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  1. teaman

    Mahogany KLF-30s and C-7 in excellent condition

    The thought of trading my KLF speakers for SVS would never have entered my mind. Glad you decided to keep them, you would have ended up regretting it.
  2. teaman

    Mint RP440c

    Not sure how many times you can keep listing then canceling bids, revamping the Ebay listing and putting it back up.
  3. teaman

    NHL Playoffs

    Holy crap, just noticed you are in Yellowknife, NWT. No wonder you were posting earlier about the ice is finally melting. Possibly the northern most Klipsch fan in Canada. I'm from Canada too, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan called Windsor Ontario.
  4. teaman

    Altecs on EBTH and they don't know what they have...

    Up to $375 now.....gorgeous!
  5. teaman

    NHL Playoffs

    I would love to see Cinderella go all the way. I have always been a fan of Deryk Engelland and I was pissed that the Flames let him go. Even though I hated the Pens and him when he played there, I have such fond memories of him and Colton Orr of my Leafs going at it. The Calgary Flames fans were all cheering when he was taken by Vegas, they didn't need him. He was too old, too slow...and nobody needs a fighter any more....right. Well, he has really stepped up his game. For the first time in his career his coach has faith in him, playing....not just fighting and filling in for the tired and injured in their top six. I absolutely hated Gerard Gallant when he played for the Wings but he has really come into his own as a coach. The guys like playing for him and he lets them play. When his players take the odd stupid penalty Gallant doesn't play the "I'll show you" and bench them the rest of the game. Vegas is so exciting to watch, if it ends up with either of the Eastern teams that final will be fantastic.
  6. teaman

    Looking for some comparisons

    Hey Nate, I have had all of the prior Emotiva lines. The BasX is their entry level now. In the past they were scattered in different trim but I have owned...or still own a lot of it. I have all Emotiva and Sherbourn active right now and everything except for my garage is set up through Klipsch speakers. What questions would you like answers to? Happy to help Tim
  7. teaman

    NHL Playoffs

    Well whomever wins from the East I hope Vegas wins the cup. They are very deserving. To think a first year expansion team doing this.....amazing!
  8. teaman

    WTB 8 channel multi room amp

    Three of these Sherbourn amps just listed. $.99 starting bid. 200 WPC. 8 channels. balanced inputs too https://www.ebay.com/itm/SHERBOURN-TST-2-200-POWER-AMPLIFIER/312138837854?hash=item48acecaf5e:g:YMIAAOSwkjtbAZxh https://www.ebay.com/itm/SHERBOURN-TST-2-200-POWER-AMPLIFIER/312138837265?hash=item48acecad11:g:LAEAAOSwT4ZbAZwE https://www.ebay.com/itm/SHERBOURN-TST-2-200-POWER-AMPLIFIER/312138836722?hash=item48acecaaf2:g:CegAAOSw0O9bAZs2
  9. teaman

    Emotiva UPA-700

    Thanks Dave....hey dubs. The UPA-700 may not be a worthwhile move if you have anything close to that 80 WPC. I would go out on a limb and say you may not benefit from the UPA-700. The other Denon receivers in your class seem to put out about that amount into five channels. Some more, some less. If you are looking to power just your front three, you would be much better off grabbing an XPA-3. 200 WPC will be noticeable.
  10. teaman

    Altecs on EBTH and they don't know what they have...

    I picked up a near mint Oppo 83 player with two calibration discs, remote power cord and manual for $86 and a Klipsch SW-15 ii for $22 that needed repair in the rear passive. Both were excellent experiences. I do know however a buyer from the Emotiva site that won a pair of RF-7 ii and they arrived nearly destroyed from lack of shipping care. For something this large I would only bid if I were local....which would work out since these are local pick up only.....lol! Tim
  11. teaman

    Emotiva Ebay store sale

    Yeah, when they offered up a pair of XPA-1 Gen 1 a couple of years back I offered almost $100 under the asking price per amp and won them.
  12. teaman

    WTB 8 channel multi room amp

    Another option. I almost bought one of these for my garage. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Earthquake-sound-Cinenova-16-rack-mount-amplifier-16-channel/112995943640?hash=item1a4f1544d8:g:zK0AAOSw3HZa9g-E Sherbourn also makes these distribution amps that can offer up to 224 channels or twelve channels in bridged mode....here is one https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sherbourn-LDS-12-900-Amplifier-12CH-900W-No-Reserve/323254946580?hash=item4b437f0b14:g:W3gAAOSw2VFa-HMj
  13. teaman

    WTB 8 channel multi room amp

    Emotiva just launched a similar amp.$500 brand spanking new https://emotiva.com/collections/all/products/a-800
  14. teaman

    Emotiva Ebay store sale

    https://www.ebay.com/sch/jadedesign/m.html?item=232772495121&hash=item3632526711%3Ag%3A40MAAOSw64ha~cjm&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 If you are interested in gear, some pretty decent pricing here!
  15. teaman

    1988 Klipschorns (signed set)

    My apologies Kelly, obviously you are going through a very tough time right now. My condolences on your loss. There was only one thing that rubbed me the wrong way about your ad, you have had the KHorns listed for days on Facebook at a certain price...then your ad is dropped here for $1500 more than you are asking elsewhere?... Your husband's speakers are gorgeous and the fact Paul personally signed them is a plus, I just could not understand why your first approach to the Klipsch site would have been: "Hi guys, after a horrible loss I am forced into a position of selling some beautiful speakers. Unfortunately I have no idea of their value, but I cannot afford too give them away either. I have them listed elsewhere for $4500, does that seem like fair market value, or am I asking more or less than I should?" I am sorry for the harsh words in my initial post, I just saw no reason to have such a huge gap in pricing between your FB ad and what you wanted here. Good luck with your sale