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  1. teaman


    Just wondered if the price hike was due to Crites upgrades or something. Nice speakers. GLWS!
  2. teaman


    Have you done anything to the Quartets since you previously listed them a couple of years back?
  3. teaman

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Might as well keep it in the Alerts section since they are still accepting orders on them
  4. teaman

    Klipsch KP-115-SW $119!!

    I actually called to find out. There is only one left. Last month I lucked out on that pair of KP-201 they had listed for $149, which on the ad I had assumed I was for each.
  5. teaman

    Heresy industrial slant monitors So Cal

    I enjoyed mine while I had them. I sold them last year to a forum member in Houston. I guess I should have asked for more...lol. Not much in the way of low end but very good detail as with all the Klipsch Pro speakers.
  6. teaman

    Looking for Emotiva UPA-7 or 5

    I thought for sure you got it.
  7. teaman

    Holy Crap, Why use a pre-amp at all ?

    I have been using the Emotiva XDA-2 for years. It has a remote and a volume control. It's got a great sounding DAC on board and allows for both balanced and unbalanced active outputs plus has plenty of inputs. https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/emotiva-xda-2-usb-dacdigital-preampheadphone-amp You can find them for $200-300 regularly. I have used this as a preamp/DAC but it also has a nice sounding powerful headphone amp on board. With the four active outputs I run XLR to my XPA-2 amp and RCA to a pair of powered subs.
  8. teaman

    Looking for Emotiva UPA-7 or 5

    I'm hoping you were able to grab the UPA-5 on the Emotiva forum. That was a really good deal!
  9. teaman

    Help with banana plugs

    Welcome to the forum, nice set up. https://www.ebay.com/itm/24X-24K-Banana-Plug-Adapter-Audio-Jack-Connector-for-Nakamichi-Speaker-Cable-FJ/142774565413?hash=item213e06fa25:g:qaUAAOSwfcBZjQH0 I have had great experiences with these Nakamichi. Two screws to hold on to your speaker wire and they fit nice and snug inside the terminals. Very well built and easy to use Tim
  10. Here is a picture of the towers I have them in right now. Everything good with them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I have two pair of KG-4 woofers in good shape. I also have a copper emblem. PM me for details. Tim
  12. teaman

    Heresys 2s For Sale $350

    Wish I could. The offer of picking up both pair from Marcus is even more tempting. Too bad i am heading opposite way. Out to Port Huron this week.
  13. teaman

    Heresys 2s For Sale $350

    Very nice Marcus, I wish I had a way to pick them up. The price is right!
  14. teaman

    Heresys 2s For Sale $350

    Would you be able to text me pics Marcus?. If so, please do! Tim
  15. Sounds like the entire tweeter and horn are reworked for a smoother and less harsh delivery. Everyone that has heard both arms to prefer the iii Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk