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  1. Ljk


    Will not happen again.
  2. Ljk

    Any deals on rp 260's

    Ok thanks I will check them out and let him know.
  3. Ljk

    Any deals on rp 260's

    He is not really a diy guy, he would like something with a warranty. Me I would get some heritage speakers and rebuilt them. He is open to suggestions but liked the reviews he read and the size (footprint)of the rp 260's. He does have a sub so bookshelf's may work also, thanks.
  4. Friend of mine is looking for a pair of rp 260's, prefers cherry but would take ebony at the right price. Looked online best price I could find is 499 each, anybody seen a better price out there. He lives in atlanta if that matters, thanks.
  5. Ljk

    Klipsch Forte II

  6. Ljk

    Firstwatt F6 build

    Never mind, found it.
  7. Ljk

    Firstwatt F6 build

    Got a link? This might be a fun summer project, thanks.
  8. Ljk

    Firstwatt F6 build

    Ok thanks!
  9. Ljk

    Firstwatt F6 build

    Price and best place to buy kit please! Thanks
  10. Been a long day and had time to think about these horns and decided to let them go. Far from a horn expert but decided I did not want to deal with a 1300hz bass bin. Looked at passive xover, nice but for the home they would be out of tune and would most likely still need an active xover to get right? Not sure if the driver would be easy to up grade down the road or if it could be used as a meh with those angled sides. I could not find a price on the horn by itself but with 2 15 inch subs as a bass bin it sale's for 1500.00 and change. Got to figure 125.00 each is a good deal for the horn if you could use them. Thanks for the replys, helped me to decide.
  11. They do, can't find any reviews or prices for them.
  12. That's it thanks! 4 and 5 pics.
  13. Sorry every since my tablet update I can find my clipboard. I just went to cl atlanta under electronics type in qsc clicked on Concert Subwoofer/speakers-Theater, custom box ,
  14. Yes qsc, sorry. Looked on the net and did not find much info. If you go to atlanta cls look under electronics and do a search for qsc click on concerts subwoofers/speakers. Look at the 3 and 4 pictured speakers, worth picking up, maybe?