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  1. I know this always happens and I try very hard not to do this to folks, please forgive me. That being said, would you let go of the DCM50's separately?
  2. Beautiful, just beautiful! Gettin' ready to have some fun.
  3. All that sits atop these Mike. The upper assembly is separate and on cone feet so I can slide it back a lot(slides right over the woofer terminals)to play with aligning the mid horn to the bass cabinet. The crossovers can be placed on a small shelf I will be attaching to the back of the cabinet if the upper assembly has to be moved that far back to achieve alignment which may very well be the case. I have not begun to play with this yet. These things sound really, really good!
  4. Not trying to jack your thread Mike, just thought you may like to see these and know that others are working on this too.. I can move the tweeters on the threaded rods forward or backward. If the tweeters have to move forward a lot the threaded rods are removed and replaced facing the front of the cabinet. Gives me about 10" of total adjustment by just moving the nuts and/or rods. Still experimenting but think it is pretty darn close by ear. Volti VX crossovers and 120 tweeters with A-55 mids from Mr. Crites.
  5. Remember you may have to deal with phase issues that may arise depending on how far you actually move the tweeter. Only so much can be done running passives. I have run into the same situation with physically aligning my La Scalas. I have noticed a benefit however. This came up in a conversation with Roy a long time ago, can't remember all the details.
  6. Here is a start: Interesting: Changed the thread title after reading the first one.
  7. Makes sense. Never gave it much thought. I could see sensitivity remaining the same but efficiency of the combo changing based on the horn. Maybe this should actually be "A question of efficiency?".
  8. He and I have talked about it already. Close if not the same but no measurements to actually verify it.
  9. You are kidding, right? 2 responses, come on fellas!
  10. If one had to guess(unless of course someone actually knows)regarding the difference in "efficiency" between the K55/K-400 and the K55/adaptor/Fastlane Eliptrac 400, what would that guess be? Higher, lower and by how much or the same? Could not find this discussed anywhere and don't know if it has been measured.
  11. You should grab these, not too far. Afterall they do have the factory installed grille kits with "Schu" molding. Ha Ha! GLWS Olorin.
  12. They are in Central California, that is the biggest problem.
  13. I know,right?
  14. Oh my....gorgeous! GLWS.
  15. GREAT idea for a thread, very enjoyable reading. Thanks for the effort. By the way, did you buy the B&C DCM50's for this project? If so and you are going to sell them after your experiment is complete, please let me know. Jordan