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  1. @efzauner thanks! I am located in Blainville, in the north suburbs of Montreal!
  2. That’s a great price for unopened boxes!! I got mine for 45$can each but used with some cosmetic imperfections on some of them. was thinking of using my denon avr-1613 which is rated 75w @ 0.08% thd to drive 4 of them outside in a quad stereo setup and use the two other as rears in my home theatre setup on a denon avr 4308ci rated 140w @ 0.05% thd. i know nothing about in-line fuses...maybe i will have to get more knowledgeable on that matter. So you suggest i look into that with those amps/speakers?
  3. I would be happy to grab this but shipping would be a ***** and expensive as i am in montreal canada
  4. Thanks to all! Happy to see that the forum is pretty active
  5. Hi all, just put my hands on 6 x AW-650 for dirt cheap off facebook marketplace and now can’t wait for spring so i can set all of this up outside! i have an old Denon AVR-1613 5ch amp that is not being used. Any input on that amp for those speakers? I fear it might be underpowered but on the other hand i will most likely never crank those to high volumes has i want to keep a good relationship with my neighbours lol. i was also thinking using only 4 outside and using the other two to complete my surround sound setup. Currently have RF-63’s with a RSW-12 and soon RC-62 for center running off a Denon AVR-4308ci thanks for your input! cheers,
  6. Hi all! finally joining the family here as a Klipsch enthousiaste! worked for 7 years until 2010 at an authorized Klipsch dealer and boy did i enjoy demoing these great speakers. I work in sales at Acura since and unfortunately put the audio aside until recently. I had the chance to grab a beautiful set of RF-63’s in cherry and a RSW12 sub. wow they sound great on my old Denon Avr-4308ci. Will eventually add RC-64 and RS-62 ( or equivalent) when i find some. They seem to be hard to come across :( Cheers to all, Frank!
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