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  1. Thank you Marion, everything is now sold!
  2. I sent you a PM with info. Thanks
  3. Smokin deal Emile, the buyer will be a happy camper!
  4. Everything else is sold except for these K-77 Z brackets. Set of four with hardware.
  5. Do you ever come up to Michigan...man....I would love these!
  6. The seller is from our forum. I believe his user id is For Kyleigh
  7. teaman

    Klipsch CF-4s on eBay

    Definitely pretty....not nearly worth his asking price, but since he already has several people watching them it will decide to pay that ransom demand.
  8. If you think it would work, I have my pair of RF-82 II boxes and I am local to you. If they fit you could send them down to Michael, have him pack them and send them back up in the boxes. Feel free to PM me if interested. Tim
  9. Funny, a pair was just listed two months ago in the same area for $900. Inflation
  10. The seller definitely has some cool stuff, beautiful area too. I ran it by the wife and she just rolled her eyes and walked away....guess not
  11. Twenty minutes from me. That estate sale has some cool stuff
  12. I have several rooms that share home theater and two channel stereo, both are completely separate and share nothing.
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