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  1. WTB: Chorus II Passive Radiator, KD-16

    Simply drill new holes in the correct position.
  2. Bridge Mode for KG-4s?

    See the series wiring diagram for reference >here<.
  3. Bridge Mode for KG-4s?

    Wire up 2 speakers in series for each channel for an easier amplifier load.
  4. K-77 Equivalent Drivers

    My grinding comment above should have been explained better, you grind the cabinet a bit and not the driver itself. The LSI may be a bit different, or just depends how the cutouts were laid out during construction just as every bass bin is just a bit off in measurement.
  5. K-77 Equivalent Drivers

    The Eminence APT 50 actually requires a bit of work fitting into the La Scala as it rubs against the top of the cabinet, a bit of grinding takes care of that and its really not a bad driver overall and you don't have to worry about frying it like the stock K-77 using a first order filter.
  6. K31 and the Jubilee

    Horn loading normally increases impedance, the 8 Ohm driver in this case likely is no longer an 8 Ohm driver.
  7. The THT is meant to be fired into a boundary, the F-20 is not. Placed in a corner or firing into any boundary all bets are off, the THT uses the boundary to extend the horn and add 12+ dB not including cabin gain. Pay the extra $15 for the plans, easier is not better in this case.
  8. I'm waiting for the Sessions toilet paper myself.
  9. Best DIY subwoofer?

    The Tuba HT makes normal subs sound like children's toys.
  10. Pizza

    Here i was doing it all wrong as i was smoking the weed and then eating the pizza.
  11. Value of Belle Klipsch other questions.

    Belle and La Scala are deep bass compromised and the amplification will make no difference, the horn is just too short to produce deep bass notes. Add a proper horn loaded subwoofer into the mix and you will never know its there.
  12. Klipschorn or La Sacala or...

    If they were not stored in high humidity likely they will just need new crossover capacitors, if humid conditions existed in storage they may need more attention.
  13. Best low cost Center Channel match for KG 4's?

    If the KG 4 is horizontal yes, horn dispersion is highly compromised. If you can stand the KG 4 upright it would be the best match.
  14. Got SUBS for my La Scalas!!

    Pull one of those woofers so we can get some information on what drivers you have there, maybe they can be used for subwoofer duty or maybe not.