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  1. Thank you for the replies. Still trying different positions. Closer to the wall i believe gives a punchier leaner bass and a live feeling while more out in the room about 1.5 feet gives a rounded sound with more depth. Like both:) Anyone else with similar results?
  2. Thank you, btw listening position is about 13 feet.. but i do like a nice sound all over the room as i walk or dance and i believe less toe in helps that .?
  3. Hi, first post here.🙂 5 days ago got some klipsch Forte ii in very good condition.They sound lovely but Its my first horn speaker so i have some questions. 1 . How different is from iii and iv models? 2. Given that they are from the 90s how much life do they have in general for proper operation? Drivers crossover etc. 3. Placement : for the moment best placement is 8 feet (in my 12 feet wall) apart and just a little toe in, almost straigh ahead that gives a wide scene. About 19" from the back wall- I cant bring them closer than that because i have a bookself behind one speaker. Behind the passive woofer i took out books and records to provide almost an empty wall. Looking forward for your comments Thank you!
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