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  1. It may be good to have more input..but. If you like the set up is the most important. You shared your set up and opinion, that's what this forum about. If I had any issues with mine I'd give it try. Fortunately my placement and room work pretty well but it's great to see opinions.
  2. Larry certainly was a asset this site and I am positive he will be greatly missed. This site has seen many great members move on. Everyone else just moved up in line. Try to enjoy everyday !
  3. Yeah...very nice. I had a 2500II with the stereo light out. It's good solid radio with decent power and that one looks great to boot.
  4. They are removable. I'd prefer outrigger feet. With nothing on bottom they could be knocked over more easily. I actually liked old 7's feet just fine,as cheap as they were on speakers costing 4 digits.
  5. Fish

    Fires ...

    Yes very tragic, three arrested and charged in Maui in 2022 for ARSON.....Multiple fires.
  6. Ha.....that's the kind of "clutter" I prefer.....As to center....I prefer gear on all walls.....
  7. Mine are Walnut, Satin. The finish will vary with wood that day, stain that day, person that day. All of these can make em' great or ehh...
  8. Well, The Thrax Yatrus is another table to consider unless you're just a poor smuck.... Sorry, could not resist. That Rega looks pretty nice unless you got the Golden Ears. If you do, you have my sympathy.
  9. Hi Jay, that's a lot of good gear. The first thing would be to get informed on options. You can have anything from 2 channels to multiple based on room available space. I suggest reading up on basic Atmos systems and decide from there where you want to go. If you do not plan on using the Yamaha, look at their newer Atmos capable avr's. Also Denon, Onkyo, Pioneer, Marantz etc....based on budget. Your room size is good but layout and what is in it matters as far as space available. At this point you need to do research. Just search online for Atmos set up, youtube etc..Once you have info, then decide how to proceed, Best.
  10. Yep...he was the Man. The man that would strip me of my rights and freedoms if he ruled.
  11. I ran rf7's on this amp about 20 years ago. The amp sounded fine to me. Regardless of what specs are ,7's are a heck of a load when pushed.
  12. Blowin Free, GREAT TUNE. https://youtu.be/yxW76yqSFik
  13. I'm not sure what is little known but..Considering most people I grew up with 99.9% never heard this band until I played the album. Wishbone Ash, probably one of the best bands from the 60/70 and on Bands. LIve Dates ll is likely the best quality live recording I have from the 70's. I picked up this double Album and have not listened to much else since I got it.https://youtu.be/DD6t-UdjkQg
  14. Class D for Klipsch...I had Pioneers top line avr SC-37 with ICE amps. It sounded pretty good and powerful. No better or really worse than any decent A /AB. A good pre is where to put the money. A good amp should sound good ,no more, no less. Power wise, yeah, get plenty power, regardless of sensitivity blah blah. A few hundred watts for 7's. Maybe a superior design will offer the same slam with less rated power, maybe....My experience with all 7's, more power, better sound even at 80db. ALL imo
  15. "Real name is Bruce, named after Robert the Bruce, the Catholic who fought for Scottish independence. Little did I know I would grow up to bome Catholic after years of our family not having any affiliation. Nickname - Captain Marvel (Marvel on the forums). Three of us friends during late high school till now, were Shadow, Phantom and Marvel. Started in the '60s. Shadow is still my best friend. Phantom has passed away. At '74 I'm finding it a little harder to make long term plans". Well, on an audio level and a forum aquaintance level, you're alright. I hope ya have plenty time left for some of your plans. For the most part there have been some really decent ,helpful people here, even now and certainly over the years. Plans...yeah..long term, not makin many. I did forget to even post my name Bill, after a long line of William's
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