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  1. Glad I stocked up a few years ago. Especially with 6P14P-EV power tubes from Russia/Ukraine. I'm set for life at this point although I did just order some Telefunken ECF-82's. Not cheap but sound so good in my amp.
  2. Duke I remember you from the forum years ago. You helped me with one of my questions. Didn't you have a Phase Linear amp start on fire or something along those lines?
  3. Anyone else having issues with the quote function?
  4. I agree to make sure the cabs are solid first. That's their biggest issue right there even if you think they're ok. Other than that, I replaced practically every component in mine and every single one made a positive improvement. Great speakers when they're firing on all cylinders.
  5. Right on! I'm listening to one of my fully restored 222c's as we speak. A perfect match with Klipsch speakers.
  6. Besides, the fan on the Macrotech 3600vz was as loud as a Hyundai. I didn't feel like modding it because the amp was in 100% like new perfect condition so I sold it for a good profit. In hindsight I should've kept it but the K2 has not let me down one bit. Love the K2.....no fan
  7. On my 30's I thought the Macrotech had better mids and highs but the bass sounded strained. I mean something like 1200 wpc @8 Ohms powering such an efficient speaker.....and this particular system's reason for existing is to be played balls to the wall 100% of the time. So I feel more comfortable with the K2. More than enough power and sounds great and I don't have to worry (as much) about blowing a woof or a tweet. I've had (have) plenty of high powered solid state amps but none have had balls like these pro-amps. Pure muscle and these Crown amps we're talking about rival the sq of the consumer amps I've had. Gotta luv em. 👍
  8. I'm rolling with a couple K2's. Had a Macrotech 3600 but sold it.
  9. Main system=72db in the sweet spot at 11 feet from the speakers. Workout room system=110db
  10. Power them with an old school 500 watt Crown amp and post a pic of the look on your face.
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