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  1. absolve2525

    WTS Tangent 5000s

    These are killer speakers! The woofer is a beefed-up vented model. They will go low with the front facing passive, and sound amazing with Crites Ti diaphragms and a recap. They do use Heresy 2 crossovers, as I saw it printed on the circuit board during my recap. Great deal! You won't be disappointed, even if the cabinets aren't as sturdy as the old school Heritage models. GLWS!
  2. absolve2525

    FS - Walnut Oil KG4s

    Gotta like those KG4s. I already have two pair, always a pleasure to listen to. Good luck with your sale!
  3. absolve2525

    EV Horns

    Those are actually good sounding horns and generally well-regarded. Seems like a decent deal.
  4. absolve2525

    WTB - Chorus II pair

    Email sent.
  5. absolve2525

    Mint Musical Fidelity M2si Integrated!-SOLD!

  6. absolve2525

    CL: Parasound Amps (Ocala)

    I love the Parasound HCA stereo amps from that era!
  7. I recently acquired a second pair of oak KG4, which I figured I'd possibly stack for fun. I replaced the old electrolyic caps and installed Crites Ti diaphragms. I noticed that one pair has ferrofluid in the tweeters, while the other does not. I don't recall my other KG4 pair from long ago, having the fluid. I left it alone for now, since it wasn't dried up and still wet. Do any other KG4 users have the fluid, or can comment on if it makes any audible difference? Thanks!
  8. absolve2525

    Sale on speaker wire

    Thanks for the heads up on the sale. I've been meaning to buy another spool of this cable. It sounds great with Klipsch!
  9. absolve2525

    Kenwood KA-9100 for sale

    Those vintage Kenwoods look fantastic and sound just as great. GLWS!
  10. absolve2525


    The 2220 is a great sounding receiver! It's sound quality is up the same high standards as the highly regarded 2230. GLWS
  11. absolve2525

    WTB. SET 45 stereo or monos, Anyone ?

    Wow looks really nice!
  12. Oh gosh! I wasn't aware of this. So sad 😔. He was so knowledgeable!
  13. absolve2525

    For the next backyard party...

    Holy smokes!
  14. absolve2525

    Wtb Belle La Scala ohio - found a pair! Thanks everyone

    What is going on in this thread??