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  1. sorry to hear that remember the only thing certain in life is change
  2. DAMN I should of asked $700, just kidding, I'm glad your happy with them and very glad to have the space they took up in the shop back!!! Good to meet ya hope you were able to stop for coffee in Burlington Hey Duke hows it hangin
  3. I wouldnt go so far as to say equally impressive Chuck, but I do have sound quality and plenty of raw power at my disposal. Id like to thank Charles publicly for helping me out and finding a home for these. I am just too busy these days and with the addition of the lexicon DC-1 from Shawn i found what i was looking for. Wayne
  4. larry check your messages or call me if ya can find my number (i cant find yours:()
  5. frzninvt's got one ive heard it nice amp hasnt had any problems its big and heavey as hell like 120lb's hes had it in his system foe over a year now if that tells ya anything
  6. tiger, thanks i need 3 channels, mostly the rush is so i can send my preamp to Shawn for an upgrade so i can use the pots as volume control for now. then to use as center and side surrounds. I'd be willing to pay more than $100. Let me know, if your not using them maybe 1 borrow for a week or two willing to compensate for troubles Thanks Wayne
  7. Bump cmon one of you guys got one sitting in the closet gallon of vt made maple syrup to anyone who steps up
  8. I need one of those 3 channel amps, anyone got one there not using? If so really need it
  9. this is what id do..................actually its what i am doing http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/thread/863341.aspx
  10. Ya it was a downtime thing, also I have a friend who is storing a pair of speakerlab K's for me in her family room so I wanted to start messing with them and could rotate it to her when I get my mod done
  11. Shawn, can you upgrade this one to version 4? Would it be worth buying and have it shipped to you and you could perform upgrade at you leisure? http://cgi.ebay.com/Lexicon-DC-1-Base-Version-with-THX_W0QQitemZ130074243180QQihZ003QQcategoryZ14978QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  12. I'd like that! my nest egg is small so once I get through these winter months I will be gearing up for an inventory. As it is the last couple weeks have been kinda breaking even, with a couple of profit days. make a sandwich board "free pediatric tooth removal with purchase of four tires"
  13. good lord I thought that sh!t was a myth, i didnt know people actually do that I dont think i could if I were a father BTW Garage has been open for over a year now, bought out the partner and now have enough money to start being able to look into the inventory stuff we had talked about, money saved = paycheck for me. Thanks for the advise last year Dont know if i ever said that or not Wayne
  14. right easy way to get both worlds dts sample rate and multichannel Im game!! Are you gonna make this available for the likes of me?
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