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  1. A pair of K-43E's - $200 / Lincoln Nebraska https://lincoln.craigslist.org/ele/d/lincoln-200-trade-2-klipsch-15-43e/7043847978.html
  2. Buy a pair of original Rf-7's with an extra woofer & cables and get a nearly free Rc-7. Yes, this packaged price is nice! FYI - Tax returns are coming soon......... GLWS
  3. Maybe just add in an extra sill plate (1-1/2") to fill the void? Best of luck with the project!
  4. Great top grain goes well with the cane grill cloth.
  5. Perhaps .......a 2nd pair? "The List" regularly circulated here shows a selling price range of $180-$650 with a cumulative average of $395. Chase if you must but there are better offerings to be had. Then again, If you buy what you like & like what you buy, pricing becomes quite irrelevant!
  6. Congrats. A 10" sub likely would've done the job, but the 12" will surely give you more versatility over time whether it be paired with different mains or put into a larger room.
  7. Free Bump - Question? Are those the more rare "250 watt max" tagged versions, or the more common 150 watt max RF-5's? I only ask because I have a set of both versions in the same finish. +and yes, they sound very, very good across a broad range of music & HT duties.
  8. @Gorm Regardless of the noted nuances, you have a nice pair of RF-5's there sir. Nice photos - GLWS
  9. @Jvitti1970 That's a much better price than you offered me back when I inquired. Meh - GLWS
  10. These appear to be listed in our garage sale section too:
  11. "Bubble boats" like these really test the boundaries of physics with their top notch aerodynamics & speed capabilities. The enclosed cockpit on this one is a plus as it can incorporate heat, music, and even GPS for the larger lakes. Like anything else, how fast do you want to go & how deep are your pockets?!
  12. NOPE - I love snow machines, but they are much better suited for 6-12 inches of fresh snow on top of a nice base layer of hard packed. Ice sailing is best suited for rock hard, black, bare ice with no air bubbles in its structure. Those are the fastest ice conditions for our sport. Bare, black ice with a very thin water layer on top is even faster. Any snow-covered ice sheet will be a much slower surface although imperfect or dimpled ice can yield somewhat faster conditions with a light dusting of snow as it helps fill in the low spots & makes for a more uniform surface. Snow machines are unable to get much grip (even with studded tracks) on the ice I'm describing. Think hockey rink ice (hard & smooth) and you'd be spot on for what we seek. These boats can reach speeds 3-4 times the actual wind speed with good ice. 45-60mph is not unusual, and the larger "boats" (a loosely used term) can easily reach speeds in excess of 80mph. Not bad using only a sail, razor sharp runner blades, and of course - there are no brakes!
  13. Ice is beginning to form on our local lakes so a change of my profile photo seemed in order. If you look at it closely, this was the best day to ice sail all of last season - here on 2/22/18. 4-5" of hard black ice in the photo was quickly softened as the sun made an appearance around 1pm. The next day, the entire sheet that we were confidently ripping around on at speeds around 50mph became OPEN WATER and the boats were put back into hibernation to await another season.
  14. Make the call in the morning & he will surely walk you through a process of elimination. A-1, +++, , for BC
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