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  1. Where is local?
  2. I've considered these as well. Currently in my rear corners I've been using GIK 244 absorption panels straddling the corners acting as bass traps. Wonder if these tubes would be an improvement....
  3. It's possible that all our ear piercing highs and shouty mids are driving everyone insane around here LOL.
  4. Just goes to show how they were taken care of.....or not taken care of.
  5. I've experimented with stuff like this in the past soooo many times. I had a blast doing it. In the end though it made doing things the proper way more rewarding and satisfying. It's all part of the journey.
  6. This is the one I use. It was only something like $60 bucks. Using it today with a Denon 5700 and a Schiit Aegir at low volumes sounds sweet. For some reason I don't care to use this passive pre for louder volumes.....never sounds quite right.....but lower volumes just sound great.
  7. I thought something looked familiar in that pic.....obviously I have the same speakers (basically) and I used to have that same exact fireplace LOL. Glad to hear the speakers worked out. My uncle did our wedding reception with a pair of Heresy's and a couple SVS subs. Worked great.
  8. An inexpensive entry-level DAC will make a difference. Get ready because your head will be spinning from all the opinions surrounding the use of an outboard DAC and what brand you use. I have several Schiit DACs. I like em.....they have a nice house sound to them in my systems. I have several Topping DACs. I think they suck in my systems. They have zero warmth to them and there's that LOL.
  9. This is interesting. What materials did you use for this? Posting some pics of this would be cool. I'm always up for trying a cheap tweak.
  10. When I started streaming years ago it was with a laptop....always with an external DAC. A few years ago I switched to using a Bluesound Node 2i also with an external DAC. Absolutely love it. I've considered checking out using a Raspberry Pi. Would it be an improvement in sound quality (or otherwise) over a Node? Either way, I've been totally content streaming the last few years. The sound quality is very good and I'm almost to the point of not being able to tell the difference anyway. I just wanna rock out.
  11. Reminds me of forum member Moray James and his tweak to jam a ping pong ball in the tweeter for better diffraction LOL.
  12. I'm hesitant on going with a pair that has touch controls. What has your experience been with them?
  13. Yeah, same with me......I use these for hiking and long walks. For the money I think I'm gonna have to decide between the Sony W4 or the Sennheiser Momentum 4. Not sure.
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