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  1. KP 250 II

    Do they sound the same as 250,s tone wise? Just to make sure you only changed out mid with no xover change? If that's the case might do that to my 250II. Thanks!
  2. KP 250 II

    True, some times getting the parts and rebuilding is the fun part. However it can be time consuming and sometimes not cost effective, just offering an alternative. Still wondering intended propose for speakers, HT?
  3. KP 250 II

    No not true especially with the different mid and tweeters you are dealing, crossovers are more then likely different from each other. Crossover points, characterics of individual speakers and horn lens could, are different from each other. I have one 250 and one 250II I need to match. In the next few days I am going take out the 250II xover to see what difference are between the 2 speakers. This may help you, may not. Really looks like these 2 speakers are guide different from each other. The horns lens on both the mids and tweeters are different, got to think the xovers are different. Not sure if the woofers are different or not. Might be easier to just sell the II and buy another pair of 250,s unless you could get parts cheap some where.
  4. Running chorus II as mains and chorus I as rears, the 250 and II are side speakers. Finally finished my chorus 1.5 center, freshly built chorus II Xover, k 61 mid, k 79 tweeter and new kappa c 15 inch bass speaker. As you probably know all these speakers use the k 79 tweeter so I want to use the same in the 250II. For mids don't know if I should go k 701 or k 66e, leaning towards the k 66e if available at a reasonable price. Found a schematic for the 250 but not for the II, got to think there is a different since the II run tractrix horns. If anyone has a 250II schematic or knows if there is a difference please post. Don't want to but might have pull xovers and see, hope I don't have to go that route.
  5. 250 has k 79 tweeter and II,s have k 792, I have another k 79 tweeter to go in the II,s. Would like to stay with k 79 tweeters since my surround and mains have the k 79 tweeter. Mids on 250 has a k 53 driver and 701 horn lens, II have k 66e tractrix horn. Would it be better to use a k 53 combo or go with another k 66e? Dont know if xovers are the same, anyone know if there is a difference? Guessing therecis since they use a different tweeter and mid. Thanks!
  6. I have one kp 250 with no handles and one 250II with build in handles. What do I need to make the 250II into a 250? Thanks!
  7. KP 250 II

    Did some research and found the II,s, both mid and tweet have tractix horn lens. Looks like the 250,s have expotenial horn? Not sure if the woofers and crossovers are the same. You could try hooking one of each speaker hooked in stereo and stuff cotton balls or small hand towel in tweeter and see if that helps. Then do same thing with mid and see if 250 II match, sound better. Might see if someone on board wants to trade 250 II for pair of 250,s. Could be easier in the long run.
  8. KP 250 II

    True but the 250 has a k79 tweeters and the II has a k 792 tweeters different lens. I have of one each as sides right now and could tell the difference when I first got them. The II sounded bright, a light shrill. I bought a k 79 to replace the k 792 so speakers would match but have not gotten around to switching them. Mid could the problem but if you have one k 792 and k 79 tweeter you never get a good tonal match imo. Just read post again was thinking he had one of each instead of a pair of each, I would still look at the tweeters first. Are these going in a HT set up?
  9. KP 250 II

    If I remember right the 250,s have a k79 tweeter, the tweeters on the II,s have a hybrid. I believe II,s have the same magnet as k79 but different horn lens, not sure if the diaphragm is the same. Get a set of Bob's tweeters, a k 79 or a II hybrid tweeter which every you like better. Not sure if the crossovers are different.
  10. Yea that's what I thought, looks like I will be pulling my tweeters out today. Thanks bob!
  11. Bob, guessing that would be the same for chorus 1 and 11s? Thanks!
  12. Yes selenium jbl d408ti. Read it can sound kind of rough below 650hz, specs show good from 400 to 20khz. Anyway it should to fun experiment with these horns without breaking the bank. I would like to see a list also. Faital pro 2000 M200 ?
  13. Would a jbl d408ti work with this horn. 2 way 400hz up.
  14. I would stick with the 77, I bet bob crites could install it for you . K 76 is similar to k79 but with a smaller magnet, Imo the k 76 can sound a little shrill at times.