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  1. Xillica is really the only choice for home hifi dsp. Imho
  2. Yes indeed. And there are a bunch of threads here on how to use it as well.
  3. From my experience the "affordable" dsp solutions are way too noisy for high sensitivity speakers. It wasnt till i moved to the xillica 4080 before it all just worked and sound awesome.
  4. Ok I'll bite. I would counter its like the religious people that dont believe in modern medicine and keep their kids from getting basic medical care. This isnt birth control or sex reassignment. If you can trust a 16 year old with car and all the decisions and responsibility that comes with it then you can trust them with a vaccine.
  5. NORMALLY if you've blown, ripped, or torn something you will absolutely notice it. There are circumstances where it might be something that takes a while to manifest.
  6. Specs are a funny thing. I run my Forte III's currently off of my Marantz receiver and I can drive everyone out of the house without much of a challenge, and the sound quality is excellent. With the Cornwalls I'm guessing the crossover is sending most of the power to the LF driver anyways. I would recommend just using the Marantz to start, my guess is you will be more than happy, if not, grab a Mac amp after that.
  7. Just my 2 cents from my many experiences with my changing Klipsch speakers and changing components. I've narrowed it down to Marantz and McIntosh gear that sounds best to my ears. If you are looking at mutli channel home theater setup get a high end Marantz receiver and call it a day and save thousands of dollars. If you MUST have McIntosh gear somewhere for the looks put a nice Mcintosh tube amp off the preouts on the Marantz to your Cornwalls. The sound quality difference is negligible at best. (For my hearing)
  8. Just noticed how crappy those pics are. If you would like better pics PM me
  9. Barely used. Original box and rack ears. No pets, no smoke, no kids. $700 and split shipping to CONUS
  10. Both purchased new and mounted into my rack. No pets, no kids, no smoke. The P6 got a ding when I was mounting it on the faceplate (see pic). Other than that they are flawless. I have original boxes and parts plus the mounting brackets for rack mounting. Also selling custom tube amp and Rotel amp and will add those details shortly. I would prefer to sell these as a pair as they work extremely well together. $2000 for the pair and split shipping to CONUS
  11. Sold on Ebay in about 5 minutes lol....Now on the hunt for a good C2500 or C2600
  12. Tempted but really wanting a tubed pre....
  13. I know its a stretch but if there is anyone that wants to trade a McIntosh C2500 or newer preamp or Primaluna Evo 400 preamp for my almost new hardly used gaming 3090 RTX video card I'm ready.
  14. Again, hi-fi audio is subjective. Price may, or may not, play a factor in a persons subjective view of what hi-fi is. A $40,000 amp that sounds the same as a $500 Chi-fi amp isnt going to qualify as hi-fi in my book. BUT someone with more refined hearing or younger ears may think that it does. Or some rich person may feel the need to own something that most people cant and it therefore qualifies as hi-fi to them.
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