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  1. How iz it it YOU know what people are thinking ?? 3d time you falsely accused me of something. I was here about 20 years all good, but now I'm a racist, conspiracy or whatever YOU decide. The active ingredient maybe is YOU and YOUR personal bias ???.
  2. I have not read the whole thing but.....Is this an either or ? I use both, stream and FM at home. Sometimes I even listen to FM seriously for a little while. I use several different old 70's era radios. I exchange speakers and radios every few weeks for a change of pace, pretty interesting too. I use a small classic T antenna, between 20 and 40 miles away usually. I have a better antenna I'm gonna set up, outdoor rotating cheap dealeo. I get several stations pretty well 3 or 4 on meter, classic rock. I will admit it's maybe 15% of my listening, sometimes more or less. For absolute critical listening, no. For general music or even something more it's still alive, maybe life support but still.....There are internet, free /ad free classic rock stations that sound very good, maybe even bass heavy which I like. If you have high speed try Handcrafted Radio or Radio Shadow Deep Tracks, really serious classic rock that was too good for FM.
  3. To my knowledge letters are not banned yet......soon I'm sure cause kids don't know whats good for em'.
  4. Nope not the label. The thing is , if something is censored and you never get a chance to hear it because some ELSE thinks you may not be smart enough to decide what you like ? I call that censorship and don't support that with my ears or dollars, just me. I know many people love censorship, odd but it's a thing.Things I would censor appear on kids tv.... If it's free censor away, if I pay ?? There is lots of free, ad free internet radio that's better than any radio I grew up with. So, they prolly censor some, but it's free. The type of music being the only limitation of free online. For classic rock, that's Radio Shadow Deep Tracks. If the OP was asking about online radio ??
  5. It's not an experience, they just don't allow music they don't like the message of.......Of course I don't know how much or what all they censor.I can't imagine they would censor Country Joe, he's like family. I just saw a great song on youtube a week or so ago and the guys said it was banned from Spotify. There was no bad language , just a bad message, in spotify eye. It was a rap song I usually would never hear but it just popped up and was actually not bad and pretty witty. So...not gonna effect 99.9%. I just think if it's available and don't call for damage' music should be uncensored....
  6. Spotify , They even censor music just like real radio........
  7. I assume I'll eventually use Edwards. I do have a nice 400 watt solid amp with many options of settings , 20hz HP etc..I may try if needed.
  8. I have another Klipsch sub that pops at mid volume.
  9. No, it does not matter. I've tried it both ways.
  10. Any help from the technical minded would be appreciated. I have a rsw15 that when unplugged for any longer length of time goes dead. I plug it in, nothing.no light. Then a day or so later, I get a light but no response. Then a day or three later I get some response but not full, maybe half. Then after another day or so full response, killer bass, works great. This is not a new development, been doing this a long time. I try to never move or unplug or same all over again. But as long as it's plugged in it works fine. I assume something is loading up and becomes operable but.....So, if you know or have a guess thanks.
  11. Florida..HOME OF KLIPSCH ! They got the deals for many years. Youthman helped me score a pair I drove 2000 miles for. I got my own theory but it don't matter, FLORIDA got the KLIPSCH.
  12. Monoprice all the way, no hum in my uses....
  13. My understanding is you can find lots of mate potential online, in other countries, and have em' shipped here. That last for at least long enough that they meet another person.....
  14. LOL, zombie thread alert .........I gotta admit, I enjoyed seeing some of those old names from some great members of yesteryear! Were they banned or just left as the forum was becoming something less than it was previously, great that is...JBL, yeah...they made a few great speakers. Their HT offerings comparing to KLIPSCH offerings of that era were way off. I actually bought a pair if Northridge (or something) dual 10's and they were not even in the same league as my rf5's of that time. I requested my money back, which he did oblige and that was the end of my JBL adventure.
  15. I hooked up my old Marantz 2015 just to give it a listen. My son has had it for several years. Hooked to 20's it sounds as good as I remember. I recently picked up a Sansui G3500 from an old fellow. Been is his closet 20 some years. I thought this is a good time to compare em'. The Sansui certainly has a different sound and I really like it. It's smooth as silk and very robust for 30 or so watts per channel, although the Marantz 20w or so is too. The Sansui sounds so much different than my Marantz/Pioneer/Onkyo from the same era. The separation ,layers on bass, depth of drums...I'm gonna have to move up the line. It was a big surprise, just bought it cause it was mint and cheap.
  16. That's good to know. I said operating within spec but just operating is the key . I guess you would not even need an ohm meter for that, ears. When mine quit, as they often do with reference Klipsch I just replace them.
  17. You can use an ohm meter to determine if the tweeters are operating within spec (ask Klipsch maybe? or call "the speaker exchange") then go from there. If they are damaged it should show with a meter. If they are damaged you should be able to replace the tweeter or diaphragm . I'm no repair guy for sure, I have replaced tweeter diaphragms in my reference before. The point is with a few calls you should be pointed in the right direction.
  18. The Fresh Prez of DC, just search and watch for a thing called "comedy". View at your own risk,directly related to economy. That was a thing some years ago. It was really cool cause it was "funny". That's another thing that used to mean you laughed, not a comment on how great things are.....
  19. Reprise.....before this thread sinks into the depths of the memory hole. Happy Birthday America ! You were the Greatest Country ever conceived by some of the Greatest humans ever conceived ! You constructed the road map for future generations. Someday that map will be used again, when tyranny is defeated.
  20. Zombie thread discussing peoples medical issues...Klipsch...you go girl......
  21. On a personal level I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July. On a National level, most people don't even know what it is about, really. Mostly thanks to John Adams who ,with one fantastic speech convinced his colleges and the "money people" that America needed Independence for future generations. Today, he would be cancelled by the Overlords ! Happy 4th ! Enjoy what was delivered by men of GREAT WISDOM, the likes of which we'll never see again.....
  22. Fish

    What Is Wrong

    What is wrong ??? NOTHING ! Everything is GRRRRREAAT ! Just look around,,,everything is coming up roses. If I personally were any happier I'd be singin' Zip a Dee Doo Dah out my wazoo ! What's not to love ?? More Love goin round than in 19 freakin' 67 ! Ha...what's wrong... Howz about what Ain't wrong ? Now that's an easy one, lol.....But I digress, Tell Mama just came on, Rock On !
  23. I assume you will piont me to the many articles proclaiming their BASS prowess?? If you say Klipsch is widely known for their efficiency then that's a thing.......
  24. Ok doke, you're "K horns say, Klipsch IS known for BASS" Hey, they're your horns, you should know what they're saying to ya. But...the WORLD in GENERAL do not proclaim "Klipsch, Maaan, they are BassMonsters, everyone knows that...Of course I think some Klipsch do bass fine, it's not the "defining Characteristic". I will be happy to read the many threads proclaiming Klipsch legendary Bass output ??? I think Khorns, as some other Klipsch are GREAT speakers, pretty balanced overall, to me anyway..but NOT known for they're bass belting chops in my limited circles. Again....just me prolly but....I call em as I hear em. I have over 20 Klipsch speakers in my house, some do bass fine, most need a subwoofer.
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