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  1. teaman

    Pony Express Central (Shipping Discussion)

    We talked briefly about the rest of his trip and his return with the Khorns. He is quite a generous man. Great that Larry was interested in your K's too. Always nice to see your loved ones go to good homes.
  2. teaman

    Pony Express Central (Shipping Discussion)

    Huge thank you to Jerry (TFR1) for transporting me Larry's) Scallywagger's Gen 1 Heresys. All the way up from Atlanta to Ann Arbor Michigan for me. I regret we didn't have nice weather to chat in, snowstorm on the way here...Jerry, it was a pleasure meeting you and I appreciate greatly you delivering the speakers safely to me. At this point I have not even taken them out of their packing in their original boxes but I look forward to spending some time over the weekend with them. Let it snow outside, I'll be inside enjoying the music! Once again, the amazing people in this forum make me feel very happy to have met all of you, if even only in the virtual world! Tim
  3. teaman

    Need advice on HT setup and placement

    Welcome to the forum Spencer. Seems to me you have a pretty good idea of what you want already so that is a good start. Your speaker selections are all solid choices. Looking at your layout first thing I would ask is, is it possible to move the rear couch up to where the coffee table is to allow for some space behind your seated position? I realize the fireplace is there so that may be a solid no....just thinking that the stand mounted rear speakers are going to be blasting right in your ears. That would get fatiguing with the duration of a movie. Also with sitting that far back, your front wall mounted Atmos speakers might be directing the sound at your feet instead of your seated position. I'm sure once your gear gets in the room you can better initiate any relocating of furniture you may have to do. I would definitely suggest dropping any idea of that Outlaw Audio 5000 amplifier. Both of those Denon AVRs are going to give you between 100-125 wpc so that Outlaw with 120 would just be flushing money down the drain. An Emotiva XPA-5 may be your best bet as far as bang for the buck goes, although I don't see anything about budget. It will allow you to power the front stage plus the rear surrounds with decent power and take some strain off your Denon. If that price tag is too steep, the XPA-3 would be fine. That allows your AVR to pack the punch it needs to immerse you in good power flowing to your Atmos speakers. There are plenty of good quality amps on the market today and priced pretty competitively so your budget will probably dictate which way you go. Emotiva, Parasound, Adcom, B&K, ATI, Monolith, Outlaw are all solid choices. I'm assuming this is mainly for movies and tv, not so much for music. If you think you will be listening to a lot of music, you may want to move up the food chain to a more powerful front amp for your towers. The RF-7 series really seem to like power and will probably benefit from a big amp, returning to you in spades with a silly smile every time you turn up the tunes...rrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkk. Okay, putting on the brakes since I don't know that yet. Are you only shopping for new amps and AVR or are you open to used? You can probably save a lot of money there going used. Accessories4less.com has some great demo, open box and refurb deals all warrantied. You can also add a longer warranty to them which would make sense since you are saving money anyways. Cory or Steven can also help with the AVR and amp if you select something they sell. Remember too that Denon and Marantz are sister products and usually mirror each other as far as features. One may cost less but they can help you with that. Purchasing your speakers through them for instance can save you a lot of money. Parasound amps are on close out right now in limited supply that can be a great way to save money while still buying new....ask Cory or Steven about them! You might also benefit from a second sub at the front of the room, or maybe even relocating your single sub to the front tv wall. Personally I like to hear the bass coming from the direction I am looking so my mind plays into the movie sound effects are actually coming from the tv. Happy to help if you need anything, just holler! Tim
  4. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/half-price-deal-klipsch-speakers-soundandvisioncom-readers?fbclid=IwAR1LbX8qF78CteeZbBvYggHZIkm55IItXoowxcQfy4XWjPYrpjV0egez7TU
  5. teaman


    Seeing what I can do to get down there this year. I could use a vacation. Anyone else from Michigan heading down? Tim
  6. teaman

    Last of Google's CHROMECAST AUDIO - now $15

    I think you plug it into the middle of the tweeter if I'm not mistaken
  7. teaman

    Last of Google's CHROMECAST AUDIO - now $15

    https://store.google.com/product/chromecast_audio Link above
  8. teaman

    Some laptops for sale soon...various models

    I still have mine that I bought sitting idle. Literally installed the free Windows 10 update that was available on it and have not touched it since. No use for it really, just another good deal I hated to pass up
  9. Tempted to grab another pair just because they are still so cheap...and shipping this time around.
  10. teaman


    Absolutely, thank you so much Jerry!
  11. teaman


    Okay, bought, paid for, and officially off the market. Tim
  12. These have been sold, my buddy bought them a couple of days ago
  13. teaman

    Amplifier suited for RF7ii

    From what I've heard the RF-7 series really come to life with big power. I know my KLF-30 sound like different speakers on big power amps. I power mine with XPA-1 monoblocks or the XPA-2. I would suggest going big enough to move those two ten inch woofers. They will thank you for it
  14. teaman

    Klipschorns for sale - Sold

    JimJimbo says he will be coming right by your house next week, but he won't be delivering them...lol
  15. Those 8001 are perfect for small surrounds as well