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  1. Kalifornian

    WTB KLF C-7

    Looking to buy a KLF-C7. Anyone out there got one in great shape? Black ash preferable but open to other colors if in great shape...obviously Id love to low ball you but lets talk 😁
  2. Kalifornian

    Need Help in finding the right AVR

    I personally would go with the Denon (only because I use and love Marantz and they are related AVRs) you cant go wrong with Denon
  3. Kalifornian

    What's on your Black Friday list for 2018?

    Galaxy S9plus or Pixel 3....seems like all the good deals are if you sign up as new customer...no love for existing customers. Best I can find right now is $200 off...
  4. Kalifornian

    DIY kit-feedback

    Just to comment on the DIY Dayton stuff. Ive built 4 of the 3 cubic foot boxes using the HF15 driver. Two used a plate amp (daytons own that has premilled marks on the MDF for where to install it if you choose) and two using an external crown amp. All have been used either with La Scala, Belle, and now Forte III and using a Marantz receiver they have all blended flawlessly... better performance for substantially cheaper than commercial stuff if you are willing to sink a few hours into it
  5. Kalifornian

    Need Help in finding the right AVR

    Define "a little tight on my budget"? What price range are you looking to spend on a receiver?
  6. Kalifornian

    Help buying new TV, old one died (TV bought!)

    I would counter that i have a Samsung plasma thats over 10 years old sitting in my bedroom with zero issues ever and my living room was a 5 year old Samsung with no issues other than I got upgradeitis. Ive purchased products from just about every electronics manufacturers ans havent had any issues with any of them. Dont fall into the tribalisms, there are lots of great products out there. No need for name calling...
  7. Kalifornian

    Help buying new TV, old one died (TV bought!)

    Have the 65 Q8 QLED and Im in love. Watched it next to the 65 LG OLED and was a no brainer for me. The blacks are extremely close but the brights and details were better on the Sammy. And the 500 in savings was a plus as well....
  8. Kalifornian

    Klipsch Academy Center Channel

    Still for sale?
  9. Kalifornian

    FLAC files on Marantz SR6012

    I have a SR7012 and it plays everything (including FLAC) via network with no problems using either HEOS or the on board menus. Never tried the usb port
  10. What is the actual overall height of the Heresy on its riser from the floor to top of the highest point??
  11. Kalifornian

    Subwoofer and Forte III?

    Dayton audio hf15 flat pack sub. Best bang for the buck hands down
  12. Kalifornian

    Custom Heresy III to match my Forte III??

    I PMed him. Waiting on reply...
  13. So is it possible to have Klipsch make a Heresy III that will match my Forte III in distressed oak and lambswool cloth for my center channel??