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  1. CL:Tangent by Klipsch (St.Pete)

    Looks like T500. Killer speakers, especially for that kind of money! Definitely worth checking out.
  2. JBL Studio 590s

    Wow, that's pretty bizarre that they were bottoming out so easily! How much power were u giving them? With a woofer that beefy, I'm surprised by that.
  3. Rectilinear?

    Another Rectilinear III Lowboy owner here. Really special speakers! They needed fresh replacement caps to sound their best.
  4. JBL Studio 590s

    That's not bad at all! I'm very interested in your impressions of the 530 vs the 590 with subs.
  5. JBL Studio 590s

    Those drivers are really impressive! How much are replacements from JBL?
  6. JBL Studio 590s

    Thanks for the review! I was seriously tempted to try them, but my gf didn't like the looks. The sale is over anyhow, so it's probably for the best. I already have plenty of Klipsch around the house anyhow. Enjoy them! ☺️
  7. Yamaha MX-1000 CX-800 Pre Amp EQ-630 TX-930

    Price please.
  8. Mono price tube amp with phono for $329.

    Wow that looks great. Is it remote controlled volume? Or do you use your smartphone to adjust?
  9. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    Cool!! Yeah, let us know what you think. ☺️
  10. Sansui 9090db and Palladium P37f's

    Gotta love those 8080/9090 DB or non. I just rotated my 9090db into the upstairs setup. Sansui+Klipsch magic! ☺️
  11. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    It looks like they're still on sale? At least in my browser. But if they're not high efficiency, then that's definitely a factor. My significant other doesn't like the looks of the JBL lol.
  12. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    A pretty informative Aussie Pdf review with some JBL history here: http://i.nextmedia.com.au/avhub/australian-hifi_reviews_2013_2013-08_jbl-studio-590-loudspeakers-review.pdf
  13. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    They can be found for 900/pair shipped from Newegg.com. They list for 2000/pair.
  14. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

  15. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    Apparently these go on sale for half-off, and they definitely look cool. Just wondering if anyone here has checked them out? Supposed to be getting good reviews. http://www.jbl.com/loudspeakers/STUDIO+590.html