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  1. Good news Scott. Enjoy.
  2. I'm not easily impressed but was surprised by the sound of this combination, a big step up from the run of the mill Heresy of any series. Kudos to Claude for his work.
  3. A picture may tell 1000 words but it does not tell the whole story, my door is always open for skeptics.
  4. 99.5% chance the issue is not really a problem with the subwoofer itself. Most likely= Microphone position Phase Placement
  5. Sorry Claude i missed this post. If you were able to get your subs to work for you that's great, very happy you are happy. Why i see the need for multiple subwoofers if you are running a less than stellar model and for home theater due to multiple seating positions i for one am happy where I'm at, I ran multiple subs many times for testing after builds ( up to 6 at a time ) and would never swap them out for the THT or Table Tuba for that matter. Yes i have thought about building another one and where to put it but it was out of boredom when no work was around and not because i was in any way unhappy with the sound.
  6. Love it.
  7. No more borrowing, finally picked one up when i purchased the Mini DSP.
  8. The Dayton UMM-6 is another good option.
  9. The null could just be the microphone position as well.
  10. The THT i sold you had a budget driver installed as mentioned before sale, the frequency response may have differed from published graphs, i never had a chance to measure it. The driver was approved by Bill so i went with it. My current THTLP is near flat from 18 - 85 Hz where it falls off quickly on both ends but works perfect with the La Scala's. A bit of EQ on the sub and some on the La Scala bass bin made a world of difference. I'm not going to provide any graphs, take my word or don't as its no worry of mine.
  11. What part do you not agree with Claude ? My comment was based on mixing different subwoofers can not will cause more harm than good as in not taking the time to set up correctly. I had a long discussion with Bill Fitzmaurice about mixing different horns of different lengths in the same passband and was told it was a bad idea.
  12. It was like 2:00 in the morning and i had to actually think about what you were saying, hard to grasp what you were implying is all. Did not mean to offend anybody.
  13. If you sit on one place all the time multiple subs don't help unless you need more volume, then you can stack them for more volume. Mixing subs can do more harm than good due to phase cancellation.
  14. The only way i have experienced speakers too large for a room is sitting too close to them and not getting a coherent blending of sound. For instance tweeters firing 3 feet over your head.
  15. The worst offender is moisture, along with checking the capacitors as previously mentioned i would remove the woofers and check for mold on the cones. If present lightly spray the cone with Lysol (careful not to saturate) and lightly brush with a soft brush such as a clean paintbrush. Be sure to properly seal the driver chamber in reassembly, if the old seal is dilapidated scrape it off and replace it with speaker gasket tape.