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  1. Rivernuggets


    Hi Amy! Great to hear from you! You're still a moderator? 😄
  2. He calmly walks around like he's been here for years. It's relaxing to watch.
  3. Very true. We've quickly grown to like him though.
  4. Thanks Michael, was hoping you'd chime in with some experience advice.
  5. He may get eaten by a fox or coyote before too long. Would rather capture and let the Humane Society locate a home for him.
  6. He's still here, seems to know our lot lines exactly and keeps within our small city plot. I'm not interested in processing this guy. We called the Humane Society and sounds like they'll take him, find a farm (or a home beyond city limits) that is interested I guess. Any tips on catching him? We have a travel cat box....lure him in there with black sunflower seeds?
  7. But we're in a cul de sac.
  8. Great work and a nice price. Surprising bass out of those narrow guys. Love it, Chicago is the only place in Illinois. 😄
  9. Young Rooster. Very friendly. City of Madison allows up to four hens but no roosters. Guessing this poor guy proclaimed his dudeness and was let go.
  10. Rivernuggets


    Thanks for the feedback guys. Be great to have one of these, or one for each channel! Understood. Sure wish we lived closer to each other. Good luck with your sale. @314carpenter, are you still driving around the country?
  11. Rivernuggets


    @CECAA850 Is this the model you suggested to accompany KI-396's?
  12. Tired of seeing that guys posts. He reposts every few days, never a change in asking price.
  13. So many good songs. In no particular order: Fearless Time Sorrow (album and Pulse version)
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