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  1. Kalifornian

    What's the best tweeter?

    DE120. The titanium drivers sound too harsh to my ears. The CT120 (Crites version) are super detailed bit smooth
  2. Kalifornian

    veneering tips needed

    I have done the titebond II and iron method multiple times and love it. Super simple and great results
  3. Located in Northern CA. Asking $1300.
  4. Where are you located?
  5. Kalifornian

    New La Scala Tweeters need break-in?

    The CT120 (imho) is much smoother and easier to listen to than the stock tweet OR the CT125
  6. Kalifornian

    RF-7 II at Fry's for $299

    Went to my local northern CA and the closest store was San Diego with a pair. Then the salesperson tries to upsell me a RF7iii at regular prices! Haha
  7. Kalifornian

    RF-7 II at Fry's for $299

    Well, the RF 7ii is a generation old seeing as the iii have been out quite a while now. This is just Frys cleaning their house. Klipsch and other business are probably just fine with holding on to old stock and is why they arent lowering their prices....
  8. Kalifornian

    RF-7 II at Fry's for $299

    Limit 2 person but i will try to work something out
  9. Kalifornian

    RF-7 II at Fry's for $299

    My local says should be there. Ill be there at 745 banging on the doors
  10. Kalifornian

    Frys has RF7ii for 299 tomorrow!!

  11. I've listened to B&W and Klipsch. I felt the B&W was silky smooth and delicate but lacking in overall clarity and openness... It was like taking a LaScala and throwing a heavy blanket over it. YMMV
  12. Kalifornian

    Klf 30 trade for Heresyiii

    Where are you located and would you take a cash offer?
  13. Kalifornian

    KLF 30

    reno.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsck-klf-30/6764520769.html Seems a little overpriced? I think id make the drive if they were under 1k....
  14. Kalifornian

    Help choosing: Forte III or RF 7 III for 2.1 setup

    You realize this is a support forum for people with those same issues???
  15. Kalifornian

    Relisted. Forte III; Fantastic Price, Essentially new

    Incredible deal for someone. GLWYS