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  1. RC-64II

    Nope, sorry. From all the hype on the Klipsch Owners FB group I would say that everyone that has compared them head to head has selected the III's over the II's. It sounds like the horn is less harsh on the new one. Pretty much the same thing we heard when the II came out, that is was smoother than the first. In case you Facebook. The group leader Cory Harrison is also from this forum, and an authorized dealer so he can answer all of your questions...maybe even find you a deal. https://www.facebook.com/groups/KlipschOwners/
  2. RC-64II

    www.adorama.com has one that may be open box or customer return for $599 in either black ash or cherry. https://www.adorama.com/l/Used/?sf=Price&st=de&sel=item-condition_used-items&SearchInfo=klipsch
  3. RC-64II

    What is your budget? Any finish options?
  4. Amps

    Yeah Dave, I think you can still find plenty of three and five channel amps in the $500-$650 range depending on age and remaining warranty. If you use hifishark.com, buya.com, and searchtempest.com you can cover a lot of the bases for new listed amps for sale. Some of the best deals are buy it now offers where the seller is below market value and it becomes first come first served.
  5. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    You are obviously free to post at whichever price you like, but I just picked up mint Gen 1 in 1985 HBR for under $400 including shipping. You will know what the market will bear with how long you sit on them, or how quickly they sell. Good luck with your sale, they look very nice!
  6. Amps

    That is classic Dave....lol
  7. Amps

    I power my KLF-30's with Emotiva 500 WPC XPA-1 monoblocks and with every step up in amp power the speakers seem to react better each time. The control over your drivers and low end will be much improved over a receiver in most situations. If you are looking for a three channel amp, check out Ebay for used Emotiva XPA-3's. They can be found in the vicinity of $600 with remainder of the five year warranty so you can have piece of mind with your purchase. 200 WPC will do wonders for your RF series speakers. Tim
  8. Emotiva or Yamaha for RF-82 II

    I don't have any experience with the A-300 or PT-100 but I own a lot of Emotiva products and have not been disappointed yet. Since Emotiva has a 30 day money back guarantee, why not try the Emotiva? If after a couple of weeks you are not satisfied it costs you nothing to return them and you go Yamaha. Tim
  9. If anyone is looking at making any Ebay purchase today. Use coupon code:PSPRINGTIMEAnd save 15% off your purchase up to a maximum of $50 off. Only good until 7 PST tonight!Tim
  10. Acurus 100x3 channel Amp - Near Mint!

    I've worked with knucklehead for years in another forum. Great guy to work with! Tim
  11. Wattage vs Speaker Rating

    You should have no worries with your power handling of your center with the Emotiva amp, although it would probably help to know which one. I have an RC-62 ii hooked up to my Emotiva XPA-5 putting out 200 WPC and there is no problem there. You will never be using all 275 WPC at any time anyways...your ears would fry and your eyes would bleed. I use Emotiva XPA-1 monoblocks with 500 WPC into my KLF-30 with no problems. The power ratings are more of a guideline on both accounts, amps and speakers. I don't foresee any issues. Tim
  12. Why is it so hard to post asking prices? I know you feel you aren't going to sell anything in the forum but still, prices would help with interest. There are a ton of sales in here.
  13. FS Parasound A52

    Glad to hear Audiogon is taking care of you dmraupp. At least you still have this amp to tide you over!
  14. FS Parasound A52

    Wow, that sucks. I don't doubt it though. I just bought a single H II off of Ebay and it arrived with one single sheet of the small bubble wrap on each side panel of the speaker. No protection for corners, edges or anything. Luckily my postmaster marked the box refused and returned to sender. I got the entirety of my payment back from Paypal including the shipping cost. The idiot that sold me the speaker gets his damaged speaker back plus has to pay over $110 in return shipping charges due to his lack of proper packing per the postmaster. If he fails to pay it, he won't even get the speaker back at all. I have no idea what goes through peoples heads when they are shipping large heavy fragile items. I hope you get your Krell situation squared away. Tim
  15. Klipsch La Scala - $1000 (Muskegon, MI)

    Yeah, no more room in the inn... Here is a list of my active gear that is set up in my house, not counting the twenty or so pieces that are in storage... #1 Emotiva XPA-1 x2, XDA-2, ERC-3, Klipsch KLF-30 #2 Emotiva XPA-2, XDA-2, ERC-3, Klipsch KLF-30 #3 Emotiva XPA-2, XDA-2, ERC-2, Klipsch KLF-30 #4 Emotiva XPA-2, XDA-2, ERC-2, Klipsch KP-250, Speakercraft BassX-10x2 #5 Sherbourn SR-120, Panasonic 60", Klipsch KLF-20, KLF-C7, Klipsch B3 x4, Klipsch R-12SW x2 #6 Sherbourn SR-120, Panasonic 50", Klipsch RC-62 ii, Klipsch RB 61 ii, Klipsch RS-3 ii, Earthquake 12 sub #7 Sherbourn PT-7020C4, Emotiva XPA-5, Emotiva XPA-2, Panasonic 50", Klipsch KPT-200x6, Klipsch KLF-C7, Speakercraft BassX-12 #8 Sherbourn SR-120, Panasonic 32", Klipsch KSP-C6, Klipsch KSB 3.1x6, Speakercraft BassX-12 #9 Sherbourn PT-7020C4, Emotiva XPA-5, Toshiba 43", Klipsch RC-62 ii, Klipsch RB-81, Klipsch RB-35, Klipsch Sub 10 #10 Sherbourn SR-120, Panasonic 60", Klipsch Heresy Gen 1x4, Klipsch KLF-C7, Infinity BU-2 x2