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  1. Thanks for the link. Cool site. Welcome to the Forum koelr.
  2. That was fast, didn't even see the post. 😬 I like the look of aged Birch with a clear finish. Curious what these are like. Did someone here get them?
  3. Dude.... If you're looking for one, post a WTB thread here in the Garage Sale section. Shakes the tree and helps us hoarders let something go.
  4. Excellent gear! Good luck with your sale.
  5. Link Not affiliated with seller.
  6. Sounds like a solid plan, with great work experience in store too. My brother has been living in LA for about 7 years working for a computer company. He's making good green in addition to making payments on a house that has gone up 50% in value so far. The plan was and still is not to stay for long but he's enjoying his life. He recently sent this picture. The left is from Nov 2019 and the right was taken today, both late morning. Lots of fires out there now.
  7. Surprised they have been reduced. That Brookfield guy reposts gear all the time with no change in price.
  8. Link Would make a nice bedroom or office front stage. Not affiliated with seller.
  9. Link Not affiliated with seller.
  10. Link Not affiliated with seller.
  11. This will also be much more affordable than a gaming laptop or similar. Even with a holiday sale (last Christmas) combined with my bro's employee discount, a gaming laptop for my teenage son cost over $500.
  12. Well maybe the part where Michael said he was going to sound douchy.
  13. Doesn't sound douchy at all. Sounds like my brother who gets above-consumer stuff from the computer company he works for.
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