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  1. Thanks for chimin' in guys! Good to hear from both of you. I have considered, to a point what I will not be able to do. But I figured what I will be able to do would still be better than standing pat, correct or am I wrong? I am just now really starting to look into this. Part of the problem is wanting to begin this phase, step, whatever as frugally as possible right here at Christmas. Wanted to give myself a Christmas gift but I don't want to make myself feel like a DBag breaking the bank on me when my wife and Son deserve it as much or more so than I. This is totally contrary to the way I have always done things. You know, the old nothing is too good for me deal? Bottom line, trying to be a cheap bastard to see if I feel it is even worth dicking with. I wish I were doing it with the Jube Clones. Those damn things sounded incredible just the way they were, I can only imagine active. You cannot imagine how many times I have kicked myself in the nuts for selling them. I will be doing this with my La Scalas. OEM bins except for the Kappa 15C's, Dave's Eliptrac 400's and the DCX462's. I cannot explain it, but something is holding the La Scalas back from being special. It has to be the network bottle neck, it has to be. But I am still going to have a vinyl only rig. Just the way it is going to have to be. So I have to work with impedance matching and other shite. What I am trying to say is I want to run my Lehmann phono pre into the DSP or an active analog unit like the K231 or whatever. Then I need six channels of amplification which is costly. I do like what John Warren is doing with the Crown amps and active filters. I like what Benchmark is doing, Hypex and their NCore stuff, etc., etc.. I have considered the Maramtz MM8077, Six MA-500's, Emotiva has some nice configurable stuff and this is only a few examoles of amplification. Still need the other stuff. i just don't know how feasible it is going to be money wise right now..
  2. Anybody try it? If so, please share your thoughts and impressions and gear you are using it with.
  3. Anybody try it? If so, please share your thoughts and impressions and gear you are using it with.
  4. I never saw any or sold any. I do not believe they did. At some point in that stretch I would have seen them.
  5. I have tried all the available methods over the years and the heat/iron method is my favorite but using Better Bond Heat-lock veneer glue.Used it on the La Scalas, used it on my scratch built Figured Hawaiin Koa Jube Clones and many others.
  6. Also, the top grille looks like the factory kit. Can't tell for sure. Back in the day, Klipsch offered the kits already installed as a special order or you could by the kits after the fact and finish and install them yourself. The kit consisted of two grills with one of the three available(brown, black, cane)materials. The cloth came attached to the grilles from the factory. Also included was eight pieces of like quarter round Solid Birch molding, cut to proper length and mitered. If memory serves, they even included like twenty small brad nails to attach the frame pieces to the front of the cabinet. I think in the thirteen years we owned our shop in California we may have sold ten kits. They do dress them up nicely though. And just for an example I veneered the last pair of La Scala cabinets I restored in Tiger wood. Not for everyone but I like them.
  7. The guitar could be a Dyed Fiddleback Makore. Maaaybe.
  8. Claude, Are there other pages to this story I am not seeing? You refer to a couple of things in a context that would lead me to believe they were discussed earlier in the story. Or, am I just blind as a bat? One that caught my attention was when you said "At the time I believe Woody invoiced the doctor $2,900 for the Paragon". Would that be Woody Jackson by any chance?
  9. Why thanks Bruce. A labor of Love. Some Bonehead once told me he thought PWK would approve of the looks.
  10. Are you sure about that? Ever heard/had the 4001's?
  11. Anybody? I would like to see it as well. Deano, do you still have it?
  12. jorjen

    Chicks with picks

    I REALLY enjoy the Chick that plays/played Bass for Jeff Beck. Can't remember her name. Not only is she fun to watch, she is one Helluva Bassist! if you have not seen her, I suggest you do. Found her. I am talking about Tal Wilkenfeld.
  13. I use the same stuff from PE that Neil does. Honestly don't think one will find anything more perfect for the task.
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