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  1. I've looked at them and they're certainly handsome amps.
  2. I commissioned a Lux Plus from Strange Audio Experiments this spring that should be ready for delivery soon. It's basically a modded 5E3 Tweed Deluxe, with an interesting cabinet design. I'm leaning towards the Willsenton R8 or R300 because they're ready to go without mods. The R300 is desirable for its 300B tubes, but tube rolling may prove cost prohibitive; I like that both have main in options in addition to their Integrated amp ins. There's currently an R8 that's already been tube rolled available in my neighborhood for $1400; it's been listed for a month, so I might be able to get it for slightly less. I also have options for returned R8s on eBay; it's a bit riskier, but for only $1000, that eases it somewhat. Only hitch is that I'm waiting on a small inheritance which may arrive at some point in the next week to several months, so I can't sn@tch anything up right away, but I also have a check from some side work burning a hole in my pocket and could grab a Reisong R50a Mk III right now... the latter requires some mods to be optimized, so I think I'll hold out for the Willsenton; incidentally, the seller of the R50A is selling because he bought an R8, which tells me that holding out is the right thing to do...
  3. I think I'm leaning towards a low power, single-ended triode amp rather than an ultra-linear one.
  4. Yeah, I currently have around 20 and build and finish guitars at http://instagram.com/sparklemotionguitars to support my habit. Any money I make gets funneled back into more gear.
  5. I've ruled out the Dynaco amps and amps derived from their circuitry, if only because without a tube pre, I don't think they'll impart enough character to make it worth the investment. I do think a 300B amp would be ideal, along with an amp switcher to switch between tubes and the RA-100 for 2 channel and movies. I live in a condo, so 70 dB is about as loud as I go; with the Heresies at 99 dB efficiency, I only need a few Watts. Frankly, the RA100 driving my Heresies and the Marantz AVR driving the Jamo I/O speakers on the front channel of the surround system sounds really pretty great. I agree that the RA-100 is a seriously underrated piece of kit- I picked mine up for under $100 to drive a pair of near field monitors in my bedroom recording studio, but when I pressed it into service to drive the Heresies, slaved to the Marantz AVR pre, it really shined. I probably am fine with what I have now and I'm not disappointed with what I have, but I also have a bit of FOMO and what we call in the guitar world, GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) and want to see if a tube amp would make something that's really quite good, even better.
  6. Reverb is cheaper, I believe and just getting a toehold into audio.
  7. for sales and payments, unfortunately, Paypal is still the king. if you have a website and also do in person sales, Square is an option, although it's been years since I've used it. it will allow you to take credit card payments both online, and in person, either via dongle & your phone or a dedicated tablet. it used to be that their fees weren't bad if you swiped cards, but they's stick you if you typed the numbers in. I don't know what their rates are these days, it's been at least 8 areas since I've used it.
  8. the unquantifiable qualities of toobs that we seek not withstanding, I like the tone of my AVR, and it also provides the option of bypassing the preamp circuit processing, so guess I'm still not seeing the tradeoff. I guess I could see your point with using a Dynaco ST-70, but how would it be an issue with an integrated amp such as the Boyuurange A50 300B or the Willsenton R8, which has both main in and integrated circuits?
  9. I'm not sure I'm buying that, since the tube power amp will be doing the lion's share of the work. I could see bigger issues if it were reversed, particularly with matching pre output and amp input impedance or a SS power amp potentially sterilizing the tone of a tube pre. At any rate, I'm not interested in switching cables, I'd rather sit on my *** and use my remote ; I want the added color of tubes to drive my Heresies, while using my AVR to drive my subwoofer and second pair of front speakers for 2 channel audio and occasionally, 5 or 7 channel.
  10. a tube pre is less than ideal for my setup. I'm using my AVR for 7.1 channel audio and using the 2nd amp to drive the Heresies as my main 2 channel speakers, but also part of the 7.1 system, about 7-8 feet apart, with a pair of smaller bookshelf speakers at 10-12 feet apart for wider imaging. currently, I'm listening about 80/20 digital/vinyl with the onboard DAC doing the work digitally. I'd have to reconfigure more than I want to add a tube pre; a tube power amp or attenuated tube integrated would work better for the setup I have.
  11. Refreshing my H700 Heresies has rekindled my audio obsession. I'm currently using a Marantz AVR with an Alesis RA-100 power amp slaved to drive the Heresies. I have been mulling over getting a tube amp to drive them, instead. My budget is $1000 ballpark, I could conceivably spend a little more, but I'd rather spend less. Available near me are a slough of Dynaco ST-70's in various states, ranging from untouched to recapped & tubed in the $700-1200 range, a Boyuurange A50 Mk III 300B for $500 and tube rolled Willsenton R8 for $1400, as well as a number of HH Scott & Fisher tube amps in the $700-$1000 ball park. what should I be looking at & what should I avoid? I do have a modicum of solder-singing experience, but I'd rather not buy something that needs work before I power it up... TIA, Lance
  12. yes, it came with the Marantz AVR, along with 2 Energy Bookshelf speakers and a Velodyne VX-10 B sub, all for a crisp C-note. The AVR didn't have a phono stage, so I picked up this tube filtered one; it does the job well enough.
  13. I’ve been enjoying the Alesis power amp, bit a naked rack amp looks pretty janky sitting on the credenza, so Itook some mahogany I had leftover from a deck project and made a case for it. I still need to get some grill material for the top, but it looks better than before. (The center channel speaker is well aft of the vent area)
  14. I really like the mods that I’ve done on them, but I feel like they deserve their own cabinets as they’re only Klipsch in spirit; I’d like to make these H700‘s as close to stock as possible as a counterpoint and the tweeters are bugging me.
  15. I feel that way about the Marantz that replaced the Denon AVR. There was really nothing wrong with it, but compared to the Marantz, which has a somewhat sweeter tonality, the Denon was dull and lifeless. The Marantz will stay for avr duty and should pair well with a tube power amp to drive my Klipschs
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