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  1. This would be the most bad *** set of height speakers…
  2. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/625271296061450/ not affiliated
  3. Hello fellow pro-series addicts! I have a slightly mismatched pair of KP-301s and I’m in search of a single KP-301 to use as a center channel (just has to be the same as one of the two I have). They are both series one, cloth-grills, but one is a 30.b crossover and the other is a 30.a. (I will also consider a well-priced pair, but the price would have to be great) I live in Nashville, TN. I am willing to make a drive on a Friday that could be done within a workday, round-trip. thanks for your time and attention, Alex
  4. revrseat70

    Heresy I

    Exact same ad was posted in the Nashville area this week. It’s a scam.
  5. Update: After just 2 demo songs, they are sold to good, local home. Thanks for the looks. All original components, including the K-42’s, are present and fully functional. I recently sanded them and filled in some nicks but they have withstood 40 years of use very well. The original, signed stickers are still attached (though these are not consecutive serial numbers - I believe all these factors are reflected in the asking price) The raw birch with black components is striking in person. I may regret this, but I simply don’t have a place for them in my rotation. They sound phenomenal, but really should be used as mini-corner-horns, to which I do not have a perfect room for that where other speakers don’t already occupy. Sonically, it’s hard to believe these are of this vintage and of this design. With that K42, there’s plenty of grunt, but they really shine with instrumental and vocals. These rarely come up for sale. I really don’t want to ship. Please take care of them and let them sing! $900 for the pair. (Nashville, TN area) Thank you for your time and consideration. Alex More Pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yQSwunNPOCcNZfIeM_DLywIsyovv1Cuy?usp=sharing
  6. I have some HI-SM decorators. Just about done refinishing them. In Nashville
  7. This is weird and quirky - these are custom made mini KHorns in Anderson, SC listed for $2k. Not affiliated https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/858566148882246/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A25523211-1544-4513-92ad-ca749640d880
  8. If this is legit, run https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/481782593772842/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A25523211-1544-4513-92ad-ca749640d880 not affiliated
  9. https://knoxville.craigslist.org/ele/d/middlesboro-klipsch-heresy-ii/7527305523.html not affiliated, just wish I was closer.
  10. She bumped it up. Guess she got some traffic?
  11. No affiliation. I won’t be able to make the drive before these are gone so it might as well be one of us! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/442584021129623/ listed for $300
  12. Here are the panels. I will open them up and take some pictures of the components. I already found what they used to replace the woofers: a 250 watt 12” guitar woofer by “studio pro”. so that’s a bummer hopefully that’s the only component that will need actual replacement besides recapping. Right now the plan is to sand them down and repair the chipped corners with some wood cement. Once I see what that looks like I’ll decide whether I want to stain or maybe even try veneering?! id hate to lose those exposed ply edges though…
  13. So i believe this is my first post on the forum, but I picked them up. It was honestly the most uneasy I’ve ever felt conducting a marketplace deal. The older gentleman is selling what appeared to be pro la scalas as well. But I took a look at these and wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. (Imagine dealing with the most rude, old wanna be godfather, trapped in his compound with guard dogs dingy rooms horse/zebra hybrids in the front yard, and the gate closed behind you) Sound wise, I’d say they were a good deal. I have no interest to restore them as an investment to make money, but rather to dip my toe into resto-modding. (Sorry if that offends but all my other Klipsch started off much nicer and are in beautiful condition) For background: I currently own KLF30s for face melting 2 ch, Forte Is for relaxing 2ch, mint KG4s, an RP series HT system, KSB 3.1s as desk monitors, and now these. I have plenty of questions for an approach and even what I’m looking at, as I picked these up for possibly an office (mini-corner horn esque) 2.1 ch setup and to try heresy’s at a low cost of entry. But I will say these are mismatched (both have their tags - one a black tag listed with HI - SM, and the other a silver plate that says HI ) but I didn’t notice until I got home (again - the purchase experience actually made me nervous) I will post pics in the next day or so and maybe you can help me decide what to do with them. Alex
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