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  1. Running a similar set up, ev dh1a and de 10 tweeter. Would a 4.7 capacitor work or should I go with a little higher capacitor Thanks!# !
  2. I think the k 510 has been discontinue and may be hard to find.
  3. Pair of klf 10`s and an entry level Yamaha receiver for 250.00. I live up by 285 and Peachtree industrial. Let me know if interested and I can send details on equipment.
  4. It's been a long time since I stripped them, sorry no pics. I have another sw 12 in black I recently bought I'am going start strip this weekend. Going to remove the woofer and radiator and only use stripper if possible, will only use a high grit sand paper if I have to. If memory services me I used stripped, putty knife, and a roll of paper towels to strip the other 2 speakers, no sand paper. Unfortunately the stripper today is weaker so may have to use sand paper. I avoid using electric sander especially orbital ones, they can leave small swirl marks in veneer you can not see till you paint or stain. I will give you an update in a couple days.
  5. I have stripped black paint from klipsch academy and sw12 sub with good results. Both were originally oak Verneer painted black; success with yours might depend on type of wood/finish.
  6. Let us know how it sounds, if you any success I might try it with a pioneer 5.25 coxial. Are you going to do meh with 8 or tens Or mount single driver at front of horn? I have 4 extra 8's' might be fun to try the pioneers with the 8 inche drivers mounted meh style.
  7. Do a search for - klipsch k 510 diy audio Thread is - Smallest Footprint Horn and Driver that can reach 500hz Let me know if you find it.
  8. My front zxpc are 17 x10 and 11 3/4 deep - long throw. Looked at diy audio reommend zxpc are18 x 10 only 8 inches deep, OP stated Polars are similar to a k 510. I am going to try and build a k 510 this weekend, if it does not work out I am going to try the short throws . Thanks for the help Bob and everyone.
  9. Ok thanks I will check it out. Using zxpc's RCL but there too deep for my rears.
  10. I am trying to a build a 510 replica for rears because of it's shallow depth, 5.1 system for music. I am hoping with the horn measurements I can use my touch screen laptop and create top and bottom rib/template of the horns curves. I toyed with mdf and had some luck with making curved panels. I believe it's called a Kell cut, (maybe not) where you want the curve you cut approx. every 1/4 inch the length of panel going almost all the way thur panel. Once cut the mdf can be easily curved, tried with plywood but had better luck with mdf. If I can pull off making a decent/close 510 horn I will be using a single 12 kappa c to match fronts speakers kappa c 15's.
  11. Thanks Tom your help is much appreciated.
  12. I seem to remember reading there a 5 inch depth, unless posted different I will go with that. Thanks !
  13. Understand but still need to know depth, is 5 inches correct? Thanks!
  14. Anyone know k 510 measurements without the flanges. W×HxD - Thanks!
  15. I've done it before and did not find it that difficult. Do a net search for door stop, home depot has a hinge door stop that may work. If you find the HD site there is a video on how to install, cheap and easy.
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