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  1. Just keep it your "saved items for later cart" until you have enough for free delivery ($25). I also order my home HVAC filters via amazon (better price than locally) so I keep that item in the saved cart to push me over @ times. Otherwise they will charge you 5.99 for shipping on a $7.05 item. Or maybe that cd, blueray movie, or audio cable you want. Another viable option is to buy a single item on ebay, if they have it. Ebay is a great shopping tool, I recently purchased a music cd for $3.76 delivered. St Germain Tourist. Most times its hard to beat amazon's prices, with free shipping to boot. Especially Black Friday and the Christmas sales that follow. Sometimes amazon offers some items @ 33 to 50% off during the holiday sales period.
  2. I don't do Prime......paying a fee for benefits. I order from amazon; my stuff just might take two more days to arrive @ my house. Big deal. Amazon was way better 3 years ago when they didn't collect any sales taxes at all.
  3. polizzio

    NFL 2019

    Chiefs are a 1.5 point fav right now.
  4. polizzio

    NFL 2019

    I'll take Garrapolo and the niners. I believe it will be a close, competitive game. Or least I hope so.
  5. polizzio

    Hey JimJimbo. Why?

    Did you know Judge Judy currently earns 45 million dollars per year for her show? Commercial magnet. And Ellen Digenerate earns 87 million annually. Crazy numbers!
  6. Upon closer inspection, you are absolutely correct. No way are the Forte III and CW IV mid horn the same item. No way. My bad.
  7. Concerning #2, it appears the mumps mid horn of the new CW 4 is the same as what has been in the Forte 3. Perhaps right off the shelf. No mumps tech for you little heresy Thanks for your input, Tom.
  8. I have a simple question, been on my mind for a while now. If mumps tech is so wonderful, a la the new CW4 squawker horn, why has not Klipsch integrated this technology into the latest LS or Khorn models? Mumps is about better sonic dispersion, eliminating that hard corner in the physical horn itself right? No mumps on the latest H4 mid horn either. Help me understand this mumps horn technology please.
  9. 27F and frosty @ sunrise right now. Quite a change from a couple days ago where we hit 75 mid day. I hand washed my car yesterday morning @ about 0900, it was 46F but not a cloud in the sky. The water was pretty cold!
  10. @ILI I'm digging the Pierre Anckaert Trio via Spotify, been listening the last hour. TY sir.
  11. I wish the Peachtree amp had L+R gain controls on it. Just a couple simple rotary pots. I keep telling myself "just be happy, 30-40 clean wpc with some headroom is enough for my CWs".......... protect you hearing, dummy. Don't cave in to the sickness.
  12. @ILI Thanks so much for the St Germain lead. I'm really liking the Tourist. Any other specific St Germain album you would recommend as your favorite? I'm gonna put Marc Moulan on Spotify right now.
  13. Yes from the size and weight (read small) of it I agree class D. In the specs its rated 500 wpc @ <1% THD+N which to me is stating it does get noisy at its max rated power level. The damping is really high @ >650. All of the specs look good except the noise rating @ 500 wpc. The output is not McIntosh like. But again its $1500 delivered, and assembled in the USA. I'm guessing ICE module based on sheer size and price. Lot of power for the price. I'm still evaluating this amp or the Crown xls 2502 to use with my avr pre amp out, mains only.
  14. polizzio

    NFL 2019

    Blowout! 27- zip. Packers better do something.
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