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  1. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    The MiniDSP HD has time delay option on every channel.
  2. Do SVS subs ever go on sale?

    Keep your mind off my private parts please.
  3. Do SVS subs ever go on sale?

    Flint & Tinder sounds comfy.
  4. Do SVS subs ever go on sale?

    Probably would work until it gets hot out, then i would imagine a case of shweatynuts it would just disintegrate.
  5. Do SVS subs ever go on sale?

    Build quality is fair, no better than others. Better deals can be had if you care to shop. If you can find a deal go for it i say.
  6. Do SVS subs ever go on sale?

    Plus you don't want to bite the hand that feeds you.
  7. Do SVS subs ever go on sale?

    Does not have everything needed in my system and the last thing i need is more power. > Link for interested folks <
  8. Do SVS subs ever go on sale?

    Dayton makes good stuff, not one comeback yet. Feel free to look for American made DSP products for us to look into.
  9. You will first need to completely strip all the oil finish with turpentine using steel wool and fine sandpaper, if you don't get all the oil off the veneer it will end up looking blotchy. Test new finish using the bottom of the cabinet or use a scrap piece of wood. The turpentine may strip the black off the motorboard and rear panel so beware and plan ahead.
  10. Cornscala VS La Scala

    Might be price, size, ease of construction, personally I'm not a fan of the Cornwall though i still have a set of Chorus II. If you spend much time listening to horn loaded bass its easy to pick up the weaknesses of direct radiating types, its always the weak spot of any system in my opinion.
  11. Cornscala VS La Scala

    Horn loaded mains need horn loaded subwoofers, its never going to sound right without it. Don't waste your money on anything else unless you just like to waste it.
  12. Cancer and Klipsch?

    You don't need to consume it like i see in a few posts, just breathe the gases. Its likely to be in many household products, i avoid using it myself. Kitchen & bathroom cabinets, subfloors, furniture, deck & kids playsets ETC... Avoid it if possible.
  13. Cancer and Klipsch?

    Particleboard contains Formaldehyde, it should have a label on every one. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen.
  14. TUBA HT

    Order the plans >here< Buy them all for best value.
  15. TUBA HT

    Read the plans and your questions and much more will be answered. As for the attic hole question, i highly doubt it will do much at all.