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  1. Head scratcher right there...
  2. Enough receiver for now?

    Yep, that should put you in the ballpark with what kind of output you are really getting. My old RX-V2700 was rated at 130wx7 and bench tested I think it put out 47 or something silly like that.
  3. Enough receiver for now?

    I looked at the images online and could not find anything, maybe Yamaha stopped printing that on the back of the receivers recently.
  4. Enough receiver for now?

    The receiver should be capable enough to fill in while you shop for what you really want, just don't try to attain anything close to reference level with it...I don't think the results will be positive.
  5. Enough receiver for now?

    Yamaha is famous for falsely over rating their receivers. I'm with Michael thinking that the actual output is closer to 50 wpc all channels driven. That is a lot of woofers you are trying to push off of one small power supply. I would seek out a better receiver from Accessoriesforless.com for that same money and give your speakers some extra oomph. Tim
  6. wvu80 - Dave, maybe you can help out with the pricing on this. I know I recently found a pair of verticals that desperately needed a home (from a fellow on the Emotiva forum before he passed) and I put out the word. Luckily one of the Klipsch forum members responded and picked them up. I believe he is restoring them as time allows, he got them for free. Not that that story will help you at all with pricing. GLWS! Tim
  7. RSW-15 Parts

    I actually PM'd the OP with interest in rebuilding my SW-15 ii with the new woofer and passive from this but cost plus shipping would kill me.
  8. budget preamp with phono stage

    There are two Emotiva XSP-1 ‘s for sale in the forum over there. $450 used and in great shape. There is also a like new six month old PT-100 for sale at $210. The on board DAC in this preamp is fantastic. The PT-100 includes the Bluethooth dongle for wifi which is a $60 option. The seller geebo is a great guy too. http://emotivalounge.proboards.com/thread/51844/fs-pt-100-bonus-item Good gear at good prices. Need help with either, let me know! Tim Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ebay K402 and K510 with drivers

    Yeah Dude, he freighted them boxed and on pallets right to my wife's work. He had them wrapped in bubble wrap and inside large U-Haul boxes. They arrived in good cosmetic shape, not sure yet about functionality since I have not had time to hook them up. I asked him a ton of questions through his Ebay ad and after about four days of him answering everything I was remotely interested in knowing I pulled the trigger. Tim
  10. Ebay K402 and K510 with drivers

    I just opened my KPT-200 boxes from him today and the speakers look to be in excellent condition. I will be testing them tomorrow and *fingers crossed* will be installing them in my theater tomorrow if all goes good. Tim
  11. Did you see what I saw?

    Wow, I cannot believe how fricking huge these KPT-200 are. I never looked at size specs but I figured that they would be around the same size as my JBL 8330....not quite. I could easily sit two JBL into the Klipsch case....yikes. Unboxed and into the basement, next stop is testing them to assure they are all working and good to go. Look to be in really nice cosmetic condition. Sounds like a job for MLK Day. Tim
  12. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    I just saw a listing in Florida that was offering up KPT-200's on Ebay yesterday.
  13. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    I purchased four KPT-200's from him last week and they just arrived freight today. I haven't even opened the boxes yet but he told me at time of purchase he had a ton of Klipsch and pro cinema gear coming down the pike. Tim
  14. Cornwall iii WDC

    I don't think it is the new normal, but if you ever get a chance to grab new speakers for those prices I would have a hard time passing that kind of deal by. Unfortunately when the deals were offered, I didn't see them until after the sale ended. If you search Adorama they have a used section and rate everything. They have a pair of H 3's for $80...for the pair. I am assuming these were purchased during those big sales and someone returned them or slightly damaged in shipping. Also an RC-64 for $599 I know several Klipsch employees and salespeople are p*ssed seeing these under retail prices and I totally get that. In this case the ones I mentioned just now are considered used so there is no reason why anyone should be upset seeing that.
  15. Cornwall iii WDC

    They could have bought when Adorama was running that blowout sale for $1400 a piece. If that is the case they are not really taking much of a hit. They did the same with the La Scala II's for $2500 a piece and the Heresy III for $999 a pair.