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  1. thanks for the manual info quite interesting!
  2. Hello , im starting to experiment with eq and variable loudness control with Klipsch Forte 2. So, just qurious what others have done or do succesfully by using equaliser knobs with their Klipsch. Dont know much about eq setting currves etc and i know that every room and ears are different, however this is how my ma 6200 eq looks like
  3. Hi, i'm not speaking about Forte placement in general but specifically in corners in a 45degree style and if that works thankss
  4. Hi, I want to try placing my Fortes in corners like PWK suggested however i have some questions about this. First, is a passive radiator speaker suitable for this? For example with the back corners about 8 inches from the rear/ side walls? Second i have good corners only at the short wall ( 18 x 15 room) so im not sure if it is best to be 45 degrees toe in or can you have them a little more open to face the opposite corner diagonally? With some first attempts i really like them that way (!) and wonder if others with Fortes/Chorus have them this way Thanks.
  5. Yes the setting and distance are very nice that's why i insist for the optimum at this placement (long wall) and dont want to go back at the short wall set up where i sit further away. Sound is between the two i believe ... maybe (not sure yet) a little more pressure from the left side wich is the one closer to front-wall Toe in is not much,roughly at the arms of the sofa. Also, quite important, the right speaker is in front of a balcony door (thick double glass) covered by a curtain. i remember reading a reviewer ,Jim Smith i believe, suggesting equal distance from speakers rather than exact wall placement due to the fact that wall contructions are not always perfect. However Fortes with passive Radiatosr are quite sensible to wall distance that why the question
  6. Hi, speakers about 9 feet apart centers - LP about 12 feet
  7. Hi, At my current set up with Klipsch forte ii the wall behind them is not completely parallel so if i place them at the same distance in front of wall say about 10 inches the Left speaker is closer about 2" to the LP. I can bring them equidistant to the LP by bringing the right speaker a little more out of the wall say 12 inches but given the fact that they have the passive radiator behind is this the right approach? in other words which is more important to be equal? the distance betwenn speaker and wall behind or the distance between listener and speakers? side wall distances are not the same either but given the directivity of the horns this is not my first concern right now. thanks and Happy new year to all.
  8. Agree, I'm happy i have it for 10 years already without changing it. Just hearing things about that tube sound with Klipsch heritage, and also about a fuller sound at lower volumes with a bigger autoformer Mac like mc2100 ,2205 etc
  9. Thank you, the ..."problem" is that the ma6200 is imho an overall very nice sounding unit that you have to spend some money to maybe achieve an improvement with an extra unit. For now i won't look for a pair of separates (pre - power amp) just one unit to combine with my Mac.
  10. Or maybe an early Mc power amp like mc2100/250 with auto formers which give a more tube like flavor
  11. Hi ,having an ma6200 tha can be used also as preamp or power amp i'm thinking of trying tubes in the chain with my klipsch fortes ii .Which is the best part of my 6200? Is it better to buy a tube power amp ( sound valves st70 for example) or a tube preamp and the ma6200 pre? Thank you
  12. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/52374-forte-cabinet-vibration-andor-audible-resonance/
  13. I played each speaker at a time and both do resonate at very low bass notes. (The track is TI-DE from KOKOROKO really nice bassy track). However the one i noticed first the distortion resonates maybe a little more. I also saw one or two similar threads about a similar issue with Fortes. I didnt changed the wiring yet but i checked and tighten the cable connections. Also i taped the speakers with my fist at the sides and noticed that the most resonant speaker doesnt seem as stiff and rigid (like the wood being lighter) if that means something
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