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  1. Not enough DIYed examples exist, on resale markets............ to make such a logical decision.
  2. Tough subject !!! I think it is impossible to find a good appraiser for DIY gear. When a person sells such items, its a total crap shoot as to what you will get. Often, a DIY piece goes for about the cost of the parts, with NO recognition for performance improvements, if they exist in fact. What ever " Labor" you apply is a pure " labor of love ", since its not intended for resale. ( It was not a labor to put food on the table, feed your family. ) The DIY hobby is for YOUR satisfaction, not for others. Your DIYed gear was improved to make YOU happy on YOUR specific audio system. It may not apply at all, to other audiophiles' systems. Usually, it doesn't IME !!! The most conservative insurance valuation, will be that of parts-replacement-value, IMHO. Jeffrey Medwin
  3. Two are spoken for, two have been shipped, and two remain. Price reduced about another 10% additional, on these last two output tubes, so its about 40% off list. Jeffrey Medwin
  4. Look, very good !! Best wishes for Erik tomorrow, re: his surgery.
  5. [Link removed by moderator] ...............Yes that is it. Its not a contraption. What does that have to do with a transformer? [Moderator inappropriate personal attack] [Id.] Are you suggesting that if I used one of those things I might be able to hear better? ...................No, not at all. [Moderator removed off-topic comment] [Moderator removed off-topic, and condescending comments. I would suggest @Jeffrey D. Medwin you take some of the advice you had in here and Study this Forum on how we treat each other, "you may likely grasp that you are" abrasive, and that you are not providing any value to the Forum where people might be willing to overlook this. I'm not going to take the time to highlight any topics for you, you will either make the effort to exist here or you won't. "LEARN" what the rules of decorum and civility are]. Have fun, and best wishes. Jeffrey Medwin
  6. [eBay link deleted by moderator] [Title edited by moderator]
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PASS-DIY-ACA-Amp-Camp-Amp-1-6-Stereo-Power-Amp-Class-A-UPGRADED-read/293201423364 Built nicely by a fellow in Richmond, who worked for Audio Repair Shop, called AudioVisions.
  8. Wow. You must teach yourself all you can, before messing with this, about safety procedures with high voltages. One momentary error can be fatal. Ask : Is any added risk worthy of the anticipated performance ??? Might there be other choices / ways to get there !! My very best wishes go out to you. Jeff
  9. What amplifier configuration were you two fellas planning, with 940 VDC of B+ and 280 mA. on tap ??
  10. Yes, it actually could be done with a smaller tube. But no one can build high performing tube amps "on the cheap". These are two mutually exclusive concepts. If I were to do a similar build, using a smaller tetrode or pentode Finals tube, I would not ever use a 6BQ5. I would consider using the military equivalent to a 6AQ5, however, which I prefer over any 6BQ5. That would be a 6005, GE 5 - star. I actually was thinking about a 6005 version, a few days ago. But, If I were to go to all the trouble to build such an amp ( its costly !!! in parts and in building time ) I would just use the KT88 . It is a GREAT tube choice. Using the same design, the KT88's 42 Watt rated plate ( VS: a 10 Watt rated 6005's plate), simply makes most sense to me. Jeffrey Medwin
  11. Erik is meticulous. Notice, on the amp pictured in the second and third photo from the top of this page, the rectifier tube is mis-positioned in that stock amp. A tube rectifier is converting nasty buzzy AC to DC, and the rectifier tube has lots of very strong radiated fields associated with its operation. One of the things Erik could do ( on a new build ) is get the rectifier tube as far away as possible from the Input tube. Why? The Input tube is processing the amp's lowest level of audio signal - on its control grid. The rectifier tube is handling huge nasty fields. As now positioned " stock" - these two disparate tubes are " trying " to function - almost " on top " of each other. Their radiated fields do interact. Just the opposite of ideal ( which is - as far away as possible from each other). Layout matters in Single Ended builds !! Erik is correct on lead lengths. In the third picture down, notice the mis-positioned Input RCA jack. There is no need to run that input lead ( across the output leads' fields ), and then, several inches longer - just to reach the Input tube's control grid ! Ideally, an RCA jack can be placed within 1 1/2 to 2 inches of the control grid of the Input tube. I prefer Cardas 19 AWG Polished Silver hook-up wire ( from Michael Percy ) to make that connection, RCA jack to the Input tube's control grid. Lovely sounding wire. Please note, comments on an ideal / close RCA jack placement can only apply IF the rectifier tube was far-better placed. Finally, the output transformer's secondary / speaker leads are unnecessarily long. The amp's speaker posts should be positioned right NEAR the output transformer, keeping those lead lengths much shorter than we see in picture number three. The 120 VAC input wiring is much too close to the output transformer's secondary leads also. Take a look. Erik can fix all that stuff - on a fresh build. I'm under the impression Magnequest is not producing too much product any more. Have fun. Amps are cool. Jefffrey Medwin
  12. Here is my final response to this thread, and most of you , acting so silly : Thats right jason str. I do not mind missing lowest bass at all, IF all else is great. With my DIY amps, and high-transfer-efficiency wire, good connections ( never banana plugs ) it is very-very good. I hate hearing woofers, 15 inch woofers, that are rear-horn loaded, VS direct-radiating FRONT-horn-loaded 15s. That is why I use A7-8s, a simple two-way system. World's best !! A ALTEC 515B woofer is superior. Nothing wrong with an 802D either IMHO. But it demands proper implementation, and no one I know, world-wide, does A-7s very well. FYI, I don't mass load the enclosures any more friends !! Did VERY light mods, see them below and left page side of my Moniker.. Sounds fantastic in the room. Takes CONTROL of the room. Jeffrey Medwin Post on your silly stuff, pile on, show me what you are made of when confronting new ideas. Classy !!
  13. That was from " Uncle Stu " or Stu Ohno ( sp?) , the recently deceased Audiophile, and much loved audio dealer in Hawaii. He posted that in the Tweaks section of AA, and I copied it for all the Klipsch folks to read. Black pigments has been widely discussed before, The other colors were new to me. Jeffrey Medwin
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