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  1. Yeah, if I was going to spend $$ on Ti mids, I'd likely look at the full Heresy III upgrade. But, I'd prefer to stay stock Heresy II and save some cash
  2. Yes, but I'm looking for a low-cost repair. A single phenolic mid vs two Ti mids + two bandpass filters... quite a difference in the cost of repair.
  3. Thanks - just looking to replace the original without crossover mod. Still searching... there must be one out there from a Heresy III upgrade...
  4. Looking for a single phenolic K53-K midrange / squawker diaphragm (as original in the Heresy II). Maybe someone has upgraded to the Heresy III Ti diaphragms and has their originals?? Let me know if you do! Same driver is used in Heresy II, Cornwall II, Quartet, Forte, Forte II, Chorus, Chorus II, KLF Series. John in Portland OR
  5. I used ABS cement for the fix. It is pretty thick stuff... tried to blow it into the crack by spreading it / using compressed air. It seemed to work ok. On the back side, added a glob of abs cement along the crack and allowed it to dry. We'll see how it holds up.
  6. So are you saying that these are ABS plastic? As others have suggested, knowing the type of plastic seems key to the optimal repair.
  7. My Forte II tratrix midrange horns have developed cracks. I'm looking for repair recommendations... considering plastic welding, plastic epoxy (ex: JB weld), 'black toughened' cyanoacrylate. Right now, leaning toward a plastic weld (on back side of horn) with epoxy as needed for filler (applied with toothpick). Other suggestions welcome! For plastic welding or epoxy, it would be good to know the type of plastic used for the horn body... any help here?
  8. I may try glue and/or plastic welding (from back side). Any idea what type of plastic is used for the horn body?
  9. Thanks - I've been searching but so far have only found 'sold' ones (also with drivers... not that I couldn't use spares):
  10. My Forte II horns have developed cracks. Looking for some horn bodies (no drivers needed). K-61-K, same as those used in Chorus II.
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