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  1. Claude, Are there other pages to this story I am not seeing? You refer to a couple of things in a context that would lead me to believe they were discussed earlier in the story. Or, am I just blind as a bat? One that caught my attention was when you said "At the time I believe Woody invoiced the doctor $2,900 for the Paragon". Would that be Woody Jackson by any chance?
  2. Why thanks Bruce. A labor of Love. Some Bonehead once told me he thought PWK would approve of the looks.
  3. Are you sure about that? Ever heard/had the 4001's?
  4. Anybody? I would like to see it as well. Deano, do you still have it?
  5. jorjen

    Chicks with picks

    I REALLY enjoy the Chick that plays/played Bass for Jeff Beck. Can't remember her name. Not only is she fun to watch, she is one Helluva Bassist! if you have not seen her, I suggest you do. Found her. I am talking about Tal Wilkenfeld.
  6. I use the same stuff from PE that Neil does. Honestly don't think one will find anything more perfect for the task.
  7. I believe you will find you cannot. I have been down this exact path. From a marketing concept alone, why would B & C design this capability into the DCX462 when they had already introduced the DCX464 to market for this exact purpose? If one could use the DCX462 in this manner B & C would never sell any 464's. I know, let's use a 1.4"- 2" adapter to make the DCX462 compatible with the ME464. 😀
  8. I was going to Deano but I stumbled onto a great deal on the TAD's. I know how good Be can be.
  9. Just curious as to why you did not just buy the 462? I know the adaptor gives you some other options, anything else? Buy the way, I have a basically brand new pair of the DCX -462 2" Co-ax that I will be posting in Garage Sale .I was going to do three three projects with the DCX -462 but now I am only doing two. So, one pair available. GREAT drivers. I have been using Daves Elliptrac 400 and ONLY his Elliptrac 400 in various projects like my custom 3-way Jube Clones and Modified La Scalas since he first offered the 400. Have never found a horn I like better. But, I am still a passive guy and have never tried the 402. I even paired them with a beautiful, perfect pair of TAD TD-4001 drivers in the Jube Clones. Not even the mighty BMS 4592N-Mid stands a chance against the TAD. I know there exists at least one in the Kilpsch Forum that talks a lot about the 4002 but I believe the 4001romps on everything else. Wish I had never sold them. Never heard anything else even close to it. I will attach some photos only showing a couple iterations and various stages of experimentation..
  10. jorjen


    Same here. The four I received from, oh wait I can't say, for the Jube Clones I built back about 10 years ago were identical. Marked the back of the plastic ring in the four missing locations. Took the rings off and drilled them, re-attached to drivers with a strong adhesive. Routered four MDF spacer rings so the cones would not hit the motorboard and mounted the drivers with four t-nuts and four threaded inserts each.
  11. Got a little carried away there OP, sorry. Didn't mean to barge into your thread. You are having a serious problem, one that can become very frustrating. Hope you get it fully resolved. Thanks for the compliments by the way. I am using a Lehmann Black Cube SE II phono stage for the Soundsmith Zephyr Mk III with excellent success. Very nice match. What I have fought mostly over the years with my systems have been room acoustics and speaker placement. You know, small room disease. Best its been right now though. Funny thing is, I had the least trouble with my small rooms with the bigger speakers. Three different pairs of KHorns and a pair of Jube Clones.
  12. Forget about using the cage with the 150's Fido, not going to happen. At least not on my PL, Lol! I have purchased two Dialogue Premium Integrated amps over the last four years or so and agree that both PL and Upscale Audio are TOP NOTCH! I have also purchased a ton of tubes from Kevin over the years and as far as power tubes go I can no longer listen to anything besides the KT-150 for any length of time. Everyone has their output tube and that is mine. My PL DP's have no problem with them whatsoever, I have a quad in each. Heck, I started using the KT-150 when they first came out in Nos Valves VRD's with Craig's assistance with bias. Did you know there is now a TUNGSOL KT-170? Sheesh, when will it end? Anyway, my point is I LOVE PRIMALUNA and I am a vinyl only guy as well. Love my Dialogue Premium. Connected to the Volti Audio VX Crossovers that I built, connected to the modified La Scalas that I built with the new B&C 2" Coaxial Driver attached to Dave's Elliptrac 400 horn.
  13. When I started out as a salesman in the HiFi business(from 1973 to 1979 before becoming part owner of my own dealership), EVERY manufacturer had an incentive program for all involved. 50% was the standard. That was the only way any of us could afford what we had system wise. I however purchased my first set of Klipsch at full retail from a lovely sales lady named Rita who worked in a shop on the corner of University and Shattuck in Berkeley, Ca. Bought them in 1976 three years BEFORE i became a dealer. For a pair of LSBR, I paid the outrageous price of $1118.25 for the pair out the door incl. Ca. State sales tax. I was robbed, LMAO! My system at that time consisted of the new La Scalas, The AWESOME Pioneer Spec 1 Preamp and Spec 2 power amp and a Sony PS-8750 DD TT with a Stanton 681EEE cart. You talk about a mean, badazz, Mofo of a system, look it up. All was able to happen due to the 50% off on the Pioneer and Sony gear. Once we started the dealership in 1979, if we wanted a new pair of Heritage, we went back to the warehouse, loaded them in our vehicle and took them home. Lol! It was like being in Heaven I imagine. HaHa!
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