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  1. Agree, I'm happy i have it for 10 years already without changing it. Just hearing things about that tube sound with Klipsch heritage, and also about a fuller sound at lower volumes with a bigger autoformer Mac like mc2100 ,2205 etc
  2. Thank you, the ..."problem" is that the ma6200 is imho an overall very nice sounding unit that you have to spend some money to maybe achieve an improvement with an extra unit. For now i won't look for a pair of separates (pre - power amp) just one unit to combine with my Mac.
  3. Or maybe an early Mc power amp like mc2100/250 with auto formers which give a more tube like flavor
  4. Hi ,having an ma6200 tha can be used also as preamp or power amp i'm thinking of trying tubes in the chain with my klipsch fortes ii .Which is the best part of my 6200? Is it better to buy a tube power amp ( sound valves st70 for example) or a tube preamp and the ma6200 pre? Thank you
  5. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/52374-forte-cabinet-vibration-andor-audible-resonance/
  6. I played each speaker at a time and both do resonate at very low bass notes. (The track is TI-DE from KOKOROKO really nice bassy track). However the one i noticed first the distortion resonates maybe a little more. I also saw one or two similar threads about a similar issue with Fortes. I didnt changed the wiring yet but i checked and tighten the cable connections. Also i taped the speakers with my fist at the sides and noticed that the most resonant speaker doesnt seem as stiff and rigid (like the wood being lighter) if that means something
  7. update: Just noticed that this light sound when i play the bass tones (not the distortion i heard in the track) comes from both speakers maybe i hear the woofer moving air .? So I played some music -heavy bass tracks loud and im not sure if it is distortion from the woofer or something that maybe resonates at some frequency .the speaker cabinet perhaps? Moreover i heard that another creaking noise was coming from the Tv furniture which is very to another speaker that i have in the living room. It's getting late so i will try things again tomorrow and report. Thanks for the replies
  8. Thanks for the advise Jason. Just played some frequencies 20 25 30 and the right woofer starts from one volume point to make a very light sound like paper moving quickly? Really dont know how to describe it .When i push lightly the paper or the rubber surround it stops the noise but probably because i prevent the woofer from further movement?
  9. Hmm seems complicated to me..i want to clarify that i'm not into technical things or fixing electronic things by my owm but i will try to do my best . In the meanwhile is it safe to play at moderate levels where i dont hear distortion?
  10. Hi, Just did the light push in both speakers and did not discover any difference If i want to remove the woofer and check the connections should i lay down the speaker on its back?
  11. I noticed today with my 1995 Forte ii( as was trying some bass tracks )woofer distortion from one speaker. Its like a crackling sound / resonance when strong bass notes are playing. Its like something is not stable.? i checked and tighten the screws.when i push with my hand and trying to keep firm the woofers cover where the screws are located seems like the crackling goes but distortion still remains. Its not from the amp either cause i changed the speaker position back in the amp. Any ideas?
  12. Really can't understand how many people believe klipsch speakers are not so good for stereo imaging. Having them almost 10feet apart 1.5 feet from back wall and just a little toe in gives me a very wide and deep soundstage experience larger than the walls.
  13. Maybe you are right about the mixed results. After having them about one month on the cork mat i just added some thick rubber footers about 2 cm under each leg. There is for sure better detail , better defined bass and imaging no question about it. I'm not sure if this is coming from the mid horn being closer to ear level or because of a better grip/ contact making the bass cleaner. However, i want to try it for a longer period because the sound i suspect might get a little more tiresome- less relaxed
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