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  1. Need a small (tiny) center for my RB-61 ii

    An RC-52 or 52II will protrude 2.5" out from your ledge, @Justmikeyd. If that doesn't aesthetically bother you or your wife, it should work fine. Little chance of it falling off.
  2. Walnut Chorus in Denver CO

    I didn't take it that way, it's cool. Honestly I meant it's fun to plan out different rooms and what kind of gear will reside in them. Congrats on the new place! My wife and I are in our second home. Similar to you, an upgrade in space from the first. It's not imposing by any means (you've seen it!) but perfect for what we want. I hope to finish a room in the basement for a dedicated HT. Fun stuff! What a thread crap.....it's just good to see you posting Shawn.
  3. Walnut Chorus in Denver CO

    Yeah yeah, Rooms. Multiple systems are so much fun.
  4. Need a small (tiny) center for my RB-61 ii

    Welcome to the forum mikey! How big is the new room's front stage? If it's 10' or less no center would be just fine, IMO. In your receiver/processor's speaker setup menu, tell it there's no center. I have a 2.1 system in our back room and dialogue is very clear coming out the Left and Right mains.
  5. Different Region = Different Market?

    Wow How would one make an offer on that? Hey! Free Shipping!
  6. A smaller portion of my collection for sale with prices

    I'm local to you! PM Sent
  7. A smaller portion of my collection for sale with prices

    What prices are you talking about? Edit: Thanks for posting prices.
  8. Parasound Halo A52+ Amplifier (Lots of Photos)

    Nice. Queen, Depeche Mode.......
  9. Parasound Halo A52+ Amplifier (Lots of Photos)

    VERY interested in your thoughts. I've been drooling over that one, and their Halo Integrated.
  10. @tidmack lives about 30 mins away from these Khorns. Maaaybe he could help if Craters/Freighters and I fall through. I'm able to run and get them tomorrow and possibly Tuesday. Hope you don't mind me raising your hand, Jeff!
  11. In this thread @JBryan claims he fit Klipschorns, a good deal of Marantz gear, and a friend in his Rav4. I'm optimistic!
  12. I'm just over an hour from the seller and willing to retrieve and hold these for you Marty. They'll be very comfortable in my climate controlled shop. The only possible issue: do Klipschorns fit in a Toyota Rav4?
  13. Pony Express Central (Shipping Discussion)

    I'm still in need, if anyone is able and willing.
  14. 4K Dolby Atmos / Auro-3D Klipsch & SVS Home Theater Tour

    Inspiring to see such an awesome and clean setup in that space. Thanks for your efforts Michael.