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  1. Could I safely run these down to 475 and if so what be a good db slope. Spec.s show FR from 400 to 20,000 Hz, play from 800hz with a12db slope, thanks.
  2. Good idea with cal. I will give it a try. Yea I do need to pick up a spl meter and Mike. For now this is a temp. situation till I get some new cabinets made. Just tring to get a decent sound without blowing any drivers for now
  3. Sounds great running off the chorus crossovers, still I wonder where the crossover points are now. I believe the chorus( heritage line) use 4, 16 and 8 loads on the crossovers with cover points of 650 and 6000hz. Would not mind if the points dropped to 450 to 500 and 5000 on high. Still happy with the results so far and really starting to like the de 10 tweeter. Think I will take a look at the khorn xover and see how up it compares to the chorus, thanks for the input.
  4. Zxpc 11 by 17 inch horn with seleuim d405 and de10 tweeter mounted on top of the zxpc horn. Selenium is 8 ohm and should have been 16, yea I messed up. Tried the de10 with a k 79 horn lens but sounded better/ less harsh mounted to the zxpc horn. Using bass bin of chorus with the chorus crossover hooked to selenium d405 and de 10. Sounds great, voices are larger people seem to be right in the room. Question is do I need to change the tap and caps on the crossover. I have 2 sets of extra chorus crossover caps of the same value I can use. I am experiment with diy chorus II center for now. When I get it figured out I will make the same changes to my chorus II mains. Kind of a chorus III mains and center. Did some research on subject but think I gained just enough info to be dangerous. Need some help from you smarter more experienced guys before I start blowing drivers, thanks *
  5. Sorry double post, mods please delete. Thanks. *
  6. Ljk

    Academy with Heresy or go phantom?

    Sell/ trade for another heresy. Ran an academy with chorus Il till I made a diy chorus center, mated much better all around.
  7. 2+ Been my experience they also don't usually offer the best/better tv's on Black Friday deals.
  8. Ljk

    Super Heresy tweeter update

    Crites CT-125 tweeter vs ALK Eliptrac HF B & C DE 120 tweeter Do a search for this link, good review
  9. Ljk

    Super Heresy tweeter update

    Dave's lens are heavy will not need damping like plastic might. Don't think there is an elliptical horn made in plastic that will fit in your speakers. Claude did some testing on Dave's mahn with some very good results.
  10. Ljk

    Super Heresy tweeter update

    No.4 is selling a pair of ct 125's and an a/4500 crossovers in for sale sec. Not sure if crossovers would work but you could buy the ct 125's and easily sell them if you don't like them.
  11. Ljk

    Super Heresy tweeter update

    Do a search for road show, should be able to find thread on mahl ( machine alu. horn lens) I believe claude uses this combo on new super heresy. Bob crites sites will explain the ct 120 and ct125 to you better than I can. In each case the horn lens is matched to get the most out of tweeter according to speaker - crossover etc used. De10 could be used but may be more trouble than its worth given other choice's.
  12. Ljk

    Super Heresy tweeter update

    I had Dave A's mahl with de120 in my chorus I and they sounded fantastic. Also had de10 on my chorus on k79 horn lens. ( pain to get de10 in , had to make special clamps to attach to horn and install from inside thur mid range opening. Both sounded good, de 120 more klipsch like, had a slightly more metal sound, very detailed and more extended highs. The de 120 liked power and sound better the more you give it. De10 a little more laid back, more like a soft dome but still detailed and a little less klipsch like. I did notice a little harshness with de10 on some material but could be because of the k 79 horn. Been playing with zxpc 17 by 11 and for grins I cut a 1 inch hole and attached the de10 to outside of horn ( danley kind of). Work great, slight harshness I heard was gone. ( think point source)[ Never owned ct 125 but reviews I read make it sound a little less klipsch like and more laid back. Which one to go with? I think that would depend if you like the upfront more klipsch sound or a more laid back sound. The de10 can be used but a pain to work with. Hope this helps!
  13. Ljk

    Chorus II Advice Needed

    1000 bucks, look for a pair of lascalas. There is a guy on Atlanta CLs with a pair of chorus II speakers for sale 1200, bet he could be talked down. Good luck! Just looked on Atlanta CLs pair of ind. lascalas for 1400 with crites upgrades. Again bet he could be talked down. I believe the guy with the chorus II trades, buys and sells equipment.
  14. Ljk

    K-53K Drivers and horns - $50 SOLD

    Just what I needed, good price too! Next time.
  15. Ljk

    k-79-k & ferrofluid

    Cleaned out chorus I's and replaced diaphragm with crites ti. Did not replace fluid, no problems so far.