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  1. Great speakers! Hmm, wonder what the rattle is. There isn't much to actually rattle in the horn itself. Is the front baffle loose? Good luck with your sale!
  2. Does the tractrix mid horn sound better? What about the new driver?
  3. I see that the new Heresy has a new tractrix horn and midrange driver. Very interesting! Does anyone know more about them? It looks to have the same outer dimensions as the older K—701? I'm wondering if it would be possible to upgrade/swap with an older Heresy or Tangent horn.
  4. I agree, these "enlarged Heresies" sound sooo good. The imaging just blows my mind sometimes, very open. Bass seems to go quite low also, rattling the walls and floorboards. They may not look as pretty as the Heritage models, but they are special and very underrated.
  5. Looks like Tangent 500. My Tangent 5000 has a ribbed woofer cone, not smooth. Not sure what the difference is, other than that. I really enjoy my Tangents!
  6. Nice find! I bought the 12g clear jacket "Choice" wire before, and it sounds great with Klipsch. I just ordered another spool ☺️.
  7. If someone here got them, it would be great to hear about it! I couldn't tell which Marantz model, but they're all pretty sweet sounding.
  8. I answered the post yesterday, 45 mins after it went up. Already pending lol. I don't know why it was up for so long afterward. Good deal for someone. The woofers are really nice, tweets okay, but not really the best two-way speaker. Definitely worth it for the Marantz thrown in. Oh well! Tweets might be blown anyways.
  9. Moderate powered vintage Marantz like 2230 or 2235B are killer too. Yes, some maintenance may be required though. Usually not too difficult, and recap kits are available from Ebay or other sites that have all the parts you need. I just redid a 2230, and it was a fun project. You'll have to use a soldering iron and desolder braid/sucker, as well as a multimeter to check settings. You can find a local tech also, if you're not comfortable.
  10. I prefer the KLF30s to CF4 IMHO. I like the detail of having an extra tweeter horn, as well as not having to raise the speaker up to get the big horn firing at ear level.
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