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  1. Maggy question, xover

    I like those and they are more in line with my budget, I will have to order a pair. Would the solen or maybe another brand at a lower gauge be better than the PE? Not trying to argue just trying to learn from your experience, I don't mind spending more if the SQ is there. But if the PE will work I will get it, a mills resistor and be done with it. Thanks!
  2. Maggy question, xover

    I am new at this but was also looking at clarity SA cap 50uf at 61bucks each. If got these I would have to do other xover upgrades at a later time. Thoughts, suggestions.
  3. Maggy question, xover

    Yea I looked at that but I really want to go with a 12 or 14 gauge coil. I don't think 18 gauge from PE would be that much of an upgrade but then I don't much experience at this. Looking at mundorf mkp and solen 14 gauge coil, thoughts. Thanks!
  4. Maggy question, xover

    Your right good catch, guess I was excited to see a duelund for 55 bucks. Well have to make a different choice, thanks Deang.
  5. I was using an academy with my chorus II, voices where a little difficult to hear. I tried different surround modes which helped, direct was best. Another thing you can try is to go into speaker settings and turn up the volume on the center channel, also eq if possible. If it's the speaker itself agree with rebuilding xover or replace with third cornwall or diy cornwall. I built a chorus 1.5 center and love it, I never listen stereo now just 3 across the front. I would use the academy while getting the parts for cornwall/tv stand speaker then sell the academy. You won't regret the up grade, well worth it. Also agree with a third heresy up front, I think it would be better than your academy. You could use one of your rears to test and see how it sounds.
  6. Maggy question, xover

    😄 That's funny. I've decide to try the duelund jam caps at 55. bucks each. I'll do the rest of the upgrades in a month or 2 and go with a 12 gauge coil, shouldn't be to hard to do since the xover is going to mounted outside the speaker. The smga crossover is one or only one magnepan does in series, most other magnepan speakers use parallel crossover design. People seem to like the sound of the smga design.
  7. Maggy question, xover

    Thanks for posting the diagram! Where did you purchase your parts? If find a coil I like they don't have a cap I want, don't want to paid twice shipping if I don't have to. Did you replace /remove fuse holder?
  8. Maggy question, xover

    I got the values off an xover diagram I found online. That is the only info I found on coil,16 18 guage hand wound coil. ( I wondered the same thing) Clarity caps received good remarks for the price, looked at duelund Wow out of my price range. I was thinking 2 clarity caps at 51bucks each and 2 solen pro 14 gauge coils about 20 each. Does that look like a good combo for the money? Can't go higher right now but if there is a cheaper combo that would work as well please let me know. Still looking for a good fuse holder, any suggestions. Thanks!
  9. Maggy question, xover

    Agree the coils don't deteriorate but I would like to try a bigger gauge coil. Caps are my first concern, on a budget of a hundred give or take, would like to get best bang for the buck now. Xover will be externally mount so experimenting down the road should be easy. I will take pics but not sure how to post, will cross that bridge when I get to it.
  10. Maggy question, xover

    50 uf cap and .78mh 16-18 gauge coil Would like to go hundred or less. Was thinking clarity cap at 51 bucks, value is 47uf. Would the 47 uf make much difference in crossover point? Could only find one cap at 50 uf which is the Dayton audio, all others where at 47 uf. If I do change out the coil would the solen 14 gauge be a good choice?
  11. Maggy question, xover

    There is hot glue over capacitor, makes it hard to read. I will search the web tonight see if I can't find the value I will scape off the glue. Would it be worth it to change the inductor, it's an air core on a plastic reel. Any suggestions on a fuse holder, the one on the speakers is a cheap clip on. Thanks!
  12. Hope I am not getting in trouble but I have a magnepan question. Bought a pair of smga's I am rebuilding, fixed all the wires yesterday. Tweeter wires where in good shape. Speakers are going to be housed in an oak wood frame I am build out of an old heavy oak door. Would it be wise to rebuilt crossovers, simple 2 component xover. ( one cap. and inductor) Would like suggestions for component replacement, cap and inductor. Also want to replace fuse holder with a better quality one, any suggestions and where to buy. Thanks!
  13. RP-280F cone rubbing sound

    Agree! Have or can you try speakers with a different amp/reciever and different source hook up. 2 subs are better one, cls works if you don't mind used, also diy.
  14. Need a small (tiny) center for my RB-61 ii

    Is that good luck with center channel or wive?☺

    Once you get it set up get yourself some concert dvd's. You will get to here some good music and see the band, kind of the best of both worlds.