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  1. Can you post a pic of your set up?
  2. I used to do a lot of gun photography for gun reviews and blogs...
  3. Here is some info on my favorite...the La Scala Industrial! lascala-ind.pdf
  4. Seems pretty good now...I was getting a lot of hang time yesterday morning.
  5. I am not a pro designer by any means, but here is my price list for reference...I charge by the project...not by the hour. Logo design is $100 and up so your offer should be solid depending on how complex the design is... https://webfinitydesign.com/graphics/
  6. Thanks guys! I actually did try google but I was in images looking for the same model I had...that is where I noticed so much variation in models. Like I also have some SF1 towers that keep changing to SF2's or Synergy, etc...had a hard time finding my exact models! But I will poke around the website!
  7. Sounds like a plan!! I can't remember now, but I am willing to bet that the 4 full range speakers in the old club were Klipsch also. They were flown on the trusses in each of the 4 corners. They would be a little harder to get, LOL!
  8. I love this!! I certainly hope your neighbors, 3 blocks down, enjoy whatever you are listening to, LOL!!
  9. I wish...they belonged to the club, not me. But I would like to buy them!
  10. Is there any place to look up specs and info on older, discontinued Klipsch products? Someplace that shows model numbers and stuff? For example, I have an IV RC52 center channel with copper woofers and a magnetic grille. But I can't find much info on the exact model?
  11. Anyone know where I can get a replacement port tube for an old SF1 tower? I picked up a set but 1 is missing he tube in the back. Not sure if it will make them sound any different or not, I haven't had time to test them out yet!
  12. The club is still around...but shuttered up! I should pay a visit and see if I can buy them! Not sure where I would put them but they would be awesome to own!
  13. Yes...they had to be 15's. We ordered them from Nouveau Sound and Lighting in NY.
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