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  1. I was first on the list and really enjoyed the tweeters, big change compared to my stock k 79 with Ti upgrade. They were well machined and a perfect fit for my chorus I's, could even use orginal screws. ( No going to the hardware store! ) Dave supplied 2 sets of speaker wire with aligator clips which made connecting the tweeters a breeze. Found them to be very smooth and detailed, the harshness I heard on some material was gone. ( I listen to mostly CD's) I tried everything in past to get rid of harshness from open cell form to felt in the horns and even rebuild crossovers with bob's kit. The tweeters where the only upgrade that got rid of it. If you have speakers that uses a k 79 tweeter I highly recommend this upgrade! They are definely worth a try and I think you will be glad you did. Forgot to mention they still keep that klipsch sound that so many like.
  2. Keep us informed, just finished repairing one klf 10 cabinet and have to do the other. Leaning towards selling when finished but might upgrade and keep if not to expensive. Good luck!
  3. Your lens compared to a k 79 is exactly the same size - perfect fit. Was not sure if the de10 driver on your lens would be too big to correctly fit in a chorus speaker.
  4. The horn lens itself is the same size - fit as a klipsch k 79, my concern is the size of the de10 driver. Looked at pics Dave posted again, top pair is k79 guessing bottom pics are for k 77 replacement?
  5. Which speakers are you using these in, will they fit (work) in a chorus speaker?
  6. ++ I have sanded out scratches and had good and bad luck. Not trying to offend just if you don't the the experience it is to easy to make a mistake. Start out with the wrong grit, said in the wrong direction and you could be in trouble. If your an experienced woodwork you have a feel and the knowledge to do it right, if not it can be to easy to get in trouble. IMO
  7. Do a search on the net for repairing scratches in wood, some good ideas. The walnut trick was one of the methods, I would sand as a last resort if not careful you easily do more harm than good. Would post a link but clipboard is still lost since my tablet upgraded.
  8. Yea turns out exact same part as chorus II's. Did notice the cabinet was loose when I took a horn out, guess I'll have to spend the next few days re-gluing the cabinet. ( klf glue blues) Might have to deaden inside cabinet and horns while apart. Once back together decide to sale or keep and upgrade. Thanks for the help!
  9. Have the ti in chorus speakers. Got klf 10's for free the other day from a customer, trying to smooth out the high/mids on a budget till I decide to sale or keep. The bass is nice and the imaging is good, hoping the old chorus diaphgram will smooth things out a little on top end. If they do I mostl likely keep and upgrade to ti. Will put them in tonight and post results, thanks.
  10. Have a pair of original chorus II diaphgrams. Looks like they fit in klf10's was wondering spec wise if they will work, thanks.
  11. Ljk

    Klf 10 xover

    That will work, thanks deang!
  12. Ljk

    Klf 10 xover

    Rebuilding a pair of klf10 crossover's. One the old capacitors is 1.75uf, would a 2uf be close enough to work correctly?
  13. I would figure out the box size first. Since you want to keep tv a present height I would measure first and then figure out depth and width available. Once you get box diminesions I think it would easier to look at different bass bin available. Quarter pies are flat at 17 inches high, bigger across the front but some people have cut them down from 48 inches. Are you running a sub? Might have to make some compromise's. I have a diy chorus 2 center and had to raise the tv up some but it was worth it.
  14. Just got a free pair klf 10`s in good shape except for 4 small bubbles in the veneer. (Bubbles are about 1 inch long and 1/4 inch wide) Did a search and found 2 ideas - 1 use a syringe and inject glue into bubble, put wax paper over bubbles and weight to hold down bubbles till glue dries. 2- cut open bubble with a razor blade and put in glue with tooth pick or syringe. Place a damp towel over bubbles, weight and wait for the glue to dry. Has anyone tried anyone of these methods? I think one would be better, razor blade cut might create to big an open and a damp towel I would think would be bad for the veneer? Thoughts! Also was wondering about price point on these, nice but they don`t keep up with my chorus I' or II's. Been thinking about some ct120's for a project I am doing.
  15. Are the k 48 e woofers 4 ohm in chorus I and 8 ohm in the chorus II, thanks.