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  1. Welcome to the forum. Do you need an amp, or an amp and integrated amp or even a receiver? What other components are you looking to hook up? A turntable?...a cd player?...etc This can help us point you in the right direction.
  2. PM sent
  3. Nothing too over the top. I picked up my second pair of Klipsch PM-20 computer speakers today. For a sub-less system they do a nice job. Tim
  4. I have a pair of KG4 in walnut. No pushed in dust caps, all totally functional. I wasn't planning on selling them until I picked up some KLF-20's a week or so back. PM me if interested. Tim
  5. Hey Danny, just wanted to let you know Chuck passed away. He was a great guy, I hope you are enjoying the speakers!
  6. The Heresies are actually quite manageable. I would think you could fit them in the back seats if not the trunk.
  7. Please post a follow up if you have any interest in shipping these. Thanks Tim
  8. Nice pick up and welcome to the forum! Emotiva offers some nice amps and preamps at really nice prices. Here is a preamp for $349 and a matching 150 wpc amp for $399 you may find interesting. They also offer less power for less money. This one with 75 wpc $299 ....or this one with 50 wpc....$229 Also an integrated 50 wpc amp/preamp for $399 Lots of inexpensive ways to enjoy your Klipsch speakers! There are several forum members that own or have owned Emotiva products and they really are a great bang for the buck. Tim
  9. FRANCE Futureland 246 Rue Victor Hugo BP195 69657 Villefranche-sur-Saône Cedex Email: Website: Phone: Emotiva has a partner distributor in France. The same warranty applies and the gear is very reliable. I would give them a call....or a listen if you are anywhere near them! Tim
  10. $750 for the pair is an awesome deal. GLWS!
  11. Gorgeous speakers and very nice deal. Good luck to whomever takes ownership!
  12. Not really sure Dave, I don't really listen at ear ringing levels any more and in a HT set up I have a/B'd the two speakers and seriously can hear no difference. Tim
  13. You may want to look at this KV-4 up for sale here in the forum. I own both and can tell zero difference between the two speakers in action.
  14. I have hooked my Heresies of various age up to my Emotiva/Sherbourn amps and receivers and no matter how much or how little power I throw at them they sound great. I know I don't need 600wpc mono block amps to bring them to life but headroom is a beautiful thing. I have used a 90 wpc Technics integrated amp, a UPA-2, a UPA-200, XPA-2, XPA-5 and XPA-1 and honestly the Heresies never wimped out on any of them. Like Chris above me stated you can power them with flea watt amps or throw the kitchen sink at them and they keep on marching along. Such an enjoyable line of speakers.
  15. Thanks for straightening that out for me...and bad!