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  1. I was just thinking that I needed another Tube box for a new setup I am doing. That said, if another turntable showed up with it I would have hell-to-pay. Good luck with your sale.
  2. Hello All, Lately I have been listening to a large quantity of old cassette tapes and using a few different portable players when I am on the go. My issue is that the tape players I own are not of the best quality and I am reluctant to put little, if any, money in refurbishing them due to their overall desirability(Topaz, GE, other off brands) and low ceiling of quality. I was wanting to see if anyone had a decent player such as a walkman DD or of similar quality that I could purchase and have refurbished locally if necessary? Thanks, Jack
  3. Hello All, I was curious to see if anyone had heard from or received anything back from Craig in the last few months. I talked to him last year and then reached out to him a few months ago and didn't get a response. I just wanted to make sure everything was going ok on his end. Thanks, Jack
  4. I've seen KLF 30s go for 500-800 only a few years ago but those times are becoming a thing of the past. I think we have to face that our days of finding higher series Klipsch at a reasonable prices is going by the wayside. People are simply paying more for heritage, CF, and legend models due to the new Klipsch pricing trickling down. Cornwalls are now regularly going for 1200, Heresys for 600, LaScalas 2k+. Occasionally you get the occasional deal, but its becoming much harder to find. I would say if you can get them under 800 its a good deal. Ive seen 2 sets go for 1200 each lately in STL.
  5. I have a 299c, 233, 272, and a lk 150 that has been up at NOS to be worked on since August 2019. As soon as he gets them done, hopefully soon, I would be willing to part with either the 299c or the 233. I will let you know when that happens.
  6. I know this guy and he has some great stuff. I've bought some Scott, Brooks and Ampex equipment off of him and its usually a real treat when he posts.
  7. Does this have an additional output? I have seen these before with more than one line out and assuming it does I may be interested.
  8. Thanks @jimjimbo, My biggest concern would be what to get done to them to hold their value and historical significance. Do I send them to a decent regional tech that's been doing most of my current tube work, or would you send them up to NOScraig or Terry (edit: I was not aware he retired, wish him the best)or the like?
  9. Hello All, I recently was given the opportunity by a good friend to acquire a pair of original Capehart 2a3 amplifiers for a sub 2k price. Both seem to be in pretty good shape and are all stock and are working fine. Searching online is leading me to fairly limited information about the model- most threads seem to say they are desirable and worth getting but not much beyond that. Assuming I picked them up, does anyone have any recommendations, ie more experience, on what to go about servicing if anything? Any personal experience or firsthand knowledge about the model would also be helpfull, I am sort of new to higher end tube material. Thanks, Jack
  10. I am trying to find him a pair of speakers and a receiver for around 400 dollars. I am bringing him a turntable that will do the job for the time being.
  11. Hello all, I was looking to purchase a entry level stereo setup for my brother-in-law who just relocated to Atlanta after recently getting a job at Georgia Tech. This week he reached out to me to see if I could help him piece something inexpensive together so he could listen to his old records when I came to visit him this weekend. After trying to look for leads on craigslist and other local classifieds and not coming up with much, I thought I would post on here to see if anyone had any old equipment in the area. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone. Jack
  12. Is that a 4.0 liter V6 in it? I have had two heavily abused Fords make it to close to 300k with those motors. If so, that's a great buy.
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