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  1. Congratulations on your Chorus II purchase. One of my favorite models! Sorry about your ankle. You'll have some great sounding tunes as you heal.
  2. Sylvan Esso Saw them at the first Eaux Claires music festival about four years ago.
  3. Imogen Heap has a great voice. She was in the band Frou Frou, then went on with solo albums.
  4. Goldfrapp hasn't been mentioned yet.
  5. One cylinder right? My Dad's been drooling over that model for a few years.
  6. Link Great model, but whoa mule!
  7. Link Good price for these. No affiliation with seller.
  8. Link For $1800, it's worth posting.
  9. Great saxophone player. She first got on my radar on Maceo Parker's Life On Planet Groove from '92. Been checking her out (and her music) since. She's worked with Prince, Van Morrison, and others.
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