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  1. Holy Moley, almost 10 years ago I just wanted to update this because at the time I had not heard a 9090 for a very long time.This thread popped up in a totally different web search so I just wanted to update it. I have since acquired some old radios, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sherwood, Marantz and some Sansui's. One being a 9090, in very nicely kept condition. I can add to this thread that there is NO COMPARISON in sound or output in the Denon and Sansui. They are so far apart they can't even be compared .The Sansui has a lush, full top to bottom, powerful sound I instantly recognized. No Denon, HK, Onkyo,Yamaha, Marantz modern avr I ever owned could compare. I wouldn't trade the 9090 for every avr I ever owned in a pile if I could not have the 9090. I've never owned a unit that brought me so much musical joy over the past year. There is not many over the past 25 or so years I have not owned in the mid fi mrkt, below 3k. I only wish I would have bought a 9090 decades ago....
  2. Mars is human unfriendly and not a real thing for people in my understanding. What it would take to survive is insanely prohibitive. But, the future is not known and Elon will learn a lot about it. He's gonna make money and that makes some mad, so good....
  3. Looks like Elon will be making Twatter funny again..Sure, he's not perfect like us but he'll learn. He needs to stay away from crazy chicks for starters...That's already cost him more than I made in a decade. So...look out, he's talkin about buying Coca-Cola, returning it to it's origins. He's talkin about buying Micky Dees and fixin the ice cream machine. He may consider Klipsch and building a three way speaker people with families can afford ?? A center where people can call and get info or register a complaint that's taken seriously ?? Who knows.......All things are possible with Elon's bankroll.
  4. Well, maybe late but..rp3 for $200, if in good shape is a good deal but, they have a Klipsch amp so it's gonna die soon....The 35's with a sub is also good for $300. The 35's are not the better of reference 8 inch to my ears, still, for the price, ok. The 5's for $340 ? that's easy, buy em'. You can listen for as long as you want and still make a few bucks as $400 would be a quick sale around here. Sorry late, best.
  5. Oh...and good luck, try a sample before smearing anything on your speaker.
  6. That's about all I can tell you other than...I finished wood40 years.....I can fill this forum with pics of speakers and 70's era cases I refinished.
  7. The walnut may not match. Your wood is walnut I presume ,but it may be natural. Most walnut pens stains are dark. I would try a light, or medium or any color that looks like your wood. Just match the sample to your actual wood tone.
  8. I have a variety of stains so easy for me to say...At most home centers they have pens or pints of stains. Even the local dollar tree has furniture touch up markers. I even have markers that come with some furniture I've bought. I always keep mineral spirits (NO LACQUER THINNERS) handy in case it does not match perfectly, just gently wipe off quickly.
  9. It looks mostly cosmetic. If you don't have wood repair experience be carefull. Best to just touch up for now with some stain that matches. Be it a can/artist brush, pen whatever to hide it. Test on similar pc wood.
  10. I'll direct callers to previous post in this thread. Klipsch is better than ever. Maybe try a different phone?? lol.....Pre insanity I actually had a pretty good experience with getting parts....
  11. Well...I may agree, his "vision" would not currently be a "fit", here. And...he currently has a lot on his plate trying to make the world a better place ......., and I would prefer he pursue that for now. So...for now Klipsch will just continue doing what it does.....On another note....does Klipsch have a twitter account ??
  12. A lot of things are a joke to Americans...someday we'll even be able to laugh at them.....
  13. Sorry, you can post your for or against or neutral opinion and I can figure out the rest. I'm also trying to encourage reading more,it's fundamental.
  14. I don't recall to what extent the room, position and other electronics in the chain have been considered. I never heard the 20's sound as good as in my bedroom, 16x18ft with vaulted ceilings. I always had a sub on the old rf speakers, and several others, jbl etc...in my old bedroom (different house). I only put 20's in the bedroom for temp storage after moving in. But after listening to them one day I told my wife they would have to stay and the rf3 be sold. She was looking forward to rb5's......
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