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  1. Heresy IIs, $400 Milwaukee

    Link Pic from CL:
  2. RF-5s and KV-3, $650 Rockford IL

    Link Pic from CL:
  3. Link Don't know if this is worth posting. I'm willing to purchase and hold for someone. Cabinet looks decent, at least.
  4. There must be no RSW-15s in the middle of the country. Good luck with your sale tigervette. Very sweet gear. Same here!
  5. +1. In my experience the Chorus II has better, more controlled bass than the Cornwall I (haven't heard II or III). The Cornwall started to sound floppy at higher volumes. Mids and highs were very similar between the two. If you don't have space for the KHorn or La Scala, go with Chorus IIs. Can be had for $600-900, depending on region of the country.
  6. Latest Forte III review

    Good review, thanks for posting.
  7. WTB or WTT for Klipsch Bookshelf for Office

    Hopefully they'll wake up soon. Fingers crossed.
  8. WTB or WTT for Klipsch Bookshelf for Office

    Good Luck! A few posts back, Klipsch KSBs were mentioned. Didn't think of them earlier but the KSB 3.1 is a great bookshelf speaker. A different grille shape but they sound very good. 8" woofer and front ported. They can be had for under $200 shipped easy: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-KSB-3-1-Bookshelf-Speakers-excellent-/132348639092?epid=1424589061&hash=item1ed097f774:g:5BsAAOSw-z9Zxa1p I hope your 61 deal goes through!
  9. WTB: IPhone 6

    What's the difference between 6 and 6S? I could google it but you guys are more fun. PM sent, ws.
  10. WTB: IPhone 6

    Alright , she'd like 64gb capacity or more.
  11. WTB: IPhone 6

    Didn't think of the options: screen size, memory capacity, even color. Thanks for bringing this around. I'll ask my wife a few questions and get back with more specifics.
  12. WTB: IPhone 6

    Yeah what happened to 9? Poor guy was waiting for his chance to shine.
  13. WTB: IPhone 6

    Thanks for your advice Dave. I'm smart phone ignorant so any help is appreciated. I'll look into the Straight Talk thing as a possibility.
  14. WTB: IPhone 6

    Anyone looking to sell? Bought one here for a good deal and looking for a second for my wife. Thought others might be looking to upgrade to Apple's new offerings. This is audio related...... with Bluetooth, right?
  15. Arrival

    No BS. That angle is covered in the movie. *Slight Spoiler* They give us a step up on our way by letting us communicate with them. They need our help in 3000 years. That's not elaborated upon, but nonetheless, it's covered.