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  1. Audition based on review....ok...Blindly buying, never.....Opinions......who ain't got one, only mine matters ultimately....Information, GREAT, just not overdone....Science can explain very little about the brain and interpretation.
  2. Man...I did not know this forum was so financially knowledgeable. This thread got big fast. So...did anyone get "decimated" ?
  3. I had a 1205a, certainly one of the best amps I owned. It was almost magic how after about about 15 or 20 minutes it transformed from a good solid amp to a truly special amp. I used to demonstrate the transformation to friends and every single person could pinpoint the change. It wasn't loudness, just a clarity and dynamics blooming. I bought it new, and sold it for more than I paid a few years later, still a mistake !
  4. I've noticed most very artistic people are NUTS ! Neil, one of my all time favorites, top 10 at least !
  5. I never knew anyone listened to women based on genre....on gender yeh....
  6. I never knew anyone listened to music based on gender.........On genre yeh.......
  7. Cali and Florida......always smokin deals........no good reason these are still available.....
  8. Nice....curious what/when was before this, the first good set maybe ? Also do you miss any set or location of system ? Last, for now....Size of room, just guessing, 16 or so X 20 something ? The reason I ask is I've had and heard some same systems in different rooms and houses. The difference is quite amazing.
  9. That's cheap enough. SS is a good company also.....
  10. Nice, I know for sure that's $400 worth of speakers !
  11. I live on the European contingent. There are a lot of us that started out there. Welcome
  12. SSWWEEEETT......It took me 10 years to find a nice pair !
  13. For sound, of those three, Pioneer is my choice. I use a SC37 w/KLF and its about as good as any separates I've had up to 3k. It was the top of the line however. Onkyo next, although historically they rule the feature, operation, sound for the money and I have a few, with no issues. For all around feature /price Yamaha is fine. I personally don't like them for music or operation or claimed power but are dependable, I hear. If music is no consideration any of those are good, even great. If music matters, budget allows look at Anthem, Rotel and the like. Last, if you know what you want ac4less has always been good for a deal. I have bought several avrs over the years, all still running. I did pay to return a Marantz that was well reviewed but I did not like at all. So it was on me, no reason they should pay. If you want to test drive maybe look local.......
  14. I have found that Jose Cuervo 1800 to be very effective, at making me not care......Seriously, I found years ago that my sense of smell was getting worse so it don't matter...... But really, seriously, in addition to things mentioned frequently using terrible tasting mouth wash really works.
  15. I use a Harmony to replace just about any remote ,just type in unit name and number $25. After I get the harmony loaded I then program with learn feature my HT master. It's been my favorite and bullit proof for 15 years. I have 4 of em. $40 or so..
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