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  1. try the Music Paradise MP701tube pre amp. Nice and well worth it's price.
  2. I did not want a set of big black boxes in my room, so I ordered them in cherry,...They are absolutely gorgeous. they blend with the room, despite their massive size. Now the sound they produce, is nothing but captivating and beautifully strong, and complete. I don't use a sub with them, they don't need one IMHO. Have fun choosing the finish and no matter what you'd pick, YOU WILL enjoy the sound.
  3. pallpoul


    So sorry for your loss. Deepest sympathy to you Jason and to your family.
  4. pallpoul

    What I Got Today!

    I got the last one. Dennis is such a nice guy to deal with.
  5. pallpoul

    Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Sold

    PM sent
  6. pallpoul

    My new K-horns setup needs your help.

    I finished the setup of the new K-horns, and all connected, using as a first try my Prima Luna Dialogue HP I/A. I fired the system up, let it warm up for 30 min, in triode mode, and started playing Chris Stapleton, Whiskey and you.... When I first heard the music, (my first ever with Klipschorns, (aka klipschorns virgin), MY HEART SKIPPED FOR FEW SECONDS,... OMG.....I was speechless,... wow...wow, was all I could say. I was not prepared for that. I own LS II's, CW III's, Heresy's III, Forte II's & III's, and have owned Chorus II,..and still I could not get over the sound,... I sat down and listened to all genres of music for 2 straight hours, they went by fast, much needed r/r after a long weekend at work. Who cares about Superbowl !. For now I am keeping the P/L in the system. Next the MA5300 in a week or two.
  7. pallpoul

    My new K-horns setup needs your help.

    Ty all for your inputs. I think I am going to start with the Cary setup, when I get to it. For now, I am excited to have unboxed the K-horns. Not Setup or moved to place yet. I attached few pictures. Those babies are huge, heavy, and Gorgeous in person.
  8. pallpoul

    70th Anniversery Cornwalls in DC

    I Got me a brand new pair of CW III Rosewood SE for much less than his asking price. Gorgeous btw.
  9. Cornwall III, and don't look back or second guess yourself. Just got my Cornwall III SE in Rosewood. Besides the amazing sound, the look is Gorgeous.
  10. pallpoul

    F/S Barely Used Powergate SOLD

    SOLD I bought it new last month, used it 2 times. It is in mint condition, Like New. It comes in original box and all accessories and remote. will ship double boxed. SOLD
  11. pallpoul

    My new K-horns setup needs your help.

    I thought current owners of k-horns, who have experience with those speakers, may have some recommendations as to which amp type or make may mate better with the k-horns, so I can setup my system. I totally understand at the end it is my ears, my preferences, etc.. So far some helpful advise and some answers make me wish I never asked the question. I will try one by one, as suggested, and will decide which sounds better to my ears and in my setup Ty all for all the advise. appreciate it.
  12. pallpoul

    My new K-horns setup needs your help.

    Ty for the tip 😊👍
  13. pallpoul

    Eye Opener

    The average family of four household income varies by regions in the US, 45 k-75 k ( as of 2016). Accounting for taxes, and after all monthly expenditures, they have only their retirement, hopefully funding it monthly, to fall back on, and hardly anything left in terms of savings. so yes, sadly, paycheck to paycheck applies to a majority of households in this country. Sad but true. Life has become more expensive over the decades, mainly b/c of new technologies we can not live w/o ( or so we think). Very few people are financially responsible enough to save, beyond their monthly retirement pre tax retirement accounts saving. The mentality has changed, more slogans like "YOLO" make people " live the moment", and don't think of saving their pennies for a rainy day. Hope this situation, as sad as it is, will impact people's financial future behavior and planning. Thoughts and prayers to those workers affected by this crisis.
  14. pallpoul

    My new K-horns setup needs your help.

    Thanks y' all . It seems I can narrow it to three so far : the Cary, or the PL, or the Mc. No love for the Yamaha a-s1100 ?
  15. pallpoul


    I ll plan on it. with my wife. would be nice to meet fellow Klipsch enthusiasts and the Klipsh company folks.