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  1. Id definately be interested in hearing the Kefs with the dsp because they are some sexy looking speakers and honestly I was planning on getting them.
  2. I listened to the Kefs at Magnolia HiFI last year and wasnt blown away. Good snooth sounding speakers but just didn't quite do it for me. Ill take my Forte III all day over the Kefs. If you play your files over an android device chances are you top out at 44.1k. PC based is the way to go.
  3. Also hard wired is preferable to wifi to avoid buffering and or bitrate throttling
  4. Try amazon ultra hd and see if you notice. Honestly Ive heard those Kefs and they are super smooth but they mask the music...and bluetooth is the absolutely worst way to listen...
  5. I have used Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and Amazon HD. "Lossless" version of all of them including Tidal MQA on Node 2i. I only listen to Amazon HD. And as a bonus it will catalog all of your personal HD music as well so you can play it all.
  6. Almost bought these last time they were on the market. I would again this time except Im going to Jubes. Someone will love these, and at this price is a crazy good deal GLWYS
  7. Educated does not equal intelligent, only persistence. An advanced degree is admirable but does not guarantee intelegence nor common sense. That being said MDF has it's place in speaker construction as well as plywood and other materials.
  8. The rabbit hole is a fun adventure so enjoy but if you just want to simplify and call it a day a marantz stereo receiver should satisfy everything for you or at least hold you over while you climb your way down the rabbit hole to the rest of us ...
  9. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/eld/d/sacramento-klipsch-heresy-speakers-fly/6992169433.html Not affiliated but looks like a pretty decent pair at a fair price
  10. The RPI3 is a stand alone mini-pc (linux not windows) with the "high quality dac" as a plug in add-on board. You would just need some high quality RCA cables to go from the RPI3 to your pre/pro. You run the rpi3 from your phone. Last i checked (6 months ago) all the options are still finicky and require some finagaling on your part to get running smoothly. There is a lot of talk on line about linear power supplies making huge sound quality differences but I was always left wanting for more. Moved to the Bluesound Node 2i and have never looked back.
  11. I tried the RPI3 with the hifi berry and also with the katana and did not like the sound of either compared to the bluesound node 2i. The rpi sounded tinny and bright. Just my experience
  12. Barely used before upgrading to the Xilica. Like new. No box or anything other than the Behringer and a power plug. $100 plus shipping from Northen Ca
  13. From personal experience I would recommend continuing to use the sub even with stereo listening. The added bass fills out the lower end and makes for a better overall sound....
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