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  1. Wow! Amazing price. If I weren't out of the country right now I'd be all over this deal.
  2. I'm currently in South America for work. Thought I'd be home by now.But some things have changed. I'm taking this down for the time being. Up for consideration today is a Line Magnetic 216ia. Price is negotiable. I am out of town until 28Oct. Any potential sale would happen after that. Here's a link to my Craigslist post. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/ele/d/silver-spring-line-magnetic-216ia/7398006842.html
  3. I priced this to move. I paid $500 plus taxes for the turntable. I’m literally giving the platter, mat and phono preamp away for free.
  4. Today for your consideration is my Debut Carbon turntable and Tube Box DS. I’ve had this for about a year. I estimate it has around 150 hours on it. Probably less. But I’m just guessing here. The only upgrade is the Pro-Ject Acryl-it platter. The Tube Box has the stock tubes. Unfortunately I don’t have the box for the turntable. But I believe I have the box for the DS. Both items will be carefully boxed for shipping if needed. I recently purchased the Rega Planar 8. This is the only reason for the sale. No issues whatsoever with either item. $550 shipped. Local pickup/demo in the Silver Spring MD area.
  5. I have a gently used McIntosh MA5200 for sale. I’m the second owner. I drove a set of RF7s with it. Until i purchased a tube amp. It’s 100watts into 8ohms. Never had a single issue and it sounds great. I’m just trying to thin my collection. Before I purchase another amp. It will come with the owners manual, remote, power cord and the original double box. I’d prefer local pickup. But I’d ship at buyers expense. I’m in the Silver Spring MD area. $2600 obo Nate 301-318-2014
  6. I recently acquired a pair of cherry Heresy iii. A coworker relocated to Florida and said he didn’t have room for them. He sold them for an eighth of what they’re worth. Wasn’t even in the market. I just couldn’t pass the deal. They sat for few weeks then I finally played them I was super impressed by what I heard. That got me thinking it was time to upgrade my current setup. So I sold my RF-7ii (it was a sad day. I loved those speakers). I demoed the Forte III and IV side by side. There was a LaScala demo too. But that was just to say I’d heard them in person. The demos were done with a McIntosh MA352. I was super impressed by both. I ultimately decided on the Forte IV. I’m no expert on speakers. So I don’t have any technical jargon. But the reworked midrange is definitely noticeable in a side by side demo. As much as I loved my RF7 and as good as I felt they sound. The Forte’s are just better. My PrimaLima brings them to life. As you can see from the pic. I built some stands to get them up off the floor and some vibration isolators from Amazon. I don’t have any questions. Kinda new around here and just wanted to share my journey.
  7. In my never ending quest to thin out my audio collection. Today I have for sale a pair of RB-81 and a Tec-On model 55 single ended tube amp. $250 for the speakers $250 for the amp. I’m in the Silver Spring MD area and would prefer local pickup. Only selling the speakers. Not the stands. Nate 301-318-2014 The specs on the amp: RCA single-ended inputs USB DAC (accepts 16-bit 44.1/48kHz) EL84 x 2 output tubes [fitted with 6P14 “Beijing” in current production] 5755 Raytheon NOS driver tube Self-biasing Zero global negative feedback Choke input filter Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) @ 1kHz, 8 Ohm less than 1% at 4.5 Watts Frequency Response: 17Hz – 27kHz (-3 dB); 30Hz – 17 kHz (-1 dB) Input Impedance: 47 KOhms Power Source: 115/230VAC switchable Power Consumption: 80 Watts Dimension: 7 1/2″ (W) x 10″ (D) x 7″ (H) Weight: 13 lbs
  8. They indeed sound great. Kinda broke my heart to sell them.
  9. After some research I maybe asking a bit much for these. Updated the price. I’m a long time lurker. First time poster. I’m trying to sell a pair of RF-7iis I bought a couple years ago. I believe I’m the second owner. Never had a single issue. Cabinets are in great shape. Couple nicks here and there. Selling these to fund a pair of Fortes. I’d like to get $1100 obo. Local pickup is preferred as I don’t want to ship them. I’m in the Silver Spring MD area. I’d be happy to demo for a serious buyer. I have the grills also. Nate 301-318-2014 nateallen34@gmail.com
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