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  1. Rivernuggets


    Excellent, congrats!
  2. Rivernuggets


    What is your asking price? I don't see the initial or adjusted.
  3. Rivernuggets

    Klipsch Chrous ll Sell or Part out.

    Agreed. They look like Walnut finish. Not as common as Oak. Before selling, listen to some good tunes first. You might end up keeping them.
  4. Glad you are keeping them. I enjoy my stock KLF-20s often. Good luck with the crossover project. Lots of knowledge on this Forum. Stick around!
  5. Welcome to the Forum. Also not a buyer, but please describe what Crites upgrades are included to those who are interested. Good luck with your sale.
  6. Rivernuggets

    KG 3.5s $125, Madison WI area

    Link Not affiliated with seller.
  7. Rivernuggets

    Cool Theater Light Option

    https://www.lifx.com/products/lifx Expensive but the A19 has worked very well in the first few hours. First 'smart thing' in the house. I'll get a second so both will be used in our three season back room. These would definitely add to a theater room's ambience. Lots of colors and many white light options (warm to cool). The brightness range can be adjusted 2-100% (1100 lumens max) in 1% increments.
  8. Rivernuggets

    What would you do???

    Not sure how the RSW-12 compares to the R-115SW as I haven't heard any of the newer sub models for many years. Been very happy with my 2 RSW-12s. I like your idea of waiting for another RSW-12 to come along but it might be a while. The RSW line is coming up on 20 years old so 'as-is' is very real when buying them used. Buying a new R-115SW is a great option. They're currently on sale at $719. I don't see a down side in having two different model subs, though I guess it depends on your OCD-ness. IMO, your surrounds will work very well with any of the combinations you talked about in your first post above. I have RB-75s and RF-7s, and agree with Bill in keeping those RB-75s. Yes they don't have the low end of the 7s but with your HT room I think a second sub would pressurize it nicely, overshadowing your RF-7 upgrade urge. Looks like you have slanted or cathedral ceilings. A bonus compared to all right angles.
  9. Rivernuggets

    SOLD. HBR Heresy II pair $425 shipped to 48 states

    Excellent deal!
  10. Rivernuggets

    What I Got Today!

    Denon DRA-775RD Stereo Receiver with manual for $75 Sounds great so far on Chorus IIs. Just need to clean up the face plate smudges.
  11. Rivernuggets

    Must see documentary

    My wife got a 'stand desk' and loves it. Same with my oldest brother. You can always go back to a normal desk if not a good fit.
  12. Rivernuggets

    Beautiful Chorus IIs again for sale

    Man those are sweet. @opusk2k9, They're up again!
  13. Rivernuggets

    Amp for LS ll's opinion/sugestions plz.

    Objection! Conjecture. Radblue is free to purchase whatever he likes. Schu suggested Class D. For a real cheap intro try one of these. Sure it's a home theater receiver but these sound very good on efficient speakers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Panasonic-SA-XR57-7-1-Channel-105-Watt-Audio-Video-Control-Receiver-Works-Great/282941408332?hash=item41e09f444c:g:XMgAAOSwkMdawtqW
  14. Rivernuggets

    WTB: Chorus II Passive Radiator, KD-16

    Hey, thanks man. Same to you. It was fun hearing your systems. Crazy drive home in the snow!
  15. Rivernuggets

    WTB: Chorus II Passive Radiator, KD-16

    Huh, how about that? PM sent.