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  1. La Scalla speakers

    Horn loaded mains need horn loaded subs.
  2. RF7 II upgrade?

    No worries, they will break in with play time.
  3. RF7 II upgrade?

    Nice work, try the subs in the corners if possible. Break in is slow, judge them after dozens of hours of play time.
  4. Chorus II woofer surround piece needed

    That may be an option if nobody has any to spare here. I don't mind getting my hands dirty.
  5. Found a pea sized hole in one of my Chorus II passive cone surrounds recently ( not sure how it happened ) and was wondering if anybody might have a piece of surround for a proper repair before it gets any worse. K-48 or KD-16 passive. I know there are other ways to fix this but it would really be nice to make a permanent lasting repair.
  6. Othorn...

    Ringing is just a nasty resonance, according to the data bass link provided above it looks like it could possibly be helped by crossing it low enough. This would need to be confirmed by actual testing and i don't have one.
  7. If there is ever any questions there is always the BFM support forum or myself if needs be, the plans are very easy to follow. Here is a link to one of my THTLP builds if he cares to have a look. >here<
  8. Dual THTLP for sale. Miami SOLD

    Practically giving these away at this price. Good luck to the seller and buyer.
  9. You have two BFM authorized builders within a reasonable distance from you. >link<
  10. Very happy, i miss my first set of La Scala's but the second pair really is much better all around. Ended up using the Crites tweets i received from you. The K 55's from the Heresy's and k-400's from a local forum member. Eminence Kappa 15 C woofers Crossovers are based on Bob's 4500 type. You ever finish yours ?
  11. Add the right subwoofer to the La Scala and there is no comparison. My Chorus II's have been collecting dust for some time now unfortunately.
  12. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    Crossover frequency, slope and a bit of EQ is what you need to get right, time alignment should be the last thing to worry about if at all.
  13. Dayton audio UMM-6 microphone $70

    Dayton USB measurement microphone on sale now. >link<

    Only if you change the crossover frequency such as on the 4500 type, the stock tweeter will handle very little power crossed that low.

    Bob's type A 4500 crossovers are a very noticeable improvement and well worth the investment though the tweeters will need to be replaced for this option.