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  1. What do you cross your tweeters at? I'm assuming that's the Beyma CP-25? Looks nice! I have some of those EV horns and Beyma tweeters to play with eventually on some Lascalas.
  2. Good job! 👍I'm glad it's back to normal.
  3. Maybe there's some dirt or dust in there too. You can get some sticky notes or tape and slide it around the circular magnet gap where the diaphragm slides into. Just be careful not to bend the coil. Worth a shot!
  4. Perhaps the diaphragm position needs to be adjusted slightly on your midrange driver inside. I had this issue when I installed titanium diaphragms in a pair of those drivers. Unbolt or unscrew the horn from the driver, loosen the screws to the diaphragm, adjust it around slightly till you don't hear the distortion. It may not be aligned correctly.
  5. How to the Klipsch drivers compare to the JBL, sound quality wise? Those look great!
  6. Are using the same horn drivers for your comparisons? Are the EVs 16 ohms like the Klipsch? That would make a difference in the crossover point.
  7. Looks good inside! I can't really say if it's a step up, since I've never heard one. I have read that some 881 units have a hum that is fixed by tightening the transformer bolts, I believe. I was just reading about that on the Sansui forum on the www.AudioKarma.org website. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?forums/exclusively-sansui.39/ You can always post there for more input from Sansui fans. I'm sure it's a nice sounding unit. You could always look into their integrated amps, which I would consider a step up for probably the same money. These usually need to be checked out also, however, for corrosive glue that needs to be scraped off the board in some spots. Not a big deal. Anyway, good luck and let us know what you end up with!
  8. That's a nice top of the line Sansui, but price is a bit high in my opinion. Unless it's been completely rebuilt with new capacitors. The 8080, 9090, G8000, G9000 are the more commonly sought after since they have more power. The early model Eight and Eight Deluxe are sought after also. I do have a 221 from that series, and it amazes me how good it sounds for a little guy!
  9. I would definitely check the dust cap. I had that issue on a couple Klipsch models using these poly cones. Some clear Aleene's craft glue works well.
  10. I have a Yamaha receiver from that era, stereo only and similar power to the 570. It sounds excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to try it.
  11. I have an R-115 and it's great sounding. As with the 117, it will probably need maintenance however. I had to replace the relays in mine. I'm a big vintage Sansui fan also, if you come across any of them. Good luck! Keep us updated
  12. Wow yikes! Sorry, that's a cheap piezo tweeter where your stock driver should be. Can you contact the seller?
  13. How's the upgrade going? I have his horns, Beyma tweeters, and mid adapters
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