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  1. West Texas, Lubbock area
  2. I have a BNIB Pair of La Scalla's II 70th Anniversary edition, for local pick up 5000 k if anybody is interested
  3. pallpoul

    Can’t sleep

    Routine would be nice. I do fall asleep before my head hits the pillow, i use a nasal c-pap, and after many years of use, just putting the mask on, I fall asleep. 5-6 h and I am up and ready to go after my cup of coffee.
  4. Here it is, works great with the K-Horns. Beats the Yamaha. .
  5. pallpoul

    KT-170 ?

    Any one tried this new tube yet? impressions please ?
  6. where did u purchase it from, ? did you pay ? ty
  7. for Heresy's iv, I would strongly recommend an SET amplifier, with few wpc, it will really make them shine. I use a Dennis Had SET amp, with 6LS Tungsol's, new production, big tubes, excellent sound. I also use the matching pre amp by Dennis Had.
  8. looks like he has a pair of EH Gold 300B. I plan to use the TJ mesh 300 B. can't justify spending more on NOS 300B tubes, they get crazy pricy. I think the driver is a 6Sl7, and rolling it can make a big difference in sound, judging from other Dennis Had amps I have used, (rolling a good quality 6SL7 NOS).
  9. the rectifier looks like a globe 5Z3 ? not sure, but sure looks very nice ! doubt he will sent this rectifier to me though, more like an NOS one, much cheaper.
  10. Dennis Had is building me an Fire bottle SET with 300B tubes. It's almost done, awaiting the face plate only. He says he is amazed with the sound of it so far. Wondering Which of my Klipsch speakers would BEST match with it ? K-horns 70th, or CWII's, La Scalla's II, Heresy's III's, or Forte's III's ?
  11. yes it is a Yaquin, and I do use the node 21 for streaming, but also a tt, and a cdp. sounds great with my forte III's. up there with the dennis had set amplifier i have. no rush, let me know if you r interested after u get your speakers. i am in TX
  12. i have one, great sound, mint, rolled all tubes. for sale if interested. pm me ty
  13. i have a Bob Carver Crimson 275, mint, barely used, bought it new from dealer, amazing amplifier. If you are interested PM me.
  14. I think it will be a nice drive if you can make it. I also have a pair of cherry la scalla ii's, in use, also brought brand new, , used probably 1-2 times per month, excellent. if u r interested pm please ty
  15. mine, like all my Klipsch heritage speakers, came brand new on crates, that's the only way to ship them, or u can pick them up. yes they are exactly like the picture u posted. I have the matching 70th anniversary k-horns.
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