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  1. Awesome. Did you use a local Glass Vendor for a custom fit?
  2. James: I'm not sure what your listening preference is, but if you really, really, really want to hear what Cornwall II's sound like........ Hook up a Sansui G9000 or a Pioneer SX-1980, or a Pioneer SX-1250 etc etc. Something with a bit more power. I am still in awe years later. I love the low level listening but I like to crank them up too! And boy....... Can they kick! Whoaaaaaaa
  3. Thanks. I would like to see the glass so thanks in advance.
  4. Hi James. Out of my collection the Sansui G-9000db is my favorite, but I have not had a chance to put the Pioneer SX-1980 to the test yet. As far as the 730 vs 930, I found the 930 to be a completely diffrent receiver. To me, the 930 was far superior and the sound quality was superb compared to the 730. The 730 (though nice) just did not have enought "oooomph" for the Cornwall's. The 930 was a much nicer fit. T Now...... The Sansui G-9000db and the Cornwall II's. BUCKLE UP! It "thumps" like you would not believe! Like getting kicked in the gut when you crank it up, but low levels are just a sweet. Kevin
  5. Thanks James. Would you place multiple soft pads under the glass to help distribute the weight? Would the more pads under the glass be better, or would it be best to simply set the glass on top without pads? I am not an engineer so I don't know exactly which is the best method of weight distribution. Thanks again everyone!
  6. Thanks Bill, but the 78lb Pioneer would never fit and the weight would warp that shelf in a matter of weeks. LOL
  7. Thanks James. I will look into a mount as well as a solid piece of wood or glass. I just need some reasurance that if I do place an 80lb receiver on a piece of glass or wood, the Cornwall cabinet will not suffer any bowing, warping etc.
  8. How thick are the pads? How much weight do you have on top of your Cornwall?
  9. Duh.... yes..... wrought iron. LOL And I dont drink....wow that was bad.
  10. Hi everyone. I would like to utilize the space above my 1985 Cornwall II for a receiver. It is in a a corner, and since I have a Pioneer SX-1980 (78lbs) I dont want to set it on top of my Cornwall, but I do want to utilize that space. It looks great, and all the wires hide nicely behind the speaker. I need a stand that will go OVER the corwall, without blocking any sound or visual. I was leaning towards a rod iron stand (4 legged with flat platform on top) so it is strong enough. It is off to the left of my brick fireplace, so rod iron, or would match the fireplace utensils etc. I am afraid that wood would cover too much of the beauty of the speaker. Maybe I thick piece of fine wood on top of the speaker would suffice? Any ideas? I'm at a loss. (See attached photo) Thanks, Kevin
  11. Yep... He's sitting on something that raises him up. I cant quite tell what it is though. Corns Rock!
  12. Strictly for the fun of it! No other reason than pure enjoyment!
  13. Thanks PhilMays. No problems here... all's good.
  14. Hmmmm..... Thanks for the comment PhilMays? [*-)] Not sure why it was necessary, but okee dokee.
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