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  1. Well, about three weeks ago I found out what was causing the excessive treble in my system. About a year ago or so I got some Tripp Lite Isobar surge protectors. During that time I noticed that tube rolling wasn't jiving with what I had tried in the past and certain types of gear as well. The other thing like I mentioned earlier was on my Scott 222c tube integrated I normally have the treble knob at 0. After the Tripp Lite Isobar, I had the treble knob at -2. I'm always changing gear so it wasn't clear what was going on until recently I changed the surge protector and got the Furman SS6B Pro 6 plug surge protector strip and BAM everything was back to normal and man was that Tripp Lite degrading my sound quality! Glad I straightened this out.
  2. There's a few genres of music I like and there are a few I don't really care for but I respect it for what it is. Rap crap and whatever it's called is not music to me. I've got zero respect for that stuff.....it's not music, just a bunch of bozos shooting their mouths off. Then they're referred to as 'artists'? You gotta be kidding me.
  3. There are two techs that I deal with for my gear. I've recently been experiencing something similar to what you guys are going through. Please PM me with this guy's real name. Thanks.
  4. Man with a name like 'Meadowlark Hot Rod Shearwater' they gotta sound awesome. .......or not 😋
  5. Forte ll's and Heresy l's. The funny thing is....when I sold the Forte ll's the guy had all Heritage speakers throughout his house. When I arrived he had Khorns playing powered by a Carver amp. When we hooked up the Fortes for him to demo they sounded great.....better than the Khorns. Just goes to show.....
  6. SWL


    Agreed. There's a whole hell of a lot more to it than that.
  7. SWL


    Every time I drive by a McDonald's and the drive-thru is backed up forever all the way around the building and out to the main road (which is practically every time.....every single day) I get pissed. Partly because I see all the pathetic people waiting in line for garbage that's ruining their lives but mostly because I used to be in that line FOR MANY YEARS. The temptation is still always there but I now have a clear mind to make the right decision.
  8. SWL


    There were a few things that triggered me to get my act together. One of them was the statistic that people live longer these days than they did in years past. The reality is that many people are actually dying longer. They spend the last 20 years of their life with some kind of ailment or disease.....taking meds, etc. The older I get and accepting the fact that I'm not as resilient as I used to be, I gotta be on my 'A' game and take this seriously. Man, I wish I had the last 16 years of my life back to do all over again. That ain't gonna happen but I can make damn sure the next 16+ are done right.
  9. SWL


    Yeah, I was to the point where I didn't just have a piece of cake.....I ate the whole cake. Artificial sweeteners screwed me up more than anything else. Blurred vision was a nightmare. Part of my problem is I love to eat. I love food and trying different types of food. I've always eaten fast like it's a race. Now, thinking with a clear mind I'm able to make better decisions and that goes well beyond just food. It's absolutely amazing and sad how a poor diet affects your mood, decision making, concentration and all around well being. When I was finally aware of some of the studies that have been done, I think it scared me straight.
  10. SWL


    Last year I lost 70lbs in 10 months. Went through the winter maintaining my weight and stayed in the same notch in my belt where usually I go up a notch or two. So far this year I've lost a few more pounds and went down another pants size for a total of three sizes. I went from a 44 waist to currently a 38. 6' 2" and 340lbs at my heaviest. Right now I'm somewhere right around 260ish. I'm not big on scales. I'm more about how I feel and how my clothes fit as well as how I get around. I feel great. Brain fog, soreness, memory, mood have all improved big time. Sixteen years ago I lost my wife to cancer and the company I worked for for 17 years went out of business at the same time. It all hit me hard. I stopped taking care of myself and indulged in beer, food (SUGAR!) and stereo equipment. I haven't drank in eight years. I haven't had fast food, soda, sugar or any processed food since last March. I'm clean except I cheat one meal a week with either a burrito or pizza. I started out just eliminating the junk in my diet and that led me to lowering my carbs and then to Keto. I intermittent fast and more often than not do OMAD (one meal a day). Occasionally I'll do a 36 hour fast. This all works for me. I don't crave sweets anymore and I'm surprised how easy it's been. Sugar/carbs are like a drug. The more you consume the more you want/need it. Get off that crap and find out how easy it is STAY off it. Another bonus......improved mood from weight loss and being healthy makes your system sound better. Also, I went 16 years not sleeping well at all. I literally went that whole time not knowing what it was like to wake up feeling rested. Every morning waking up feeling like I was hit by a truck. That's over, I sleep like a baby now.
  11. I have a single Aegir that I sometimes use in a 19X13 room with upgraded KLF-30's. For low to mid volumes it works well.
  12. It's all about the synergy between your gear, speakers, room and YOUR melon. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  13. That's cool. I did pretty much the same upgrades to my KLF-30's. Despite what some may think, the sound is the same as the original speaker only it is performing properly. 100%. No aging, failing parts or components due to cheaping out from the factory. The only thing I changed back to original was the tweeters. The MAHL tweeters were too hot for my taste. However, I have two pair of 30's and the pair in my main system have the original tweeters (with titanium diaphragms) and the other pair in my 'Balls Out' system still have the MAHL tweeters because at loud volumes they seem to be more suitable. A little more aggressive but staying smooth at high volumes. I dig it. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  14. My ears. I've had all of them in my room. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
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