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  1. Not as yet. My HOA sent me a letter informing me that I needed to be in compliance with their "guidelines" or face a big fine. So, $1K later, I'm now in compliance. I'm going to wait on a tax refund and then proceed with the upgrades to the speakers. One question I have is how did you fasten the front-rear bracing to the cabinet?
  2. Well, reading the comments from DISCO-INERNO-70, SWL,and Alexander in several threads, I think I'm ready to upgrade my KLF-30's. Thank you, gentlemen.
  3. Sensible advice. The replacement parts will cost more than I paid for the speakers new. I took advantage of the Klipsch employee purchase promo for the KLF series at the time and bought the pair for $450!
  4. Thank you! I may purchase them and keep on hand so when the stock diaphragms fail, I have a replacement. Same with the crossovers. I suppose I'll have to buy the 4 woofers as well, as I don't want to wait until it is too late and they're not available.
  5. Thanks for your reply! How did the crossovers change the tonal balance? I find the horns to be a bit strident on older recordings. Was that improved?
  6. I haven't figured ot the way to reply correctly, sorry. Actually, the P51 is in place of Mustang (Ford). Thanks for your input on the crossovers.
  7. Newbie, here. I own a pair of KLF-30's going on 19 years and while they are functioning perfectly, I am concerned about driver life, xover life, etc. I've read many comments in this forum that mention Bob Crites. I have visited his website and see that he offers replacement parts for the drivers and a new xover. My question is: has anyone purchased the 12" woofer (CW1228) for a KLF-30 and if so, how does it compare to the original K-31? Better, worse. etc. Also, how do the replacement tweeter and midrange diaphragms sound as compared to the factory originals? Lastly, is the B&K KLF-30 xover a noticeable improvement? Thanks for any advice.
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