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  1. Rivernuggets

    Cornwall ll VS Chorus ll

    I had Cornwalls Verticals alongside Chorus IIs, and liked the Chorus IIs better. Not by a lot, but better. The Cornwall bass got sloppy (for my ears) at high volumes. Also like the Tractrix over the Cornwall's Exponential mid horn. Footprint is thinner with the Chorus II. Same here, haven't felt a need to upgrade.
  2. Rivernuggets


    My parents have an RSW-10. They don't consider themselves audiophiles and plan on keeping it 'till it expires.
  3. Rivernuggets

    FS: QSC PLX 1104

    Excellent condition, not a scratch anywhere. 100% fully functional. 310 watts per channel at 8ohms, 500 watts at 4. Comes with power cord, 1/4" to RCA adapters, and original box. Fan mod already done. The original fan will be included in the sale. Specifications: https://www.qsc.com/resource-files/productresources/amp/plx2/q_amp_plx2_specs.pdf Selling to help save up for a different amp. I've used this off and on with various speaker pairs around the house, with 2 and 3 way Klipsch. Very quiet noise floor and fatigue free listening. I used neutrik speaker wire connectors for the output. Easy to get, Monoprice and others have them. $425 shipped (& insured) in its original box via FedEx to CONUS only. Prefer Paypal but open to other forms. Ask any questions. Audio questions. 🙂
  4. Rivernuggets

    FS - Walnut Oil KG4s

    Very nice! Good luck with your sale.
  5. Rivernuggets

    Looking for nice separates...thoughts please

    +1. Let us know where you end up Zed.
  6. Rivernuggets

    Weight of the soul

    Learn something new every day.
  7. Rivernuggets

    Weight of the soul

    In boiling water.
  8. Rivernuggets

    Magazine Review

    The subwoofer was labelled as 'wooly'. That's a new one for me, had to look that up: vague or confused in expression or character. Not agreeing with the assessment, just amused. Where is the list of equipment, receiver or pre/pro and amp, that powered the system? Did I miss it?
  9. Rivernuggets

    Looking for nice separates...thoughts please

    Scroll halfway down, under pricing: https://www.ati-amp.com/AT52XNC.php
  10. Rivernuggets

    Some Tuesday night spinning...

    Flagship of the KG series, sweet!
  11. Rivernuggets

    Looking for nice separates...thoughts please

    Welcome to the forum Zed! Also a big ATI fan, though I haven't heard any of their Hypex N-Core amps yet. Experienced a few class D amps and liked what I heard. That combined with ATI's reputation you should be good to go.
  12. Rivernuggets

    Some Tuesday night spinning...

    Very nice. I like the glasses and drink near the music. Which KG X.5's are those?
  13. Rivernuggets

    What I Got Today!

    Audioquest Nighthawks. These have great separation among instruments. Only have one other pair of headphones to compare, but so far I really like these.
  14. Rivernuggets

    Looking for Chorus IIs outside Detroit

    Along with a smaller footprint, Chorus IIs will also go lower. Not dissing the Scalas.... Love my Chorus IIs! Good luck in your search.
  15. With the B-2 crossovers? Great price!