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  1. I would have swiped these quick if you were in Michigan. Beautiful speakers and great price
  2. Just throwing it out there....anybody coming to Michigan that would care to carry along a pair of KLF-20 with them from Rockford Illinois? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gorgeous-Pair-of-Klipsch-KLF-20-Speakers-in-Black-Satin-LOCAL-PICKUP-in-ILLINOIS/163834003147?hash=item2625447ecb:g:BQwAAOSwoDRdWzrS I'm watching an auction on a pair now but have no time to venture into a twelve hour round trip from Howell, Michigan. Thanks Tim
  3. teaman

    MC 240

    Hey Stacy...do you have pictures of the black Heresy III"s? Thank you, Tim
  4. Awesome man, I hope you enjoy them! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. If nobody else was bidding, I was probably going to. I love my pro Klipsch. A coat of Duratex would easily take care of the color issue
  6. If I wasn't entering an unknown period in my life with this divorce, I would be making the drive to pick this gear up!
  7. There is also a complete THX set up for sale on Ebay in Michigan in case CA is not in your area.
  8. The seller of both this and the oak KLF-C7 listed in Grand Rapids is actually in this forum. The oak KLF-C7 used to be mine, I traded my oak center for his black center. Super good guy to work with too.
  9. This might be of interest to you https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-LaScala-II-Heritage-Series-Floorstanding-Speakers-Pair-Black-Author/233301040168?epid=14027732567&hash=item3651d35c28:g:GBgAAOSwOjddBBwT
  10. I just paged our trusty Klipsch dealer Cory for you. He can save you some money and fix you right up!
  11. Thanks, this infected thumb is taking way longer than i expected to heal. In fact it doesn't look any better since I got out of the hospital two weekends ago. Tim
  12. I just filed for divorce yesterday, and I am on my third week off of work with a bad infection in my thumb so I won't be able to attend. Sorry guys.
  13. I just sold my 83 for $200 so i think you are on mark with your pricing. Good luck with sale!
  14. The seller just marked them as sold anyways. I just thought it was a good deal for someone local
  15. I have no experience with Maggies Dave, so I appreciate your insight my friend!
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