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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-HERESY-1979-One-Owner-THE-MOST-PERFECT-PAIR-IN-THE-WORLD-L-K/154093735281?hash=item23e0b3cd71:g:2Y0AAOSw-JlfZRO~ I had to share as I almost spit out my beverage....lol
  2. The only thing I can think of is pricing. I bought my UPA-2's from Emotiva's Ebay store jadedesign for $200 shipped with a year of warranty. Not knocking your price, you aren't likely to find better amps for the money. I still own a pair of UPA-1's and they are some of the nicest monoblocks, probably the best for the money. They sound much better than the similarly priced Outlaw M2200 and M200...which I have also owned. Same goes for the RPA-2. Gorgeous amp, with meters that I wish they would have stuck with...and dual power supplies. Not going to touch that either for $500 or less Tim
  3. If I were in the market, that RPA-2 would definitely be on my radar. I alerted a buddy to one for sale about eighteen months ago, and he ended up grabbing it. He only paid $350 shipped for his in mint condition, which was a steal. I have an extra XPA-2 Gen 1 sitting idle right now, but don’t want to part with it. I haven’t paid over $450 for any of my used XPA 2 or 5 outside of the Gen 2 XPA 3 I bought new from Emotiva with my E-Club pricing which cost me $579. The prices really are all over the board with them, and it ends up being supply and demand when one is looking. The meters on the RPA amps were such a cool touch that I’m surprised there isn’t more interest just due to those. Covid might also be a contributing factor since many are still in limbo and out of work. Hopefully you find a buyer soon CGolf, what have you moved on to now? I think I saw you selling off several of your Klipsch speakers as well. I’d love to know what you replaced everything with Tim Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Tony ...aka LORDROOTMAN is a great guy to work with. He has some killer gear too! Tim
  5. Amazing to me that an amp that sold new for $299 ten years ago still sells for this price today...and still nearly impossible to beat. Look at Emotiva amps as an investment that appreciates over the years.
  6. If I had the RF-7's buddy, I would be all over this! Tim
  7. Yeah, I paid $400 for a pair shipped to me from Florida. They are definitely worth it. IF these were local I would grab these too. Completely blew my RP-250S away and hung with my KLF-30 to fair volume levels. Tim
  8. I own four of these and they are amazing speakers!
  9. Michael, I would post this in the Klipsch Facebook group, someone will grab it. KO Classifieds
  10. Adam is a great guy, I have sold him multiple Klipsch speakers. Good luck!
  11. Glad you were able to track them down Adam. Tim
  12. If you can swing the floor space, I might look into these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Forte-II-speakers-Vintage-1986/274368682566?hash=item3fe1a5da46:g:FGgAAOSwH-VewX9O Tim
  13. Brother, you are killing me. If I could only make room in the house for these beauties Tim
  14. Nice price, I would have grabbed them if they were in my neck of the woods Tim
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