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  1. I'm waiting also. Still haven't heard anything.
  2. The Crites Ti diaphragms sound excellent. I've bought probably a dozen or more over the years. Enjoy!
  3. Lol what happened with the 881 you showed pics of? Sansui rocks
  4. There are rubber surround kits out there. I'd measure the diameters and check the speaker parts online stores, as well as Ebay. I bought rubber surrounds for my KLF 30s and they work great. I forget where I bought them from. It was a couple years ago. What is wrong with the old surrounds exactly? I like KG4s too! Often underrated.
  5. absolve2525


    Wow those look great. GLWS
  6. I picked up a pair of those a couple years ago. Great speakers! I think you'd have to move up to floor standing models to get a significant upgrade.
  7. Did you try pulling them out from the rear wall some? The passive radiators on the the back usually need some room to breathe.
  8. Those are all really nice vintage amps. Hard to go wrong with any of those, really. I gravitate towards Sansui, but I like the other brands also. I would probably see if any work or service has been done, like new capacitors etc.
  9. Aw dang, sorry that's a shame. Stock Lascalas are pretty robust, and being stored in the garage for a bit shouldn't cause that issue.
  10. Cool, let us know what you end up with! I see some neat hand-made tube preamps on Ebay also.
  11. What's wrong with the NAD? I have a couple of those 1600 and they sound great. There's a retro magazine review online that raved about it, I think Audio magazine. Too bad modern preamp don't have all the nice eq options like Loudness and Bass EQ. It could probably use a recap with modern capacitors, if you have a stereo tech in your area. Replacing caps isn't too hard, really, if you know how to solder. You could get some high quality film caps to use in sections where applicable also. There are often recap kits on eBay, and there's a seller on Reverb who will custom make recap kits upon request. He's out of Ohio, where I'm at. Anyway, good look with your search! I've heard good things about modern Parasound preamps, and I'm sure modern NAD preamps are nice too.
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