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  1. Thanks Jerry. I was glad to be driving solo, not with my wife and two boys when it happened. I've sold quite a few items the last six months. Good idea, let me look around some more. πŸ˜„
  2. Cool info, thanks. Very happy to say I walked away from the car. I was able to slow from 77mph down to around 50 (guessing) before impact.
  3. From what I'm gathering, engaged air bags increase the chance of a replacement car.
  4. Surprisingly the airbags did not engage. I'm relieved after a few nasty stories I've heard about broken faces, arms.
  5. Hit a deer this past Saturday. Today is the first day being pissed off about it. New 2019 Subaru Forester I bought late June, put only 8500 miles on it, then why not, let's hit a buck. When it happened I was fine, no bad mood. My thoughts that day were, "I'm not hurt, my family wasn't in the car when it happened, I have insurance". All positive thoughts. Insurance has been great to deal with. It's Comprehensive which will not incur higher rates going forward. What pisses me off today are what kind of car related issues will I have down the road? And can those issues be attributed to this accident and covered by their as-long-as-you-own-the-car repair warranty? I'm hoping the repairs will be too costly and the vehicle will be replaced. Unlikely, I'm told. Will know in a few days.
  6. Wrong thread for this, but doing great man. Business is awesome (it's great to be needed), family is doing very well. Yep....wrong thread....going to shut up now.
  7. No complaints today. I guess it's not over yet. πŸ™‚
  8. So Pete is to be considered a 'what' ?
  9. That BT receiver works like a charm. I bought one for my nephew.
  10. @jwc, what's the word on these?
  11. If the second Aluminum sign is available, I'd like to purchase. PM Sent.
  12. Now there is one available: https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/pionsxs30/pioneer-sx-s30-elite-2-ch-x-85-watts-slim-networking-stereo-receiver/1.html
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