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  1. Yes. I continue to tweak the settings as I read the owners manual. Next to decide about replacing the Sony BR player with an Oppo.
  2. One other thing. I have decided to leave the amps strictly alone. They are pretty much noise free with tons of power to run the Heritage speakers. I am also having second thoughts about scrapping the Sony BR player unless i can get my hands on an Oppo loaner for a couple of days for comparison. I have not even set up the room EQ, I may just leave everything at the factory default settings. My listening area is a long narrow train wreck example of a listening room with tons of junk,furniture,and boxes of vinyl, but the system seems to have magically defeated the obstacles. i am afraid to touch it.
  3. Emotiva pre/processor arrived double boxed and in excellent condition. Transfer of connections from the old Sony to the new unit was a snap. Very straightforward and idiot proof. I expected a full compliment of 4 HDMI inputs and maybe a slight upgrade in sound quality. What I got was a total night and day transformation. Even the news channels exhibited a noticeable improvement in sound quality. I made it a point to listen to a few last programs with the old Sony before retiring the unit. Moving on the the Dolby playbacks on the HBO and Cinemax channels The Dark Knight playback was true theater quality. Next I loaded a BR copy of Hurt Locker into the Sony 550 BR player. My system has never sounded like this Even at moderate volume the M-16 firefight scenes sounded like they were in the room with sounds of brass rifle casings pinging on the concrete floor. The helicopters sounded like they were landing on my roof. The IED explosions literally shook the floor and walls of my room from the KSW-15 powered sub. IMO this is not even the best example of a BR playback as I will explore some other classic action movies. Without further rambling , I can honestly say that the upgrade difference was very dramatic. I could not possibly be happier with my new Emotiva 200. Thanks for all the input as you guys were as usual dead on and exactly correct. Good to be back CV
  4. Pulled the trigger on the Emotiva preamp- processor with some reservations. They popped my credit card 12 days before shipment which always tics me off. It should arrive tomorrow. Will report back after watching/listening for a few days. Thanks for all input
  5. I selected my tube amps of choice- VRDs. Placed a WTB ad in the garage sale section of this forum with a good reasonable price that I was willing to pay. I got laughed off the page at first but then guess what? A forum member was wanting to upgrade his set to match his new setup with some type of fancy wood. I did not steal them but I was very happy with the transaction. Food for thought if you decide to go in that direction.
  6. How much is the thing????? Sorry if I missed it in previous posts
  7. Hi folks-been away from the forum for a while playing with sports cars and guns among other things. My present HT setup consists of K horn fronts which are have modded wood horns with JBL drivers, a lascalla center(stock)), a pair of modded belles(wood horns-jbl drivers), and a pair of industrial lascallas for the rear speakers My electronics are as follows. SonyDA4300ES receiver which I presently have setup as an HT preamp. I am running an older Carver A-753X 3 channel aprox 250 watts per channel . Amp is marked as THX certified if that means anything anymore by todays standards. This 3 channel power amp is driving the fronts and the center. i have a pair of B&K EX 4420 power amps driving the sides and the rears apron 200 watts per channel each. The Sony has recently lost the HDMI input 1. The thing is 10 or 15 years old so fixing it seems like a bad idea and I don't work on stuff except cars and guns. I need at least 3 HDMI inputs and this leaves me with 2. I am looking at the Emotiva, Outlaw, and Marantz HT 7 ch preamps as a replacement for the Sony. Also, would I be better off swapping out the Carver and the B&Ks and buying a more modern self contained 7 channel power amp?Also I am thinking about buying an Oppo blue ray player at 500.00 and moving my Sony Blue ray player to a bedroom or den? The Sony was the top of the line just as Blue ray came out. Sorry but I don't know the model number, Comments, opinions, and testimonials are gently appreciated. Thanks in advance. CV
  8. God to hear from you Richard-hope all is well on your end Many thanks for the info and greetings from everybody
  9. Please advise as to options for a conversion from the stock metal horns-1980 era- to a wood type to more closely match up with the 2" wood horns in my K horns and 1" wood horns in my Belles. These are all trachorn clones.. My knowledge is limited and everything that I know about speakers has been spoon fed to me by much better informed speaker folks. Sorry if I can not carry on a better conversation on the subject. I am just looking for someone who has already attempted this mod and may have something to ad to the mix. This is an 8 speaker HT setup. Thanks in advance.
  10. I gave my Dell to my son and bought a MacBook Pro. Since then I have also bought an I pad tablet. I will never have another PC. My wife needs a PC for her software. Her Dell had to go in for repair which turned out to be a virus. In the meantime I bought her a factory refurb dual core HP laptop for 500 bucks-new factory warranty. The thing rocks. Lightning fast and not too heavy-about the same as my MacBook. Slaton computer in Charlotte NC. They sell the heck out of these-highly recommend fro bang/buck.
  11. Nice chart. Useful info. Just checking in. Nice to see that the thread is still alive. Best regards to all
  12. Hi all I have been AWOL mostly due to health issues. I have diabetes and now liver issues. I am officially a non drinker per doctors orders but I cheat occasionally from time to time with a small glass of Drambuie which I can make last for several hours with a cuban cigar or 2. Waiting for some new miracle drug to be approved for treatment. may be able to go back to small amounts of booze if the treatment takes. Still playing with my guns, cars, and k horns. No longer working-medical leave. Spend most of my time fighting with insurance companies over medical bills. Glad to see the thread is still alive. Enjoy your alcohol-one of life,s greatest pleasures. Drink one for me. Cheers
  13. I love all things that go bang. great thread.
  14. Love makers 46- my favorite as of late. Diabetes has severely limited my drinking. 1 or 2 a night. Noea at all some nights.More medical tests next week. Cat scan.Not looking foward to it. cheers and a good weekend to all.
  15. Early on I had several different reference moels as fronts. My center was like the smallest cheapest Klipsch in the product like and would not keep up with the fronts. I tried the phantom center setting as a remedy using only the fronts. it sounded strange and echo-y on my setup when cranked up.it was fine for network TV sitcoms and chic flics but unacceptable for anything else. The center carries voices and lots of important in a proper system. The sub is absolutely necessary for any HT system.Go with both.
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