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  1. Second question. Is it you or the wife wanting “in wall/ceiling” type speakers because the look of the room overrides the sound? Or is that purely because of what they suggested? if the latter, you will get better performance out of speakers with their own enclosures fyi.
  2. Thank You man! It sounds even better if you can imagine!! very happy with this now. It’s rivaling the DAC/Streamer.
  3. Double duty. upgraded the TT and phono pre otherwise no other changes. in ceiling surrounds by Def Tech.
  4. I got this about a week or so ago, Rega P6 (already had Ania MC Cart) and also got the Rega Aria Phono pre. Definitely upped my vinyl game, superb.
  5. Wrong Noise, amperes, circuit boards, SNR, THD etc all come into play as a deterioration to the source automatically with "most" AVR's Separates are typically made in such a way to eliminate as much of that noise as possible, yes even SS.
  6. Maybe because you say that if SS is to be used, that it doesn’t matter to have an AVR type amplifier vs the separates. That is comical.
  7. It is a beast. Underrated sub holds its own against JL’s and REL’s at twice the price.
  8. I have 45 for my CW -IV’s and an SVS SB16 Ultra. I do have a pre amp made for blending. Parasound P6
  9. I run Def Tech center and surrounds. Mixes very well with the CW IV’s. Not perfect obviously, but great for me.
  10. I’ve been very happy for the last 12 months also (which is stark contrast to the years previous ) just move them back towards wall about 6” away / slightly toe’d in, and got some better imaging as a result. I’m so happy with these CW’s!!
  11. I have the CW’s about 12’ apart and we sit about 10’ away. I have experimented with toeing in, but prefer them flat. They are about 10” off the back wall.
  12. P6 is not only a Swiss Army knife of a pre, it has superb SQ for the coin. especially if you have a need of HT bypass or integrating a sub into 2ch (or both like me) great preamp.
  13. Having heard the Mac gear at my dealer with the CW IV’s, I wasn’t impressed with the newer Mac hybrid gear. Seemed to get a little brittle at the top end. Conversely, at home with the A21+, there is no end to the clarity and power these speakers were made for. I love the look and legacy of Mac gear, but too often they never get compared to newer higher end SS amps. Not saying Mac gear is bad, just saying they are not the only game out there for $5kish front end.
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