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  1. LOL, it definitely wasn't a drill. he had to use his reserve, and that was his main chute in the tree. But luckily, he didn't land in the tree; just the canopy!
  2. I really like this pic. I wonder if I can talk them into making a poster out of it........... J/K.
  3. I always have to do the "hard" jobs..... [H]
  4. Our office for the three weeks..........
  5. One of our troops tryin to find some shade.......
  6. Well, in case you didn't notice me being absent, [] I've been gone for 3 weeks doing military stuff. Obviously, I'm not allowed to talk about it in detail, but here's some pix................ The first one was our home while we were there. And yes, those are beds behind the tables..........
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