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  1. Hmmm, thread cleanse has been completed. Hats off to the mods. 👏
  2. NO attack intended, just sharing information. Others here even commented on the history of the misprinted labels, but that was in regard to the input power only. The 800watt PEAK, that you stated in your CL ad, was what I was calling BULL$HIT on. Anyway, it seems that I've got me some 250watt RF-5s too.......according to the labels............but I doubt they'd like 800 watts PEAK. Coincidentally, my other pair are labeled as 150watts. More info for in-digestion. @NiceSystem GLWS.................REALLY, dude!
  3. What would it cost you? If shouldered equally across the current population, then $12B / 325M persons = just a tick under $37 per. But, it never rarely works out that way. BTW - that's a substantial confiscation!
  4. @NiceSystem There - fixed it for ya ^^^ A copy of the RF-5 spec sheet is provided below for your convenience. GLWS
  5. @NiceSystem Great photo presentation! I see the serial numbers are quite a bit apart & one woofer has a wrinkled cone, but I'm most confused with your CL ad which states: "250watts continuous power, and 800watts peak"? Are these the super version RF-5's ? Consider updating with the accurate specs: 150 watts continuous & 600 watts peak. By the way, 5's are great 2-way main towers - or rears for 7's GLWS
  6. +1, oh - I mean 2. If they were near me I'd then have 4 of them. Great price folks. GLWS
  7. @Imsjry Exercising some buying restraint usually pays off in the long term. YMMV
  8. PM - regarding the 77's Thank you!
  9. For your consideration - Milwaukee / Wisconsin members likely more able to act: https://www.estatesales.net/WI/Butler/53007/2114733
  10. @Cheekyfish Welcome to the Klipsch Forum - so, what took you so long?
  11. @opusk2k9 You "see" nearly everything, first. Congrats on the Epic's !
  12. Sn-at-ch? Oh, those Georgian beauties! Ownership is a "Buy It Now" click away. Then you can enjoy the simple pleasures of your very own Forte' pair.
  13. Bump Distance should not be a barrier to ownership. On the other hand, the current storm SHOULD be allowed to fully pass through the midwest before committing to a long road trip. Anyone within a 10-12 hour drive, one way, has no real excuse to exclude these as a potential acquisition ! GGT - Go Get Them
  14. Once those are re-listed, you can contact the "new" seller & your question will be quickly answered. Had I "seen" those for sale, I would've posted them for an acquisition target.
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