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  1. Will these work okay in KLF30s? Just curious... I'd love to see what they look like, if anyone has some.
  2. Wow those are great speakers. I have a pair and won't sell them! The buyer will definitely be in for a treat. GLWS
  3. absolve2525


    Wow gorgeous!
  4. Dang too late! Just saw this thread 😪
  5. Wow great looking amp! I've read nice things about Jolida too.
  6. Congrats! They look great. Cool Pioneers!
  7. I didn't notice much difference at the time. I had two pairs playing side by side in stereo. Each channel had one speaker with the fluid, one without. They sounded awesome in that setup! I tried stacking, but liked side by side better in a larger room.
  8. Thanks! Apparently he's out of stock.
  9. My Tangent T5000 came with K-28-Ks, and I agree they are great sounding woofers! My Tangents are basically Heresy 2 in tall cabinets with 12" passives. Thanks for sharing your upgrade experiences!
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