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  1. Thanks for the input. I've had a few pairs of large CVs over the years also. I still have a couple pairs of DX9 in storage, which were later versions of the D9. Really fun speakers. I wonder if the latest version of their big model has improved over the recent versions. I still like the Klipsch sound, with compression drivers for the mids and highs. I always thought about setting some big EV horns on top of the CV boxes, and just using the CV woofer sections for the lows. I still might try that some day... It would be cool to hear the new CVs, not sure if they have local dealers anymore?
  2. Klipsch fan here, just wondering if anyone has heard CVs like the XLS 215s? They definitely look interesting! I think the previous version of the big model got some positive reviews. I'm just curious how their sound compared to bigger Klipsch?
  3. Is this still available? Thanks
  4. They look like EV manufacturered, but I could be wrong.
  5. Now there's some speakers! Haha they look enormous and badass.
  6. Great, thanks
  7. Emailed a couple times about khorn faces for shipping cost, but apparently that's not an option.
  8. Blah, I was hoping someone here would have gotten them.
  9. https://columbus.craigslist.org/ele/6217007773.html
  10. I have a pair of those exact horns. Great sound! Looking good ☺️
  11. Looking forward to seeing it! Those Yamahas are gorgeous and sound great too.
  12. Thanks for the parts listed! That's very helpful. I will definitely be trying these when I get my Chorus II back out of storage.
  13. Sweet! Sounds like a fun project. What gauge wire did you pick for the two inductors?
  14. Do you have any pictures or parts list? I'm definitely interested!
  15. Great deal. I would have already jumped on these myself, if I didn't have the Beyma version.