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  1. jackrcox

    Klipsch Heresy II-BR for sale $400 plus shipping

    Kudos to Tad for a fantastic transaction. It was a pain trying to figure out out how to get these shipped (we were getting quotes as high as $250 without the packaging included, wow). Well we were finally able to find a reasonable quote and Tad packaged them bulletproof. They arrived last night and I finally got them set up- and all the packing peanuts cleaned up. They sound and look fantastic. Thanks Tad! Also, thank you to @Budman, who graciously offered to pick them up and hold them for me assuming I was going to have to make the drive. Pardon the mess of the room, its still a work in progress
  2. Hi Dave, I am interested in the Cornet, perhaps I could take a look at it later this week. Thanks, Jack
  3. @Budman That would help out tremendously. Thank you so much for offering to do this. Are you sure it's not a problem? It seems like he wants them off his hands pretty quick and it might take me a few weeks to be able to make the drive. Let me check on one other thing and I will touch base with you in a day or so. Thanks, Jack
  4. Hello All, I hate to ask this but is anyone on here planning on passing through Cincinnati OH and then preceding on to Missouri in the next month or so? I had recently agreed to purchase a pair of Heresy IIs from another forum member thinking I would be paying 120 or so dollars in shipping fees. Unfortunately, I was way off on this figure and was quoted the hefty sum of $255, which may derail my hopes of owning these speakers. I may have to just bite the bullet and take a long drive, but if in the slim chance anyone is planning covering that route perhaps we could work something out to help mule them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jack
  5. I would personally scoop these up if they weren't so far away. They look great. I am sure they will go soon.
  6. When I picked up my pair of first pair of Klipsch Heritage, a pair of 90s LaScalas off craigslist, it was bundled with an Adcom 555ii amp and Adcom GTP 400. Listening with that 400 preamp almost turned me off the sale, it isnt bad per se, but certain music was unbearable in the fatiguing high end and seemed slightly veiled so I had to mess with the tone controls to tame it. No worries, I thought as I bought the speakers, I have a decent Onkyo reciever that is collecting dust I can use for the time being. This was a bad choice. Haha, this is funny to me now, but you know that feeling you get when buyers remorse sets in. All because the soothing noise you expect to hear is crystal clear high end being shoved in your ears forceably and you are afraid to admit this to your wife. Thankfully its all sorted out now, I am actually still using the 555ii paired with a few other pre amps and it sounds worlds better.
  7. jackrcox

    Klipsch Heresy II-BR for sale $400 plus shipping

    Let me clarify to the previous comment. I will definitely take them assuming shipping isn't something heinous(which it shouldn't be). I have been looking for some Heresy's for quite some time but have always gotten beaten to the punch. I commented quick because these look fantastic and will likely go quick. Ill DM you my details in a few minutes.
  8. jackrcox

    Klipsch Heresy II-BR for sale $400 plus shipping

    I would like them. Could you send me a quote to ship them to STL?
  9. I wanted to follow up on this thread and say that Dave has been fantastic to deal with. Currently, he is allowing me to demo the MingDa preamp with my home lascala setup against a Schiit Freya. This weekend should be quite enjoyable to say the least. Thanks Dave.
  10. Quick question. What exactly is on the wall behind you. Is it a closed room or does it look the same as the wall we can see?
  11. jackrcox

    Klipschorns for sale - Sold

    Wow, wow, wow. I am tempted to take the 6 hour drive from St. Louis and pick these up myself(and I really might aasuming I can pep talk myself enough). To follow up about the year of manufacture, those are indeed '90 or '91 DOB. I have a pair of LaScalas from that same era and they have that same wonky 09001(...) long serial that nobody can decipher. Apparently Klipsch had just switched to computers then and the serials lost all rhyme and reason to them for awhile.
  12. jackrcox

    LaScala Manufacture date

    It seems that the Heritage Codes page does not apply to this set. The person these were purchased from said they were bought sometime in the early 90's, but for the life me I cannot make any sense of any of the numbers shown. Is there anyone I can reach out to or any additional information I can provide to get this answered? Thanks to all on the input and help.
  13. jackrcox

    LaScala Manufacture date

    Oh yes. I have them and they are superb. I talked to the guy yesterday and he told me one of the speakers was broken but he had a guy coming by to fix it and he would let me know after that when to come by. I had been chomping at the bit so I asked if I could come and look at them anyway. He said that was fine. One of the wires on the crossovers was unscrewed in the broken speaker. He told me that the first guy came to look at them set them up and was fiddling around with that one and then tried to lowball him. That was very suspicious, indeed. Whatever the case I demoed them keeping an open mind. I approached one of the speakers thinking it had a small tick to it but realized that it was a guy in the recording keeping time with his foot that I had not heard before. After that, I was sold and got them into a truck as quickly and calmly as I could. They are early 90s and have AL3 crossovers. Sound is great in the room I have them intemporarily. I currently have the adcom amp powering them, but am only getting the volume a quarter of the way up as it supply's 200 watts(maybe I should use something lower wattage?) Ignore the record player on the speaker, as I was just testing for function.
  14. jackrcox

    Inexpensive DAC Recommendations

    After researching for some time I settled on a Topping D50. I think I paid around 190 for it after discounts on ebay. Personally, I am very pleased with the sound and its capabilities for what I paid for it. The sound is very clean, the unit feels solidly built, the chipset is fantastic, and the built-in filters seem to work above expectations. As a bonus, it does not require any special power to handle phone audio, which I like.