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  1. Hi Ted thanks for checking. The amp is still for sale.
  2. That's correct, a bit annoying but really not the end of the world. The bias process just needs to be approximate and not exact and apparently only once every few months. I'm a first time tube owner so it's just something to learn. I'm having second thoughts about selling and will likely keep them and if needed put in a set fresh of tubes. Beyond the sound, these also look amazing especially when turned on and warmed up!!!
  3. I would say it's more of a "barebones" or "raw" amp. Nothing to worry about with the exposed board except you shouldn't touch it when the tube is on as you could get an electric shock. Just something to keep in mind and tell any curious guest that comes over - I haven't had any issues . Like all tubes the amp does get warm and the stainless steel + exposed board definitely helps keep it cool(er). It's a heck of an amp. Bob Latino knows what's up. Definitely try to give these a try at some point to see for yourself.
  4. Hi folks, After almost three years of enjoyment, i'm selling my Dynaco ST 70 Bob Latino. For those not familiar, Bob Latino sells modernized versions of the classic Dynaco amplifier with enhanced and improved components. You can see more on his website here http://bob01605.50webs.com/. The result is an excellent amp for the price with great components. I hooked these up to my Klipsch Forte 1s and the sound is..... fantastic. Especially 20 or so minutes in. The unit has "triode" and "pentode" mode, see the two switches in the middle of the amp. These modes are useful to identify the sound you prefer. I would mostly use the amp in triode mode (smaller wattage). I'm selling because I can't take the time to manage the tubes and I'm not so familiar with replacing them, etc. As a result, the unit is fully stock and I have not made any changes to the installed version upon delivery. The unit was fully built by Bob Latino's colleague. My specific unit configuration is VTA ST-70 wired and tested with the EL34 tube set and capacitor upgrade. I am located in New Jersey and prefer to sell locally but can sell nationwide too if there is interest. Please see photos below and feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!
  5. Falcar - you didn't mention anywhere that you wanted to stick to Heritage. I would be more open minded in the future. Forum members responded to your questions thoughtfully and suggested Pro as well as Heritage models. They are just trying to help. The least you can do is be respectful in return.
  6. That's encouraging thx Marvel. I hope to find something not too expensive. Yep TCSMs looks like the professional ideal setup. I like analog and old schools setups like doors 😁 much more charisma !!! The rest of my system will be analog too - tubes and vinyl
  7. That's an excellent idea. Thank you USNRET and jimjimbo. Solid wood will project so much better than cardboard! Cheers, Alex
  8. Cardboard boxes were my initial idea since they are relatively more simple.
  9. Hi folks, It's been a while since my last post but I am still a passionate Klipsch fan (perhaps more than ever!). I am hosting a small gathering in a few weeks and plan to take my Khorns for some fresh air (outside). These are '79 Khorns and need some wall support for optimal sound projection. I was hoping you could advise me on how to build performing yet easy to make walls to replicate right angle corners of a room. My current plan is to go to Lowe's / Home Depot / UHaul and buy some big boxes that I can use specifically for this purpose. Also, in terms of positioning, do you recommend I keep them as if they were in a square/rectangular room? I plan to test a few methods and see what gives. Have a nice day and thanks in advance! Cheers, Alex
  10. I will definitely consider tung oil, thanks for the suggestion!! Probably will test with Watco's and Tung oil and see what I prefer. Will post to the group the results.
  11. Good idea, the last thing I want is to damage them !!! I will let you know how it goes.
  12. Thx Budman super useful. I'm assuming that all Klipsch speakers have an oil finish, in which case I can just apply the wood bleach directly, right? Either way will be cautious.
  13. Thanks a lot Jim. Applying the Watco rejunvenating oil will do what exactly? Darken the wood and make it a bit shinier? Looking forward to the results and will post to this thread.
  14. Thanks a lot Will. Any recommendations on Watco vs Formby's Lemon Oil vs. Old English or they all satisfy the same purpose? I.e., just pick one and use it?
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