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  1. So much for your rally, down another 800 points 26 minutes after market opening today.
  2. polizzio

    Corona Virus

    Didn't take it as an insult. Just did not understand what you were attempting to convey.
  3. There was a guy who posted a couple months back here who had Heresies signed by PWK himself. How would he value his speakers in case of a total loss?
  4. polizzio

    Corona Virus

    Erosion of what? Expand on this please.
  5. I would think that will be tough, maybe some sort of professional appraisal, if there is such a thing for vintage audio equipment. Just because you tell the insurance company my very unique, one of a kind H2 are worth $2k doesn't mean they will pay that if there is a loss. I have been thru a flood and insurance companies search out most item values by comparables in the marketplace. At the very least i'd take detailed pics or video and store them somewhere safe. Not a bad idea to do with all the contents in your home. Like in a safety deposit box at the bank, or exchange with a family member for safe keeping. Put it on a usb thumb drive. When my home was flooded in 2012, the insurance company gave me an Excel spreadsheet to document my house contents and values. I had taken plenty pics of inside beforehand. Without detailed pics or video, it is super tough to account for everything in your home of value. I did mine room by room with the pics I took, and my memory too.
  6. polizzio

    Corona Virus

    Ah ha, an article on flu vs CV threat in America: https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2020-01-30/why-the-flu-is-a-bigger-threat-to-the-us-than-coronavirus And another: https://www.axios.com/coronavirus-influenza-disease-china-united-states-64311582-2031-40af-8ec3-9ff68341d4f3.html
  7. polizzio

    Corona Virus

    Finally a guy who thinks "outside the box". Who thinks of options, or potential global ramifications. I mean clearly by the statistical data, the common seasonal flu is far much more deadly than CV. Wish I could find accurate date on how many people in China die annually from the flu? It has to be pretty huge.
  8. polizzio

    Corona Virus

    How many were you, the paint or restoration gang? I'm guessing this was the Klipsch Museum building?
  9. polizzio

    Corona Virus

    That by the CDC numbers or statistics, ordinary flu season kills easily 10 or 15 times what CV has. Why is there this massive fear or pandemonium over CV in the news?
  10. polizzio

    Corona Virus

    @BigStewMan To recap, by the numbers the CDC states 16,000 to 40,000 have died in the US alone this winter season from the flu. By contrast 2900 have died in China from CV so far. China's pop is 4 times that of the USA. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/preliminary-in-season-estimates.htm
  11. polizzio

    Corona Virus

    Elden, where you been? Vacant for days until today. We have missed your humor and positive vibes.
  12. polizzio

    Corona Virus

    I was just bringing it up for discussion. By the numbers seasonal flu virus has killed 10 or 15 times the number of people versus CV. Did you look at the CDC numbers I posted earlier, the link to their website, their data?
  13. Hindsight is actually way way better than 20/20. Anybody can pick winners from the past, or historical data. The trick is picking winners before they are winners, and ride that pony to victory lane
  14. Come on AAPL @ $100 a share! I'm a buyer big time!
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