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  1. capo72

    domes of silence

    I thought this was clever! I thought it to be funny whether or not it was intentional on WMcD' part to suggest rugs to the OP who's user name is "The Dude". I'm glad this was not lost on everyone else!
  2. capo72

    CL: Klipsch corner Speakers - $500 (Mendota IL)

    I would happily pay $1500 for any decent condition within a couple hour drive. I've had my fair share of good deals, just frustrating when you see one you missed.
  3. capo72

    CL: Klipsch corner Speakers - $500 (Mendota IL)

    I'm angry I didn't see the post sooner! They were spoken for when I inquired. Good job Drewg!
  4. Good Point! I assume these are the Ciare HW321. That seems to be a recently popular replacement for the Klipsch K-31K. I have been wondering is this particular driver would be suitable in a Jubilee clone cabinet. My understanding is the K-31-K was used in the early production Jubilees. I'm not sure what the current production Jubilee uses for woofers.
  5. JBL made a slightly smaller version called the Metregon also. Bruce is correct, these were stand alone stereo cabinets design for people that wanted furniture as opposed to "speakers".
  6. Thanks! the only thing close I have been able to find are for tattoo machines.
  7. What did you use for the solder "lugs" that are screwed to the board? I'm having a hard time finding something suitable.
  8. capo72

    Opinions On New Production Tubes....

    Has anyone tried anything from Tube Amp Doctor? I know it's mostly guitar related stuff, but the tube prices don't look too bad. https://www.tubeampdoctor.com/index.php?language=en
  9. capo72

    Do you want to build a flea power tube amp kit?

    Interesting. Thanks for the recommendation and link!
  10. capo72

    Maybe the 2nd best way to clean vinyl

    So if I'm looking on Amazon at ultrasonic cleaners, what size am I looking for? Obviously the small jewelry size cleaners aren't going to cut it. What size is pictured above?
  11. capo72

    WTB: Oris Horn

    I want to be on the list, just in case this happens! I will also extend this offer if I win I'm currently running Fostex drivers in my Oris 200.
  12. capo72

    A-55G drivers... just installed

    Could you elaborate on how the new driver "isn't going to try and reach up as high now"?
  13. capo72

    Vintage Telefunken Stereo Console

    Look up ATX Record Players on any of the major social media formats.
  14. capo72

    Reconfigured Layout...

    I love that turntable! Great, something new to think about.......
  15. capo72


    Same here. I'm going to the store to make them an offer. They reduced the price of their bottle of GTS by 50% from their crazy "speculating" price. So I hope an offer will motivate them even more. BTW we are talking way over retail still, but hey, it's supply and demand. The secondary market scares the hell out of me!