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  1. Rivernuggets

    What I Got Today!

    Very sweet system Rodney. Would love to hear it sometime. Do those Pearl 3's really go down to 25 Hz?
  2. Rivernuggets

    Cornscalas $650

    I'll be that WI someone! Congrats Brandon. Let us know how they sound.
  3. Rivernuggets

    the Great Stan Lee RIP

    My son is 11 now, and it's been a blast exploring the Marvel movies with him. RIP Stan
  4. Rivernuggets


    EW, definite argument for a solid floor with rug scenario. I was recently in a home with a cork floor that quickly warmed underneath my feet. After researching, cork wears faster than other flooring....not good in a well traveled area. Thanks for your suggestions. Keep them coming as you think of anything else.
  5. Rivernuggets


    We removed our back family room carpet and are now browsing for new. We'd like our family room to remain 'cozy'. All the other rooms in the house are hardwood or laminate. We would like the least amount of chemicals possible in a carpet. If that's not too much of a paradox, please let me know your opinions.
  6. Sounds like you've got an array of them under your trench coat. 😄 Good luck. I hope you both can figure something out.
  7. Rivernuggets

    Chorus ii

    I've been looking for a single Chorus II passive. Can't remember if K 48-K is the active or passive.
  8. Rivernuggets

    Chorus II

    Good Luck Benjie. I hope you like them as much as me! And Welcome to the Forum. Ask any questions. People here are very knowledgeable, and we want you to get the most out of your Klipsch gear.
  9. Rivernuggets

    KG3 Floorstanding Speakers Wanted Near Ohio

    And, Welcome to the Forum!
  10. Rivernuggets

    KG3 Floorstanding Speakers Wanted Near Ohio

    Awesome gift idea! Very helpful people here....I hope someone comes forward with a pair that's been gathering too much dust. That's the one KG model I haven't heard yet. Good luck in your search!
  11. Rivernuggets

    Chorus II

    A small detail that doesn't affect much, IMO. The finish looks factory done in your CL pictures, and they're cosmetically in excellent shape.
  12. Rivernuggets

    Chorus II

    Same here. Special request, maybe? Like the Heresy 'Birch Raw' of yesterday.
  13. Rivernuggets

    RF-83s $700, Chicago

    You both beat me to it!
  14. Rivernuggets

    RF-83s $700, Chicago

    Well, congrats!
  15. Rivernuggets

    KSB 2.1s $50, Minneapolis

    Link Great bookshelf model for the price.