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  1. P6 is not only a Swiss Army knife of a pre, it has superb SQ for the coin. especially if you have a need of HT bypass or integrating a sub into 2ch (or both like me) great preamp.
  2. Having heard the Mac gear at my dealer with the CW IV’s, I wasn’t impressed with the newer Mac hybrid gear. Seemed to get a little brittle at the top end. Conversely, at home with the A21+, there is no end to the clarity and power these speakers were made for. I love the look and legacy of Mac gear, but too often they never get compared to newer higher end SS amps. Not saying Mac gear is bad, just saying they are not the only game out there for $5kish front end.
  3. Digital sources have really come up in SQ over the last 10 years. I think you will can have vinyl trounce all media, but you need quite a few $$ to do so. whereas with digital, the investment to get top end SQ is competitively lower. $3-5k gets you in the top end of digital reproduction (assuming the files are top quality) IMO you need to drop well over $10k to trounce that in a TT whole setup. (Table, needle, pre etc)
  4. Nice! I too recently got my first set of Klipsch and they too are CW IV’s. they just sound better and better over time. congrats.
  5. I can say that this is one of that best SS amps in the price point available. Phenomenal power and Class A for first 6 watts.
  6. SVS SB16 Ultra is anything but a toy. Most any of their products are fantastic value. Shame there are folks who are ignorant.
  7. Bought my teenager a car
  8. I have the Parasound P6 and it’s phenomenal for its price. More inputs than you could ever use, phono preamp (which I have not used) DAC (have not used either) and incredible bass management if you ever want to add a subwoofer.
  9. Beauty of this hobby is that one can choose whether you want to be a purist and stay away from anything changing the signal like Shakey mentioned, Or have fun and listen to the music how you want even if it changes it. I am a believer in a pure signal and have not used tone controls for some time. But I do understand and appreciate those who want that control. One of the reasons I went with the Cornwall’s is the emotion they give me. That was coming from very accurate speakers AND after auditioning $8k Monitor Audio towers. I just preferred the sound. Maybe they aren’t SUPER accurate to the source sound (low end) but they are fun and that’s what counts for me.
  10. Listening to John Digweed - Last Night At Output right now on the CW IV’s with SVS low end. Glorious
  11. Matching preamp and amp combos tend (not always) to use most of the range of volume control. The beautiful volume control on the Halo gear gets to normal listening levels at 50%. Loud at 70-75. And ear bleeding at 85+
  12. Middle of the road AQ speaker/interconnect cables and top end AQ power cables work best for me.
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