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  1. Jimjimbo made me do it ...

    The backs can't simply be re-glued? The Atlas diaphragm apparently fits the EV by removing the gasket. I understand the EV driver doesn't have original manufacturer parts for them anymore. I'm curious if anyone has tried them with new Atlas diaphragms, and compared to the other dual phase plug units. Thanks
  2. Chorus II passive raditor

    Looks good! Does it fit the Chorus woofer cutout?
  3. Jimjimbo made me do it ...

    For some reason, the EV-made dual-phase plug K55M don't seem to bring the high $$ that the Atlas-made dual-phase plug K55V does. Since we know from Bob Crites that that K55M can accept K55V diaphragms with minor modifications, has anyone compared the EV with new diaphragms, or even without? Just curious!
  4. 1990 Klipschorns Model Type B

    Bob Crites shows how to fit Atlas K55V diaphragms into K55M on his website. Those are still available. https://critesspeakers.com/rebuilding_a_k-77m.html
  5. Black KG 3.5s For Sale, Minnesota

    Craigslist is rough. I've posted items on there recently, way below Ebay pricing. All I get is low-ball offers from flippers. Good luck though!
  6. Horn adaptor for K-77 replacement

    Where can you buy those horns without drivers? I'd like to try those, but have plenty of drivers already. Looks sweet.
  7. Black KG 3.5s For Sale, Minnesota

    Great speakers! I'm still impressed at how big they sound. Added some bass eq and they were rattling my bedroom. Good luck with your sale!
  8. Chorus for $300 in Tampa, FL

  9. Jimjimbo made me do it ...

    Let us know what you think of them, with new diaphragms installed. I wonder how much difference can be attributed to fresh diaphragms.
  10. KG 3.5 vs. KG 4

    I have both, and I think they're both great! Even better with Crites Ti. I recapped mine also, with Jantzen poly caps and Dayton house brand electrolytic caps from Parts Express. I'd definitely check out the KG4s if the price isn't much different, however.
  11. Vintage Stereo Amps-Receivers - $850

    Don't feel too bad. They probably sold for a lot more than 850.
  12. Vintage Stereo Amps-Receivers - $850

    That's unreal. I'm sure the price will be bid up by collectors/flippers.
  13. Alert Question Pair of Tangent 500 for $500

    Yikes, those a little rough for that kind of money. Maybe it's just the dented-in dust caps.
  14. Alert Question Pair of Tangent 500 for $500

    I think the Tangent 5000 are killer, and the Tangent 500 appear to be very similar. I would give them a listen, perhaps make an offer below 500. Sound wise, they are definitely worth it.