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  1. Yeah, the new ones look really nice! I'd be curious to know your opinions if you decide to get them. Thanks
  2. Kind of a long shot, but members on here might have some non-klipsch parts! I picked up some gear included with boxes of records, and I need one of these in good shape measuring around 4 ohms. It's okay if dome is dented, as long as cone is OK. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I understand they're unique for sure. I mention it since the EV DH2A or DH1506 looked like a similar diaphragm layout. I'm not sure of the phase plug on the Epic driver since I haven't opened one up. They seem to sell diapghrams for everything under the sun on Ebay. I am hesitant to open mine, I know diaphragms can get destroyed that way if they're stuck on.
  4. I'm wondering if any other brand diaphragms will fit the horn driver, perhaps with modifications? I thought I read this somewhere a while back. Like an EV diaphragm?
  5. Just curious, in case I ever need one for my KV4/Epic center channel. Looks like Crites doesn't carry much in the way of phragms anymore, aside from tweeter ones. I wonder if I could convert it to a KLF C7 center, since their diapghram would fit. I know id need a new compression driver, though. The woofers seem similar enough, although it's neodymium vs ceramic. I'd have to possibly change the crossover also. I'll have find the schematics for comparison. Anyway, thanks for any input!
  6. 10K used? Generic black with a little racing stripe and an unclosed horn bolted on top. Guess the licensing fee was expensive!
  7. Did anyone from the forums buy them??
  8. They started out at 500. Then went to 750. Maybe it's better not to post alerts here, if it just bumps the price up! What the heck.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/938155017556199/?mibextid=dXMIcH no affiliation
  10. Sorry man, it happens! I had some Tangents with that issue. You can probably pull them and glue them with some craft glue if it's bothering you. I just left mine alone and still sounded fine. Good luck with your search.
  11. Thanks, I've wanted one for a long time! It's really sounding great. I don't know who made the case, but they did a good job.
  12. Thanks! I bought it from an individual who had it posted FS with a recap/relight kit, extra power switch, and the reproduction wood case. They decided to move, and needed the money apparently. The tuner wasn't working when I bought it. Apparently two resistors were burnt. My tech fixed that along with finishing the recap kit. I started it, but wasn't real comfortable working on the complex bits inside. I bought some new Tung Sol power tubes and they're breaking in nicely!
  13. Fisher 800C back from shop recapped! Hooked up to KLF30 currently.
  14. Did you recap your stock crossovers? I have a set of Speakerlab Ks, and found that it made a big difference. I would also check to make sure the woofer is 4 ohms, as suggested by TigerwoodKhorns. They made a K crossover for an 8 ohm woofer too. I picked up a set of that 8 ohm woofer crossover board a few years ago. Yes pics definitely!
  15. This one is sold also. Thanks for the interest
  16. These three are sold. I have another available that has been opened and used by me. Works fine, I have original box and cables. I still have the digital cable.
  17. I have three of these, all unused. Two are unopened. On one, the plastic tab came off the packaging. I have one Fospower Toslink to Mini Toslink 3ft cable unopened. It gives you digital output from the 3.5MM jack to Regular Toslink. 65 shipped each, 6.50 for the digital cable if someone wants that with theirs. PayPal friends and family
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