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    Den - 5 channel system: 1966 K-Horn Decorators with Crites drivers and crossover, RC3, RB61 rears. Integra 40.1 Preamp, Marantz 5006 as amplifier. Various Sources.
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  1. Still available for local pickup... If no interest by early next week, the crossovers may be flying to a new owner...
  2. Yes there is a bit of a catch.... These are in kindof rough shape - drivers move freely and I believe they work - fabric surrounds are in tact, but a bit of water damage on one and a 1/4" tear in the fabric - but I think you could just use silicone to seal it back up. They have been stored in my garage for about 6 years since I refurbed some Khorns a while back. Crossovers are very dirty, but should work... but I'd say they are going to need complete teardown and cleanup at the very least. If anyone is in the Detroit / Flint area - come by and get them.
  3. Sorry guys - I haven't checked in in a bit.... I'm not able to make it - but wish I could!
  4. I'm looking at local sales only for the moment... But you have a point - I do need to make time to drag these all out and test them.
  5. Already did - well I posted that I’m open to offers... not looking to get rich from them... then again, if I build this super center channel...
  6. So - I have a bunch of K-Horn / LaScala parts lying around... and no one seems interested in buying them - so I'm thinking a center channel build, maybe? I already have an RC3 in my den to go with my 1977 La Scala's (all upgraded drivers - CT120, 4500 crossovers, A55G mids, Cast frame woofers)... but am thinking that it would be a better match to use the K-Horn Tweets and K400/K55-V midrange.. So here are the parts I have: K77 Tweets K55-V mid drivers K400 Horns in K-Horn decorator tophat frames Type AA crossovers.. RC3 center channel (Cabinet is beat to hell - see my "..Major House Damage.." thread for reference). Fab up a monster with the RC3 woofers, one K400/K55-v midrange, and one or two K77's? Like a W-T-M-T-W? lol! What would you do with these parts available?
  7. Bump - yeah I'm a loser - no pics... I keep forgetting. If my prices are out of line - feel free to make an offer... I need to move these as I don't have room. Especially the K400 Horns and top hat frames!
  8. I'm sure he will - if you send him a scan of something you want, he will be able to work something out.
  9. I took the suggestion and used some Iso Alcohol to clean the area and the back of the badge - but I want to ability to remove it without damaging the wood should I decide to go with grilles later... I will attach the badge to the grille if I do that. So - Hot-melt it is. I warmed up the badges a bit (Aluminum conducts heat like crazy and will cool the hot melt too fast) and slapped them on - seems to work well.
  10. Hmmm... so - these must have an oil based stain. Logo's fell off after several hours. Suggestions? I had used double sided tape.
  11. Yep - The logo's are pretty much the same - there is a Guy over in Russia who CNC cuts them from aluminum. They aren't cheap, but they are worth the $$. I had him make me some last year for my K-Horns (since parted out / sold) - and sent him a scan of the logo. I assume he just did the same thing for the LaScala's as he now has a lot of the vintage style logo's for sale. In truth - I did ask Klipsch first last year, but they don't sell them.... Its a little room alright - and if I open them up, you can easily hit the ear damage threshold, lol!
  12. Ohh I likes me some metal... I must admit. But lots of jazz too...
  13. I love the vintage logo Script... I wish Klipsch would offer these, but I'll go the ebay route until they do...
  14. I just feel gutted - Just got a notice from a mallet percussion company I've done buisness with.. Spyro Gyra "Access All Areas" was my introduction to Jazz. Listening to "Shaker Song" now - God his playing is amazing.. fighting back tears..
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