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  1. absolve2525


    The 2220 is a great sounding receiver! It's sound quality is up the same high standards as the highly regarded 2230. GLWS
  2. absolve2525

    WTB. SET 45 stereo or monos, Anyone ?

    Wow looks really nice!
  3. absolve2525

    Klipschorns ?

    Holy smokes!
  4. Oh gosh! I wasn't aware of this. So sad 😔. He was so knowledgeable!
  5. absolve2525

    For the next backyard party...

    Holy smokes!
  6. absolve2525

    Wtb Belle La Scala ohio - found a pair! Thanks everyone

    What is going on in this thread??
  7. absolve2525

    Titanium diaphragm or not ?

    I agree, the Ti diaphragms are great. Swapped them in KG 3.5, KG4, KLF10, Tangent 5000, Chorus 2... Always sounds more open and addictive.
  8. absolve2525

    Tangent T-5000s - $300 Phoenix AZ

    Link https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/d/entire-system-for-sale/6603648075.html. I'm a big T5000 fan. Floor-standing Heresy 2 sound with big bass.
  9. absolve2525

    Altecs on EBTH and they don't know what they have...

    Well, they went for $475. Maybe they would have sold for more if they had shown the woofers inside. Anyone here get them? Too far for me, and that pickup time window is ridiculous.
  10. absolve2525

    KG 3.5s $125, Madison WI area

    Great speakers!
  11. absolve2525

    Altecs on EBTH and they don't know what they have...

    My guess, they'll end up going for $1000. Who knows what woofer is in there.
  12. absolve2525

    FS: Crites Titanium Tweeter Diaphragms

    Pm sent
  13. absolve2525


    What did you strip them with? Looks great!
  14. I'm sick of Monoprice running out of stock immediately. I tried to buy a spool of OFC 12g speaker cable, the main item on my order, and they told me out of stock after shipping out the other items. They're always out of stock on it, and it said IN stock when I placed the order. Just cancel my damned order next time so I don't have to pay shipping again. The amps look great, if you can actually get your hands on one. End of rant!
  15. absolve2525

    Marantz 2330 B bass issue with Hersey Speakers

    Yes! Deoxit! 2330B is one of my absolute favorites. Definitely give that shot. There are a lot of switches and buttons that need to be cleaned over time.