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  1. jason str

    Grado SR 80

    Broke out the old headphones last week to find the ear foam deteriorated to dust, funny thing was the foam in the original packaging was like new. One would think the earpiece required a better material. Just received a replacement set of foam and will give them a workout later.
  2. These drivers take up to a month to fully break in so don't go too far with adjustments, it will change for the better.
  3. The middle of the room is likely not the best place for the sub. Corner placement is recommended for a reason but you can always experiment.
  4. If you're going to spend the time building any of these spend the little money and get the latest plans. It includes free updates and makes for a bit easier to build, better finished product.
  5. Likely the recording if that's the case. If not post back.
  6. Have you tried snugging up the screws on the crossover ? Common after storage unless you already checked it over.
  7. If the serial numbers are not sequential they are likely not the same, things like wood grain,color, grille cloth and terminal cups will vary.
  8. Veneer is expensive, 1/8" BB is cheap.
  9. Can't say i blame you. If it really bothers you an alternative would be buy a 1/8" BB panel and go right over it.
  10. @avguytx <--- Can't get it to link, sorry. >this< 10" would be good.
  11. @SWL Although won't fit in your car.
  12. If you use a brad nailer instead of screws you end up with pin head sized fill spots. If placing a panel on top you will need to strip all the oil off before gluing it on.
  13. There used to be, not sure there available anymore. As long as it falls within the parameters and front mountable you will be good.
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