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  1. Nice deal! If only I had a use for those.
  2. Forte II with Marantz 2238b

    A recap of the crossover might help too. It worked wonders with my Tangent T-5000 (similar to Fortes). I used Jantzen crossover caps from Parts Express.
  3. Sony ES222 SACD PLAYER

    Dang! Lol
  4. Sony ES222 SACD PLAYER

    Pm sent!
  5. F.S. Volti FC260 Horns

    Great horns. I enjoy mine also. Good luck with your sale!
  6. Newbie Klipschorn owner here...

    Awesome find!!
  7. Klipsch Cornwall 3 duration, how long they last?

    Periodically check and tighten the screws on the woofers if necessary. They can loosen over time with bass heavy music.
  8. Forte cloth sag!

    As long as the frames are plastic and not some kind of pressed fiber board. I'm going to assume that they're plastic, but I've had the misfortune of trying to wash some other vintage speakers grills in the shower, only to find them swell up and become totally misshapen afterwards. Whoops.
  9. All of you will think I'm crazy!

    Someone else discovers how great those Synergy SBs are! ☺️ I have some SB-3 and they are indeed killer.
  10. Klipschorns in Parkersbug WV

    I THOUGHT those looked familiar! I like the black too. Good luck with your sale!
  11. Klipsch vs Cerwin Vega?

    Holy crap! You had 7 of those monsters?! Wow. Bummer that the new model doesn't have the same low bass. I wonder why the heck they changed the tuning. Thanks for the photos! 😃
  12. PROCEED AMP 5 $1,000 FOR SALE

    I borrowed one to try in my system, years ago. Flipping heavy! It sounded great.
  13. Klipsch vs Cerwin Vega?

    I'm a big vintage Infinity fan. They definitely made some great speakers. I can't say I'm surprised that KLF were winners, though. I've never heard that series of Infinity, but I see them for sale fairly often on Craigslist. They must have sold a lot of them. Big CVs sell pretty quickly around here. Klipsch too, if course.
  14. Want To Buy Luxman R-117 or R-115

    R115 is a great sounding receiver. Very dynamic and clear without being fatiguing. Good luck in your hunt!