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  1. jackrcox

    LaScala Manufacture date

    It seems that the Heritage Codes page does not apply to this set. The person these were purchased from said they were bought sometime in the early 90's, but for the life me I cannot make any sense of any of the numbers shown. Is there anyone I can reach out to or any additional information I can provide to get this answered? Thanks to all on the input and help.
  2. jackrcox

    LaScala Manufacture date

    Oh yes. I have them and they are superb. I talked to the guy yesterday and he told me one of the speakers was broken but he had a guy coming by to fix it and he would let me know after that when to come by. I had been chomping at the bit so I asked if I could come and look at them anyway. He said that was fine. One of the wires on the crossovers was unscrewed in the broken speaker. He told me that the first guy came to look at them set them up and was fiddling around with that one and then tried to lowball him. That was very suspicious, indeed. Whatever the case I demoed them keeping an open mind. I approached one of the speakers thinking it had a small tick to it but realized that it was a guy in the recording keeping time with his foot that I had not heard before. After that, I was sold and got them into a truck as quickly and calmly as I could. They are early 90s and have AL3 crossovers. Sound is great in the room I have them intemporarily. I currently have the adcom amp powering them, but am only getting the volume a quarter of the way up as it supply's 200 watts(maybe I should use something lower wattage?) Ignore the record player on the speaker, as I was just testing for function.
  3. jackrcox

    Inexpensive DAC Recommendations

    After researching for some time I settled on a Topping D50. I think I paid around 190 for it after discounts on ebay. Personally, I am very pleased with the sound and its capabilities for what I paid for it. The sound is very clean, the unit feels solidly built, the chipset is fantastic, and the built-in filters seem to work above expectations. As a bonus, it does not require any special power to handle phone audio, which I like.
  4. jackrcox

    LaScala Manufacture date

    Not yet. I was starting to give up after sending him a text and calling earlier in the day. Finally, he responded saying he wasn't feeling the greatest and that he would call me tomorrow about them to figure something out Still no indication that this is a scam or anything on my end. I pray it's not. I will let you know.
  5. jackrcox

    LaScala Manufacture date

    No. The guy told me to come by and take a look on Sunday as he was out of town for work. Strange, he seemed very forthright with the questions I had on the system. Whatever the case, I will proceed cautiously and report back. Also, do you know the person who posts the "cash for your vintage klipshhorn and lascala" posts? I have been trying to find either set but I am afraid that guy heads everything off before I can get to it.
  6. jackrcox

    Av receiver recommendation

    I have the 4400 and I feel it's decent for the price. Nowadays, alot of people think that denon and marantz share the same circuitry with minor tweaks but different faceplates. I am not sure if it's true or not but the marantz seems to command a premium for similar spec models. I think the 4400 is a good model and I am happy with the purchase, especially for the 800 or whatever they are going for nowadays. My setup is similar to yours and it replaced a older, higher end onkyo due to the need for 4k support. I feel the build quality and sound are better, not drastically so, but noticable enough, especially when effort is put into the calibration. If I were to do it again, I would demo it against a Yamaha, whose last year upper models can be had for similar sale pricing to the denons and seem to be receiving excellent reviews. I did not do this, but often wish I did. Good luck. Obviously ask yourself what features you really need and if at all possible try them before you buy.
  7. jackrcox

    LaScala Manufacture date

    Hello All, I am new to the forums but have been a long time Klipsch user and am excited to be apart of the group. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a date of manufacture on a pair of LaScalas I was looking to purchase. P/N 0900711410 LS BIR LAC # S/N 56515 W/O 11256 In addition, based on this date code, is there any recommended or necessary upgrades that would need to be done to them assuming nothing has been changed and they are in good condition? Thanks, Jack