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  1. jason str

    pair of subs

    The 21" width is the minimum for the 15" Dayton RSS390HF-4 driver i like. 18" wide version can use the 12" Dayton RSS315HF-4, Eminence Lab 12" or Lab 15" Frequency response and output wise the Lab 15 is the way to go in the 18" wide version.
  2. jason str

    KPT-1802-HLS vs three THT's

    Without a high pass filter the driver will unload below tuning frequency possibly causing driver damage. Power handling will be severely compromised without it.
  3. jason str

    KPT-1802-HLS vs three THT's

    The filters will determine that.
  4. jason str

    KPT-1802-HLS vs three THT's

    Both need a 25 Hz high pass filter.
  5. jason str

    (KG4's) Sealing Cabinet Corners or Not

    Had a few sets and never had any leaky cabinets like other models, you can play a 25 Hz test tone through them and listen for leaks at the seams and around drivers and passives with a small vacuum or air line at your ear. Air escaping will be quite noticeable, repair where needed. Use speaker gasket tape to seal drivers. Don't overpower the drivers for the test, 3/16" or so of cone travel is plenty.
  6. jason str

    KPT-1802-HLS vs three THT's

    According to the Klipsch data sheet the 1802 can support 130dB on a continuous basis. The THT loaded with the recommended 15" driver can do 126dB, double up the cabinets will add 6 dB = 132 dB. Adding the third cabinet should only add 3 dB or so. Seeing the 1802 is a pro sound cabinet it really should have been compared to the Tuba 60 as they have more in common.
  7. jason str

    KPT-1802-HLS vs three THT's

    Leaks cause poor frequency response and can cause loss of output. If this is not what you were looking for please be more specific.
  8. jason str

    TUBA HT Amp ?

    Like Claude said, power should not be a concern. Using a standard plate amp crossed over @ 50 Hz i bet the sub does not start rolling off until 75 Hz or higher depending on crossover slope. Likely you will need a 36-48 dB/octave slope filter set much lower to accomplish the task of 40 Hz crossover point mentioned in first post.
  9. jason str

    TUBA HT Amp ?

    The only way you will get that sub to cross over that low will be with a steep filter.
  10. jason str

    TUBA HT Amp ?

  11. jason str

    Hey Klipsch!

    Agree, my money would go to a little Topping Bluetooth amplifier or similar and bookshelf of choice. My friend was only interested in a stand alone unit thus we only demoed those.
  12. jason str

    Hey Klipsch!

    Don't expect good imaging from speakers located only inches apart. There is a Woburn model that you can connect 2 units to make an actual stereo pair with.
  13. jason str

    Hey Klipsch!

    Spent some time at ABT recently with a friend who was in the market for a Bluetooth speaker and tested out all the better models and the one that outperformed the others was the Marshall Woburn Bluetooth speaker. The unit is just a few months old so not sure about long term reliability but if you need something that really jams check it out.
  14. jason str

    pair of subs

    In room but my amplifier is high passed @ 18 Hz (-3dB).
  15. jason str

    Passive Subwoofers

    Passive is the best option but manufactures shy away from consumer products like these. liability and/or convenience are likely the cause.