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  1. I sold them to a Gentleman from Southern California. Should not have done that. They were nothing short of AMAZING!
  2. I stood in that thing not long after it was completed in the early 80's and it really screwed with my equilibrium. I was not accustomed to it. That caused a chuckle from PWK.
  3. No, these were from the early days. He had them assembled and painted and languishing in his shop. He gave me a great deal to experiment with them and report back.
  4. This is the current version I built and listen to. The tops are still in the experimental stage. I had a pair of Knorn Bass Bins at the time I built these. Lost those when our home burned down. Made the tops modular/moveable so I could also use them with the Khorn bins. You can't see the tweeter mounts in this photo. They are moveable/adjustable anywhere from the fronts of the two horns flush(tweeter forward) to the face of the drivers being aligned (tweeter rearward). I can easily align the tops with the bass bins as well. Can't do anything with phase of course but can play with time alignment to an extent. La Scala bins are stock except the 1/4" MDF wrap I gave them and the veneer and grills.
  5. Got sucked into this little hobby of ours at the age of 11 in 1968. Started working in the stereo business in the Summer of 1973. By my graduation year in '75 I had bought my first pair of new Klipsch La Scalas which were connected to a Pioneer Spec 1 and Spec 2. Source was a Sony PS-8750 Table with a Stanton 681EEE and a Shure V15 Type III. *** kicking system, especially for a kid.
  6. I understand and completely appreciate your position.I usually have to take that into account as well. Just not this time.
  7. WOW!!! I don't know about winning the race, those are flat out gorgeous Man! When were these built? I don't believe I have ever seen them. As far as my pair, you may remember that Marion(Rigma)and I built our pair from the same plans. We were assured ahead of time by CBH himself that ours were as close as one would ever get to factory at that time. Once we heard that, the build was on.
  8. I am proud to say I did see how nice they can look. I think the ones I built are stunning. But that is just me, to each their own.
  9. i don't know about that one. Silver tends to be a little bright for my tastes.🙂
  10. What do you mean by " I still have no answer for the rear covers for the horns "? Do you mean how to go about it in general? If that is the case, what I would envision doing if they were mine really could not be much easier.
  11. WOW! Stunning Khorns, just beautiful. And is that an Eames Lounge and ottoman? That is worth discussion too.
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