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  1. Besides, the fan on the Macrotech 3600vz was as loud as a Hyundai. I didn't feel like modding it because the amp was in 100% like new perfect condition so I sold it for a good profit. In hindsight I should've kept it but the K2 has not let me down one bit. Love the K2.....no fan
  2. On my 30's I thought the Macrotech had better mids and highs but the bass sounded strained. I mean something like 1200 wpc @8 Ohms powering such an efficient speaker.....and this particular system's reason for existing is to be played balls to the wall 100% of the time. So I feel more comfortable with the K2. More than enough power and sounds great and I don't have to worry (as much) about blowing a woof or a tweet. I've had (have) plenty of high powered solid state amps but none have had balls like these pro-amps. Pure muscle and these Crown amps we're talking about rival the sq of the consumer amps I've had. Gotta luv em. 👍
  3. I'm rolling with a couple K2's. Had a Macrotech 3600 but sold it.
  4. Main system=72db in the sweet spot at 11 feet from the speakers. Workout room system=110db
  5. I usually listen to this song at 180db.
  6. Power them with an old school 500 watt Crown amp and post a pic of the look on your face.
  7. I have two pairs of 30's that I fully restored as well as fixed any cabinet issues. If you're rolling amps, tubes etc. you are just pissing in the wind if you have leaking cabinets or crossover issues with the 30's which are common problems with this particular line of Klipsch. Once I got the 30's working properly, they do GREAT with low power, high power, medium power......as long as it's good power. They're fun to listen to with a high powered amp for loud volumes and just as satisfying (if not more) with a low powered tube amp at low volumes for critical listening. I have two systems in the house with 30's in each one. One system is high powered for when I want a live concert experience. The other is low powered with tubes in a fully treated room for critical listening. Both are complimented with horn loaded subs and it's fricken awesome. These speakers I take to the grave. 👍
  8. Two systems in the house. The main system has a sweet spot established, room treatments etc. I enjoy listening in stereo in that room very much. No need to compensate for anything. Imaging and soundstage is rewarding. Second system is in an unfinished basement. Concrete walls, exposed ductwork etc. Speakers are plopped down in the middle.....not in corners or next to a wall. This system, unlike the main system is high powered and gets played loud 100% of the time. I've found that in this system, two speakers played in mono play more cohesive. Everything is more solid and honestly, gives me the urge to keep turning up the volume because it just jives so much better than stereo in this situation.
  9. Good to see you back Mark! I went about 15 years not knowing what it was like to wake up in the morning feeling rested. My sleep was terrible. Entirely because of my terrible diet which stemmed from losing a loved one. Coming to terms with changing my diet for the better improved my sleep dramatically. Another thing that helped a lot.....and the only supplement I take......is magnesium. Magnesium L-Threonate to be specific. I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and actually rested. This is great and man I'm so grateful. Sleep quality is seriously underrated. Weight loss, mood, memory, concentration etc. All improved.
  10. This is a great thread. I've lost over 80lbs and went down four pant sizes in the last year and a half. First I cut out junk/fast food. Then I reduced carbs.....which lead to keto.....which lead to intermittent fasting.....which lead to OMAD.....which lead to working out more.....which lead to eating more healthy etc. etc. I had brain fog to the max. Gone. Acid reflux/Gerd. Gone. Memory, concentration has gotten better. I mean...wait.... What was I talking about again?😋
  11. I'll never forget the time....about 10 years ago (when I still drank)..... it was about two in the morning.....can't remember off hand which Pink Floyd song it was.....this laughter appears about 10 feet to my left and it was so realistic it totally freaked me out. Like you, I was home alone (best time to listen!) and goosebumps big time.
  12. I've got an Ozzy record around here somewhere that you can hear a dog down the street from the studio scratching his nuts and really enjoying it. Gotta be true.
  13. Well, about three weeks ago I found out what was causing the excessive treble in my system. About a year ago or so I got some Tripp Lite Isobar surge protectors. During that time I noticed that tube rolling wasn't jiving with what I had tried in the past and certain types of gear as well. The other thing like I mentioned earlier was on my Scott 222c tube integrated I normally have the treble knob at 0. After the Tripp Lite Isobar, I had the treble knob at -2. I'm always changing gear so it wasn't clear what was going on until recently I changed the surge protector and got the Furman SS6B Pro 6 plug surge protector strip and BAM everything was back to normal and man was that Tripp Lite degrading my sound quality! Glad I straightened this out.
  14. There's a few genres of music I like and there are a few I don't really care for but I respect it for what it is. Rap crap and whatever it's called is not music to me. I've got zero respect for that stuff.....it's not music, just a bunch of bozos shooting their mouths off. Then they're referred to as 'artists'? You gotta be kidding me.
  15. Man with a name like 'Meadowlark Hot Rod Shearwater' they gotta sound awesome. .......or not 😋
  16. Forte ll's and Heresy l's. The funny thing is....when I sold the Forte ll's the guy had all Heritage speakers throughout his house. When I arrived he had Khorns playing powered by a Carver amp. When we hooked up the Fortes for him to demo they sounded great.....better than the Khorns. Just goes to show.....
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    Agreed. There's a whole hell of a lot more to it than that.
  18. SWL


    Every time I drive by a McDonald's and the drive-thru is backed up forever all the way around the building and out to the main road (which is practically every time.....every single day) I get pissed. Partly because I see all the pathetic people waiting in line for garbage that's ruining their lives but mostly because I used to be in that line FOR MANY YEARS. The temptation is still always there but I now have a clear mind to make the right decision.
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