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  1. Arrow#422

    Forte I near Milwaukee $700

    @Imsjry Exercising some buying restraint usually pays off in the long term. YMMV
  2. Arrow#422

    Klipsch Heresy Parts- all of em:)

    PM - regarding the 77's Thank you!
  3. Arrow#422

    Did you see what I saw?

    For your consideration - Milwaukee / Wisconsin members likely more able to act: https://www.estatesales.net/WI/Butler/53007/2114733
  4. Arrow#422

    Klipsch RF-7's RC-7 RS-7's Black $1500 MI

    @Cheekyfish Welcome to the Klipsch Forum - so, what took you so long?
  5. Arrow#422

    Did you see what I saw?

    @opusk2k9 You "see" nearly everything, first. Congrats on the Epic's !
  6. Arrow#422

    Forte 2 in Sylvania, GA. Oak Veneer $440ish

    Sn-at-ch? Oh, those Georgian beauties! Ownership is a "Buy It Now" click away. Then you can enjoy the simple pleasures of your very own Forte' pair.
  7. Bump Distance should not be a barrier to ownership. On the other hand, the current storm SHOULD be allowed to fully pass through the midwest before committing to a long road trip. Anyone within a 10-12 hour drive, one way, has no real excuse to exclude these as a potential acquisition ! GGT - Go Get Them
  8. Arrow#422

    Did you see what I saw?

    Once those are re-listed, you can contact the "new" seller & your question will be quickly answered. Had I "seen" those for sale, I would've posted them for an acquisition target.
  9. Arrow#422

    KV4 $150 - Satin Black - Connecticut - SOLD

    Taxes have yet to be filed and any associated refunds will obviously be delayed....... Patience is your friend that may whisper "just keep them & enjoy"!
  10. Arrow#422

    Did you see what I saw?

    I once "saw" an icebreaker.....up close. For your enjoyment, an 80mph & 50mph iceboat parked and watching ice breaking operations back on 12/30/13. Cold is my friend to make ice, snow gets in the way of my winter fun!
  11. Arrow#422

    Did you see what I saw?

    K-horns - (L)1300 UK https://london.craigslist.org/eld/6773849484.html?lang=en&cc=us Logistics back to USA might be an issue..............but our friends across the pond could be in for a real TREAT. (add - 18200 views at the time of this post) .
  12. Arrow#422

    Klipsch RC-7 Center Channel (SOLD)

    $225 for Rc-7 = a great deal for someone & it should've been sold long ago. Expecting to see the price nearly double once it hits Epay. GLWS !
  13. Arrow#422

    CL: Klipsch KLF-30 Tower Speakers - $775 (Syracuse)

    Mahogany too
  14. Arrow#422

    CL: h RF5 Black - $250 (Nocatee) FL

    That's cheap, even for parts. Bookshelf project, dual centers, or 1 long center array anyone?
  15. Arrow#422

    CL: Klipsch Forte II Floor Speakers - $600 (Lexington)

    NOTE: Nice pair but there is a ding in upper right corner, left speaker, - see last pic.