be limited to bars, restaurants and friends" houses. I keep hearing enough good things about Angel's Envy that I'm looking to give that a try. Jeremy
  7. I bought a 4-pack of cheap ones from Amazon about a year ago. I used them to set up my daughter's room for voice commanded lighting through an echo dot. One of the plugs would not initially hook up to wi-fi so I just skipped it and used the others. About 6 months later 1 lost connection, so I swapped it with the original that didn't work, but was fine the 2nd time. Another time 1 lost connection, but my daughter figured out how to re-pair it to the wi-fi. So my assessment is the cheap ones work fine if you don't mind fiddling with one every once in a while. Otherwise spend a few bucks more for some better ones. If buying from Amazon I highly recommend thoroughly reading reviews before purchasing. Good Luck!
  8. I scored an Elmer T. Lee and a Rock Hill Farms this past weekend at an event. I stopped by my local connection yesterday and she offered me an Old Fitz fall 2019 that just came out. It is a 15 yr. BIB wheated bourbon. Looking forward to trying it this weekend with some friends.
  9. Ok, so I have to highly recommend a bottle here. I scored 1792 Full Proof last weekend. This is Jim Murray"s (whiskey Bible) World Whiskey of the Year. I was able to score another bottle last night. It is 125 proof, so you Bookers fans should enjoy this. I have had it neat and also added a few drops of water which really opened it up and brought out vanilla and caramel notes. I I have been on the lookout for this for a long time and never see it. I have seen it twice in the last week, so get out there! It is like no other 1792 variety I have had from Bartons. At $55-60 it is an incredible value which is my #1 attribute in a whiskey!
  10. If I could have only had 1 bottle, it would have been the ETL. That stuff is fantastic. I had a bottle previously. I brought it to my friends cabin and it was so good we drank it all that weekend. I have been on the hunt for a replacement ever since . This bottle will be savored!
  11. My haul from a whiskey fest over the weekend. I got to the store at 2:45 am and was 2nd inline for the 9 am event. Top 3 inline guaranteed I would get whatever I wanted based on bottle counts. They later had a lottery for the Pappys and BTAC along with other rare stuff. I got skunked in the lottery , but it was still a good day overall.
  12. I have 10 and 12 year on my shelf. I've have tasted 15yr, 20yr, and Van Winkle Reserve Rye. The only one I haven't tasted is 23 yr. I have a buddy that has a bottle of 23 but has not opened it, and I don't blame him. Anyway, the stuff is good, but not life changing. There are many better value whiskeys out there. Everyone just freaks out because it's so hard to get. Don't get me wrong, i'll buy every bottle I can that is not insanely marked up. I'm hoping to move up the Pappy food chain this Holiday season. I have a couple events coming up where they will be raffling the chance to buy.
  13. Additionally, the Blueberry extreme has standby mode so waiting for tubes to warm up should never be an issue with the preamp, but it looks like it's not being used from the picture. I would be interested in the VRDs if this ever got broken up. I don't need more Cornwalls or another BBX. GLWS!
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