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  1. Lost our home to fireworks!!!! Updated...

    Thanks Neil, we are doing well. Never got to listen to them or even install the Crites CW1526C woofers for that matter. Wish I had the chance.
  2. A couple guys asked me to view the thread of my last scratch build once again. Jubilee Clone bass horns, TAD TD-4001 mid drivers on Dave's Elliptrac 400 horns and JBL 2404's in a 3-way configuration. Dean built the networks for me which were designed by ALK. My son put together a photobucket album linked below. If anyone has any questions please feel free. http://s188.photobucket.com/user/dickweee/library/modified%20klipsch%20jubilee%20build?sort=3&page=1 Is there a better way to put together 18.5 MB of photos for this purpose? Not real fond of Photobucket.
  3. And that as they say is that! These were getting the full Enchilada. Grilles, Figured Koa veneer, anniversary style toe kicks and emblems. Damn shame, I will say that.
  4. Mr. Crites CW1526C awaiting their turn. So much for that. At least I did not lose them.
  5. Sure going to miss this stuff.
  6. i am liking the way this is going.
  7. Top, bottom and back installed.
  8. Four top/bottom panels cut.
  9. I like to install threaded inserts for use with black machine screws when doing the woofer door on Khorns. Just something I prefer I guess.
  10. Somewhat rough to start. I have seen a lot worse however.