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  1. HI all! I recently acquired these Klipsch La Scala loudspeakers built in the 80's ('88 possibly). They are in immaculate condition and are in their original shipping boxes. Unfortunately they have the original AL crossover, which I've read isn't ideal. That being said, I'm curious what the current/fair going rate is for these. I've read they could be worth between $1500-$3000 depending on the condition. Images here: https://imgur.com/a/EICP5qN
  2. Hi there! After a few years of wonderful listening, I am selling my beloved Forte 1s with dark green grills. Consecutive serial numbers. To my knowledge I am the second owner and previous owner upgraded the speakers to Crites crossovers. I believe the tweeters are also Crites but I'm not certain. The sound is excellent. I've also applied a few coats of Tung Oil which give them a very nice finish. Two notes: 1) the white mark on the top of one speaker is just from paper left on it and can be removed - the veneer is not damaged. 2) The slight mark on the left of one of the speaker grills is just because it is slightly pushed in and is a light effect. It can also be easily fixed. I still have the original boxes for shipment. I can ship these but much prefer local pick up in Madison NJ. Speaker Specifications - Each: WEIGHT: 56 Ibs./25.4 kg DIMENSIONS: Height: 35-3/8" (89.9 cm) Width: 16-1/2" (41.9 cm) Depth: 12" (30.5 cm) See original brochure here: forte-brochure.pdf (klipsch.com) Pictures to follow Listing at discount to other channels for Klipsch audiophiles
  3. Pair of Klipsch K-55-V Alnico Magnet serial numbers 16449 & 16450. Measure 10.4 & 10.5 DCR on RadioShack MultiMeter. Atlas Sound manufacturer, original 1 3/8 18 threads, original 2" diaphragms, original spring loaded terminals. They were mounted on K-600 metal horns (1973 Cornwalls), though were utilized with appropriate horns on Heritage Klipschorn's, La Scala's, and Hersey's. No issues, just thinning the herd. $175 (PayPal net), plus $25 USPS shipping within contiguous 48.
  4. Two pair of KHorns I just saw. Here's the link and yea I should be all over them! See what happens when your out of room? https://www.proxibid.com/Burns-Auction-Appraisal-LLC/Gold-Silver-Gems-Coins-Art-Antiques-More/event-catalog/231704?srch=&srchloc=true&ipp=100&sort=0
  5. I have three of these, all unused. Two are unopened. On one, the plastic tab came off the packaging. I have one Fospower Toslink to Mini Toslink 3ft cable unopened. It gives you digital output from the 3.5MM jack to Regular Toslink. 65 shipped each, 6.50 for the digital cable if someone wants that with theirs. PayPal friends and family
  6. I haven't been here in years, after I bought my 1980 Khorns! Sold the Khorns and bought the CW's! Right after I bought the CW's I was offered the Altec's Model 19's. In walnut and just prefer the vintage equipment. There is No doubt the CW's best the Model 19's but just prefer vintage. Come pick and hear them! I just bought these Beautiful Klipsch Cornwall IV's in late June (less then month ago)! These were bought new (not B stock or trade in) with boxes and manuals. Just after I bought these a guy I know wanted to sell me his Altec Model 19's! The Cornwalls are much better sounding but I'm more a vintage person. These cost 6600$ plus shipping and taxes, if you went to buy them. I'm offering a great firm price of 5200$ you come get them. There is not a mark on them and only a couple hours! Consecutive serial numbered! I'm 25 minutes East of Knoxville Tn by Pigeon Forge (Dollywood) If, using PayPal buyer pay the fees of approx 150$ THE ALTEC MODEL 19 IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE!! Trying to add pictures! But here is link. (hope allowed) https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649879288-klipsch-cornwalls-ivs-american-walnut-like-new-with-boxes-great-price/
  7. Sold all three speakers Best bang for the buck instant upgrade path available today. You are not going to find anyone else offering to deliver these to you with the kind of care and handling I am providing here. Save your time and your back. For LCR this is your best bet for your front end. Keep the Forte II vertical without a riser so it sits as low as possible. Mount your TV, get a rack and loose that old console, then sell your old center channel that has always been lacking and problematic. Replace your mains with the Chorus II's and move your mains to surround, rear, or another room. Condition: Conservatively speaking these were are all well kept by the original owners (2) in private non-smoking, non-pet homes All original, all drivers, passives, are all fully functional and have no visible signs of wear. Grills are black, clean with no tears, runs, or holes Chorus II are 8.5/10, consecutive serial numbers, 1/2" veneer chip on the riser corner Forte II is 6.5/10, has no riser and a few scratches, but I can make you a new riser if required (add $125) My Location: Fall River, Wisconsin 53932 Terms of sale: $1600 come and pickup your next LCR front stage. Testing onsite. Enjoy my listening spaces, or... Exclusive to Klipsch Forum Members only with a post count of 15. Have these delivered to your door. I am the delivery man. I will not hand off to any service. $1800 within 300 loaded miles of my address. Limited time only. I will make special arrangements for anyone near, or on the way, to Lexington, KY.
  8. Had these on my last speakers. Don’t really work with the Cornwall’s made a nice difference with the Elacs and gave them more mid bass umph. Very mint paypal F&F only- check our Polk forum with same username for my sales and rep. $350 shipped - firm lower 48 only.
  9. Klipsch Epic CF3 Cherrywood. Original owner, non smoking house, pretty much mint condition. Local pickup 60510. $750.
  10. 314carpenter


    SOLD This is the original. Firmware is up to date. This is not the Google Assistant version, and not the current version II either. Includes everything it came with new. Box, packing, manual, remote, cord, and most importantly the Klipsch The Three Walnut tabletop speaker. It will come in a well packed and padded box of appropriate size and will ship USPS. Forum members only please (post count 10+). I prefer that commentary be in PM. If you have a question about the sale you can PM me that also. Please Do Not Post in this thread unless you intend to purchase. If you want to ask general questions, make suggestions, or provide your opinions, there are other threads here to do so. Please understand this is a sale thread and not intended as discussion thread. I will gladly chat with you on the regular threads.
  11. These are ‘82s or ‘84s, cabinets are raw birch (condition maybe 8.5) modified with ALK extreme slope XOs (ES500 ES5800), original AL crossovers included.
  12. I have a single k33j pulled from a 59-60 Klipsch shorthorn. Very nice vintage condition and sounded great when it was hooked up. Appears to be a branded p15-LL round alnico used in the early 60ies Khorns and Cornwalls. 300$ plus shipping and fees from Tennessee. Or I can hand deliver within 100 miles of Chattanooga. Thanks
  13. Got these in a recent trade deal, but have sold all my La Scala & Belles. Comes with both sets of brackets. 500$ plus shipping and fees. Or can meet 100 miles around Chattanooga. Thanks
  14. Sold: got too many skillets on the grill and need to move some projects. Here is a great start to a Super Heresy project. I was going to do HIP style boxes.... k42 k55v k79 typeE XOs. 800$ Local pick up in Chattanooga or might travel a bit to meet. Thanks
  15. The wife put the kabosh on my dream setup I have been building for my new house. And yes I considered getting rid of her. Now I’m in the market for in-walls..ughh🙄 Kl-650THX Ultra2 (pair $1,800.) Condition: 1st Brand new in box 2nd Brand new in box but has cosmetic damage on rear corner from shipping. (Perfect for behind screen setup) KS-525THX Ultra2 (pair $850.) Condition: Mint. Still in original factory foam mould. Aragon 3005 THX Ultra 2 (Not sure I want to sell but everything is for sale) Condition: Mint. No major scratches or blemishes These things must weigh 100lbs. Onkyo THX Ultra2 PR-SC885 ($400.) Condition: Mint. No major scratches or blemishes Monster HTPS 7000 MKll Powersource (Undecided) Condition: Mint. Still has protective film along with manual and sticker labels for cords I have a lot invested in this setup. I’ll consider any reasonable offers for the whole setup. **it won’t let me upload all the pictures. If you pm me I can send all the pics to email.
  16. Hello Folks, I have for sale two matching consecutive number Klipsh La Scalas I purchased new at Superior Sound in Syracuse,NY . I believe 1978 or 1979. They were professional finished when new. I also had covers made for them when new. To me fit and finish they are a strong 8 on a 1 to 10 scale. They are in my loft a I don't use them. They are amazing to listen to and experience. I appreciate any help on what they are worth. I'm located in Tallahassee, Fl. Thanks Jon
  17. Serial numbers 4W356 and 4W357. $2,000. All original I believe. They were my Dad's but I just don't have room for them unfortunately.
  18. 314carpenter


    Deal is now dead.
  19. 314carpenter


    I know the flipper just paid $700 for them yesterday from a guy I talked to earlier. I was told I could have had them for $575. I wish this CL flipper would buy my stuff when I have something FS.
  20. 314carpenter


    Klipsch Floor Speakers - $800 Excellent condition 12" Deep, 16 1/2" wide, 35 1/2 tall cash only please https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/ele/d/rosemount-klipsch-floor-speakers/7158229227.html Looks to be in not the best condition Oiled oak. Faded brown grills. I am not posting photos of other peoples sales for any reason. Thanks for looking.
  21. These are one of a kind! A very special custom finish using only top quality products. I enjoy doing this kind of work, and want to share this set with you. Dyed in layers using Yellow, Amber, Orange, Cinnamon. Multiple shellac wash coats were applied at various stages. Java stain provided the depth needed to make the grain really express itself. Top coated with 3 coats of satin lacquer. The grills have been washed clean. The backs and fronts have been cleaned. You will not find this level of quality anywhere in a used speaker. If you like I could even include my signature on them, but that is not necessary. More photos down in the thread below. Any forum members (post count >10) who want the original hi-rez photos sent via email, send me a PM. Link to Klipsch Epic series brochure Serial # 342598164 Serial # 342598165 Born on Friday December 8, 1995 V3 All stock, except for the custom finish, and in 99% perfect condition. One owner before me. If you want to mod these in any way, I can provide assistance, or just mod them for you If you just want some Dynamat, I have enough on hand to do that. Details on the sale are as follows: Exclusive sale to the Klipsch Community. Forum members only with a minimum of 10 posts at the time of offer please. I will deliver the pair myself directly to the address of your choosing once the sale is finalized.* *Locations where I will deliver to are as follows Alabama Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Michigan Minnesota Missouri (Northern) Nebraska (Eastern) North Carolina (Western) North Dakota South Dakota Ohio South Carolina (Western) Tennessee Virginia (Western) West Virginia Wisconsin I put over a week of work into these and all you have to do is sit in your chair and smile when they show up. No Trades. No discounts. No haggle. ** Terms will apply until June 1st, 2020 or later. Don't forget to hit the like button😁
  22. 314carpenter


    https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/d/rolling-meadows-jbl-vintage-speakers/7115541799.html (circa 1992-95) Original MSRP in 1995 was $1000 each. The spice of life. Only posting because they are a personal recommendation of mine as a reasonably priced upgrade to anyone looking to change it up within the JBL side of life. The L7 is a cross between a 250Ti and a L100T3, being that it is the replacement 4 way design of the former and keeping the tweeter of the later used here as a supertweeter extending to 27Khz. The 5" tweeter is new for this 1992 model. The 8" is a new take on what made the 250Ti so smooth. The bass is provided with a side mounted Aquaplas 12" This L7 has a very flat and very neutral frequency response. No horns or waveguides here. The price to performance in this one is really fantastic. There is a whole series of these, so multichannel options are there as well, although a proper center was never developed for them. http://www.lansingheritage.org/html/jbl/specs/home-speakers/1992-l-series.htm
  23. GONE Original box and original packing material are included A copy of the Soundsmith invoice will be included. A printed copy of the manual will be provided. Shipping will be paid by you. If you don't know, ask me. I am happy to help Please discuss pricing and offers in private messages(PM) Description of the service work completed by The Soundsmith Corporation on June 2015 Sumo Electra serial #: clean chassis of dust & dirt, replace defective pre-out and tape in/out RCA jack assemlies, replace all electrolytic capacitors with upgraded parts, locate & repair fatigued, cracked or overheated solder joints, replace burned/out of spec components, test all inputs, reliability test performed, 1 tamper proof label affixed. 6 hours labor charged Completed rebuild cost from invoice $813.50 plus shipping Link to the video report on Soundsmith by Stereophile https://www.stereophile.com/content/soundsmiths-peter-ledermann-building-mastering-and-giving-back Designed by James Bongiorno who's long and storied career spans two entirely distinct eras, from Hadley, Dynaco, Marantz, and SAE in the 1960s, to Constellation Audio in the second decade of the 21st century. Bongiorno designed amplifiers in six different decades, working alongside other industry legends such as Richard Sequerra, Sidney Smith, David Hafler, Morris Kessler, John Curl, and Bascom King. Bongiorno will best be remembered for Great American Sound (GAS), the company he founded in 1974 after leaving SAE. The GAS Ampzilla power amplifier was an instant classic, outperforming many much more expensive amplifiers and sending ripples through the industry. Bongiorno was eventually forced out and the company folded a few years later. He quickly founded a new company, Sumo Electric Company, Ltd., to bring his circuits to moderately priced products. As with GAS, disputes between business partners led to Sumo’s premature demise. Everything about Electra's design underlines Sumo engineering's fanatic attention to detail. While other preamps give you volume controls, Electra provides laser-trimmed stepped attenuators for volume, bass treble and balance. These controls will pass high frequency square waves with no apparent distortion, and offer near-perfect channel to channel tracking. 1% metal film resistors are used throughout the signal path. The phono preamp stage for moving coil cartridges is both fully complementary and DC coupled, as is the FET magnetic phono stage. The entire preamplifier remains in phase from input to output. Even the circuit topology has been configured to reject stray magnetic fields, which can introduce hum and noise into the system. When Electra is used with other Sumo equipment, such as the Andromeda, the interaction is synergistic. The whole is greater than the parts. You will hear a wide, accurate soundstage, incredible dynamic range, astounding definition throughout the audio band. In short, the natural, effortless purity of live music. SPECS Frequency response: 2Hz to 100kHz +/-3db 20Hz-20Khz +/-0.1db Low filter (Quasi-2nd order) 20Hz -3db Total harmonic distortion: 0.01% Gain @1KHz: 68dB (MC), SNR 65db 42dB (MM), SNR 70db 20dB (Tuner, Aux, Tape), SNR 100db Input sensitivity 3V RMS-1KHz: 0.115mV (MC), 2.3mV (MM), 315mV (line) Crosstalk @20KHz -60db, @below 1KHz -80db Dimensions: 19" x 3.5" x 9" Weight: 12lbs. More literature, links, downloads, etc. available upon request
  24. MARANTZ SR 7012 AWESOME AND POWERFUL ..CLEAN SOUND.. 9.2 channel AV Receiver with 200 Watts per channel 4K/60 Hertz full rate pass through, 4:4:4 color resolution, HDR, BT.2020 , Dolby Vision and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) pass through 8 HDMI inputs (incl. 1 front) with full HDCP 2.2 support; 3 HDMI outputs (incl. Zone 2) Dolby Atmos (up to 7.1.4 with an external 2ch amplifier), DTS:X , and Auro 3D built in Built in Wi Fi with 2.4 GigaHertz/5 GigaHertz dual band support; AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Deezer and more PICK UP OR DELIVERY SELLER PAID..
  25. I measured once and ordered twice, both times ending up with capacitors too large for my amp. Both sets are less than a month old; the Jantzens are from Parts Express and the Mundorfs from Sonic Craft just last week. SOLDJantzen Silver Z-Cap, 0.1uF, 1200VDC. Installed, trimmed, less than one hour of use SOLD Mundorf Supreme, 0.1uF, 1400VDC. Never used - installed, trimmed, then removed. Leads trimmed as shown, can include the trimmings from the Jantzens if you want them. Price $12 a pair. $20 for four (mix and match), or $36 for all eight. Prices include shipping in continental US.
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