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  1. Need help figuring out which gauge to use

    Your amp puts out 90wpc before it starts getting audibly distorted, which is definitely enough for you r28's to play very loud, probably too loud to stand in the room for an entire song. I doubt you would notice any difference in sound quality between 18 to 10awg with those wattage numbers and those distances. Banana plugs are great for ease of use, but bare wire to terminal is one less transfer through, again not audibly noticeable. So I'm saying you will be fine in whatever you chose to do. For the record I use RCA banana plugs from Menards, 12awg c2 monoprice for wire on everything in both my systems. Keep in mind the 12awg is harder/larger to hide and doesn't bend/conform very well for running in tight places/corners.
  2. Is This Considered A Youthman Deal?

    If you or anyone is worried about the 7055 stepping up to the challenge I would gladly swap my mint mm7025 for their 7055. Congrats on a great deal on a great amp. LMK if you want swap:-)
  3. Put the ear plugs in and the dog in the laundry room and played with my HK990 and rf7ii's for a short while today. Had a kill-o-watt I've been meaning to see what my system is actually drawing. I plugged the panamax into the Meter, and the Meter into a 1' extension cord into the wall outlet. I know this equipment is far from perfect, but I was just curious as to about what it would pull. The HK990, HD990 cd player, and AC T8 on idle pulled abut 220 watts. 200 watts alone for the HK990. Yikes I sit 14' from the rf7ii's for my db max on my iPhone decibel X ap doing readings. This room has 18' ceilings and is open all around it. Idle draw 215-220 watts Vol -35 av watts 220-225, peak 225, 81db peak Vol -10 av watts 300-305, peak 345, 106db peak Vol 0 av watts 460-470, peak 750 111db peak My HK goes to +10, but didn't think it was a good idea to go any louder. In bench tests it hit 200wpc@8ohm, and double down 400wpc at 4ohm If the HK draws 200 watts on idle, does that mean at my peak of 750 watts, 750-220(idle watts) 530 watts Divided by 2 channels = 265 wpc into the 7ii's?? I know the doubling of power, gain 3db standard, but what about in a real world setting listening to Money for Nothing, that was my CD that was playing It was extremely loud Any opinions? Anyone have a better way of measuring or done something similar? Might try and do the same with my Marantz Home theater set up tomorrow watching Fury Road I know the methods and measurements here are not accurate, but they have to be ballpark ideas. The HK should bottom out at 200wpc@8ohm, so did the ohm dip to 6-4 to allow for more wattage? Or are my measurements that off?
  4. Klipsch THX Ultra2 7.2 set - Plainfield, IL 60585

    I'm right down the street, I still look at this ad and try and figure out a way. I'd have to trade my wife for them, cause she'd leave me if I brought them home. GL with the potential buyers hopefully coming in.
  5. Replacement Jumpers for Floorstanding Speakers?

    Klipsch jumpers are fine, copper is better than brass. No audible difference IMO, just something to mess with that in theory is better.
  6. R-112sw in cherry

    has to be wrap at that price point
  7. AV Receiver Recommendation

    A4L refurb gear has a one year warranty not the full mfg warranty if memory serves me. I believe you have the option to take it to an authorized repair shop instead of sending it back. I looked before buying and have an auth dealer within 20 miles so that works for me. I have bought an AVR and an amplifier on different occasions from them and couldn't be happier. Remember that someone bought a "new" one and had to return it for whatever reason for it to be fixed and refurbished and re-sold. So there is a chance that a new one could have issue too, and the same headache, but you paid 40% more.
  8. Powering the Klipsch RF-7 IIs

    That anthem looks impressive, and the price looks equally as good. It gets expensive running a pre/pro, especially with the amount of speakers we run in our systems these days. A 5 channel can be had at a decent price as you can see with the anthem, but that still leaves you 2 channels to go. Then you wonder, do I get a large two channel for my fronts to go with the Anthem? Or do you get a lesser amp for the surrounds. Either way it's expensive. A good AVR with preouts is a good option. Add dedicated power amps as it is economical for you, while using the avr's powered channels to do light duty on the surrounds. I've never ran a full pre/pro set up. So far the intrigue hasn't justified me wanting to put out the cash.
  9. Replacement Jumpers for Floorstanding Speakers?

    I just removed my brass jumpers and cut some 12 guage wire at 3.5" long, stripping 1/2" of each end and this is how it turned out. 12 gauge is about as large as you can go for wire, at least with my 7ii's and 64ii. It was tight fitting it through the hole in the binding post, also with as stiff as it is it was a little time consuming
  10. Rp-140sa not impressed

    I have rb51ii's I use as front heights and I run them about 4-6db hotter than calibration set them. I love the effect they have in my system. Some people run their subs hotter, some run center, run the calibration as a starting point then tweek it to your preference. Also on my Marantz 6010 I think there is a height effect of low, medium, and high which also affects the sound, not sure on your model though
  11. Need To Chose Between RF-7II And III

    I had a hiss from my XPA-3 with my 7ii's hooked up to an avr. Hiss and/or hum can be many things though. For the price I think you could try it out and see for yourself, and if you are not happy sell and come out in decent shape. Whenever I buy I try and wait for a good deal so if I don't like for whatever reason I can sell and ship for roughly around what I paid. Doesn't always work that way though, but say I lose $30-50, I can at least take my personal "what if" out of my thought process.
  12. FS Denon 2900 SACD/DVD Player

  13. marantz sacd on a budget

    I doubt they would be that different. I've been through a few mid/higher end cd players and to be honest, when your buying in that level I wonder what is a actually audibly different. I didn't A/B/C between my UD5007/2900/HD990, but after changing them out it's not like audio fell from the heavens on each one. I might get roasted but I think the pre/amp/avr/room and speakers make much more difference than the difference between any of the 3 above.
  14. marantz sacd on a budget

    I am not sure on inside components? I'm sure there are some differences, not sure on the DAC between the two. At the time of purchase I had no use for XLR or dual HDMI, only difference I liked was the brushed face and wasn't able to pay the large difference for that.