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  1. I would probably go with the Chorus II if possible Anthony. It is to me the best balanced speaker in the line up. You really can't go wrong with any of them, if possible demo what you find so you can weigh out any pros and cons you may have. Tim
  2. I know, that's why I posted above what I did.
  3. There are a few sellers on Ebay like Iq-Entertainment, OneCall, etc that offer up open box Heresy III's for under $1500 a pair and free shipping. That would be the direction I would go if choosing brand new speakers. If you are okay with used speakers there are plenty of Cornwall, Chorus, Forte, La Scalas in that price range. The Heritage series of Klipsch speakers are magnificent sounding and have been in production of up to 70 years with minimal changes. Tried and true with lots of happy campers loyal to their products. Here are a few links Tim
  4. Another pair at basically the same price point if anyone is interested!
  5. Any possibility of shipping the speakers BK. I may have a buyer for some speakers? Thanks, Tim
  6. Once again this morning I got to final check out with a pair of RF 82 II in my cart with free shipping before I backed out. If you are interested I suggest grabbing them early in the morning. They are no longer available on the Klipsch site so I imagine either an update is coming or they are discontinued
  7. I have nowhere to go with them and I was still tempted to grab them. I prefer these to most of the reference bookshelf speakers
  8. Yep, Kansas was just too much. I was happy to see Michigan get through though. Sweet 16 and onward! Tim
  9. Michigan is in, now it's MSU's turn to show what they can do.
  10. One of my favorites is Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana. Popping bass, screaming guitars and like all Jackson discs, produced very well. Another fine sounding disc is the late 80's Heart self titled album, it sounds fantastic.. All digital recording with crisp clear vocals, great mix of vocals, guitars and drums. Toss up for the third one. Dire Straits - Brothers in arms. Disturbed - The sound of silence. Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb. Eagles - Hotel California Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime
  11. ...
  12. Where in Michigan are you Jamal? There have been some nice deals on CL lately for used. If you can find them I would suggest the Heritage line and do yourself a favor, don't rule out a sub. I have found that in almost every situation the sub enhances everything that Klipsch speakers have to offer. Tim
  13. I have Gen 1 XPA-1 and the amps are dead silent, you may have had a ground loop hum or something in your set up USNRET. So far I have owned almost every Emotiva amp outside of their Gen 3's that recently released and I have never had an issue with any of them.
  14. I agree, if your card has been charged I would wait it out. Harder for them to cancel an order than ship out their mistake
  15. I picked up an RSW-12 last year for $187 plus free shipping from Fry's online so I know sometimes the deals work. Outside of that I have made dozens of purchases from them without issue. Twice I had the payment refunded since the cables I bought on sale were still on back order after 90 days of waiting. Overall I have had good luck. Tim