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  1. Yeah. Unfortunately that unit will not work for HT bypass. Even if you tried to use the Zone 2 out, it would probably not have the DD and Atmos info on those lines. New AVR will be necessary.
  2. If your AVR does not have pre outs, this is NOT possible. Everything (Atmos, DD etc) is processing inside of the AVR and then send (via pre out) to the external amp (through a preamps HT bypass- which just lets the signal pass right through as if it was not even there) What model AVR do you have?
  3. Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, looked for one and only saw vinyl. so here is what I am listening to now: (FLAC on local server through Auralic Vega G1)
  4. The only thing it’s passing though is the pre signal for L & R signals. Just as if the AVR was driving them directly. meaning, when HT bypass is active, the whole Atmos/DD etc sound goes through the Pre and the Marantz controls the amp directly. MSI it’s as if you don’t even have a 2ch system in the middle. make sense?
  5. Hello from Buford GA. sorry to derail.
  6. I went through NAD separates, Linn monoblocks, PSAudio Stellar pre/mono’s and settled on the Parasound by far the best sounding and has so much headroom. but the P6 is a jewel for someone who wants dual purpose. It has everything you need to dial in both setups. Also their gear is super quiet.
  7. I have a Parasound P6 and which is a fantastic piece as it gives me HT bypass. when 2ch is going, it’s just source/pre/amp When HT is active, the Marantz controls the pre for direct feed to the amp. great for dual purpose setups. Also gives me a fantastic crossover and bass management. very happy with the Parasound gear.
  8. I went the exact opposite of you. Started with ok speakers and went for higher end electronics off the bat. had 4 Linn monoblocks paired with Polk Lsim 705’s. Then upgraded the power to an Audioquest Niagara 1000. That changed a lot for me, I spent more on power than my speakers, but the results were very dramatic and impressive. then went for preamp/amp/source upgrades and then finally an Audioquest Niagara 5000. now finally I top it all off with the Cornwall’s. Lol!
  9. Agreed. Not a bargain per se, but I’ll tell you. When I auditioned these, I also listened to a $10k pair or Monitor Audio towers that the store were gushing over saying they were the best for up to $20k+. They sounded really good, but they didn’t even move me. Track after track, I wasn’t feeling it. I came from Elac Adante’s which were great for me for a while. But became lifeless and sterile. As soon as they kicked on the CW’s, I was instantly moved. It has been quite some time since speakers (at least affordable to me) gave me emotions like that. Playing Black Sabbath Paranoid, I just could not stop listening. It was three songs in and I started to ask what kind of deal I could get. Fork in-done. so yes, not a bargain, but spending <$6k on speakers that brought more to the table than $10k+ ones might actually be frugal?
  10. Thank You all. the Klipsch really changed the feel of my listening. They really are impressive for the $$
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