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  1. Pack it up, mods. They sold!
  2. Maybe eventually. I still have a lot of work to do to some speakers I’m building before cracking open a brand new amp. I heard the “Skunky mods” are winners?
  3. I’ve been on the Decware list for a year, and still am. I wanted to find a versatile, affordable, point to point tube amp, with a big enough difference in sound signature that I would get use out of both once the decware comes. A brand new, sealed in box Willsenton R8 came up on Facebook an exit up the road for $500 off so I brought it home. Merry Christmas to me. It’s wonderful.
  4. Agreed, if you don’t want the work and aren’t married to the elliptical look, the WG45-50 is a great horn.
  5. I almost bought em for the drivers alone. Just the wrong time of the year. Enjoy! did you buy all three?
  6. That image has been used in scam after scam for at least a year now, popping up all over.
  7. Facebook Marketplace Ad Im not affiliated. In fact, I think these are 4’s but could be 3’s. Either way, great deal.
  8. Pm me. I’m in south Nashville and would like to hear what you’re thinking.
  9. Those are k-45’s. Different impedance. I got tired of looking/waiting for 904’s a long time ago which is how this all came about.
  10. But my itch to experiment wasn’t satisfied. So when a marketplace ad for Peavey FH-1’s with their woofers installed came up 30 minutes from me, I messaged the seller 15 minutes after he posted them and had them in my Jeep within the hour! All for the total cost of $140! Suddenly, I had an inexpensive (if not free once I sell the black widow woofers) opportunity to test my folded horn theory. using some insulation strips on the lip, some polyfil, new wiring, and some nice rubber feet, I had my first ever completely horn-loaded speaker. After some simple time aligning the HF section and getting rid of the “foot” angling the speakers up to bring the HF section lower (not shown) - these things sound INCREDIBLE. So now, I think I have my bones and guts worked out. Now it’s just a matter of putting it all together in a better looking shell.
  11. I have the kp-48’s… and after stumbling on a thread here where discussion led to installing k-48’s in folded horns I starting doing some research on building a Lascala bin vs the conventional kpt-335 bin. I spoke with my woodworking friend about this option, detailed the budget, but also spent several weeks eyeing Facebook marketplace. in the meantime, I “sacrificed” my kp-301’s to use them as prototype bass bins. This gave me what I could expect from the final product if I go the conventional route and it sounded wonderful.
  12. Thanks 001, but as it was said, these were components purchased in pieces. Nothing to restore here. Just parts for which to design a cabinet. The first step was to build a prototype of the HF section I could test and tune with. A couple of hours and some plywood and we got there. once that was done, I could wire them up to whatever woofer cabinet I want to test different LF section ideas. first test was with my KLF 30’s. (Mainly just to hear them in the room they will most likely end up occupying)
  13. No affiliation https://montgomery.craigslist.org/msg/d/montgomery-klipsch-heresy-pro-audio/7611613250.html $250 at time of post
  14. Haha I’ve had that happen before - Even with a legit sale. They’ll price it, go to sleep, wake up the next morning, realize the value, ghost or reject everyone, bump the price and try again.
  15. I’d be cautious around this one. I messaged him this morning that they were hundreds underpriced and he only raised the price by $50 in response. Just weird. And idk why but the pictures look familiar. I could be wrong, and if you live out there and these work, I hope I am wrong and you have a wonderful weekend after picking these up!: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/567834225330075/?mibextid=6ojiHh $200… update now $400
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