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  1. Yes, flood insurance. Both land and sewage as both are different here. Can either submit as original msrp ie. everyday heresys or current equivalents ie. H3. Latter would be logical choice. Tangent.... anyone hear the H4's? Assume the port completely changes the sonics.
  2. Would be replaced by current model.
  3. In the event, and it only happened once (flood), sounds like would be replaced with closest current model. Works for me....
  4. without some type of photo documentation or professional authentication signatures in general can be iffy. but how many pwk sigs are out there and who would stoop to forge? not ethical but certainly not hard.
  5. Guys, need to ask the dreaded question. Have a rider on my insurance for replacement cost on electronics in the event of... Newer just gets replaced, on my vintage its more of a market value or inflation adjusted retail from when new. Because of the rarity of these how do i value them? Because currently they are listed as nothing more than run of the mill h2's.
  6. Glad i hung on to these. Could be a bit of a unicorn! Appreciate the help guys!
  7. No red stamp. The remaining label was dangling by a single staple so, don't laugh but i removed and framed. It wasn't glue washed like other labels I've seen and was curling up like a dried leaf. Full pic...apologies for weird angle, was getting nasty glare off glass.
  8. Oh these would certainly benefit from a good clean and oil. Yes, they can sound good but i find them quite upstream dependant. I need something with tone controls lol!! None of my tubes are as enjoyable as they should be.
  9. Speakers are 87 and timeline shows sale was 89 so teak could still be special order i shall assume. Will also assume not that common of a finish. The grilles, what are they referred to as? Brown, tan, gold?? Either way, these speakers still get rotated in time to time despite my personal love/hate relationship with em. Appreciate the help guys!
  10. The grilles are like a 2 tone tan/brown. Not sure what you'd call it Travis. Attached a couple pics.
  11. From what I've read teak wasn't an option for the H2's yet my pair S/n 8751537 are in fact labelled Hii-TO. Noone believes me... Can you provide some type of history thru the serial? Only have the 1 tag, the other went missing. Appreciate your thoughts, Dale,
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