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  1. Thats a beauty for sure. I really like that vent look. I missed out recently on a similar Sony, not quite so purdy as that though. Sony had some hits during that era. They still pull a rabbit out occasionally.
  2. I have not heard a 7100a since I was a teenager, and they were still almost new....An older guy, Cummins worker with money bought one and we listened to some of the Greatest music ever recorded on it.
  3. No problem, I don't see it so it's all good.
  4. According to reports. Paypal , Venmo and the like will now report to the Eye RS any transfer over $600 in a year. And keep record of your income through them. So keep good records of those old records or radios or whatever you sell cause your BIG OLD Brother is watching and may want an explanation.....Just to be clear 200 + 200+ 200 or more will be reported.
  5. Just wanted to put this up for those thinking just spray those old pots with deoxit. Deoxit could damage your pots. I just wanted those searching to have more info. I sprayed em in the past, just very lightly but still I didn't know. Clean your pots with the appropriate cleaner then put a drop of 100% fader lube on the carbon, spread with make up swab. Put 100% red drop on metal but not carbon. It's ok for most switches but not pots. I have seen the damage and its hard to clean off and can even ruin the carbon, imo.
  6. Fish


    Jokes....I remember those...they were funny....good times...
  7. Great speakers and same woofer as rb5 and some others.
  8. One more honorable mention of one of the best vintage receivers I've ever owned or heard, all around Great.....The power, smooth but detailed presentation is really something. It may be that this unit was new until 5 years ago that gives it that better than usual sound. On KLF 30's, at 11 oclock on the volume the ceiling could be in jeopardy.
  9. I have a Kenwood KR 7050 and it's got the best receiver in it I've ever owned. I get 60 miles with a T wire and 3/4 on the meter. It has a feature that allows for limiting freq to the width you are listening to.
  10. What a Great era when audio was an Art in every way !
  11. Ehh....not gonna happen but...who knows. Still worth a mention.
  12. Yeah...new, it's been a good 10 years.
  13. So...is it necessary to be a scientist, engineer, or divine intervention to get a rsw15 amp repaired ?? If ANYONE has any info that's current on repairing one please post. I'm bout to hook up a Parasound 2125v2 (400x1 Parasound watts) and set the limit switch on it at 20hz, plug in a sub cable, trigger and move on. It would be nice to have the 15 self contained though.....
  14. 200 bucks was a steal, but fair on 62II's. You can't get decent books for that. $400 is what I paid for a pair of 82lIs, and sold them for the same a year later, both sets from Frys. As a bonus one guy said how about the DCM KX12's I had in my garage ? I said eh...not looking to sell. He said here's $400 for those instead of 82's, I said ok, you must really like em'. he did.
  15. Good vinyl sounds pretty good to me compared to just about any media. I do have a few old albums that are almost flawless. I love to play some every now and again,special sound to me.
  16. Cables do make a difference. They can degrade the signal if not performing as required........They cannot make anything sound better....This may have been mentioned , if so sorry...
  17. Very sad, my condolences to the family and wishes for a recovery. We all should live the life we want, it comes with consequences for us all. They must be weighed against ones responsibilities and commitments.
  18. The 5's and my old Kenwood kr-7050 are my preference over TOTL HK and 30's for just kickin back and listening to some blues. I never knew their bass chops till I hooked em' to vintage power.
  19. I have to pass completely now. My wife of 45 years looks better than current Ginger. Which....I'm surprised she is still kickin' (Ginger that is) Long may she run.....
  20. Ha...no by B. O'reilly, sorry ..couldn't resist.
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