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  1. The prices are even better considering the insane jump in prices for April on Heritage gear.
  2. I just saw that, stupid good pricing!
  3. They were pretty but not $810 pretty
  4. teaman

    F/S Forte II's Mint, consecutive numbers

    I'm more impressed by your mansion than the speakers Paul...lol
  5. Richie, I hope you don't mind....I shared your post with the Klipsch Owners Facebook group. Good luck with your sale! Tim
  6. They are fairly local to me. He has dropped the price by $100 already so I am quietly watching them
  7. teaman

    FS: Pair of Crites CT-125 Tweeters w/ "Z" Brackets

    Thank you Kevin!
  8. teaman

    Inspire Mono Blocks - Sale Pending thanks Paul

    Paul's turning into an audio hoarder.....lol
  9. teaman

    WTB- Heresy guts

    Pats, I have a pair of Heresy Gen 1 I would ship as a whole to you for a good price. You can keep or toss the cabinets away, fine by me....sound fantastic though and all parts are intact minus the grills which I have new fabric for but will not include unless you need it. Tim
  10. teaman

    WTB 1 single KG4.2 in any finish

    He's in CT.
  11. teaman

    Stereo, Amp suggestions for KLF30

    Similar to the RF-7's the KLF-30, and 20 for that matter sound better with as much clean power as you can give them. I am powering two pair of my 30s with Emotiva XPA-1 500 and 600 watt monoblocks. My third pair is running off an Emotiva XPA-2 with 300 wpc. My advice is to find a decent amp, B&K, BGW, Adcom, NAD, Sherbourn among others... and feed them some good quality power on the cheap 265 wpc for this one, seems to be in good shape too https://www.ebay.com/itm/BGW-750B-750C-Amp-Amplifier-Just-Serviced/303083648660?hash=item4691317694:g:FAkAAOSwL8xcaFep&frcectupt=true
  12. teaman

    RP-280F lot of six for $1200 shipped

    There are actually six different six speaker lots listed. A couple of friends have bought from Sound Distributors from the Chip N Dent pile and ended up quite happy. One fella grabbed a pair of the THX 525 speakers for $399 and only a little corner ding on one of the speakers. Other guy bought a pair of RP-260 towers and the base had a small crack. Might be worth the gamble for someone...plus if they expire, they usually relist even cheaper.
  13. teaman

    Emotiva PA-1 class D Amps

    There are several owners in the Emotiva forum that really like them. I personally thought they would flop since they are kind of pricy for only 140 wpc but it seems the ICE power modules they use are pretty high quality and the sound seems superior to most Class D...from what I've heard
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-RP-280F-Floorstanding-Speakers-Cherry-Chip-And-Dent-On-Palette/312515045501?hash=item48c359287d:g:fm8AAOSwuJlcfYFj:rk:7:pf:0 Seems like a good deal for six fully functional RP-280F with free pallet shipping on Ebay from Sound Distributors
  15. teaman

    Deal of the Day...Yung Plate Amp! $163.58

    I own one and replaced my plate amp on my Speakercraft sub with it. I have only used it to test it to this point but it sounded really good. Still waiting on time to swap in my living room gear.