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  1. Funny, i was one of the lead mechanics at a local Wards well before they went out of business. Lots of stupid people in the world, i agree and hear where you are coming from.
  2. Rust or a burr on the threads can easily fool a torque wrench into thinking the lug is properly torqued.
  3. Thread direction plays no role in this if true.
  4. Unused subs act pretty much like a bass trap and Helmholtz resonators.
  5. Just make sure the old holes for the feet don't leak air.
  6. Air leaks will degrade performance, be sure the cabinet is sealed is my best advice. If you can't find any factory feet just install new ones, any hardware store should carry rubber feet if not Parts Express has many to choose from.
  7. Unused woofers and subwoofers will soak up energy (output) from the used ones.
  8. Baltic Birch not overkill. The big box hardwood plywood veneer core is sub-par and full of voids, exactly what you don't want in a speaker cabinet. Even the marine grade ply witch is supposed to be void free has voids.
  9. Fragile and this end up only works if they care about stuff they ship, unfortunately they do not. I have tried many different types of packing materials over the years including crating, foam, peanuts & multiple different layers. Nothing that big and heavy is safe if the package is dropped.
  10. Normally what happens is the motor snaps off the basket or the basket breaks if they are made of cast aluminum, either way the driver is trash. No matter how much care is taken during packing will help if its not properly taken care of in the shipping process.
  11. The company that makes them probably has different batches of the same capacitor measured for variances, the body is clearly marked 10% but you can always ask the seller for verification.
  12. Tolerance rating.
  13. Got you, just glanced over the manual.
  14. There is no output jack on the amplifier for daisy chain configuration. The Tuba's are an easy load on the amplifier, no reason to over complicate things here. Either hook one sub on each channel or bridge wired in series.