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  1. My new custom made amp. Local gentleman out here makes them from sourced old stock parts. Sounds phenom
  2. So Deano, what are the differences?? Left us hanging...
  3. Rocklin, CA. Between Sacramento and Tahoe in the foothills
  4. Buy a plane ticket and come to Northern CA and ill demo my jubinsteins for ya.
  5. My room is incredibly small and my Jubilees are the best thing ive ever had in here.....by a long shot. If you can fit them in the room you owe it to yourself.
  6. Check audio classics out of NY great prices and awesome service
  7. Good to hear! Maybe things are getting better down there?
  8. Northern CA has a fraction of the traffic. Again, if OP is talking LA I recommend running, not walking the other way.
  9. Ahh your screen name fits well with your comments! Lol They do something different that me, they must be crazy. Get off my grass!
  10. Northern CA and Southern CA are anything but "close enough". If you've never lived in northern CA you owe it to yourself to do it once (San Fransisco is not northern CA) north and east of Sacramento CA is a special place that has very few peers on the entire planet. Moderate winters, hot summers (but not the hottest and has plenty of water to cool off) less than two hours to the ocean or to the mountains. You can ski in the mornings and surf in the afternoon on the same day if you want. The people are waaaaay more laid back and friendly than southern CA and tend to lean more libertarian than liberal. You want bright shiny, loud, obnoxious, intense, everyday go Southern CA.
  11. Crazy thing is that those are dual 18" woofers and that horn makes them look small
  12. Oh no! These are frankensteins made from jbl bassbins and klipsch k402 tops. For me the direct radiator hit tops the folded horn sound. To each their own, but for me ive reached the top of the mountain
  13. I have my jubs in an 11x13 room with 10 foot ceilings and it rocks for solo listening. More than one person gets crowded and sweet spot is very small so only one person at a time gets the good spot. Would I like a larger room? Heck yeah. Does this small one work fine for escaping from reality and immersing myself in music? Yes. I think for a HT setup it would be a tad bit small
  14. There is a reason joe rogan (and many other high profile LA people) are leaving. You dont want to be there ...
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