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  1. Wow.....just wow....the world (as I knew it) is surely doomed..sorry for Grand kids.....I think everyday this can't be real....These are full grown people.....
  2. I don't know what type speakers so I'll just post for my use/results. I use Krylon specialty high heat. It was just an experiment on original reference series subwoofer front. The finish is not satin but a matte type black. The Krylon was perfect, looks just like original, I'm pretty picky. It goes on fast and smooth like flat paints, but has a better finish, very slight sheen. The best part, it was $4 and change delivered from Amazon so testing on anything is cheap enough. Of course we all have different expectations and results, ymmv.
  3. More condolences to the Family. Very sad day for the Family, his friends and the forum. Nice guy, RIP
  4. If you have one or a lead on a grill please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Wow...still a thing...I don't know anyone personally that cares....We have not changed anything here, party on....People...funny stuff....We also don't watch tv.....Music, ahh...yes, no nuts allowed..
  6. No, I did it on purpose...I thought tens of thousands of health care workers are out of work with their lives in turmoil would lighten the mood...for some...
  7. Hospitals across the country overwhelmed !......NOPE, hospitals/health care across the country laying off, looks like. 10'S of thousands laid off. NO CUSTOMERS..........I'm starting to feel like I have not heard the REAL story of this virus saga.......
  8. How much is the max you want to spend dictates receiver.
  9. Eyes checked...good point, only the dmv recently. She said man you got good eyes. That's close as I've been for years. As to Steroids...I think if you take any you should well understand their use and pro and con. I take what's considered a small amount, and even that is not full time. A large then tapered dose, sometimes minor maintenance in between. I'm the kind of guy that only uses the minimum of most things, except electricity.
  10. Yes, I'm prescribed to be. Prednisone allows my lungs to do their job without being way over inflamed and then flooded. it's a very interesting story story of development of prednisone. When it was first created they used it on arthritis patients that could not even stand. Very soon afterwards these patients could dance. Not too long after that they discovered the terrible side effects bone degeneration and other issues
  11. Yep, without it my lungs overflow fluid, causing easy infection and very difficult breathing even in the best of times.
  12. FAKE FALSE HATE News is digging their own grave. They could have a rule ALL stories reported as fact MUST be verified. If a mistake is made, it must be retracted on the FRONT PAGE not page 200 at the bottom. They (media bosses) could say, you break the rule you never work in media again. If you cannot verify, you just don't report it as a fact, state it is opinion only, period. They could gain confidence by only reporting the truth and facts. But..the overwhelming lies and distortion purported as news leaves most trusting NO MEDIA, even the ones they agree with. Do people want lies, I suppose some do, but not smart people which should be running the show. If they stated this as their goal, across all media and worked to make it happen they could regain credibility. I suppose they may lose money so it ain't gonna happen. We need a free and fair press. We do not need lies , distortion and hate 24/7. It's not doing us any good that I can see. ALL just MY OPINION.
  13. ALL MY OPINION, I'm NOT a Doctor. Just adding info for consideration. On it's face this may sound like a bad idea (no vent). It may be that NOT going on a ventilator MAY save your life. The semi latest thinking (not from the herd) is vents are likely contributing to deaths. The last guy, my Uncle that I saw on one walked into the hospital by himself just feeling a little under the weather ,cautious with underlying issues. He never walked out. There is more and more info that these vents are damaging lungs and other organs in the c19 treatment. A better method is mask with light force and oxygen, steroids early for inflammation, patient on stomach. Strangely the same guy I saw way over a month ago talking about hydroxychloroquine with his crayon also said vents bad, put em' on their stomach and the same things some Docs are now discovering. The virus dont kill, your body's reaction can killl you is my thinking. Like I said, I'M NO Doc. This is just for reading and consideration. I do have an overactive immune system that has tried to kill me more than once, like everyday. Steroids keep me alive and breathing, with the associated trade offs....
  14. Thanks...I'm not offended. I hope no one is offended about civil conversation. You mentioned "perspective" I considered it. Many people have kids, moms, dads, relatives of all kinds NOT KILLED and disabled in numerous ways in the past several weeks. That was my "perspective". Just mine......If I get this crap I'm best case 50/50 to die, severe breathing issues, oxygen , the whole deal, it don't change final numbers in 2020. I too hope less people die, maybe they will, or not....Some people lost a family member to C19. Some people did not lose family members to auto,work and any number of 5 digit per year deaths. So...again, just a way of seeing good in a VERY BAD situation. I appreciate the fact many people will never know the nightmare they/family missed, at possibly my or others expense. Just speaking as an adult as I normally would. I'm kind of a nature is cruel but its in charge guy, it has a way, I don't understand or like. It also don't matter to nature what I like.
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