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  1. jorjen

    Our new Home Theater build...Negatron 2

    As coincidence would have it my brother and sister-in-law should be in flight on Southwest from Oakland to Puerto Villarta as I type this. They just sold their home in Henderson Nevada and purchased a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Condo there. He just retired from the Insurance business in Las Vegas. He told me the most time consuming part of the whole process was selling off his gun collection, Lol!
  2. Listing this stuff for roughly HALF what I paid or less. PayPal preferred and discussions via PM. If anyone wants all this stuff just to play with or whatever, we can work something out. 2) ALK Tweeter attenuators - $45.00 plus shipping 4) Hovland Musicaps, .47uf/600v - $25.00 plus shipping 2) Auricap 7.0uf/200v - $30.00 plus shipping 2) Auricap 2.2uf/200v - $20.00 plus shipping 4) Wattgate 330IAG Gold Plated 3-prong Male AC - $35.00 ea. plus shipping 4) Wattgate 320I IEC Female AC - $15.00 ea. plus shipping 2) Jantzen Alumen Z-Cap 6.8uf/100v - $45.00 plus shipping 2) Jantzen Alumen Z-Cap 2.2uf/100v - $20.00 plus shipping 4) Jantzen Superior Z-Cap 22uf/800v - $25.00 ea. plus shipping 2) Jantzen Superior Z-Cap 3.9uf/800v - $25.00 plus shipping Thanks for looking.
  3. jorjen

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Two business days. Holiday week and today is the 8th., relax.
  4. jorjen

    New caps and break in

    Speaking of AudioCap Thetas. Built these B's about 15 years ago for a Cornwall refurb using AudioCap. GREAT sounding capacitor.
  5. jorjen

    New caps and break in

    Only appears that way. Could never afford to do an XO with either cap. Way too costly. I forgot I sent Craig Duelunds and clamps when he built my NBS a few years back.
  6. jorjen

    New caps and break in

    I put Duelund's in my VRD's. Worth every penny! I put Vcaps in my pCATS, worth every penny! Love Duelund and love Vcap too. Expensive as Hell but if one cannot hear the difference, something is amiss with their hearing. I can say that because my hearing is for Shite but I can still hear the difference.
  7. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Great piece of gear. GLWS. I sold quite a few of these when I was in the business back in the day. Our Klipsch Rep. was also our Pioneer Rep. in Nor-Cal. I had the Spec 1 & Spec 2 myself.
  8. jorjen

    Greatest Albums of All Time

    Thanks for asking Neil. We have been back in for almost 4 weeks now. Great to have my listening room back up and running among other things of course. The house turned out really nice.
  9. jorjen

    Greatest Albums of All Time

    +++++1. Also one of my top five all-time. Keith Emerson was a Badazz. Carl Palmer was and still is INCREDIBLE!
  10. jorjen

    Greatest Albums of All Time

    Good one Neil!
  11. jorjen

    Greatest Albums of All Time

    You beat me to it! One of my top 5 all-time! Still listen to it damn near every day. I have my old original copy and a MOFI vinyl pressing but my Classic Records 200 gram Quiex vinyl copy is always my go-to.
  12. jorjen

    Greatest Albums of All Time

    Agreed. Quality could be better. It is however the best of MY copies.
  13. jorjen

    Greatest Albums of All Time

    Apples and Oranges.
  14. jorjen

    Greatest Albums of All Time

    Just listened to Close to the edge on MOFI vinyl last night by the way.
  15. jorjen

    Greatest Albums of All Time

    I'm going to throw Chicago Transit Authority in the ring mainly because it was such a strong first effort.