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    Living Room - Yamaha RX-A1020, JVC 60" rear projection TV, JVC BDP1, Klipsch Forte, Klipsch Academy, Klipsch RS-52 Surrounds, (2) Energy RC-6ST Back Surround, Velodyne HGS-18

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  1. I'm partial to Velodyne subs. The current Impact or DD lines are great! The Impact line is more inline with your RP speakers. The DD line are servo units and are a little pricey. You could also look at older models like the SPL series which is what the Impact series evolved from. Also, the Foundation series and HGS series were precursors to the DD line. SVS make some really nice sealed subs too. Paradigm has mad a lot of really nice subs. They had a servo series for many years that was great.
  2. japosey

    FORTE 1

    Very nice!
  3. This is a really nice vintage receiver. All lights work. I just replaced the white lamp bulbs. The unit works great and is in really good condition. I believe this is rated at 20 watts x 2.
  4. I'm in Denton, TX. No original boxes. You would have thought I would have wiped the dust off of them prior to taking a picture.
  5. I have 2 Velodyne Subwoofers that I’m putting up for sale. Both are in great shape and work fine. Volume controls are a little scratchy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. That’s correct. I’m in Denton,TX Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. In good working condition. A few scuffs, but nothing major. Very powerful Subwoofer! Features 2 12" subs.Drivers: (2) 12" long-throw MK125Push pull configuration virtually eliminates even harmonic distortionBuilt-in 150 watt RMS amplifierActive Headroom Maximizer IV design to prevent clippingAdjustable 50Hz-125Hz low-pass filter with bypassFrequency Response: 20 - 125 Hz ± 3dBWeight: 64 lbsDimensions: 23" H x 15.25" W x 19 5/8" D
  8. Don't get me started. I'm Native American!
  9. I imagine what you are experiencing isn't necessarily the tweeter, but the mid and horn The Tractix horn in the mid makes this speaker seem a little forward sounding. I think adjusting the placement of the speaker from the back wall will help by improving the low-end, resulting in a smoother presentation. Also, I'm not sure about your room, but the room itself can be an issue. Is it a live room? Hard floors, walls, large, etc? I can tell you the Forte II's are a substantially better speaker than any of the KG's. I've owned both and have experienced the difference between the two.
  10. This amp is extremely heavy! When I went to take it off of the shelf I had to try several times!
  11. Yes it would make a wonderful amp, but I really don't have a need for it. I just don't spend much time at home listening to a 2 channel setup.
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