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  1. This is a fact. I have landed a couple 5 foot plus gars out of Lake Ponchartrain many years ago. They are really easy to catch. I brought one home to clean and eat the flesh, but those scales and skin, might as well be Kevlar armor. I took a Skil saw to it out of frustration. People who know what they are doing use a sharp hatchet to open em up and clean. Here is a crazy fact. For 37 years I lived close to the Bonne Carre Spillway. It has 2 large canals probably 75 yards across and approx one mile long, from the excavation of dirt to build the spillway levees. These two canals are connected by a smaller canal which also joins the lake. A Google overhead view will show you the layout. The entire spillway is 7500 acres in area. Anyways, I have hunted, fished, 3 and 4 wheeled, boated, knee boarded, swam, target shot, hiked, and rode dirt bikes over the years. Its like a huge play ground for local residents. I fished quite a bit there and I have seen big gar roll on the surface of those canals while fishing early in the mornings. So we got those big gar in there swimming and feeding in the canals, same place where many people swim and ski. Never heard of anyone attacked by a large gar, but after I saw one in the spillway, it kind of worked in my mind. No doubt one of those 5 or 6 footers could grab a human and take them down below the surface. These big gars are supremely powerful swimmers. Especially a child swimming, good grief it would be easy for them to do. But it doesn't because they are intimidated by large prey (human size). Same with alligators. I have bass fished in a 14' aluminum skiff and seen 10 foot+ alligators sunning on tree blowdowns along the canal and when you get close, they hit the water. I once saw a 12 footer about 30 years ago, he did the same. You start watching the water after, least I did for a while. This occurred along Reserve Canal (diff location) drainage canal to Lake Ponchartrain. You don't see the really large gators any more, they have been mostly killed off by the hunters. Alligators avoid human contact if possible. In 40 years I have never heard of a large alligator gar jumping in a boat. Never heard of anyone being bitten by one either in the wild. spillway history/facts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonnet_Carré_Spillway
  2. SVS has a 5 year "covers everything" warranty. Many subs only do 2 or 3 years on the amp, which is what usually fails. SVS customer service is superb and they have a on line live chat function (help with setup or adjustments) during business hours. Also SVS has an "in home" 90 day trial period, and pay for return shipping if you choose to go another route. Take a look and see how many sub manufacturers/vendors offer paid return shipping/trial period on their product. Seaton and JTR do offer some killer subs, especially JTR, but not everybody is looking to spend $3000 plus on a single sub. Or need a sub with 115+ db output.
  3. Here is a heat index chart: https://www.weather.gov/safety/heat-index No wonder the yard kicked my butt the other day @ 90F and 83% humidity. Heat index of 114F in those conditions. (not to mention I could stand to lose 40 lbs)
  4. On the tv news/weather @ 1200 today they stated its gonna be pretty hot everywhere for the next 3 or 4 days. Especially east of the Mississippi River where heat indexes in some locations could approach 115F. 93F and 53% humidity here right now. South Louisiana.
  5. Well i just finished push mowing the lawn, weed eating, and blow clean. It was 90F and 82% humidity and it kicked my butt hard. The grass/ground is still wet/soggy from Hurricane Barry rainfall. Threatening to rain again right now, thunder as I type and heavy clouds. But its done, thankfully.
  6. Oh yes, you flat out stole those babies. Congrats and enjoy
  7. I owned one of the top 12, the large Advents about 42 years ago. But any article on top 12, or top 10 of anything is subjective by that author.
  8. I think you'll be fine. I just checked the LA interstate system for closures in south LA.........nada. The center of the Barry remnant is near Little Rock, AR now. I-10/12 closures: https://www.511la.org/
  9. We are safe. Boucoup rain, three full days of it off and on. I recorded 3.2" @ my house (three day collection), which is pretty low considering. I'm sure some areas saw 6+ inches collectively. This morning since sunrise is the first four + hours of zero rain @ my residence. Our local Lake Ponchartrain rose three feet from the storm surge itself. Lots of street flooding in some areas. I have not heard a single death reported on the local tv news in southern Louisiana attributed to Hurricane Barry, which is great news. Thankfully Barry barely made hurricane status/intensity before making landfall. Lake Ponchartrain surge trend/live level reading: https://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=lix&gage=mdll1
  10. Actually a loudspeaker's efficiency rating is a measure of its sound output level @ 2.83 volts input, and at a distance of one meter. It is a measure of the collective sound output of all drivers at that input voltage, not just one driver or transducer in the loudspeaker.
  11. Yes, gas prices down here have been really volatile too. One day its $2.20 then a few days later its $2.39. The deal in the Gulf of Oman and Iran attacking two crude carriers, then shooting down our 130 million dollar drone.
  12. Nate Lashley won yesterday in Detroit. Finished @ -25 and had a six stroke lead over next opponent.
  13. What I don't understand is currently we pay 20 cents per gallon in taxes in Louisiana and CA will pay 48 cents per gallon after this latest hike. Both of these are in addition to the 18.5 cents federal tax added on. So where is the other $1.00 per gallon in CA going? Here is part of the answer, no interstate pipelines in CA. Fuel transportation costs are greater in CA: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ellenrwald/2018/09/28/california-is-approaching-4-gasoline-but-it-has-only-itself-to-blame/#378e010f1a7a And it just costs more to refine product in CA. PA is 57 cents before fed tax. WA is pretty strong @ 49.4 cents. PA is the highest in the nation gasoline tax wise. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuel_taxes_in_the_United_States
  14. Clare Torry is just amazing on Great Gig in the Sky.
  15. Not due to Cali emissions exclusively, due to the silicon microchip development. Computer control has made massive strides in gasoline engine efficiency and combustion control, and performance. Direct fuel injection, precision combustion timing, live constant tailpipe emissions (oxygen), cylinder deactivation, cam phasing and variable "on the fly" cam timing. And refined/precision manufacturing of many key physical components. All brought about by the rapid evolution of the silicon chip and microprocessors. CNC machining, robotics building new vehicles, R&D, and engineering/modeling. Computers have revolutionized our lives right in front of us in so many ways, and continue to do so. Now I will say Cali was instrumental in the development and evolution of microprocessors. Many of the leaders in this industry started in CA. They don't call it Silicon Valley for nothing.
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