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  1. JBL is on the Vintage wagon now?

    Bring back the L300 Summit and then they would be onto something. Cost aside though I am sure.
  2. Brand new, unused pair Crites CW1526C Cast frame 15" woofers. They are mounted to Khorn motor boards but never made it into the Khorns. I do not have the original boxes. I will leave them mounted to the Khorn motor boards for extra stability in shipping. A free bonus if you actually need them. $300.00 shipped from Mr. Crites. $225.00 for the pair including shipping. I will eat the PayPal fees. jorjen@pacbell.net. PM.
  3. Lehmann?

    Changed the gear in my signature to reflect current system. Living in a rental home until our home is ready for re-occupancy in February. Don't want to go through all the mounting and set-up, etc. for something temporary. Plus we do not really have the room in this house. I have gone from MC and associated equipment back to MM. I figured that was good enough to suck me into this hobby in the late sixties, early seventies so it should be good enough now. The Lehmann is the first phonostage I have owned that will be strictly for MM. I was also attracted to the separate PS. My previous experience with MC only stages in my system included the Simaudio Moon with PS(solid-state), the Coincident Statement(tube), the Allnic H-1201(tube), Manley Chinook(tube) and the Zesto Andros(tube). The rest of my system was considerably more "high end" than it is now also but I know I will enjoy the new version very much as well. The Allnic gear is some of my all-time favorite stuff. Sounds fantastic, great to look at and extremely well built. I would get into it again if I had the dough. The Coincident was a very nice phonostage as well.
  4. Lehmann?

    After reading everything I could get my hands on about the Lehmann I bought one three weeks ago. Have not hooked it up yet so no review, sorry. Can't hook it up yet as we are still in a rental after the fire. Going to be using it with a Sound-Smith HO Zephyr MkIII into a PrimaLuna integrated. Looking forward to hearing it.
  5. Anyone here still using AudiogoN?

    Still using it Dean. Just purchased a Lehmann phonostage week before last as a matter of fact. Sold my Marantz PM-11S1 there about a month or so ago as well.
  6. Forte cloth sag!

    I have had good success misting them with a pump spray bottle and hitting them with a hair dryer.
  7. Yes, absolutely! I thought everyone had seen the commercial by now. I love it!
  8. Watching John ...

    Good stuff, eh Deano?
  9. Cleaning metal horns

    I use Simple Green on all my horns. Scrub them with a soft brush and rinse them with a garden hose. Towel dry them or let them air dry. Depends on the time of year. Does not harm the finish and makes the job very easy. I only repaint if I think it will make a huge difference. You can use this method on certain grilles also. Material dependent. It can make some of the older grilles look brand new. If I use this method on a set of Khorns I am restoring/rebuilding for example, I just spray on the Simple Green, let it sit for a couple minutes, lightly scrub them and rinse them off. The frames are painted so they are somewhat protected but I blow off the excess water right after cleaning with a compressor so it does not just sit on the wood. Helps the fabric dry faster too. If I do not think they will come back to "as new" with a cleaning I of course replace the fabric. I have plenty of factory black and brown cloth that I bought from Ralph at DuraCrest many moons ago. Just my .02
  10. Conrad Johnson or Mcintosh

    Was looking for a tube integrated pretty much around the clock all this week after selling my Marantz PM-11S1. After crossing the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II and a used Audio Research off the list it came down to the CAV45 or Primaluna Dialogue One. Wound up with an open box Primaluna for $1799.00 yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately due to my location auditioning anything prior to purchase ain't gonna happen. I hope I made the right choice. I am a vinyl only guy and did not want to take any chances on any problems, noise or otherwise using a phono stage with the passive CJ. Plus I have heard and read nothing but great things about Primaluna and I have always enjoyed working with Kevin or Craig from Upscale Audio. https://www.upscaleaudio.com/collections/primaluna/products/primaluna-dialogue-one-integrated-amplifier
  11. The Fifteens

    Too bad, awesome looking speaker. Why not put a passive version together?
  12. Real Guitar Legends

    By Golly, I believe you should be too! There ya go.