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  1. DC, you can definitely get yourself a nice set up for $1600. Since you already have a great line up as far as speakers go, you can grab yourself a reputable receiver as you and wvu posted above plus you can take the step up to put a nice three channel amp for your front three. You can probably get away with leaving the surround, height and ceiling speakers to the receiver to handle. That will take a load off your receiver's internal amp and let the external amp drive the front stage with that extra oomph you desire. Would you rahter go with a pre/pro and separate amps for all channels or do you feel better with the receiver and additional amp? Tim
  2. Welcome to the forum dcbrown88. What is your budget and what is the ballpark cost of the Pioneer? This will help us get an idea of options for you. Tim
  3. Thank you. I won't know much more until I pull the radiator. I have company coming in tomorrow so I am hoping the middle to late of next week I should know more. I appreciate the help. I will post here when I have things narrowed down. Tim
  4. Is that something that can be fixed? Thank you. Tim
  5. Absolutely, the Gen 3 Emotiva amps have jumped up in price quite a bit. Even with higher used prices of the first and second Gen gear, they are a bargain compared to the new line. Emotiva added middle men to the sales now so they have to have a larger profit margin in order to keep the retailers happy. That was a point I argued with Dan Laufman, the owner. He told me over and over that Emotiva selling internet direct would remain the same price wise once they added retailers. I think anyone who understands anything about business knows that is not possible.
  6. I agree, Action, feel free to post the Wanted to buy section in their Emporium. There are several sellers over there that hang onto unused goods until someone reminds them they are wanted! Amen!
  7. We audio hoarders always have something on hand...
  8. Have you ever heard a pair of KLF series speakers? The 20's and 30's are phenomenal sounding speakers and you don't need to worry about a sub. Plus they are three way which is nice in a tower. They weight upwards of 100 lbs but offer 102db efficiency. You can use a monster amp or a 20 watt amp and they sound great either way..
  9. You can get a lot of Klipsch for $2k. If you have anyone local to you that owns Klipsch Heritage you should give them a listen. There are a ton of speakers out there and something out there for everyone. You don't have to like what someone else likes. It just pays to listen with your own ears to see where you find yourself most content with the sound. I would also point out that Klipsch speakers punch way above their weight class. I have heard much more expensive speakers that sounded much worse than the Klipsch. The fact that you can find Heresies for $400 or so in pretty good shape and pair them with a sub or two and still be well under a grand is insane. Heresies will blow most other brands out of the water when going dollar for dollar. Do you have any limitations with your space? Heresies are small, not much larger than bookshelf speakers....but when you run them with a sub they are pretty hard to beat. They can sit on the floor with the angled risers they come with or you can put them on stands, end tables, etc to bring the tweeters and mids closer to ear level.
  10. As you say you have not heard some of the speakers we are suggesting. I own three pair of KG4's and every other speaker mentioned at this point blows them away. Tim
  11. If you don't mind used you can find one heck of a pair of speakers for two G's. Belles, La Scalas, Chorus 1 and 2, Cornwalls, Forte 1 and 2, KLF-20 or KLF-30. You may even find a decent pair of used Pro speakers.
  12. I own the version one and they are fantastic sounding speakers. From what I hear the Version II are a little better again. I couldn't pass up the deal I got with the pair of RB-81's and a brand new RC-25 for under $300 shipped. Big a** speakers too! Tim
  13. Welcome again to the forum Summs, I just heard back from the family....they appreciate your offer but kindly decline. They did however refer you to call Uber and ask if you can blow them. Enjoy your evening!
  14. QSC Cinema Speakers Model SC-322XC This guy is in my neck of the woods and has 8 of these available. I found them through a local Ebay search. They look interesting. No affiliation
  15. Hey dinkwad, check out my list of ammunition!...oh yeah, and kiss my a**!