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  1. 9 more than any other offerings + many more options in comparison.
  2. Yep, wonder how many fell for that one.
  3. https://billfitzmaurice.info/Builders.html
  4. JTR is geared more for pro sound and the other is not a horn.
  5. Dayton subs. They have a few models and configurations.
  6. 10" loaded Table Tuba.
  7. You won't notice any difference in sound between the Crites replacements and K-33.
  8. Best not to do that, if there is a short it can easily damage the amplifier.
  9. Disconnect the woofer and touch ends to a 9 volt battery and see if the cone moves.
  10. There was a CTA bus turnaround right across the street, it was always noisy. The Supra was a good car, similar to my 82 280 ZX in performance and fuel economy.
  11. I received a loud stereo ticket right in front of my old apartment in Chicago, cop was a total dick. I had a 1979 Toyota Supra at the time with just the factory stereo dashboard speaker playing. Ticket was not a cheap one either.
  12. SVS Overall Dimensions: 22.5" (H) x 20.5" (W) x 29.9" (D) (with grille) --------------------------- 13,376.2 Cu In. Dayton • Dimensions (plastic feet included): 19-3/4" H x 19-1/4" W x 19-3/4" D. ------------- 7,508.7 Cu In Just for the record.
  13. Nobody said it was a match. Feel free to buy what you want.
  14. Look at the size difference between the Dayton & SVS cabinets.
  15. Good sales pitch. Time alignment makes a noticeable difference. Horns suffer in this regard.
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