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  1. teaman

    Amazon Prime Day

    No need to physically go to Walmart at this point. As long as your final purchase is $35 or more it ships to you free. I buy my dog food, HBA, household needs and most other things online now. From either Amazon or Walmart...neither of which I can truly get behind...however as a consumer, I am into saving money.
  2. teaman

    What I Got Today!

    Not that I needed another amp, but at $49...it was impossible to pass up. Another Sherbourn TST-2/200 with eight channels pushing 100 watts each or fully balanced XLR run in stereo with 200 watts per channel. I already have one in the garage so I will probably swap this one in to power my pc audio through my Klipsch RC-3 ii pair. Using the Emotiva XDA-2 as a preamp/DAC with a Klipsch Sub-10.
  3. I can't believe someone hasn't already scooped these up. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2356567591222284/
  4. If I can swing it, I will be there. I just started a new job two weeks ago on steady midnights. Tim
  5. I think you will be fairly happy running the Emotiva if you get it. The UPA-700 will actually put out more power per channel than rated if only running five channels also.
  6. Very nice, too bad i have no more room in the inn for these
  7. teaman

    What I Got Today!

    Thank you. I was actually out looking at condos most of the afternoon. First thing i saw when I opened FB this afternoon was this pair twenty minutes up the road from me. I figured after 8 hours of listing them, they would have been gone. Still available so I jumped on them. Guy is moving to Hawaii and is trying to take as little as possible with him
  8. teaman

    What I Got Today!

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2269220603340993/ I just picked up this pair of oak KLF-20 for $300. Pretty happy with them. They sound great but there are substantial scratches, dings and small tears in the grill cloth. Overall for the price I can't complain. Tim
  9. teaman

    Cornwalls in MI

    Yeah, the pair I snagged three months or so ago in Michigan were in great shape and I think we decided on $850, this guy is insane
  10. Going to edit this to add a pair of B-3 bookshelf speakers shortly. $125 shipped in gorgeous shape.
  11. I wish I could brother, I am condo shopping right now. After nearly thirty years together my wife has a different direction. I will be selling off some gear of my own shortly. Tim
  12. When I saw your post just now, I thought Holland MI was a lot farther than it is saying. Only two hours each way. This may be do-able. I am just beginning a journey on to separation and divorce row nut I will gauge how this next week goes as to whether or not I can swing it. You did amazing work on both the tops the bottoms, and those horns just to add. I would love to have those top hats and 24 inch bottom boxes. If I can have about a week to see where I stand I would love to think it over. Thank you for reaching out to me. Tim
  13. I wish you were closer, that pairing of bass bins and La Scala tops are calling me. Please let me know if you have any plans of heading to Michigan!...Gorgeous!
  14. Thank you Marion, everything is now sold!
  15. I sent you a PM with info. Thanks
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