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  1. Thank you Mr. Klipsch from the bottom of my heart for so many things that continue to shape my life after 50 years of exposure to all things Klipsch. Thank you for elevating my appreciation of the musical arts with my first Klipsch purchase of brand new La Scalas in 1977 at the tender age of 19. Thank you for allowing me to put food on our table in 1979 when myself and my business partner were awarded a Klipsch franchise agreement which allowed us to share your masterpieces with the folks in a small Central Valley County in California in our brand new store. And thank you yet again a couple years later for inviting me to Hope and into your home(I will NEVER forget listening to Ms. Valerie play her pianos for us)and showing us your model railroad by the lap pool by bringing out soft drinks on the flat cars. You gave me the opportunity to meet so many great folks from the plant that I had a great time with. Would have never had Cat fish and hush puppies in Garland by way of "piss bridge" had it not been for you, Haha! One of my proudest moments was standing next to you in your new(at the time)anechoic chamber. I will never forget standing next to you and not being able to hear a word you said. Being in that thing was one of my strangest experiences. Sorry, let me get to the point. That point being that I would be a completely different human being today had you and your creations never been in my life. This may sound strange to some, but after giving it thought, the only person with a greater impact on my life back then was my father. I could never thank you enough. Happy Birthday!
  2. Sorry, yes it is sold. I did purchase it new from Mr. Deal at Upscale.
  3. Hey Claude! Woody is a friend of mine. Known each other since the early 80's. Don't know if anyone else knows this, but he is a member here. "Poodywee".
  4. You are right of course. I thought about it being brittle in some areas AFTER I posted. Every material has it's place.
  5. I had this exact combo in a set of La Scalas myself fairly recently. Excellent synergy and they sounded fantastic. I switched them out for B&C DCM50's and JBL 2404's and you know what? Not much of a difference too be honest. Well not as much as one would assume anyway.
  6. Gorgeous work Dave. My hat is off to you. You could do these using black Delrin and kill two birds with one stone. Might give you a cheaper alternative to offer as well. Depends on your cost for the blank stock of course.
  7. I am biased as well, please forgive me. My vote goes for the Jube Clones I built. I veneered them in Figured Hawaiian Koa.
  8. Absolutely stunning work! Just beautiful. Tip of the cap to you.
  9. There has got to be a big pocket of bass hiding in that room somewhere. My listening position is in a null without treatment. My missing bass primarily stacks up in the left rear corner of my 10'x12'x8' room on a carpeted slab. If there is NO bass anywhere in that room, as stated above, it has got to be at least partially a phase issue.
  10. Does a fat dog fart on a hot day? That means "yes"!
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