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Community Answers

  1. Yeah, he's had these up for at least a month. I'm surprised they are still sitting
  2. I’ve got a buddy that lives local to you that might be interested in the single, but more than likely all three. He is logged on and trying to send you a PM…never mind he just got in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. teaman

    Klipsch MTM

    Same seller has a lot of four Klipsch Industrial 1" x 6" badges. Klipsch Speaker Metal Badge Lot of 4 Used | eBay
  4. I'd never even heard of that auction site, and I watched the Belles and Quartets until they priced me out of it. I'm already pressed for floorspace in my house and really cannot accommodate Belles, La Scalas or KHorns. I'm pretty cheap too, and based on previous deals I don't have it in me to drop over $2k for speakers.
  5. teaman

    Home generators

    Back in the early 2000's the east coast was out of electricity for five days or something crazy. My sump pump never overflowed as luckily the week the power was out was pretty dry. This past week we had seven straight hours of storms and when I went down to look at everything in my finished basement around 12:30am all was dry. Went back down at 2:10 and there was already an inch and a half of water across the entire basement. I tried bailing it but the water was coming in faster than I could get it out. Luckily a friend rushed out at 3am with his portable genny and we started the sump pump around 5am. Even with that reaction and being right here with it caused a lot of water damage. Luckily the majority of my basement is tiled, but the baseboards and Pergo in the outer rooms were saturated. We put big industrial carpet fans down there immediately after we got the water sopped up and after a week I was still finding water. I really like the thought of going whole house, because in any event, if I am home or away that piece of mind with instant on and off with natural gas wired into my entire home 200A panel would take a load off. I'm still waiting on a dehumidifier because the dampness even after a week of fans is crazy, unfortunately every store was sold out of generators and dehumidifiers before the power even came back on. I think this post is pushing me in the direction of the whole house model though. Even being away for an afternoon with a sump pump out now would scare the hell out of me. Now, trying to find a local contractor that can do the work in a timely manner. Tim
  6. teaman

    Home generators

    I'm at the same crossroad. I just dealt with a flooded basement last week in Michigan after a 24 hour outage. Was considering a whole house Generac or Kohler since I am on natural gas with city water and sewer...but I've heard they are extremely pricey to have installed. I narrowed it down to a WEN 11000/8300, a Firman 10000/8000, and a Champion 11500/9200 portable generator if I do in fact go this route. I would love the capabilities of the whole house genny with automatic transfer switch if I can afford to do it...another problem is I have been debating selling my house and don't care to drop $10k plus to move on. I don't travel much so running extension cords, etc isn't a big deal if I am home. That stray thought of being in Florida or something and having a crisis up here scares the crap out of me. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you guys Tim
  7. Congrats DizRotus on picking these up!
  8. There are at least one other pair of Cornwalls, I believe they are listed at $1500. Also Chorus I and Chorus II available in Michigan right now. Plus at least three pairs of KLF 20's and 30's. Unemployment extras must be drawing to a close.
  9. teaman


    Very tempting, ever come Detroit way? Not sure when I could make it out towards Fort Wayne, I have so much going on right now. Tim
  10. I almost grabbed a pair of these a couple of years back, can't get past the rat fur coating...but they are one hell of a speaker!
  11. Let me know if you decide to ship, I may be interested in the KSP-S6.
  12. Thank you for the heads up, I'll keep an eye on these! I see there are also a pair of Quartets nearby....never been on this site. Tim
  13. I have no true corners in my house regardless so I can't really go KHorns. Maybe my next house will offer some better placement options...these might still be available....lol
  14. He's had those up for a long time. Price is right but to me that veneer is butt ugly
  15. Up to $419 now on the sale price. Everything going up…again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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