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  1. That is an awesome album! Listen to it on my Jubilees frequently. My Forte III dont sound too shabby either! Rock on!!!!
  2. AZ is the place to be right now if you want covid
  3. I start by listening to the equipment and then quickly end up listening to the music and then just forget that Im listening and eventually wake up from being on a journey and am thankful for my awesome (to me) equipment that plays wonderful music that takes me on a journey.
  4. You have a pc in the house? Hook it up over the ethernet and program it.
  5. Well, after multiple eqs I settled on one. At first I thought there was something slightly off on the sound. Then I realized I was hearing more detail than I ever had. Then I realized an hour had passed just listening to random music. Then the depression set in realizing how much money I had wasted to get to this point when I could have just pulled the trigger a long time ago. Then the joy set in realizing that my journey was over and now I can just listen to the best sounding (to me) music reproduction I've ever heard.
  6. Cleaning house. Having the following for sale. All from non smoking, no children, no pet, household. Rotel RB-1552 MKII- like new all original packaging. -$1000 shipped to conus Jbl 2446h drivers with horns that I dampened with dynamat material -$800 (these are insane heavy and will need to be local pickup) I am willing to drive to meet people from bay area to northern NV. If you buy all three im willing to increase my driving radius All of this comes from my journey to jubilee land. These were all used minimally and work great. i live in the Sacramento,CA area...
  7. Well....still eqing with rew so i will hold my review until i get it all setup. Will post here once Im happy with settings...
  8. Thanks to @Paducah Home Theater my babies are here!!! Time to start working on the xilica settings.... A wise man once said, "Can't we all just get along?" And to that question I answer yes. Let Klipsch and JBL live together in harmony. I know I'll never make the Klipsch instagram feed but this setup is pure sonic bliss to me....
  9. From someone who has gone down this road....save your money and buy the Xilica 4080, you will end up there eventually anyways.
  10. Don't like how people come to their own conclusions without validating your opinions?? Go on the internet and complain/troll about it.....Fortunately I had 10 minutes to kill so thanks for the entertainment.
  11. Born in San Antonio. Moved away around 5 yesrs old. Came back around 11 years old and lived out by Bandera. Moved away again around 15 and have been trying to find a way to move back since but CA weather and geography keeps me here...have considered political refugee status to return to TX but havent pulled the trigger yet....
  12. I didnt notice a difference with mqa. Got rid of the node 2i and went to a small intel NUC pc running usb out to my parasound preamp dac and notice a difference using Amazon music hifi.
  13. Im currently crossing at 1000hz with great results. Guessing with the 402s i could drop it to 500 or so
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