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  1. This weekend I am going to switch to BC's kit since I already have it. Thread has me curious, I post my results,
  2. Understand just didn't look at pic closely. Wonder what happen to the orginal cabinets, parts look to be in good shape.
  3. I would use a good birch plywood for the box and good quality 1 inch mdf for motherboard. Chorus 1's have I believe a 2 4inch ports, many people have used 7 inch tubes in the ports o improve the bass. Once build Vermeer to your liking. If you get all the materials first you should be able to build in a weekend'. Might want to rebuild crossovers while they are out.
  4. Thanks claude, going to order a pair of 4.7 tonight.
  5. Running a similar set up, ev dh1a and de 10 tweeter. Would a 4.7 capacitor work or should I go with a little higher capacitor Thanks!# !
  6. I think the k 510 has been discontinue and may be hard to find.
  7. Pair of klf 10`s and an entry level Yamaha receiver for 250.00. I live up by 285 and Peachtree industrial. Let me know if interested and I can send details on equipment.
  8. It's been a long time since I stripped them, sorry no pics. I have another sw 12 in black I recently bought I'am going start strip this weekend. Going to remove the woofer and radiator and only use stripper if possible, will only use a high grit sand paper if I have to. If memory services me I used stripped, putty knife, and a roll of paper towels to strip the other 2 speakers, no sand paper. Unfortunately the stripper today is weaker so may have to use sand paper. I avoid using electric sander especially orbital ones, they can leave small swirl marks in veneer you can not see till you paint or stain. I will give you an update in a couple days.
  9. I have stripped black paint from klipsch academy and sw12 sub with good results. Both were originally oak Verneer painted black; success with yours might depend on type of wood/finish.
  10. Let us know how it sounds, if you any success I might try it with a pioneer 5.25 coxial. Are you going to do meh with 8 or tens Or mount single driver at front of horn? I have 4 extra 8's' might be fun to try the pioneers with the 8 inche drivers mounted meh style.
  11. Do a search for - klipsch k 510 diy audio Thread is - Smallest Footprint Horn and Driver that can reach 500hz Let me know if you find it.
  12. My front zxpc are 17 x10 and 11 3/4 deep - long throw. Looked at diy audio reommend zxpc are18 x 10 only 8 inches deep, OP stated Polars are similar to a k 510. I am going to try and build a k 510 this weekend, if it does not work out I am going to try the short throws . Thanks for the help Bob and everyone.
  13. Ok thanks I will check it out. Using zxpc's RCL but there too deep for my rears.
  14. I am trying to a build a 510 replica for rears because of it's shallow depth, 5.1 system for music. I am hoping with the horn measurements I can use my touch screen laptop and create top and bottom rib/template of the horns curves. I toyed with mdf and had some luck with making curved panels. I believe it's called a Kell cut, (maybe not) where you want the curve you cut approx. every 1/4 inch the length of panel going almost all the way thur panel. Once cut the mdf can be easily curved, tried with plywood but had better luck with mdf. If I can pull off making a decent/close 510 horn I will be using a single 12 kappa c to match fronts speakers kappa c 15's.
  15. Thanks Tom your help is much appreciated.
  16. I seem to remember reading there a 5 inch depth, unless posted different I will go with that. Thanks !
  17. Understand but still need to know depth, is 5 inches correct? Thanks!
  18. Anyone know k 510 measurements without the flanges. W×HxD - Thanks!
  19. I've done it before and did not find it that difficult. Do a net search for door stop, home depot has a hinge door stop that may work. If you find the HD site there is a video on how to install, cheap and easy.
  20. Can see the complete door, would it be possible to turn it around so door opens in other direction?
  21. True - Used, just an example other companies have DVD players with pre outs. What are you wanting to use speakers for? 2 channel stereo, turn table, CD player, DVD movies surround sound?
  22. Looks like you only have a zone 2 pre out with that reciever, could play zone 2 hook up but only in 2 channel stereo. Your reciever does not have 7 channel pre out for surround sound. I would return them and get a passive speaker that will work with your reciever unless you only want to use them for 2 channel hook up to the zone 2 pre out. If you try zone 2 don't forget to set reciever to zone 2. Some CD/DVD players will have surround sound pre out, OPPO comes to mind but there are others. That could be another option for you but I think returning the speakers and getting different ones is easiest solution. GL Looks like rca input on speakers are only for phone input so zone 2 pre out from reciever may not work. Only thing that may work is usb port from receiver to speakers but reviews do not state if usb from receiver is input or output, if output it should work if input it won't.
  23. Could I safely run these down to 475 and if so what be a good db slope. Spec.s show FR from 400 to 20,000 Hz, play from 800hz with a12db slope, thanks.
  24. Good idea with cal. I will give it a try. Yea I do need to pick up a spl meter and Mike. For now this is a temp. situation till I get some new cabinets made. Just tring to get a decent sound without blowing any drivers for now
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