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  1. I purchased a pair off ebay for $15 delivered from this guy. Beautiful, brass is bright, shipped promptly. Exactly as pictured in his listing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Engraved-Solid-Brass-Klipsch-Speaker-Badge-logo-PWK-Heresy-Cornwall-Chorus/173822306153?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  2. My Crown XLS 1002 arrived yesterday. So I hooked it up to a spare pair of floorstanders and my Cowen mp3 player to make sure it works ok, no issues as it was "gently used". Impressive performance, no noise no surprise pops when switching on or off, just clean power. I actually laid on the beanbag and listened to Seal for quite a while. Loads of adjustments, bridged or stereo, high pass, low pass, or band pass filters.
  3. My apology to you and Jason, I was sort of being an arrogant di**head for sure. When I went back and later re-read this thread, it was apparent to me.
  4. Islander, you are the voice of common sense and restraint. A peacemaker I need to work on that.
  5. Excerpt from a notable article (from people who actually manufacture high quality cables and wiring harnesses) on oxygen free copper loudspeaker wire: Commonly used in consumer electronics, oxygen free copper is most frequently found in high end audio-visual systems, though individual oxygen free copper wiring custom cable assemblies are also on the market for the pickiest of music connoisseurs. Oxygen free copper is used for speaker wires, audio/video connector cable assemblies, and amplifier wires because of its purported higher conductivity, and supposedly better ability to transfer low-frequency sounds. Some manufacturers also state that oxygen free copper wiring provides better clarity of sound, and lasts longer than other, less pure, copper wires. While all of the claims about the good things about oxygen free copper wiring have a degree of truth in them, for most consumers, oxygen free copper wiring is not going to be noticeably different than any other type of copper wiring. The increase in conductivity is minimal, and is not due to the de-oxygenation of the wire. Rather, the process of electrolytic refining also removes other impurities, notably, iron, that can cause resistance. However, even so, the increase in conductivity would not be noticeable unless the wire was extended to a great length, say, over 50 feet. Since no consumer product uses wiring of anything near that length, the increased conductivity is delectably useful at best. In fact, there is no substantial difference between the performance of oxygen free copper and other types of copper in virtually all kinds of consumer products. However, outside of the realm of cutting edge scientific equipment, and extremely advanced copper cable assemblies, oxygen free copper has little practical use, particularly in the consumer world. Though a strong advertising phrase today, it is unlikely to stick around for longer than a few marketing campaigns. Link to article
  6. Yes you are correct, I had corrected my post if you look back. Actually some subs do employ both an adjustable high pass and low pass filter like Rythmik subs. Subsonic filter = high pass Brian Ding is the originator of Rythmik, an electrical engineer. He designs his own plate amps. Rythmiks are noted for his feedback servo technology. They are based out of Austin TX.
  7. Believe me, I'll pass on your help, TY.
  8. But my question was not addressed to you. I have never seen + or - 3 db response readings on a raw transducer, not installed in a cabinet. Oh please enlighten me.
  9. Anybody who builds a sub uses a low pass filter, that's so basic its stupid. Who attempts to run a sub driver full range? Oh your an expert......I forgot.
  10. So you know more than the manufacturer does? Imagine that!
  11. Pennywise, you own any $1300 loud speaker cables? I bet you do Share your favorite brand with us.
  12. Oh come now Tony........you've never been tempted to spend $2500 for a pair of speaker leads/wires? How about $40,000? I like ur style, Tony
  13. So by you statement above, do you consider the Heresy 12" transducer a subwoofer? How about the two 4.5" low frequency drivers in a Klipsch RF-42 floorstander?
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