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  1. That just sucks. I mean how do they just lose one speaker? They scan every single physical movement, how does one box/speaker complete its journey and the other "is lost in space"? Maybe they damaged or destroyed it and just "lost it"? 60 days to file a claim.......sorry to read of your troubles concerning this.
  2. Nice write up. I can visualize PWK flashing his BS button within his sport coat, to select individuals. Had to be a classic moment.
  3. See above post, that was just a quick search on ebay. I like spending other people's money
  4. RF-7iii pair B stock, walnut finish, $2500 delivered, seller has an perfect rating on ebay, authorized dealer, 43 years in business: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RF-7-Mark-III-Reference-Tower-Speakers-Walnut-Finish-Pair-B-Stock-NEW/292754728115?epid=13032163556&hash=item44298aa4b3:g:f6wAAOSwgq9bgaLs Here from a guy who is a member here and has a B&M business/storefront, $1800 each unit (new A stock) delivered: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RF-7III-black-brand-new-A-stock-shipped-on-a-pallet-priced-each/293137573436?hash=item44405c663c:g:vtIAAOSwHfZdGMXq That's a great deal on B stock RF-7iii above. Ebay may add sales tax too as they have shifted to on most all listings. I'm sure if you call Paducah Home Theater (second listing above) on the phone and not via flea bay, you will get a better price. I believe his name is Cory, if my memory is correct. Link to Cory's business and phone #: https://paducahhometheater.com/
  5. polizzio

    NFL 2019

    Agreed. And after reading much on the net he wasn't really interested in a job imo, he wanted a platform in the media to promote his agenda. Lets break it down: who agrees to a tryout (job interview) days in advance, agrees to a location and time, 20+ NFL scouts flying in, then cancels or re-locates the location 30 minutes prior because the NFL won't agree to have the tryout wide open to the media? And his last minute relocated location was 50 miles from the agreed upon location. Pretty bizarre behavior for a guy seriously looking for a job. Kap is done in the NFL. If he had any shot at all yesterday, his last minute bizarre demands and choices permanently sealed his fate. The show is over concerning Kapernik and the NFL.
  6. polizzio

    NFL 2019

    Well Kapernik cancels 30 minutes before today's tryout was to begin. Great career move. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/upset-league-kaepernick-moves-scheduled-204426895.html https://www.foxnews.com/sports/workout-colin-kaepernick-switches-locations-after-nfl-declines-allow-media
  7. polizzio

    NFL 2019

    Yes, I read about that earlier in the week. Personally I don't believe he will ever play in the NFL again. This tryout is a dog and pony show imo. The NFL team owners have collectively black balled Kap. The "tryout" precludes a league lockout type scenario/image, can't play any bias cards or lawsuits going forward. They just say he isn't good enough and "quit yer crying". And it wasn't like teams were standing in line to grab him up before anyways. His play/leadership pretty much sucked in the end.
  8. polizzio

    NFL 2019

    Garrett just may join Kapernick's team. Oh wait........
  9. You sir, have an A-1 wife.
  10. I do the same since the first sub debacle many years ago. Just smart to document.
  11. So what do you find your current 820s lacking in presentation or sound? Sounds like a very nice theater and equipment. I see no mention of a subwoofer above. You do not use a sub for movies? For LF impact? Given your room size and personal tastes, perhaps the RF-7s would be a better upgrade path for you from the 820s.
  12. Classical music generates sounds lower than 30 hz. Acoustic instruments. Synthesizers or a Moog will go down to 20 hz (electronic generated sounds). I really like piano music and the low tones generated. I cannot imagine listening to music cut off @ 50 hz.
  13. There are several key factors in your decision making. How large is your room? How loud do you listen to your music? I say go with the 8000s unless you listen to your music very loud or have a huge room. I had RP-280s for 2 weeks (pretty much the same as the 8000, the 8000 is the newer model) and the 280s were really impressive. I found a great deal on rosewood Cornwall 3s and purchased them and returned the 280s. I never read a single poor review of the RP-280s anywhere. When you get to a certain level of high fidelity, there are diminishing returns on sonic improvement for the cash outlay. I could have been quite happy with the 280s, but the rosewood veneer CWs are something really special, both visually and to the ears. You listen to some of the old hands here and they will tell you short of Jubilees or the Klipsch commercial speakers, you are settling short. I don't feel that way at all. Not everybody has a huge room, or listens to their music beyond 85-90 db sound level, or has unlimited resources. Not every member here needs Jubes or commercial product to be content with their home music reproduction. I know I don't. Just my opinion.
  14. I agree with the Cornwall selection as Cornwalls will reproduce down to 30 hz. But I disagree on the "very little music below 40 hz". A standard piano will generate sounds to 25 hz on the low end, so will electronic synthesizers utilized in a lot of pop and rock music. Not to mention a pipe organ will go to 20/25 hz too. To limit one to a full range loudspeaker with a low frequency cutoff of 50-60 hz is silly, if you want to hear all of the music. Shoot even my Elac debut 6.2 bookshelf speakers I use at my desktop pc will play down to 35-40 hz.
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