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  1. Sorry to hear you are having to downsize. Just fyi if anyone is thinking about doing a deal with USNRET he is solid and trustworthy. VERY fair and reasonable person to deal with.
  2. TLDR but has anyone else had reoccurring issues with hiss/static with their Topping? My first one made it about 6 months before I had to ship it back after both channels started having static issues. The RMA I got back (after waiting 3 months or so to get back from China) lasted about the same amount of time and now my left channel has static but not the right (yet). Just curious if anyone else has had these issues?
  3. 99.9 percent of the internet is this to one extent or another…
  4. With all the differing opinions and even “facts” relating to BS is it possible that audio is all in the eye (ear) of the beholder (listener)?
  5. I will say having had a jubenstein that A LOT of modern SS and Tube amps will introduce hiss/noise on high sensitivity speakers like the Cornwall. I am currently using the Topping PA5 for my uppers and it’s been the only amp that is silent. I’ve tried tube amps and other higher priced SS amps and all of them introduced noise and or hiss. The topping for whatever reason is totally silent and clean. May want to give it a spin since it’s so affordable and see how it sounds for the Cornwall? You could always bi amp and high powered amp for the lowers..
  6. I am running C2600 tube pre with ss amp. I would recommend whatever tube pre you want with a decent ss power amp for best results with the forte.
  7. To the OP I know you posted about trying to figure out why the bass is poor on your La Scalas but imho there was a reason I moved from la scalas to belles and wasn’t happy till I settled on K402 with direct radiating lowers. The large horn with a direct radiating woofer (heresy, Cornwall, cornscala, ect) has way more bass. I think it boils down to the type of sound you like. And it sounds like (pun intended) that you may want to try out a Cornwall. I think you may find it has more of the sound character you are looking for.
  8. I’ll chime in as a former P-17b owner. They don’t sound like Klipsch, they sound like Klipsch trying to compete with B&W high end speakers. No soul no excitement. Smooth and bland. Non offensive but they don’t put on a show. Different strokes for different folks but I’d take the Heresy’s everyday and twice on tuesdays.
  9. Infinite baffle ceiling mounted “vents” directly into attic. You can brace it better. I’m thinking the drywall won’t hold up to the vibrations as well with wall mounted.
  10. Same experience here. Lowered treble by 1 on my McIntosh C2600 and the highs sound perfect now. I’m so impressed with this amp.
  11. I use HEOS it’s not incredible but it works. I am able to grab my songs from my symbology nas and stream from all my services. It’s definitely much easier to use for streaming services versus NAS playback
  12. So what are you saying exactly?
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