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  1. For sale is my original version Sophia Electric "Baby" Amp. It is a 10 watt/channel, push-pull integrated amp with one input and volume control. This is a compact, quiet, excellent-sounding amp. There is nothing "baby" about this amp other than the name. I used it with the Klipschorns and there was virtually no noise. It images incredibly well, is excellent with vocals and instruments and has good bass control. The condition is between good and very good. I am not the original owner. One of the pictures shows a small scratch on the top of the face, but it is not bothersome and might rub out with steel wool or a compound- it just never bothered me and I never tried. The amp works perfectly and is clean and presents well. The amp is original with no mods (to my knowledge). It will come with a stock power cord and stock tubes. Many reviews online - again this is the original Baby, not the newer version. $375 is the price. I will ship it to the lower 48 for $30 via fed ex ground. If it is less than that, I will refund the difference. No original box, but It will be double boxed and packed well, No international shipping, please. Paypal F & F is fine. This is cross posted - there are several pictures on the usaudiomart web site on this link: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649890073-sophia-electric-baby-amp-original/ Local pickup in Houston (west side) is fine as well. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Hey Guys - Still looking for a Scott 222 or 299 that has been redone by Craig at NOSvalves. Please send me a PM if you have one for sale or know someone who does. Thanks!
  3. Excellent amp. Well constructed as the picture shows. Very quiet for a 2a3 amp (even on Khorns) and makes the big horns sing. The tubes are two (2) vintage GE 12at7's and two (2) excellent sounding SOVTEK 2a3's with low hours (note the RCA 2a3's in the picture are not included). Other than the upgraded 12at7's, the amp is stock. Amp has three (3) inputs, a balance (Left/right) knob and a volume knob. Base is painted and distressed black and waxed. Top is brushed aluminum. It is a sharp looking amp. Includes power cord. Price is firm. The kit is still in Bottlehead's line-up and starts at $1,129 (without the nicer 12at7 tubes and assembly) No trades, please. Will ship from Houston to the lower 48. $50 capped shipping. If it is less, I will refund the difference. If it is more, I will pay the difference. Paypal "Friends and family" is fine and local pickup in Houston (77079) is fine. $50 capped shipping. Been here a while, perfect feedback on Usaudiomart, audiogon and ebay as well. Buy with confidence, you will enjoy this amp on your Heritage speakers. Thanks! Kevin
  4. One more try. If you have one you might sell, please send a PM. Thanks! Kevin
  5. Thanks to everyone that responded. I am still looking. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  6. I am looking for a Scott 299 or 222 that has been refurbished by Craig at NOSValves. I just missed the one Joshnich posted for sale. If you have one for sale, please contact me by PM letting me know what you have and your asking price. If you have a few pictures, that would be great. Cosmetics do not have to be great, but operationally, it must be be fine. Must be able to ship to Houston or close enough for a pickup from Houston. Thanks, Kevin Smith
  7. The albums are spoken for by a local member. Thanks, Kevin
  8. Discgolfer123 - you have a PM. Thanks, Kevin
  9. Albums - 21 in all. Free for pickup in Houston - Westside- 77079. Priority given to local pickup - this weekend or before. If no one claims them locally, I will ship them to you at actual cost. Most jackets are in good shape and complete, The records are played, but cared for and in good to very good condition. Here are the titles. Must take all please. All are LP's Genesis - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Genesis - Duke Genesis - Invisible Touch Genesis - Abacab Genesis - Invisible Touch - Special Remix Genesis - Three Sides Live Genesis - Selling England by the Pound Genesis - In the Beginning Genesis - Wind and Wuthering Genesis - The Lamb lies down on Broadway Genesis - Rock Roots Genesis - And then there were three Genesis - Seconds Out Genesis - Untitled Genesis - A Trick of the Tail Phil Collins - Sussudio Phil Collins - Something happened on the way to Heaven Phil Collins - Hello - I must be Going Phil Collins - Hang in Long Enough (Promotional cut Phil Collins - Don't Lose my Number (Extended Version) Send me a PM and let me know if you want them and when you are available to get them. If you would like them, but need them shipped, let me know and I will put you in line in the event no one claims them locally. Please don't claim them to simply sell them (I can do that) and please offer them back to the group here if it turns out you don't like/want some of them. Thanks, -- Kevin Smith
  10. Both pair have now been claimed. Thanks, Kevin
  11. I have two pair of these adapters. One pair is female RCA to Male Balanced. The other pair is female RCA to Female balanced. They are nice quality, heavy adapters. You may claim one pair or both. They are free and I will ship them to you. My only ask is don't claim these to simply sell them. I can do that - If you don't like/need them, please offer them back up here to someone else. Send me a PM me on what you want, your mailing address and give me a few days or so to get them in the mail to you. Thanks, Kevin
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