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  1. dmb12679

    How much are Rf82's worth.

    Fry's currently have RF7II for 6or700 each. I had rf82ii's before my 7ii's and sold them before the fry deals hit for 600 for the pair. We have a fry's local to me so I was lucky. I do however see them sell used in my area for 4-600, the frys deal has passed, or people who don't know about frys comapare them to amazon or other higher priced store. The 82ii's are very capable speakers and I would recommend them to anyone. especially in the 4-500 range. Good luck with your sale.
  2. dmb12679

    RP-280 upgrade to RF-7ii or iii

    Thanks for the info Dean. I found with youthmans step by step thread on the removal it was actually a pretty easy swap if your not in a hurry. I took my time and each one took about 30-45 minutes. I had time and was taking a good look at the inside of a 7ii and enjoying the process. I'll get some more listening in this week, but I was able to get in about 3 hours yesterday, and found that shrill at the top end leveled out, especially at higher volumes. I swapped my left xo out and left the stock in the right for a couple days. Although I did not side by side A/B them, after a couple listening sessions this week I found my right ear fatigued and my left ear was not. I sit in a 18' equal triangle with MLP, and mains. This was my ultimate goal in purchasing the Deang. So I swapped out the other one yesterday. I don't know if it's the high school kid inside me, or just how clean and clear the 7ii's are that beg you to push them, but I can't have a listening session without cranking them up for a portion of it.
  3. dmb12679

    RP-280 upgrade to RF-7ii or iii

    I recently purchased Michael's Deang mod crossovers. I'll post my thoughts once I get more time with them. After installing them both today I am pleased with my initial impressions. Thanks again Michael for the video's and the sale of the deang crossovers. Deang, any idea how many sets of crossovers you have modified for the rf7ii? I'm assuming it is many more for the original RF7's? Didn't know what your volume on them are and if you tracked them for each kind of speaker you mod?
  4. dmb12679

    A small step out of the stone age for Indiana.....

    Minnesota was like this until a couple 2-3 years ago. Luckily I grew up on the Mississippi side of MN so it was a 3 minute drive to Wisconsin. It used to suck when a friend would show up at your house Saturday night and drink your beers, leaving you none for Sunday Football.
  5. dmb12679

    Legends You Have Seen Live?

    Rolling Stones zz top Peter Gabriel Sting Dave Matthews Band AC/DC
  6. dmb12679

    RF7 II not sounding clear

    Re-run your autocalibration
  7. Great stuff as always. Thanks
  8. dmb12679

    Rain Day = Stereo Day

    Raining like crazy down here SW Chicago burbs. I've got the Rf7ii's ripping some Melloncamp Greatest Hits. I just can't listen to the RF7ii's and not crank it up. They are so clean, love their capabilities in a large room.
  9. Great video, sounds like you had a great time. My wife walked by when there was the picture of all the 7's on the front wall and said "no, nope, no way" lol. I own the ii's and would love to upgrade, but as mentioned it's a little out of the price range in the difference, and as I look at that picture of all the 7's, I keep going back to the front wood grain on the ii's in the light. Man does that look great, and I too would miss that. Keep the videos coming, great stuff.
  10. dmb12679

    Video of the RF-7 III Speakers

    Great stuff as always! The time and effort you put into these videos shows. Thank you. Can't wait for the comparisons with the 7 and 7ii. Are the grills on the 7iii more transparent than the ii? It might be your lighting, but it sure looks to show more copper than my ii's?
  11. Do the 5012 and 6011 have the same level of audysey?
  12. dmb12679

    Am I crazy?

    I loved the sound of HK AVR's and the ezseteq & logic7. What I did find after a couple thousand dollars, is any AVR HK put out with HDMI will fail you and is unreliable to say the least. Yes there are units out there still going, but the majority are failing. They are out of the AVR game for good and their customer service is MIA. I loved there sound so much I spent way to much money on HK AVR's before finally moving to Denon, and now Marantz. Anything pre HDMI HK is great stuff. Their first run of AVR's X54's were solid in power but the HDMI board would render it useless. I owned the 354, 2600, 3650, and the flagship 3700(stay far away) plus the BDS577. All had issues except the 2600. The flagship 3700, the last AVR they produced is weak. Advertised at 150wpc, but only put out about 32WPC ACD on the bench-yikes. I currently use a HK990 for two channel, but that HK is in a league of it's own and also no HDMI. For theater I use a Marantz 6010, I really like it, but I think the level of audyssey factors greatly in todays AVR. I went from a midline Denon to the 6010 and it blew it out of the water, was it the Marantz itself, or the audyssey upgrade? I have not tried other brands and their room correction but I hope to get to someday. Good luck in your search for that HK sound.
  13. I did not know that the 64 had a 1.25" and the 64ii had a 1.75". Learn something new everyday.
  14. What is the horn on the 63's? Is it a compression driver like the rf7's or a tweeter like the 82's? And what size, I know the 7's are 1.75"
  15. dmb12679

    Protect young people

    Didn't hey say that he was encountered in town before the murders and that is what the sketch was derived from? For a sketch I think it's amazingly close.