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  1. Living the dream here in Indiana, staying busy proping up this100 year old house.
  2. When I was 10 or so one of my neighbors kids was swinging their kitten around by the tail talking about doing worse things so i took it away from them had cats ever since.
  3. No, my old cat recently died so I have 2 new ones. Sunny and Gabrielle.
  4. That is one of the new rescues from the shelter.
  5. Bye Dave. You will be missed.
  6. 33" x 34" x 25" Recently went through it, just add an amp with crossover for basic use.
  7. Recommended 10" Dayton. This is the demo that has been lugged around for years and still looking good considering. Some imperfections including Veneer chip on rear corner as shown. $700 Local pickup only. Fort Wayne Indiana.
  8. jason str

    Fresh start

    Thanks for all the positive comments. Yes Google sent me here, i may have searched cheap homes or cheap safe homes. Something along those lines anyways. Living with no hot water heater so pots and pans on the stove for everything and some critter chewed a big hole in the roof but their climbing tree has been removed at least. Thing will hopefully be repaired and replaced as time and cash are available. Enjoying no limits in volume here, back to the music for now.
  9. jason str

    Fresh start

    Googled cheap places to live and Fort Wayne Indiana popped up, rolled the dice and bought a home there. Just got stuff situated with internet and music hooked up yesterday & today, enjoying some tunes and figured i would stop in. Household dynamics changed since mom died and i had to get out for my sanity. Crazy moving to a place i have never been to and hours from friends and family but feels good so far. Plenty of tinkering to do on this 100 year old home will keep me busy.
  10. K-1012 If the woofer is past repair and you cannot locate a used one you would be much better off just replacing it with a new sub.
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