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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Yes this amp is still available.
  2. Link No affiliation with seller.
  3. Hi, yes it's still available. I'll contact you.
  4. Hey, I'm interested if you still have them. Please send me a PM.
  5. Mine arrived yesterday. Bought one for me and one for a friend, who doesn't know yet. It will be a wonderful surprise. Thank you all !
  6. Travis and capo72, thanks for your posts and opinions. Yes that was my reason for utilizing the Cleanbox, to up unbalanced RCA preout signals going into pro amps, like the PLX QSC 1104. I also do not know about its ability to remove signal hum.
  7. It did not add noise for me but everyone's setup is different. Was using this with a QSC PLX pro amp that has gain knobs for the left & right channels. I think $60 shipped is worth the try. 🙂
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