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  1. SOLD!!!! Finished Black, OEM by Dave. Excellent condition as you can see by the pictures.Look and sound GREAT! This horn sounds better with more drivers than any Horn I have ever heard. 1" to 2", 2-way and 3-way.You would be happy with any of them Have used them with a load of drivers from the 1" K-55 stuff to TAD TD-4001's in my gorgeous KOA Jube Clones. I will throw in a pair of the PRV adaptors that go from a 1"threaded driver (likeK-55) and four un-used rubber gaskets from Mr. Crites. Horn measures 22 1/4" wide/long 8" high 10 5/8" deep $250.00 for the pair. Buyer pays via PayPal for the drivers upon commitment. We will figure out actual shipping cost afterward THIS IS A GREAT DEAL. Thanks for checkin' these out. Jordan
  2. jorjen

    17 years

    That was really rough on you Bruce. Once again I am sorry you had to go through that.
  3. Thanks Bruce. Gonna drop the price though, I need to move this stuff.
  4. Added a couple photos and corrected my pricing. It was supposed to be $2500.00 with shipping not $2650. Shipping weight is approximately 77 ibs. just for Amp. with the stock stuff. I am shipping the added stuff separately and also on my dime via whomever in Cont. US. So, the Primaluna, all the tubes and extras, shipping and PayPal covered by me. Buyer pays $2500.00 flat. Somebody needs to do their math, this should have already been gone.
  5. No worries Wuzzzer, pretty good wall of text to wade through. I'll do the cage and tube thing in the morning Rebuy. Gonna hit the hay now. Jordan
  6. I'm still upright Buddy. It has been awhile. Deano built the networks in the photos above for my Jube Clone project geez, I dont know, 10-12 years ago or so. Maybe he will chime in and correct me. The pictures do not do them justice. And they sounded incredible. And I never did ask you if it was OK to start calling you Deano, I just did. It just seemed fitting at the time somehow. I miss the old days around here. Now that I think of it, I sure miss my Jube Clones too. Wish I still had them.
  7. You are kind of lucky in that Lacquer is very forgiving and easy to repair when needed.RandyH is right about doing both tops. But also do both tops in their entirety. You do not need to go any finer grit than about 300-400. Aerosol can is perfectly fine. Get a couple different sheens so you have some options for the correct match. And if you remove all the old Lacquer to bare wood to get at your problem you may want to start with a Lacquer sealer first. Sample, sample, sample to get all your matches as close as possible.
  8. Prompted me to share, hope you don't mind. I paid $1118.25 including California state sales tax for my first pair of La Scalas. Purchased from a lovely lady named Rita from a little shop on Shattuck in Berkeley. Of course it was 1975 and I was 18 at the time, HaHa! I had saved $518.25 from my job in the Stereo dept. of a local TV & Stereo store in Merced, Ca..I took out a personal loan for the remaining $600.00 from the local branch of Bank of America just down the street. Great days indeed!
  9. I decided to buy new. I just feel better about it. Plus I know the Gentleman I am buying from.
  10. This is an old thread, but you did post only 13 hours ago that they were still around. Well, do you want to sell them or not? You've still got them, Ive been looking for some so let's go!
  11. Your compliance is 10 and the effective mass of your arm is 12? That is the arm and headshell but no cartridge? If so, what is the mass of the cartridge incl. fasteners? I may not be reading you correctly.
  12. Wow, nice to start with cabinets that look that nice. Would like to see closer pictures of both tops, both fronts(dog house, etc.)and all four sides before commenting. Also, if you feel there are any areas that concern you beyond the norm, post pics.
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