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  1. Yes, thats correct. But since you are here Schu, got any resources for building a plywood horn?
  2. Been using my crown xls2502 for almost a year pushing my Dayton Audio HF15 DIY subwoofers. Works great, no noise, min heat, and can rattle my entire house....
  3. I looked and couldnt find them. Im guessing picking them up on the used market is going to be a long wait....
  4. The stand is discontinued. I picked up a pair of white Kanto stands to make my piano gloss rp-600m pop. I really like the look and they function really good as well as the top portion of the stand is adjustable.
  5. Great to hear! I need to spend some more time swapping between the Node 2i internal dac and the Parasound P5 dac and see if I notice a big difference. I do use Tidal a lot so the MQA is a plus for me.
  6. Ummmmm Forte III price is stupid cheap... GLWYS thats great pricing
  7. But if you are into string theory and possibilities of alternate realities/dimensions then the "weight of the soul" may actually drag you into another alternate dimension when you die. What we describe as gravity would have no bearing on the souls weight as its weight is in some other dimension bot this one...
  8. Valid point. But radiatibeon, Oxygen, ect can all be measured. And yes, at one point we couldnt and now we can. So then anything we cant quantify yet at some point we will be able to? Or are there some things that just dont exist?
  9. Its funny. Every other single living organism on this planet just goes through the process of being born, procreating, and dying. Humans are the only one that needs creative complex ideas to kill the time while we wait to die. Its bleak, but the reality is far more simple, everything we do is for procreating and keeping the species alive. Ghosts, aliens, spirits, visions, are just all figments of our overly evolved brains. If we cant see, touch, hear, feel it does it exist?? Maybe, but something you cant prove or disprove just seems like another meaningless task to pass the time. And I guess if it brings you enjoyment then who are we to discourage you. We are all just trying to enjoy the time we have.....
  10. The human mind is always trying to catagorize and explain its experiences into something it understands. When we experience something we cant process or understand the mind will most time attribute it to something spiritual or mystical. The reality is that the human brain/mind is a complex machine that is very finely tuned. One synapse firing wrong can cause all kinds of events. This issue has been covered and viewed with cat scans and mris. To be continued.....
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