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  1. I will definitely consider tung oil, thanks for the suggestion!! Probably will test with Watco's and Tung oil and see what I prefer. Will post to the group the results.
  2. Good idea, the last thing I want is to damage them !!! I will let you know how it goes.
  3. Thx Budman super useful. I'm assuming that all Klipsch speakers have an oil finish, in which case I can just apply the wood bleach directly, right? Either way will be cautious.
  4. Thanks a lot Jim. Applying the Watco rejunvenating oil will do what exactly? Darken the wood and make it a bit shinier? Looking forward to the results and will post to this thread.
  5. Thanks a lot Will. Any recommendations on Watco vs Formby's Lemon Oil vs. Old English or they all satisfy the same purpose? I.e., just pick one and use it?
  6. One more question - how often should we be treating the wood? On the Khorns, some of the wood is black painted - nothing to do there right? Thanks again.
  7. Hi guys, My brother and I are proud owners of a '79 Klipschorn and two Forte 1s in generally excellent condition. Since owning these, we haven't done any wood work and have little experience in doing so. We wanted to ask you two things: 1) What type of wood are these? I've attached pictures of the Khorn and each Forte 1. My guess is Walnut throughout. 2) What is the best way to treat / maintain the wood on these? Both pairs of Fortes have slight water ring damage on the top side - we would like to fix that. We've looked at a few threads such as this one below. Seems like the best process is to sand any water damaged parts and apply Watco Rejuvenating oil. Did we get that right? Thanks a lot! Much appreciation from two hardcore Klipsch fans Alex
  8. khorn79er

    Tube recommendations with Klipschorns?

    Seems like we have pretty similar amps! I do a similar process but usually wait 30 / 40 mins before checking bias (with volume zero) because it is not stable before that. I only check about once a week and there is some drift but not crazy. Have fun too
  9. khorn79er

    Tube recommendations with Klipschorns?

    Thx Derrick. I'm not sure what the bias range is but I'm running 4X EL34s in triode mode (have both triode and pentode, I think triode sounds nicer). The sweet spot for those tubs are 400 and my readings are +/- 10 from that, per advice from Bob Latino. On my first bias adjustment I moved the adjusters too much and it took me a good hour to get the correct readings. I may have slightly burned some tubes in the process but I don't think I damaged the amp. As long as that's the case it's OK . The main guidance on maintenance I received is to just hear the amp and if it sounds bad there is probably a change needed (e.g., tube replacement). So far it sounds excellent. I guess I will get better on the maintenance side of things with time
  10. khorn79er

    Tube recommendations with Klipschorns?

    Hi guys, Just want to share my thoughts two months into the experience with my new setup: - Pair of Klipsch Forte I - Dynaco ST 70 by Bob Latino - Condesa Lucia mixer - 2x Technics 1200 Mk 5 I also have a pair of Klipschorns which I have not yet tested with the ST 70, but the Fortes have slightly lower sensitivity and EASILY drive my system, so it should be no problem for the Khorns. I actually have to significantly decrease my master volume and channel volume from the natural level (I'm forgetting the technical name) in order to play at reasonable volumes per neighbor request . The setup sounds excellent and I have zero complaints. I get the greatest dynamism from the Fortes (perhaps only inferior to the Klipschorns IMO, although I haven't tried every Klipsch speaker). The only downside / challenge I've had is regulating the bias meters, which are very sensitive, however I think I will get used to it! Thanks for all your recommendations - I'd be happy to upload a video if that's possible here otherwise a picture of my setup. Alex
  11. khorn79er

    Tube recommendations with Klipschorns?

    Thanks for the input Derrick - I looked it up and indeed the reviews give this amp a lot of praise. I will keep it in mind. Alex
  12. khorn79er

    Tube recommendations with Klipschorns?

    Hey Jim! So I went with the Bob Latino ST70 fully set up! I'm picking it up in a couple days. I didn't want my first tube amp to be my playground for soldering apprenticeship.... Bob is a great person to work with and I'm confident I'll be very happy with it. Will post my thoughts here in a couple weeks. Alex
  13. khorn79er

    Tube recommendations with Klipschorns?

    Thanks for the input. Could you please elaborate on what a push pull tube amp is? I made the decision to get the reconditioned modernized Dynaco ST70 from Bob Latino fitted with EL34 tubes. I will let you know my impressions once I hook it up. Just to confirm, you're saying KT66 + tubes are less warm sounding, so I should go with lower power tubes to keep the warmth of analog sound right? Cheers, Alex
  14. khorn79er

    Tube recommendations with Klipschorns?

    Hi Maynard, Happy to let you know that I got in touch with Bob Latino and ordered an ST-70 from him with the capacitor upgrades which he recommends. I'm going to pick it up in a few days and will let you know my thoughts. From the customer reviews and Bob's tenure in the business, I feel like I've made the right choice and that this amp will last a long time. Thanks a lot for pointing me towards this. This is why forums like these are so valuable. To get input from people that have much more experience.... I'll be using the ST-70 to drive Forte Is and the Klipschorn. I was initially leaning on the ST-120 but it seems like this is overkill from a wattage perspective since both are highly efficient speakers (96DB+ I believe). Cheers! Alex
  15. khorn79er

    Tube recommendations with Klipschorns?

    Hey Jim, From noob to noob, I salute you! Good to hear you had a positive experience with Bob Latino. What's the warranty you got with the M-125s? Any recommendations on tubes (EL34, 6550) - have you tried different ones? I've never made a solder joint before but will look into it more and make the call regarding kit vs. fully set up. The savings are pretty substantial with the former.. How happy are you with the tube generally? Was this your first tube amp? Thanks, Alex