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  1. I don't think the midranges on these ever had ferrofluid. I've never seen it in any Klipsch home midrange compression drivers. Tweeters yes, midrange no. Cool speakers! Sounds like a fun project.
  2. Good luck with your search! I just hooked up my rebuilt 2230 with the KLF 30s, and wow, what a great sound. I think there is something to the retro cap-coupled amps and Klipsch/horn speakers.
  3. You can find some really nice small tables, often with welded steel frames, at discount clothing stores like Marshall's or TJ Maxx. I bought a couple that work great for wider speakers like these.
  4. Looks like they have the larger, rarer EV T-350 mounted vertically on the side of the the midrange horn. Those are pretty valuable, and sound excellent. Not sure if they have those horizontal K77 hooked up too? Lol lotta hf output there. Good luck, let us know more!
  5. My T-5000s have ribbed cones, not smooth. Are you sure these aren't T-500? I checked mine when I recapped them. Billybob is correct. Maybe they used two different cones? Could be!
  6. I have the 15 inch PA version, they are great! These have a much nicer cabinet too. Worth checking out!
  7. As others have mentioned, it looks very fixable. Keep us updated! I enjoy my KLF 30s very much.
  8. Very nice drivers! Super efficient and go relatively high. GLWS
  9. Off topic here, are these substantially better sounding compared to K33 for midrange? Is the bass that much different? My mid-80s home lascalas came with K43. I left them in there. I did pick up a pair of K33s from here, that I might try swapping in some day. I haven't been in a big hurry, there are sooo many screws on the bottom plates and it's generally a pain for me at least. Thanks, good luck to OP! Looks like he found what he needed. 👍
  10. Oh fun! Price going up lol
  11. Congrats on the new owner. Has anyone compared these to K55M? Just curious! Thanks
  12. Great speakers, very solid also. GLWS!
  13. He literally raised his price 450 while I was in the middle talking to him. Ummm okay lol good luck with that.
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