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  1. Sorry guys - I haven't checked in in a bit.... I'm not able to make it - but wish I could!
  2. I'm looking at local sales only for the moment... But you have a point - I do need to make time to drag these all out and test them.
  3. Already did - well I posted that I’m open to offers... not looking to get rich from them... then again, if I build this super center channel...
  4. So - I have a bunch of K-Horn / LaScala parts lying around... and no one seems interested in buying them - so I'm thinking a center channel build, maybe? I already have an RC3 in my den to go with my 1977 La Scala's (all upgraded drivers - CT120, 4500 crossovers, A55G mids, Cast frame woofers)... but am thinking that it would be a better match to use the K-Horn Tweets and K400/K55-V midrange.. So here are the parts I have: K77 Tweets K55-V mid drivers K400 Horns in K-Horn decorator tophat frames Type AA crossovers.. RC3 center channel (Cabinet is beat to hell - see my "..Major House Damage.." thread for reference). Fab up a monster with the RC3 woofers, one K400/K55-v midrange, and one or two K77's? Like a W-T-M-T-W? lol! What would you do with these parts available?
  5. Bump - yeah I'm a loser - no pics... I keep forgetting. If my prices are out of line - feel free to make an offer... I need to move these as I don't have room. Especially the K400 Horns and top hat frames!
  6. I'm sure he will - if you send him a scan of something you want, he will be able to work something out.
  7. I took the suggestion and used some Iso Alcohol to clean the area and the back of the badge - but I want to ability to remove it without damaging the wood should I decide to go with grilles later... I will attach the badge to the grille if I do that. So - Hot-melt it is. I warmed up the badges a bit (Aluminum conducts heat like crazy and will cool the hot melt too fast) and slapped them on - seems to work well.
  8. Hmmm... so - these must have an oil based stain. Logo's fell off after several hours. Suggestions? I had used double sided tape.
  9. Yep - The logo's are pretty much the same - there is a Guy over in Russia who CNC cuts them from aluminum. They aren't cheap, but they are worth the $$. I had him make me some last year for my K-Horns (since parted out / sold) - and sent him a scan of the logo. I assume he just did the same thing for the LaScala's as he now has a lot of the vintage style logo's for sale. In truth - I did ask Klipsch first last year, but they don't sell them.... Its a little room alright - and if I open them up, you can easily hit the ear damage threshold, lol!
  10. Ohh I likes me some metal... I must admit. But lots of jazz too...
  11. I love the vintage logo Script... I wish Klipsch would offer these, but I'll go the ebay route until they do...
  12. I just feel gutted - Just got a notice from a mallet percussion company I've done buisness with.. Spyro Gyra "Access All Areas" was my introduction to Jazz. Listening to "Shaker Song" now - God his playing is amazing.. fighting back tears..
  13. Hope the Facebook marketplace link works.. I don't know the seller... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/342185913104872/ These baby's are ruff... From the ad: "Klipsch horn loaded speakers cabinets need refinished firm on price just need new paint finish tweete,woofers,upgraded already, (receiver not included) vinyl records are coming back Klipsch whereno design for vinyl records, everything works horns and woofers need refinished exterior"
  14. I have a *bunch* of extra parts hanging around. Local sales only for the moment. I'm located in Fenton, MI. I'll try to get pics in a day or so.. The Following pulled from 1966 K-Horn Decorators: 2X K77 Round back tweeters - Not working - I believe they need new diaphrams - $50 each 2X K55V Mid Drivers - Believed to be working, but probably need diaphrams - $75 each 2X K400 Horn - $100 Each 2X Top Hat frames (wood only) patched - Will throw in with Horns if wanted 2X Stock Type A Crossovers (Will need recapping - all original) - $75 each The following pulled from 1977 LaScala's 2X K77 Round back tweeters - Believed working (See the "Hooked on Ebonics LaScala's thread in Alerts). - $75 each 2X K55V Mid Drivers - Believed Working (same as above) - $75 each 2X K33 (Need to check revision, square magnet) Not matching, dust covers and driver cones are different.. - $50 each (dirty but funtional) 2X Stock Type AA Crossovers (very dirty) believed working, but will need recapping likely..- $75 each
  15. Ohhh yes... thank you to everyone involved in this transaction. More room tuning and playing with the DEQ2496... and I was in blissful peace listening to "Lee Rintenour - Wes Bound" last eve'... Ohhh how I love LaScala's.
  16. Escher


    Free bump for the absolute tube sexiness... dear lord my heart flutters.. Best of luck to you.
  17. First listening session... aaaahhhhhhh......... (Yes I know the turntable placement is less than ideal...)
  18. One of the requirements for our next house (planning to move in the next couple years) is that it have a polebarn.. Perferrably with a loft and concrete floor.
  19. Luckily - since this is to replace the bottom panel, it's not super critical - but I will keep my eye on them for sure! Also going to pick up some casters as my back is wrecked form moving the khorn bins out yesterday and these in... My wife has coined a new term for my speaker adventures - while she was helping me wrangle them out our front doorway: Me (Sweating profusely): "These LaScalas are the *last* big speakers I'm carrying into the house like this.." Her (In her best joking German acent): "... Klipschsheit!" Me: ROFL
  20. Scratch that.... found it... 23X23.5 Love this fourm!
  21. I stupidly forgot to measure my LaScala bottom panel before I left today (I have one I need to replace as it's rotten from water damage). Does anyone have a first generation La-Scala (mid 70's vintage) that can measure the bottom dog house cover panel? I'm going to stop at Home Depot on the way home and have them cut me a replacement piece. Thanks folks!
  22. Ohh and I ordered these...
  23. Many thanks to DizRotus - the LaScala's are now safe at home! The work has begun to clean them up after 42 years of use and neglect. Lots of love is going into them now - and glue, wood, new drivers, crossovers... Not sure how I will finish them in the end... likely I'll fix all the laminate issues and paint them for the time being. Possibly veneer down the road if I want to experiment.. From the model / serial number (LS-BR, 10R195) these are Raw Birch, from 1977.
  24. I think you answered your own question... The old adage applies - "If it ain't broke..." Now if you want to upgrade or play with rolling drivers - that's another thing entirely!
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