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  1. Doobie Bros (captain and me) Foreigner Eagles -Hotel California Peter Frampton Comes Alive Deep Purple -Machine Head Tom Petty- Bluray audio Steve Miller- Fly Like an Eagle All old Elton John, Madman alt version on Tumbleweed Connection is as good as mullti gets. Eric Clapton -461 OB and Slowhand Jeff Beck -Blow by Blow are a few off the top of my head that I listen to often. There is a much larger selection of Concert dvd's/BR, some with great 5.1 audio. Gary Moore and Friends being one of the very best you'll hear. GNR Appetite for Democracy being a great BR.
  2. $500 is a fair price for good condition 5's. I certainly would prefer them to the 28's, but that don't tell you much. I had 5's for years and always thought they were well balanced for a modern look speaker( my term). There are only a few Reference speakers I would prefer, all are larger. If it were $3-350 I'd say run get em' cause you can't lose.
  3. I love it when politicians, Dems and Repubs and media all "dislike" the President. That means he messed up their corrupt scam and they're really pissed. When they and the media all loved the President it went to hell, imo.... Don't think so....that's fine GO VOTE and KEEP it off the FORUM !
  4. Whatever , if you're not worth recognizing, consideration and contempt for them what the hell is hate ?? Check the definition...
  5. One mans idiot, (last guy) is another guys hero. If we're goin' there......
  6. The 1802 is a sweet sounding amp, and made right. I can't imagine much better at this price. It will sell......
  7. Can't see that deal lasting long , you should already have them.
  8. Sorry...we're not doggin; ya. I'm sure you got the avr because it was there, looked like it could work (and should at the price) and has some people that like it. I had an RX A1000 for a short time in a second set, sold it on this very site years ago. I hooked it to a decent amp. What I didn't like was even louder.......I've owned several Emotiva units amps/pres, all great, outstanding for the price. I would compare them to Rotel/Anthem in sound quality.
  9. They're not just in business, they dominate. At least they are not totally 24/7 hate news. SECURITY PRIVACY IMPORTANT ! Opinions on left/ right prolly not gonna get us anywhere but in disagreement. We all agree on so much more than we disagree on.
  10. That certainly is a possibility. The op probably ran a few times but it's always worth trying something a little different and checking all parameters. I have run setup before and it was awful. I changed out main speakers once and listened before I ran setup, it was great. Just mess with it, can't hurt if you got the time.
  11. I would only suggest you NEVER let anyone talk you into an audio purchase in the future. Buy ONLY after audition and comparison. Some units are popular for different reasons, sometimes cause they are easy. As we learned at a young age, easy usually ain't best. Shop, audition, listen, take the time, do the work and you'll be satisfied. If not, you just keep wondering .Good luck. After rereading it appears loud is most important ?? I suppose the Yamaha has a volume knob and you could just hook up a big amp. If more loud mediocre sound is what you're after that's easy. Buy a big amp and a couple cables .
  12. I hope the beginners are paying attention. There will be a test on page 200.🤗
  13. I think as a poll the ? is fine. For anything else is all subjective. I use full MultEQ XT32 in one room and its great, does just what I want, much better that without. I don't use it in another because it don't sound better, it's worser. Every room is different, most setups are different, and we all hear what we like different. It's a tool, in a box, to be used as one sees fit. What's great here might not be there. It's pretty simple, if you like it, use it, if not adjust parameters, if not forget it. Because you do or don't is just a preference. I would add that I would rather have a great prepro without than a cheaper avr with.
  14. Turn off and leave off ? To me that's the best feature of the whole thing........
  15. I'm thankful this was posted as I looked years back and found nothing. The formula the Mighty F put up does seem to fit with my klf30BS0011xxxx
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