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  1. pallpoul

    What I Got Today!

    I order this NAD C 658 Preamp, as it comes with decent DAC's and a BLUOS music streamer. I like the Blue OS. It's easy to use and very functional. I already have the NAD M-12 and this one looks similar, with the built in BluOS, so no need for extra module like on the M-12. The C-658 lacks the screen, but oh well, I can hardly see the screen details anyway from my sitting position, and that's what the iPad BluOS app is for anyway !. I think this should be a good companion for the recent McIntosh MAC6700.
  2. pallpoul

    What I Got Today!

    I will. I Know the DAC maybe outdated, and I am planning on trying to use a DAC/streamer connecting to the XLR inputs. A Cary Audio DMS 550 would be perfect I think. But I bought it mainly for it's the power, headroom, and that McIntosh sound that I am after. I contemplated getting the mac7200 initially, but when this one came up, it was a no brainer, as the internal DAC can be bypassed by newer and better if I may say. I do have the MA5300, and the USB in this baby is first class ! I never had a problem using it. I had to download the USB driver however from McIntosh first, but since then no issues at all, and the sound is amazing with my CWIII's. I plan on using the MAC6700 with my K-horns.
  3. pallpoul

    What I Got Today!

    MA6700 BNIB, deal price that I could not turn down.
  4. very skinny people live there ! judging by door size
  5. I use the PL Dialogue HP with my K-horns. Excellent combination. beats the MC275 in my setup. .
  6. I had Chorus II, and sold them. I much prefer the CW III's. For your space you'd love it.
  7. Any benefit going from the RB-61 II's to The RP-600M's ? This may have been discussed here but I can't find the topic. Used in a 2 channel stereo setup. Ty
  8. I received them today. Thanks Cornman, excellent packing . The UPS guy was ticked, b/c they came in FedEx boxes, with a UPS labels !!l. He said they never utter the "F" word at UPS,...🤣 I should receive the matching pre-amp from Dennis Had tomorrow, so I'll wait to set them up. I love the sound of the EL34, I was thinking of a matched quad of G/L KT-77' ?. They will be driving the K-horns. Opinions on the tubes ?
  9. They have babied with lots of TLC.
  10. I am selling my Forte II's. All original parts, Excellent condition. They sound amazing. I had them replaced with K-horns. Local pick up in Lubbock Texas. Price 850 dollars for the pair.
  11. For sale my McIntosh MC 275 MK VI, in mint shape. Low hours. works beautifully, Mint shape function & Looks. Sounds amazing. It has a small tiny nick on the back cover that really u can barely see even up close. I have all the accessories and the original box. Tubes: Tung-sol reissue 6550 matched quad. Mullard vintage 12at7 matched quad. Gold lion reissue 12ax7 matched pair. Price 3950 shipped to continental USA. Please ask any question. Selling as I changed to a smaller SET amplifier for my K-Horns.
  12. before I DECIDED TO GET THOSE AMPS, I REACHED OUT TO Dennis, as I was contemplating his 300b amp. he absolutely recommended those amps over the 300 b. I quote his answer to me: " Paul: In regards to the Inspire mono-blocs ... I gotta tell ya this is such an unusual situation .... I just built those mono's a couple of weeks ago. The fellow is doing a bi-amp system that is not working for him. The amplifiers are some of the best I have done in over 62 years of slingin solder!!!!!!! I had these monos in my home system for a few nights. I hated to shop them!!!! LOL The mono's are absolutely the choice. You may use any of the tubes as would with the stereo Fire-Bottle you have. I will tell ya ... get a quad set of the SovTec 5881 output tubes .... amazing sound. These are also the same as the Russian 6n3cE tubes you will see advertised on eBay. Killer sound ... also you wanna get crazy .... my favorite .... 6F6 or 6F6G's. You will have an absolute blast with the mono's ..... best of the Inspire Fire-Bottle for sure" end quote
  13. SOLD. I could not resist those babies. I will mate them with Dennis Had pre amplifier LP 3.1 and my K-horn's. Ty Cornman.
  14. I use my RF-7 III's without a sub. I find the bass more then enough, but that's my preference. Your taste may require more, so add a sub or 2 and compare. let us know pls.
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