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  1. Jubs gets top hats

    Very, very nice Justin. I miss the 3-way Koa Clones I built. Should not have sold them.
  2. Lost our home to fireworks!!!!

    My Khorns never made it from the garage to the house!
  3. Khorn Tragedy

    If it is any consolation to you, here is a picture of my own Khorn tragedy from 07/05. They had been in the garage for several months and never made it into the house. Damn shame!
  4. Our forum buddy

    Thoughts and Prayers!
  5. Happy Birthday Travis

    Sorry I am late Travis. Happy Birthday my friend! And may you continue to collect them.
  6. Lost our home to fireworks!!!!

    It is suggested they be soaked overnight. The Captain was quoting the homeowner. The "improperly discarded" part is all that matters to me.
  7. Lost our home to fireworks!!!!

    Sorry it has been so long since I have updated. Between being displaced from our home and the ankle surgeries things have been hectic to say the least. Received the fire incident report that the Captain on the scene wrote and the quote below states the cause/origin. How stupid can people/neighbors be? I would NEVER have let this happen!!! I am soooo effen pissed I can't see straight!!! "OTHER/MISC: I INCLUDED other/misc. because the evidence, burn indicators, and location of the origin point to fireworks as the cause. Safe and sane fireworks improperly discarded into the trash bin after being soaked for an hour in water."
  8. Ankle surgery, Damn this hurts!

    Lol! My brother was a Radio Man on a Mine Sweeper, etc. in the Navy from about '59 to '68 . He calls them "Dits and Daws". He can speak in Morse and it is a trip to hear him do it. Just had my second surgery last Friday and it has been A LOT less painful. Was able to stop the pain meds. after the second day. Turns out that the surgeon may also be able to fix the ankle with three surgeries instead of four. He seems to think he may have sufficiently restored my arch and can move on from that. Finally some good news of sorts.
  9. Lost our home to fireworks!!!!

    Taking punches but still standing! Hope to be out of the Marriott that we have been in since the 9th. and into our rental house Sat. or Sun. Easing our way back into a limited sense of normalcy. Being on this Knee Scooter in this Hotel has given me a pretty good case of cabin fever to say the least. First of three bids has come in on the structural repairs at $202,000.00.
  10. What gives you "Goosebumps"?

    Unfortunately I now have to add watching my home burn to my list. Sheesh!
  11. Lost our home to fireworks!!!!

    To all you GREAT friends - Thank you sooo much for the thoughts and well wishes. You cannot truly know how much we appreciate it. Well, in all honesty I must admit......this whole thing sucks! . A totally surreal situation to say the least. I will try and post some pictures of the house when I can download them from my phone. We have been staying with some dear friends since the fire. Tomorrow our Insurer is moving us into The Marriott Courtyard just down the road in Merced, We have begun looking for a rental house in the Merced/Atwater area but the market is very, very dry because of the new UC. We are going to have a hard time finding what we need. Dogs are with my sister-in-law for now, but that cannot last. After further investigations by adjusters, etc we are likely to be displaced for close to a year. Possibly longer if they find that pop corn/cottage cheese ceiling coatings contain asbestos. The home was built in 1978 so that is 50-50 at this point. It was tested yesterday but we have not heard. I will update as things unfold.
  12. Lost our home to fireworks!!!!

    You are correct Marty, thanks for reminding me! I actually have been holding a pair of VRD's for JoshNich for sometime.
  13. Lost our home to fireworks!!!!

    Our house had not quite started burning when she alerted us. No smoke yet to set them off.
  14. Had a fire, need Khorn pricing help!

    You got that right Eldon.